The daylight shone in the oceans of the Great Barrier Reef. It took place in a sea anemone.

"Time for school! Time for school!" Marlin, the happy clownfish, called to his son. He jumped on Nemo. Nemo excitedly got up and swam quickly.

"I am gonna win!" Marlin cried with joy.

No you're not!" Nemo said back excitedly. And he won.

And later Nemo makes his way to school by his teacher along with his class.

"Bye, dad! Bye, Dory! See you after school!" Nemo called happily.

"Bye, Elmo~ Bye, Nemo!" Dory, a friendly but forgetful blue tang fish called back.

"Bye, son," Marlin said with a smile.

"Come on, Peach!" Gill, the leader of the Tank Gang, called.

"Hurry!" Deb, a blue-and-white striped damselfish, called.

"You can do it!" Gill called again.

"Just a little further," Gurgle, a royal gramma fish, called.

"Well, that is the shortest red light I've ever seen!" Peach, a pink starfish, said.

"Come on, Peach," Bloat, a pufferfish, called.

Then Peach knocked herself from the edge into the water next to Bubbles, a yellow tang, and Jacques, a red, small shrimp who spoke French.

All the fish then cheered happily. Then there was silence.

"Now what?" Bloat asked.

The gang didn't respond. They feel like they have to go back home besides the fish tank they escaped.


At the Marine Life Institute aquarium outside, the sea lions, Fluke and Rudder, were napping on a rock. Suddenly, their irritating friend, Gerald, sneaks on a rock, but Fluke and Rudder shooed him away.

"OFF, OFF OFF! Get off, off, off, off!" they shouted. And Gerald was away, splashed back into the water. Then Fluke and Rudder went back to sleep. Just then, there were lots of talking. There were baggies rolling, covered with filth, except for Jacques, who cleaned the whole baggie he was inside.

"Just a little farther!" Gill urged to the Tank Gang.

"That's it, I am truly going to vomit!" Gurgle yelled.

After that, the Tank Gang wiped their bags and smiled in relief.

"VolĂ­a!" Jacques said.

"Alright, gang, good work!" Gill announced.

Then the Tank Gang cheered in joy.

"Whoo, Flo, we made it!" Deb said excitedly. Gill then lets out an impressive smile to the gang.

"You won't have any more problems here on out," he said.

The Tank Gang cheered again with happiness at Gill, but all of a sudden, the net caught them! So, Gill, Deb, Gurgle, Bloat, Bubbles and Jacques were put in a box by a man who caught them with a net.

"No respect for ocean life," a woman said.

"Now what?" Bloat asked, which was the same question. Then the boat was rowed on its way out near Fluke and Rudder, who stared at it with smiles on their faces. Then they went back to sleep.

What's gonna happen next?