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I swear I wrote this a long time ago, not realizing that Silencer would come out with a similar plot XD oh well, I guess it's nice to know I'm on the same wavelength as some of the writers!

This is a little three- or four-shot prequel to a bigger story I am currently working on featuring the whole Miraculous gang and final battle with Hawkmoth. Enjoy the Gabriel slamming and desperate tendrils of love struggling to make their connections with our favorite Two.

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That's My Scarf!

Marinette's tongue poked out of the corner of her mouth, held in place by her pursed lips as she concentrated on her drawing. She was flopped over on her stomach on the floor of her bedroom, busily scratching away with carefully-selected colors on her latest design.

Her phone buzzed, and she rapidly finished up a corner of the pink scarf she was designing before blindly reaching for it. "Hello?"

"Hey Marinette!"

Her mouth twitched upward in excitement when she heard his voice, and she struggled to steady her fluttering heart. "H—hey, Adrien! Ready for that history project?"

"Yeah, I was just getting ready. Can you come at 4:30?"

"Yep! I'm over. I mean, I will come over. At 4:30, because why would I be there early?"

She hung up and ran to grab her purse. As she was heading out the door, her eye caught the design she'd been working on, a lone sheet of paper she'd cut out from her sketchbook just for this one.

Adrien was into fashion, she thought to herself. He'd liked the scarf she made for him before, even if he didn't know it was her who made it. Maybe he'd think her new design was cool.

She grabbed it and held it close to her chest to keep it clean on the ride to his mansion.

"Marinette!" Papa called her from downstairs. "Your fashion magazine came in the mail!"

"Which one?" Squealing, she leapt up from her homework and tumbled down the stairs, rushing over to grab the magazine. "Oh, Mr. Agreste's new spring line! Thanks Papa, I'm so exciiiiiiteeeeed!"

She flipped it open, ready to see the latest and greatest and maybe even get some inspiration for her own work.

Instead, her mouth dropped open in confusion. Her eyes darted away from the page to a pile of her drawings discarded on the coffee table, and back to the page in the magazine. Back to the sketches…and back to page 5 of the magazine.

"Papa?" Her voice shook uncharacteristically as she began noticing even the little details that were so alike, even things that Gabriel Agreste could not possibly have thought of himself.

"What is it, Sweetheart?" Wiping his hands, the baker lumbered into the living room and looked over her shoulder.

Not sure if she wanted to cry or be angry, and still not entirely sure if she could believe her own eyes, she pointed numbly to the page. "That's my scarf!"