I Own Nothing

AN: Set after season 5 ending. (This is happy story with only slight misunderstanding)

Summary: Justin's been thinking about getting two puppies at the rescue for Brian's birthday, but someone gets them first.

Title: Gifts For Both Of Us

Justin had been going to the dog rescue for over six months volunteering when he could. There were two dogs that he loved there more than the others. They had been there for three months as it was. He loved taking them for walks outside. He'd changed their names when he'd started taking care of them. They never had responded to Morgan and Max anyways. He'd renamed the brothers Ace and Mischief.

Ace was always running to him first. Ace stayed beside him the most during the time they got to have some free time. Mischief he'd named because that was all he liked to find. They were only four months old, but had been found lost in the woods. They hadn't had identification so they had been sent to the dog rescue.

The rescue center sent the dogs to be trained for different things. Ace and Mischief however were too hyper to be given to someone who needed assistance. No family had wanted to take both of them, only one. So far the place hadn't wanted to split them up since they did better together. Justin wasn't sure how long it would last though and he wanted them both his self. He just wasn't sure if Brian was ready for two dogs at Britin.

"Hey you two, want to go for a walk?" Justin asked opening the door to the area the brothers were in.

He knelt down not minding the two jumping all over him in excitement. The other people always made them stay, but he was probably bad for letting them be as roudy as they wanted to be. Justin clipped their leashes on before going out the door again to take them walking. The rescue center had plenty of land around it. Some days the dogs were let free in the enclosure to run free for a few hours playing together. Justin liked it better when he had one on two time with them though.

Ace and Mischief barked happily sniffing the floor as they tried pulling Justin faster. He got them to slow down with the command they used at the rescue while training them. Once they were outside he went out of the second gate so they were able to walk through the wooded area that surrounded the place.


It was a nice day and the sun was warm against his face. He made sure he had a good grip on the leashes before they started on the walk. Ace and Mischief were known to try to escape. Justin knew all about wanting to escape things, but right now in his life he was okay with doing the opposite.

He'd been glad to get out of Pittsburgh and come to West Virginia though. There was only so much he could take of finally realizing the ones that said they cared about him didn't. He'd gotten to marry Brian which had been the best night of his life. They'd gotten married in West Virginia with only a few people. Daphne, Molly, his mom, Tucker, Ted, Blake, Emmett, Drew, and Cynthia had been there for them. He'd found out that they were his true family. Even though he'd wanted Ben and Hunter there too, it meant Michael. They hadn't spoken since Brian had proposed.

He hadn't talked to Debbie, Melanie or Lindsay either because they'd said he was throwing his life away. It still hurt knowing that they didn't think that he was able to make it in the world if he was with Brian. He'd written the three of them and Michael goodbye letters. Thanks to the fact he'd sold a few paintings he'd also given Michael the loan money back for the studio/apartment he'd helped him get. He wanted nothing to do with them anymore. He still saw Gus and J.R. thanks to Brian bringing them to Britin. Ben helped there too and Hunter hung around on weekends at times. The others he wasn't going to waste time being miserable about losing. It was their lose not his.

He had dove into the art work and coming to the rescue center to work with the dogs. He'd needed something to help his heart heal. Brian was the best in the world too and he knew he had the man he loved to get him through anything. He'd saved him once or maybe it was more than once. He had the others too when he needed them too. The times that Brian was working and he needed comfort he turned to the dogs to help. It was why he'd come today instead of the next one.


Ace barking pulled Justin out of his thoughts looking around to see what the little rascal had spotted. He knew it was Ace from the tone of his bark being softer than Mischief's. Justin didn't see anything and the two dogs sat down at his feet after a moment. He figured they just wanted to play and he'd gotten lost in his thoughts. Ace and Mischief had their tails wagging away when Justin looked at them. He un-clipped their leashes before taking the two balls he'd brought out of his pocket.

"Go get them." Justin said tossing them both at the same time.

Ace and Mischief barked before they took off running at their full speed to get the balls. Justin watched them happy that he had them in his life. It was why he was going to have to convince Brian they needed two adorable puppies. He had a picture of the first time he'd gotten Brian to come with him to see the two. He'd made sure that Brian wore something that wouldn't matter if it got dirty. He'd brought him out here in the woods and they'd had fun with the brothers. Brian had actually laid down letting them climb all over him. He'd been laughing so much that day at Brian being licked all over. Brian had even laughed too it had been a wonderful sound.

Justin got the balls back after a few minutes of tug of war. He rubbed them both down getting them to sit. They rolled over on their backs putting their feet in the air too when he said so. He tossed the balls again letting them run to get them. He stayed sitting on the ground watching them run. He knew when they grew up more they'd be beautiful dogs. They were now, but they would grow into their selves. Ace and Mischief were both Huskies pure blood too instead of being mixed with another breed.

When they had gotten to the center they'd been small and obviously scared. Justin didn't know what they'd gone through, but no one could touch them without being nipped at. Until he'd tried it for two weeks he'd sat inside their home inside the rescue center. He talked to them for hours every single day. He got them to trust him and once they had they didn't want anyone else except him most days. It was another reason the rescue didn't want to split them up. They knew it was better for them to have a home however instead of staying there forever.


Justin walked them down to the creek letting them swim around and drink water after another few throws of the ball. The creek was big enough for Justin to stand in up to his waist in water if he brought a change of clothes. The temperature just wasn't warm enough in the water yet to do that. He sat on the bank watching the brothers playing in the water. He was going to dread the day that they did get adopted finally if he didn't do it soon. He doubted Brian would mind since he came to see them at times too.

Ace and Mischief hadn't been happy about Brian at first when they met that day before the lick bath they gave him. Justin figured they thought Brian was trying to take him away from them. It had been so cute watching Brian tell them they had no fear, but they'd have to share Justin. It was what had lead to the two jumping all over Brian.

Once the two came out of the water they decided to shake all over Justin. He didn't care even laying back so they could climb all over him. They barked before finally laying down with their heads on Justin's chest. He could tell they were tired after all the fun they'd been having so he rubbed them letting them snooze for a bit. He'd walk them back up to the center once they rested some.

"Love you both." Justin said letting his own eyes close.