Hi there! I know it has been a very long time, but I'm back now with not just a brand new story but a brand new fandom as well. This has always been one of my favorite episodes from the A-team ever, so I'm very happy that I finally get to share my take on what happened during and after this episode. Reviews, as always, are more than welcome ^^.

Murdock heard the explosion behind him. His army training kicked in and he ran as fast as he could. Unfortunately, not fast enough… Before he knew it, he got his breath knocked out of him and he was pinned down beneath the huge pine tree. He vaguely heard John talking to him, but he wasn't really paying attention. The only thing in his head was how he was being crushed by a huge tree and couldn't breathe.

My leg…", he groaned "There's a lot of pressure on it". He and John pushed with all their might, but the tree didn't even budge. The client jumped up: "I need to go get some help!". In the meantime, Murdock kept on trying and pushing, but he couldn't do a thing on his own. So he did the one thing he knew how to do: distract himself. "I'm a lumberjack, I'm okay… Got no legs, but what the hey".

When John returned with Hannibal, Murdock immediately felt more at ease. 'Hannibal will fix this', Murdock thought 'Hannibal always does'.

"How you doin' Murdock?", Hannibal asked while getting ready to pull the tree of his legs. "I think there's a tree on ma leg", Murdock said, getting a little groggy with pain.
Now both Hannibal and the client pulled on the tree while Murdock tried to slide from underneath it. But they quickly realized they couldn't do it on their own, lowering the tree back down. "No, can't do it", Hannibal muttered frustration clear in his voice "BA!".
BA came running, holding Billly's arm as soon as he saw the trouble. 'Fool's in trouble', he thought.

When BA arrived, Hannibal ordered the client to pull Murdock from underneath the tree while he and BA pulled the tree up. With their combined effort, Murdock was quickly freed and stumbled to his feet. "Thank you… thanks guys..", Murdock mumbled while trying to get his balance bag and ignore the burning pain in his left knee "Thanks man. I got a little splinter here, want to help me get it out? " BA slapped Murdock's hand down while secretly being grateful that the fool could still make jokes: "You're even crazier than I thought you were, fool!".
Hannibal got his gun back and turned to look at the place where McEwan 's men had been: "Okay, McEwan made his move. Now it's our turn."
Nobody noticed Murdock's pained face or him gently rubbing his knee.

The rest of the day, Murdock was uncharacteristically quiet only making jokes or acting crazy whenever little Billy was watching him.

A couple of hours later and Murdock found himself stuck once again. Only this time, he wasn't being pinned down by a giant pine tree, but bound to a wooden post with BA on the other side. It took him all he got to stay quiet and ignore the burning in his knee. In the meantime, his knee had started to swell making it increasingly hard to completely bend or straighten. So being bound to a wooden post only aggravated that. He ignored the usual banter between Hannibal and the bad guys and the whining of Face, but when he felt BA starting to pull on the ropes he couldn't keep quiet anymore.

"I can see it", he started monologuing "The heart strarts a'pumpin and the adrenaline starts a'flowin' and the veins and the muscles start to swell. An immovable object… against an overwhelming, powerful muscular force. Go do it, big guy, you can do it! Oh, it is a beautiful machine!" Murdock was barely aware of what he was saying, but anything was better than crying out from the pain in his leg and the pressure of the rope on his ribs. He couldn't keep BA back from escaping, this might be their only chance of getting out of there!
"Shut up fool!", BA yelled out, trying with all his strength to break the wooden beam.

Murdock held his breath, closed his eyes and started singing every cartoon jingle he could think of in his head simultaneously. Everything to not be aware of what was happening to his body. After what seemed like an eternity, he felt the beam break and stumbled backward. Another moment of squirming and he fell to the floor, finally free. Murdock could feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins as he ignored his aching body and ran to untie Face.

Hannibal laid out his plan to the team and Murdock ran with it, not wanting to be a nuisance or dragging the team down. The adrenaline kept the pain down to a bearable level and it wasn't as bad or as dangerous as a gunshot wound. The next couple of hours were a blur for Murdock, filled with sawing, building, shooting and explosions.

After giving the local police an anonymous phonecall about some thugs tied up at the mill and leaving a note with an explanation, they went back to the client's house. When they arrived, there was a homecooked meal waiting for them. Hannibal, Face and BA immediately dug in, but Murdock declined. "I've got a headache from driving that car", he said, rubbing his head "I think I'm just going to go to bed and lie down for a while." Hannibal and BA agreed, Murdock wasn't used to driving all that much anyway. But Face felt strange about it, like there was something Murdock wasn't telling him. As he ate, he decided to talk to Murdock later that night. He prided himself on knowing what the crazy man was thinking, so not knowing what was goin' on in Murdock's head was really bugging him. But when he went to bed later that evening, Murdock was sound asleep.
'I'll talk to him tomorrow', Face decided 'One evening doesn't matter anyway.'