Author's Note: Hello again! Here is the epilogue, the final chapter! This implies Marlin X Dory, known as Dorlin. But don't worry, Coral is still related to Marlin, even if she was dead. Still implied Marlin X Coral [I think]. :)

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It had been many months since Nemo's last day of school. Marlin and Dory were hanging out with each other, and felt the love. Years later, Dory gave birth to a child, also known as Nemo's newest sibling. The Tank Gang watched in awe, as if to say that Nemo's sibling is so cute. Dory's parents and friends are with them. Gill's soul was with with Marlin and Dory as well. He smiled at their new child. Coral was with Gill. She was proud of her mate, Marlin, and her son, Nemo. In the next days, Nemo and his young sibling were playing with each other, including Dory and the Tank Gang, sort of.
The souled Gill was watching them with a proud look on his face.
Marlin, who was next to the souled Gill, also watching them, hugged the souled Coral hard. Her spirit felt like a warm breeze. They knew they will always be with each other.

Weeks after and because of their new happy days right after their misery, Nemo hugged the souls of Gill and Coral. They were proud of each other.

"We'll never be forgetting each other," Nemo said with a smile.

And one evening until night, Nemo, Marlin, Dory, his new sibling, at a toddler age, and the Tank Gang watched the sun set outside the ocean with their tails in the ocean. Gill and Coral were with them. Their souls glowed in the darkness at night. Because of this, the new shining era of friendship of Nemo, Marlin, Dory, and the Tank Gang, including Gill and Coral, was friendly secured.
At long last, their lives became happy once more.

The End