Komachi was currently waiting, nervously for her go to be interviewed for an intership as a new student teacher at Meiji Memorial institute. Her Onii-Chan after graduating university was hired to be a highschool teacher. He had kept in touched, but not frequently and disliked discussing work related topics with her or with their parents.

Seeing her Onii-chan become a teacher gave way to the idea of being a teacher herself. Seeing him help in the volunteer's club now continuing his problem solving ability by way of teaching struck a chord with her. Now nearing the end of her university career, she needed an internship for on the job experience that also would transition to a possibly permanent employment.

"Komachi Hikigaya" Upon hearing her name, Komachi stood up and approached the individual calling for her.

"Good morning Ms. Komachi, if you would follow me to the interview room." Asked the attendant.

"Alright then." She responded

Komachi followed the attendant to a room where he opened the door and motioned for her to sit.

"Please take a seat, your interviewers will be out shortly."

As the attendant left, Komachi sat in a chair across from a table with three seats. After a few minutes, three individuals appear from another door near the table.

As they became seated, the interviewer on the left spoke.

"Good morning Ms….. Hikigaya." An elderly man in a suit addressed her while looking at her student profile.

"Good morning sir." She responded.

The interviewer on the right widened her eyes and leaned to whisper something to the center interviewer.

"Hikigaya? Do you think she is related to the new Japanese teacher in the social studies section, you know the stern one?" She asked

"He's hardly new anymore, he's been here for three years. Besides It can't be, look at her, she doesn't have his dead fish eyes or bleak demeanor." Repsoned the younger man in the suit.

"Fair point, must be a coincidence in names." She reasoned.

"Agreed" he returned

They both turned and smiled at Komachi, and continued to listen to the older man in the suit who was asking the interviewing questions. What he asked Komachi were questions regarding her work ethic and personality mainly. All the while all three looked at her marks both in college and senior year of highschool.

Nearing the end of the interview, a final question was asked by the woman on the right.

"We are almost done, but could you tell me why exactly would you like to become a teacher?" She asked

Taking a moment to think, Komachi responded.

"In honesty, I hadn't originally wanted to become a teacher, however, someone close to me became one, and essentially inspired me to be one."

"Is that so?" She reacted.

After a few moments after the last question, the interview was over and she was directed to leave.

"Thank you for your time, please wait in the waiting room, I believe we can sort these applications quickly." Smiled the senior member.

With a bow, Komachi left for the waiting room accompanied by the attendant, she waited for around 20 minutes until the attendant returned with the verdict. He smiled and extended his hand toward her.

"Congratulations Ms. Hikigaya, you have the Job, your homeroom will be 203 and you'll assist the Japanese teacher. Can you start after the weekend on Monday?" Inquired the attendant.

"Yes I can!, Thank you very much Mr….?"


"Mr. Honji, I look forward to working with you."

"As well to you Ms. Hikigaya."

Komachi then departed from the school for the apartment she rents, it is a bit run down, but affordable. After she slips off her heels, she jumps back first onto her bed and stares at the ceiling.

First interview, and it's a success! I wonder what kind of teacher I will be assisting… ah! I need more work attire than just this, but if I go alone ill end up buying more, plus I really don't

know what is acceptable or not for school….

Komachi turns to her nightstand and grabs her phone. She dials it to call someone who might have an idea on what she should purchase and by what quantity.

-line break-

Hachiman was in the midst of grading papers at his workspace after school hours where most of the faculty had left, while doing so he was approached by one of his remaining Co-workers who had a smile plastered on his face. While he notice him, Hachiman continued to work diligently. The co-worker pulled a chair from one empty desks and sat next to Hachiman.

"Hey! Did you get the news, I heard it from Honji-san a new faculty member had just been hired, shes cute too from what I heard from the office receptionist Koyuki-chan , a real looker." Chimed the co-worker.

"Mhm, sure, that's no concern of mine really." Hachiman absentmindedly remarked.

"Aw, come on, live a little, you must have some interest right? She starts next week."

Without looking away from his papers, Hachiman responded.

"While you may have all this free time to chase the female staff some of us have exorbitant amounts of work to-" as Hachiman was about to finish his utterance, his cellphone rang.

"Woah, I've never seen you use a phone, I thought you didn't have one" Chuckled the Co-worker. Hachiman gave him a scowl, though in honesty it didn't make much difference on his face.


