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Once upon a time, there was certain Little Riding Hood at 13 years old, who was wandering around the monster-infested forests of her island in order to test the latest adjustments on her brainchild: a sniper rifle-scythe hybrid.

And to avoid social life, too.

This girl's name is Ruby Rose and apart from her red and black hair, her adorability and knack for weaponry, she has silver eyes. Which will not be relevant until much more later even if those make her very special.

Right now, she just massacred a pack of Beowolves with ease. Patch, being a medium sized island protected by various Huntsmen, didn't have so much in strong Grimm though it still have considerable hordes, nothing that Ruby can't handle.

"Mmm." she was examining her weapon, Crescent Rose, "Aim seems a little off and the recoil is bleeding through more than necessary for propulsion. I can easily calibrate (a certain scar-faced turian sneezes) the barrel and the sights but affording a new kinetic dampener. Argh." she groaned. Those parts as well as easily wearable are expensive as heck. She suspects there's a conspiracy between the makers of weapon parts to impose planned obsolescence in their most important products! "Well, I can only hope I can last to obtain another one. Maybe I should build more arm strength as well as dexterity like Uncle Qrow said…"

While she was returning home, she didn't take note that everything was quiet. Too quiet. Devoid of any animal, bug or Grimm. That would make most Huntsmen or Huntresses nervous at the anticipation of something dangerous.

Too bad that Ruby was still in-training and a newbie despite her scythe skills.

What she did notice was the ear-breaking thunder-like sound that happened from nowhere.


After a few seconds of frantic breathing and nothing happening, she calm down though she still had Crescent Rose out.

"... maybe it was nothing." she assured herself… until she saw a shadow go over her "Huh?" and looked up to see something falling towards the spot she was on!

She activated her Semblance and bursted the hell out of the impact zone with a trail of rose petals on her wake though she wasn't fast enough to escape the shockwave making her tumble and roll from the momentum of both her speed and the aftershock until she crashed against a rock.

Fortunately, she wasn't hurt. Thank Oum for Aura. Though it was quite the scare.

Once she recovered enough, she turned towards were the object crashed. It was a small crater so she didn't run too far away of it. Still, it was still a high altitude impact so it would be bound to be deformed from the fall.

Imagine her surprise when she saw it intact. "Is that… some kind of box?"

Just as she said, at first sight it resembled some sort of black high tech container, kinda tacky, with lights and antennae on it. There was some logo formed from two teardrops with the word "Vector" underneath it as well as some acronym that reads "KOS-MOS" and a serial number.

Curiosity entered Ruby's mind in full. Why the heck did that thing decided to fall there? This place didn't look like the usual air route for bullheads and other airships and it looks so advanced that it wouldn't look out of place in an Atlas military project or something. She didn't recognize Vector or KOS-MOS for that matter.

And now that she thinks about it, it eerily reminded her of a coffin.

"Okay, Ruby." she said to herself "This is what you're going to do: get home running without looking back and call dad or the police, there's no way to know if whatever is inside that boxthingy is dangerous or not. Not to say classified. Like possibly a top secret experimental weapon ordered by the atlesian military to a highly advanced laboratory were there are technology so advanced and awesome that it would provoke a war or allow a villain to conquer the world. So they'll kill or brainwash any witnesses that happens to encounter it to ensure its secrecy, secret."

… this girl just watches a lot of movies, right?

And with that, she went on her way, fully intending on never look back or return there, so that whatever thing were there wouldn't bite her on her butt.

"... Though mayyyyybe if it's a weapon, shouldn't I take care that it wouldn't hurt anyone?"

… knew it would bite in her butt when she thought of weapons.

In a blink and a storm of roses, she went to the box's side inspecting much more thoroughly. And apart from discovering some convenient tripod legs, she couldn't find any buttons or levers to open or activate it.

Suddenly there was a sound of a explosion coming from the box, and Ruby, once again, squawked in surprise and went to hide behind a conveniently placed tree. When she observed again the box, she saw that some tubes, probably some pistons, were now protruding out of its top, as well as smoke coming from it.

Subsequently, the box opened.

The Rose And Her Battle Gynoid From Outer Space

ERROR: Connection with the U.M.N. lost.

Connection with the Woglinde network lost.

Searching all Federation and Vector emergency frequencies.

Unknown wireless electromagnetic network signal detected. Connect? Y/N.

Emergency protocols activated. NATARAJA OS booting up. Overriding safeties to activate auto-mode.

Priority: return to Vector and/or Federation space.

Something was wrong.

Her last known location was in the First Division laboratory assigned to the members of the KOS-MOS Project, periodically realizing Encephalon tests for data recollection, though she was just in hibernation mode.

However, approximately 19,64 seconds ago, an anomaly engulfed her pod, closing off any contact with the exterior as well as dropping her from a height. Judging from the time of the fall and the fact that the gravimetric readings detect a constant of 9,6 m/s², she must have fallen from an altitude of 400 m.

