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What the Hell?

'Huh? What was he doing? Huuuh? Huuuuuuh?'

Zenitsu was boiling with rage, hidden in the corner. He could hear Nezuko's heart was beating fast after her encounter with Sanemi Shinazugawa, the Wind Pillar. What the hell? Did she like him? Zenitsu couldn't believe it. After all the time they spent together? After everything he did? He tried so hard to be better for her, braver, stronger, so he could protect her and show her he was worthy. Did all that mean nothing to her? Was he making a fool of himself? No, of course not. She was his friend, right? She would always be his friend. But was that all? It was so painful... He really wanted to earn her love, to protect her, to marry her. He wanted to make her happy. And this... this made absolutely no sense. Why was her heart beating fast for that brute who according to Tanjiro stabbed her three times? He wanted to beat the shit out of that bastard when he found out, but Tanjiro discouraged him, saying he felt the same but they would probably lose against him. And now this had happened... Sure, the pillar had just apologized to Nezuko and everything, but still... Maybe Nezuko would be happier with someone like him? But he was much older! Did she like older men? Well, he was older than her too, but just two years. Probably it wasn't enough. Or maybe he, Zenitsu, wasn't enough. He hadn't been enough for his freaking seven previous dates. Why would it be different this time?

He had thought Nezuko was different. She was always kind to him, unlike the previous girls. Maybe it was because she was a demon and didn't understand everything that was going on. She was kind to him as a human too but… Maybe he got his hopes too high. So... There was no hope now?

His anger turned into grief and despair. The familiar chest tightness became more and more intense, making the tears arrive quickly to his eyes. Zenitsu sobbed. He really thought Nezuko was the one. She was just perfect. Was he wrong again? Would it be always like this? Would he never have a wife who loved him? Would he never have children? Why? Was he really that bad? Even after he tried his best?



He was so upset he didn't hear Nezuko-chan approaching and it startled him.

"Zenitsu-san? What's wrong? Why are you crying? Are you okay?"

Zenitsu had never cared about people seeing him crying, but this time he didn't want Nezuko to see his tears. He cleaned up his face with his sleeve as she looked at him with concern.

"Yes, I'm fine, Nezuko-chan! It's just... I ate too much and my tummy hurts, hehe! I think I'll go for a walk to try to feel better..."

She frowned, her expression worried. "Why are you lying, Zenitsu-san?"

Shit! Could she smell lies like his brother? Shit, he didn't know that! Now what?

"N-nezuko-chan... What's going on with Shinazugawa-san?" That's it, the truth escaped from his lips so fast. Well, he couldn't lie to her anyway.

"Oh, him? He apologized for everything and told me to take care. I'm happy we're on good terms. What's with that? Why are you upset, Zenitsu-san?"

"D-do you like him?"

Nezuko looked surprised.

"Like him?"

"Would you like to marry him instead of me?"

"Oh, Zenitsu-san, are you jealous?" She smiled fondly.

"It's okay! You own me nothing, Nezuko-chan!" He said quickly. "You must follow your heart! I'll be happy if you're happy. You don't have to worry about me. But please, Nezuko-chan, please, tell me so I can go die alone as soon as possible, don't get my hopes high, PLEASE!"

"Oh, Zenitsu-san, I didn't want you to feel upset! Please, calm down! Shinazugawa-san is like a big brother to me. He patted my head like Tanjiro does. I didn't expect that at all so I got a little flustered. I'm just happy we're on good terms. He's handsome of course but well… I barely know him and... I'd rather know you." Nezuko blushed a bit.

"Oh, thank God!" Zenitsu said, grabbing his chest. "Wait… Really?" He looked like he didn't dare to believe her.

Nezuko smiled and patted his head. "Of course. You did so much for me and my brother, for everyone. You're a wonderful person and I truly thank you. But you can relax, Zenitsu-san. You're not going to die anytime soon. You can enjoy life. Don't worry. We have plenty of time to know each other. Don't you want to know me better?"

He looked at her cheerful expression. God, she was so kind and so beautiful. He wanted to know every single little thing about her. He wanted to see her this happy every day.

"Yes, of course I do, Nezuko-chan!"

"Then let's go talk outside! It's a beautiful day, don't you think?" She said happily.

Zenitsu nodded, feeling more in love than ever as he let her lead him to the garden, ready to enjoy the sun and their time together.