I Own Nothing

AN: Set after season 5 ending

Summary: Justin's been thinking about getting two puppies at the rescue for Brian's birthday, but someone gets them first. (This is happy story with only slight misunderstanding)

Title: Gifts For Both Of Us

Ace and Mischief loved the dog room when they saw it that had been created for them. Justin had to smile at the fact it had been made up while he'd been away seeing them each time he'd gone. There were dog toys, and a bed that would keep them comfortable even when they got bigger. There was even a way for them to get into the yard with the new doggie door. It only worked with the new collars that Brian had gotten them. No one else could get in and out of the house through the door.

"I have to say that is definitely the best birthday gift you got yourself." Justin said watching Ace and Mischief explore their new indoor home. "You even gave them an actual bed to sleep in. I don't think anyone would even think you'd do that." Justin added feeling Brian's arms going around his waist from behind.

"Well I might have fallen in love with them too. There was no way on earth I was going let anyone else take them away from you, us." Brian said placing a kiss on Justin's cheek.

"That is one of the many reasons that I love you." Justin replied turning around to kiss Brian properly.


Before the kiss could get any deeper the two brothers ran over jumping against their new owners' legs. Brian and Justin laughed looking at the excited puppies. They picked up one a piece before going outside to let them explore their vast amount of land that was theirs now. Ace and Mischief looked around, but instead of running off they stuck next to Justin and Brian. Ace almost right on top of Justin's shoes happily wagging his tail. Mischief was doing the same, but he was keeping between Brian's feet at all time. He was a little shier about the endless amount of yard.

After a couple almost falls Brian picked Mischief up so they didn't get hurt. He seemed happy about it too licking Brian's face with his tail wagging even harder. As if Ace was saying he didn't want to be left out of the carrying he barked up at Justin. It was going to take them a little time to explore on their own. After Ace was in Justin's arms they walked about the yard for some time. The birds and squirrels flying and running about had the puppies attention. They ended up down at the creek that ran along the property right before getting to the woods.

Once Ace and Mischief saw the water they didn't act a bit shy anymore. They took off for it running while playing a game of jump each other. Justin laughed when Mischief rolled the both of them into the water. The splash happened then both puppies looked back as if Brian or Justin had done something to them. Brian leaned into Justin watching not only the two in the water, but his husband.

"We're going to need to keep an eye on them and puppy proof the rest of the house." Brian said. "I already moved our shoes where they can't reach them. I've heard horror stories about chewed up shoes." He said which got Justin laughing. "Don't give me that look, half your stuff has paint on it so it won't matter."

"Like you would do anything besides mumble. Gus gives you the quivering bottom lip as if he's going to cry you hug him saying sorry to him even though he might be the one in trouble." Justin laughed. "Just wait until he's dating or driving."

"That's like twenty, thirty years away I hope." Brian said even though he knew it was less than ten.


Ace and Mischief came running back after swimming around in the water for a while. They had some how also ended up with mud on them. It hadn't rained in a week, but Justin figured it was from the creek bank. They hadn't gotten a warning though since they'd been kissing. The playful brothers pouncing on the husbands. Justin was grinning since Brian was more covered than he was. Mischief seemed to really love getting Brian dirty as if he knew that he wasn't into being covered in that kind of mess.

"Your daddy is going to have to teach you how not to jump when we are dressed up. I'll give him the spanking though since you don't know any better." Brian said nuzzling against Mischief's face.

Justin grinned at the thought, but knew he had to teach them not to jump. He'd been working on it when he was there with them. Now that they were theirs it would be easier though. He let Ace have all the kisses he wanted rubbing the puppy all over. He was going to have more ideas when it came to drawing and painting now. He wanted one of the scene before him with Mischief lying on top of Brian. After a moment Ace joined his brother climbing on top of Brian doing like they'd done with Justin earlier.

"To think when we met there was no way you'd snuggle up with a dog. You acted like you didn't like them even though I knew you loved them. Now you're letting them lie on top of you caked in mud. Next we're talking babies and I'm not talking animal ones either." Justin smiled laying beside Brian with his head against Brian's.

"Puppies and babies, only you could convince me of both." Brian said returning Justin's smile.

"Definitely and they'll be ours no sharing with anyone else." Justin added kissing Brian before he let his hand move over Ace's coat.