Fortunately, the built-in logic drive kinetic dampeners and force shields in both the pod and her, in addition of their robust nanomachine construction, avoided grave structural damages.

After the accidental fall, emergency protocols kicked in, forcing her to activate auto-mode, which was heavily blocked, due to an incident with her archetype version which resulted in her massacring nearly all personnel present. She doesn't hold any contempt against them. After all, is a logical decision to put a restraint to a war machine that could possibly be hacked or infected with a virus and turned onto their masters.

But now, without input of Vector or the Federation, she had to manually search for an U.M.N. connection in order to return or be retrieved. She doesn't have a deadline but the sooner she returns to Federation space, the better.

There was some radio-based network system present but she didn't connect to it yet before inspecting her new environments. Besides, she doesn't know if she was compatible much less catch the attention of malware or security systems.

After completing her pod's opening sequence, she gently pushed herself out of the pod. The impact made a crater though it was smaller than expected, probably due to the dampeners which absorbed most of the energy.

At first sight, it seemed she was on a forest with standard Jerusalem climate and flora, probably a goldilocks or a terraformed planet. The presence of the sun doesn't allow her to correlate star positions for a proper triangulation with the star maps on her database.

She jerked her head when she heard some rustling behind a tree. Auditory sensors detected accelerated pulse and poorly holded breathing. Further scanning with visual based sensors revealed a teenage human girl of approximately 13-years old with a black and red apparel as well as a red hood. Her rigid position and adrenaline levels confirm that she was trying to hide herself, most probably from a sudden reaction to her pod.

She also detected ammunitions on that person. Though she couldn't recognize some of the materials on the bullets and the propellants, the structure coincides with a .50 caliber, which while not enough to threaten her, it raises the threat level the unknown possessed. Not to talk about her weapon, which resembled a heavily modified Barret M82 anti-material rifle designed to fold in itself, and if her analysis was correct, it could transform into a scythe.

While mechashifting technology existed in the Federation, it wasn't that common for infantry weapons systems, military or private. Besides, those systems are heavily dependant on nanotechnology, while that weapon only consisted of purely macroscopic mechanic components. An impressive feat for that branch of technology. Though that also raised even more the threat levels, the rifle alone holds enough recoil to kill, if not break the bones, of a person of the same age and size, not to tell that the scythe's size was impractical as well as the weight. There were marks of use and modification, which most likely means that this girl physical level resembles those of gene enhanced soldiers, cyborgs or Realians or just received extensive training and/or nanomachine therapy to the level of a professional soldier or mercenary.

But first, she must assess the girl's intentions. She seemed not to have malicious intentions towards her or her pod, but one of the expected reactions of frightened individuals is to attack if provoked. So it would be better to disarm her first. With diplomacy first, of course. Violent intervention is only when the subject attacks.

"I suggest you discard your weapon and reveal yourself." KOS-MOS said in an emotionless if gentle voice. The adrenaline spike on the teenager as well as the more rigid positioning meant that she knew she was discovered. "I know the exact tree were you hide." a squak escaped from the figure "So you better present yourself peacefully."

"And how do I know you're not going to attack me?" nervously but firmly the girl the girl asked. Interesting. Despite her age, she wasn't naive enough to immediately follow on the orders of a possible hostile. However, certain compromises must be reached in order to arrive to a less violent solution.

"You don't. But I assure you that I want to solve this confrontation with the most efficient and bloodless way possible. So please, take my word for it."

The hooded girl paused "Okayyy… but can I keep Crescent Rose in holstered form?"

"I think a 13-year old with a hybrid between a giant scythe and an anti material rifle could be quite dangerous on her own so I prefer to remain on the safe side."

The child seemingly was jaw dropping. Probably, because KOS-MOS deducted her weaponry and build with means superior to human eyes or standard vision cameras.

"But how did you know?! Also, without my baby I'd feel naked!"

KOS-MOS blinked confused and tilted her head "But you're too young to legally procreate, not to say you're wearing clothes."

"AAAAARRRGGGHHH!" shouted the girl completely embarrassed "Not in that way! ImeanImjustnotgoodwithpeopleandoneoftheonlythingsIcanassociatewithothersareweaponssoIcallCrescentRosemybabyandwithoutherIwouldnthavethecouragetoevensayhitoacompletestrangerso-!"

KOS-MOS blinked even more. While she understood from that exchange that this girl was self-conscious in social skills, the fact that she was more comfortable with weapons is somewhat… concerning. If she were the girl's legal guardian she would consult with therapists to try to correct that attitude in a form that the girl doesn't become a mentally unstable and armed individual.

… Or maybe her family has ties with the military and the only things she grew up with were weapons. In that case, she would just talk with her parents or guardians.

Of course, those are merely hypotheses, she doesn't have enough data about the girl's situation. And those aren't her problem. Besides, she was her only direct source of information before attempting to access the network.

