Final chapter, just before the start of the summer. This one is a rather short and fluffy epilogue with Face and Murdock. I want to thank everybody who has been reading this story and sending me those lovely messages! ^^
In a couple of weeks, I will write another A-team story. If there are (moments from) episodes where you think there was a piece missing or just something you would like to see me write, feel free to let me know!

Two weeks later

One of the downsides of being on the run for the army is that you can't just go to the VA to visit your friend. But 'cousin Harry' did not have the slightest problem with that!
Face, dressed in a plaid shirt and ripped jeans walked down the hallway while holding his cowboy hat in his hands. Convincing the new nurse that he was Murdock's cousin from Texas was almost too easy, especially with the thick Texan accent he had picked up from Murdock through the years and the flashing smile he had given her.

As he stood in front of Murdock's door, he hesitated a moment to knock. When they had left Murdock at the VA about 10 days ago, he had been much better than when they had stopped at the motel, but there was still something about him that wasn't quite right. Although most of Murdock's madness was just a game to him, he did have real issues and he did need his very real medication.

Face shook his head and knocked on the door. 'Why am I nervous? It's just Murdock!', he wondered.
When Murdock opened the door his eyes lit up, but he was careful with his choice of words: "Hey there!".
"Is that all I get?", Face said loud enough for the staff to hear "can't your cousin Harry get a hug? I've come all the way from Texas just to see you!". In that one sentence, Murdock had all he needed to play along as he hugged his 'cousin': "Bring it in, Harry! Been so long!".

"Why don't ya show me 'round?", Face proposed when Murdock let go "I'd love to see the place!". "Sure!", Murdock said "I need to let Billy out for a walk anyway". Face didn't respond, but just waited until Murdock had 'put Billy's collar on'. Together they walked outside into the sunny gardens. "Go ahead Billy, go play!", Murdock said while he 'let go of Billy's leash'.

Murdock sat down on a bench out of sight for the nursing staff. Now that he was outside of the surveillance zone, his limp showed again and he moved slower. "So, how have you really been?", Face asked sitting down next to Murdock. "I'm okay", Murdock answered rubbing his bad knee "Everyday a little better.".

"Still had any nightmares?", Face tentatively asked. The pilot looked at the ground before answering: "Sometimes. Not as bad as the first one though." The conman gave a sad smile as he put an arm around Murdock's shoulders: "Hey, the next time you get a nightmare and you can't find Billy you just call me. Okay? Doesn't matter where I am or who I'm with, I'm always here if you wanna talk.".
Murdock smiled: "You got it, Faceman".

And that's why Face got a call four days later at 3a.m. from Murdock asking him if he ever thought about how a platypus looks like a combination between a duck and a beaver.