"Hello Onii-Chan!" Upon hearing this familiar voice, Hachiman's face lightens up to where it looked like he was smiling.

Ah, so he can smile… he should do that more often. Thought the co-worker.

"Hey Komachi, it's been awhile… whats up?"

"I got my first paid internship at a school!"

"Congratulations Komachi."

"Yea.. but…. I'm not sure what is appropriate to wear in a work environment and I'm concern that I might buy more that I need you know? So tomorrow, if its fine, can we meet up at the department store where you can help me choose appropriate clothing?"

"Sure, I can do that no problem, I'll take you out to lunch as well."

"That would be fantastic, tomorrow at 11 then? And no skimming on the meal Onii-Chan."

"Sure, Sure I got it."

"See you tomorrow Onii-Chan!"

"See you tomorrow Komachi."

As Hachiman ended the call, a sudden flash from a phone camera was made, he turned to see a massive smile on his co-worker's face. Hachiman's own lingering smile faded

"Whats with the grin?" Hachiman asked upon seeing his co-worker.

"And did you just take my picture?" He added

"Ive never seen you smile at all since I started working here, and everyone else never seen you smile either, I felt like I just witnessed something so rare, that it might not happen again, so naturally I want to preserve it." The co-worker responded with a straight face.

"Must be someone special for you to soften up." He added with his returning smile.

"Yes… she is…. anyway i'm about done with grading, You should get a head start too otherwise you'll be scolded by the head teacher for our division again." Hachiman stated in a lecturing tone as he grabbed his coat.

"Aw come on, it's just soo boring." His co-worker responded as he followed Hachiman out of the faculty room.

"Remind me why you wanted to become a teacher?" He asked mockingly.

"Ah, so cold." The co-worker stated jokingly while clutching his heart.

They continued on with a light banter until they reached the parking lot. While his co-worker approached his car, Hachiman unchained his bicycle.

"You really ought to buy a car, I know you can afford it." The co-worker called.

"Yea, but there is no place to put it." He responded.

"Fair point, well see you on Monday."

"Same too you, don't wait until the last minute when grading."

"Yea, yea sure thing."

That idiot, he's not going to do it is he.

As Hachiman departed for home, he wondered about whether he should stop at a convenience store he frequents or not, as he nears the store the night attendant seems to be struggling as she cleans the windows outside the store. Hachiman stops and sees that she is unable to reach the top portion. As Hachiman approached the attendant he calls to her.

"Hey Minari-san here, let me help."

The attendant turns.

"Hikigaya-san?! Oh no, its fine really, I can reach it if… I…try." She was clearly not going to reach it.

"I insist, Ill get the top bit, while I do so, can I get the usual items for me?" He asked

"Sure, but are you sure this is alright?"

"Yes, yes its no trouble, honestly"

"Okay then! You're a real lifesaver Hikigaya-san, I'll get your items, they'll be inside."

"Sounds good to me."

As Hachiman finishes the rest of the windows, the attendant gets his usual items consisting of A cup of Ramen, a bottle of water, and a MAXX Coffee.

"Here you are! Thank you again for your assistance Hikigaya-san."

"No worries, until the next time Minari-san."

With a curtly bow from the attendant, he departed for home. As he reached his apartment building, it became late in the evening. After showering, he ate his meal and saved the coffee for tomorrow. Upon entering his bed he stared at the ceiling.

It will be nice seeing Komachi again, it's been awhile and probably grew quite a bit from when I last saw her…., but she'll still will forever be my cute little imouto. Ah! I wondered if I earned some Komachi points?

With a grin to himself, those current thoughts in mind, and the thought of tomorrow, he retired for the night.

-line break-

As Komachi hung up her phone with her Onii-Chan, she smiled.

I haven't seen him in ages , it will be nice to catch up, he's been caught up in his own life and barely contacts anyone anymore. Well maybe with things churning down we at least can keep in touch more! I can't wait to see you again Onii-Chan! That must have earned me a ton of Hachiman points.

*Heeheehee* Komachi quietly laughed out loud. As Komachi's Cat Shiro heard this, she looked at Komachi with a puzzled face,"

After getting ready for sleep, she sets her alarm for tomorrow and is soon joined by Shiro when she jumps on her lap and nuzzles her.

"Hey you, how are you today?" She asks as she pets the now purring pet. She continues to pet Shiro until she shuts the light off to sleep. From then, Shiro retires to the end of her bed near Komachi's feet.