Just as she was about to proceed with her inquiries, KOS-MOS detected movement not pertaining from the teenager. Quick terrain scans revealed some sort of creatures or entities coming towards them. Preliminary data modeling made them look like some sort of lupine humanoid entities with bone armor, reminiscent of creatures of old human folklore and fiction known as 'werewolves'.

However, there were some abnormalities in the readings. She couldn't detect any vital sign from them as well as being unable to identify their material composition. Even the D.S.S.S. was coming with incomprehensible data despite confirming those were anchored in the Real Number Domain.

Various howls sounded out. Typical of the pack predators they resembled.

"Grimm..." The girl said, awkwardness substituted by battle awareness. KOS-MOS filed the term 'Grimm' alongside the creatures info, as well as being more convinced that the 'Grimm' are 99,8837927% hostile.

"Hey!" The girl called the gynoid's attention "I don't know who you are but I suggest you hide, it's dangerous!" She unfolded her mechanical scythe in a practised motion.

KOS-MOS instead, went over a quick systems diagnostics. While she was made with the best military technology possible to counteract the seemingly supernatural Gnosis, her body was still a test-frame. In short, she wasn't finished yet. She calculates her performance to be 25% of the total expected for her completed form. Besides, her abilities have been gauged through simulations. There's no way to know what will happen to her hardware in a combat situation.

It seems there was no time like the present to test her capabilities.

Force-shield generator is online and isn't showing any abnormalities. Logic and Ether Drives systems report the same.

Her Ether Drive came preprogrammed with basic ether programs: elemental and healing. There weren't many opportunities to test her ether capability, her weaponry and physical abilities were often enough to do the job.

Strangely, and fortunately, her Transfer System still works, and with access to all weaponry, including the F-Scythe, though she doubts that she will need it. Thousands of theories and questions pop up about the access to the Transfer System without U.M.N. connection but she puts those away until her environment is safe.

Her nanites are also responsive, so she can form the R-Configuration weapons as well as regenerate. It was also fortunate that someone installed an artificial digestive track, even as a joke, so she could obtain energy and matter in emergency situations.

Shion spared the poor sod when they reasoned with her that KOS-MOS could eat curry that way.

Speaking of energy, her test-type condenser doesn't allow her for extended periods in battle mode so she would need to economize until she could recharge or install another one.

Conclusion: Underprepared but more than enough.

"That's unnecessary." KOS-MOS said "My systems are ready for combat employment. So allow me to support."

The teenager raised an eyebrow in seeming confusion, though she quickly shook her head "Ok, I take one side and you the other. Oh, I'm Ruby, by the way."

"Acknowledged. My name is KOS-MOS."

And when the forces of darkness appeared, two shots were what started the massacre…

AN: So yeah, another displaced character story. In this case, one of the greatest cybernetic badasses of videogame industry, KOS-MOS, is now on Remnant. Two years before canon at that. With badass Grim Reaper aspirant Ruby Rose at her side.

As for those who know of Xenosaga, this is before Episode I, when KOS-MOS was in her first body after her archetype was destroyed. As a test frame, she's rather limited but still powerful enough to give powerful Huntsmen and Grimm the fight of their lives. I think she's a little above Jin and Margullis in power, which could be compared to the most elite fighters of Remnant like Qrow and Winter, though with her weapons and skills, not even the Maidens would come out unscathed. Salem would die a few times though.

Okay she's more than what elite Huntsmen and magic users are able to chew. Not even Atlesian airships would have an opportunity against her. Maybe very old and/or giant Grimm are able to give her a challenge.

I'm not putting KOS-MOS in her more advanced bodies, because, you know balancing reasons… *cough* Tertiary Weapons Systems *cough* Erde Kaiser parts *cough cough cough* FRICKING ANIMUS. She's already broken enough, thank you very much.

Maybe she could study Remnant's Dust weaponry to create new Ethers. Mmm. Oh well, Dust, Aura, Semblances and magic would just simply be other forms of Ether if we go for Xenosaga's definition of the word.

That also means her X-Buster will come a loooooonnng time after, for various lore justifications. The main one, the lack of Zohar and its Emulators as energy sources. Maybe the relics could function as a decent substitute…

Just beforehand, I just demolished Xenosaga's plot out of whatever alternate universe this KOS-MOS came from. Not only because of the timeline issues, but also because the android is another galaxy situated in ANOTHER universe. She will NEVER come back to her home dimension. Doesn't mean she'll try returning home. She doesn't know that.

How and why? Maybe a Wave Existence did it while sneezing or maybe Klaus experiment created wormholes in multiple universes. It doesn't matter.

That also opens to the interesting territory of a comically serious humanoid weapon with a hidden soul (literally) to experience character development, whatever subtle it is. As well as how she would affect Remnant's destiny, intentionally or not.

One thing's for sure, Ruby Rose will get a massive nerdgasm at the end of the day.

Should I reduce the technobabble and other technical jargon that comes from KOS-MOS? Because it tires me a little to write it and it would confuse the hell out of most other characters.