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As Hachiman entered the apartment, he was met with Tsurumi standing in front of him, her hands on her hips.

"Well, in all honesty I should have expected this" Tsurumi stated to Hachiman

Komachi had just entered after Hachiman and both were now in the entry threshold.


"Yahallo!" Komachi beamed.

"Hello." Tsurumi replied. She turned back to Hachiman with a slight glare.

"Ah, well like you said, she would know sooner or later, however, here, an offering of peace." Hachiman raised the package of sweets he purchased on the way while turning his face away from her's.

Tsurumi approached and took the sweets, while looking down at the items she seemed more docile.

"Ah… thanks." She said.

A brief silence permeated the room.

Eh? What's with this atmosphere? Thought Komachi, as she glanced between the two.

*ahem* "Well, like I said before, this is just a check in so is there anything you need help with? Moving furniture, financial management, stuff of the like." Hachiman asked.

"Ah, well I could have help cleaning the place…" she trailed off.

At quick glance the room seem decent enough, however, upon further inspection loose articles of clothing were scattered about the place, empty cans covered the kitchen counter and dishes filled the sink basin.

"Right, well let's get started then…. excuses us." Hachiman and Komachi who were still at the threshold removed their footwear and proceeded to enter.

Komachi rolled up her sleeves and grinned at Tsurumi.

"No worries! We'll get this place in running order in a jiffy! I've seen worse at our home."

"Yea… it was your stuff usually." Hachiman smirked.

"Hehe." Komachi rubbed the back of her head with a slightly embarrassed look.

"Right well…. I can take care of the kitchen." Hachiman offered.

"I can assist you with the living room Rumi-Chan!" Smiled.

"That..that would be great thank you." Tsurumi replied with a slight smile.

As a plan of action of created, its execution followed.

-Line Break-

Tsurumi's classmates upon seeing both their teachers enter Rumi's apartment started to come up with ideas as to why they would need to see Tsurumi.

"Ne Ne, what do you think they're there for?" Tomoko asked.

"Maybe the Class Rep has something that needed to be addressed privately." Guessed Mari.

"Okay… then why did Hikigaya-Sensei enter the sweets shop? Did you see the bag he was carrying? It had a a traditional sweets shop that I frequent." Said Natsumi.

"Maybe it was something worth congratulating?" Added Mari.

"Maybe…" conceded Natsumi.

"Well, we probably should go, if they're there on school business in relation to Tsurumi we best not spy." Stated Tomoko.

"But we're going to grill the Class Rep on Monday right?" Asked Natsumi.

"Heck yea we are!" Tomoko stated.

These two… why are they always with their head in the clouds? Wondered Mari.

-Line Break-

After a few hours, Tsurumi's apartment was clean as a whistle.

"There, that is the last bag." Hachiman stated as he finished moving the last bag of recyclables toward the front of the door.

"It looks so clean now…" Tsurumi said with awe, her somewhat okay apartment looks like it just finished being renovated.

Hachiman approached the Kotetsu located at the center of the room, Komachi and Tsurumi were already there sipping tea and chatting idly as they finished a few minutes ago.

As Hachiman settled down, a cup of tea was presented to him by Tsurumi.

"Ah, thanks."

"It's the least I can do."

They continued to chat for a time.

"Well, that was fun! It makes me think I should clean my own apartment." Laughed Komachi.

"I can only imagine what your place looks like." Shuddered Hachiman.

"Haha very funny, that will cost ya points." Komachi said in a monotone voice.

Seeing the two banter Tsurumi smiled before deciding that she inconvenienced them enough..

"Well… thank you again for your assistance." Tsurumi bowed.

"No worries, just trying to make things a bit easier is all." Hachiman said.

"We're always to help out, right Onii-Chan!" Komachi lightly punched Hachiman's shoulder.

"Mm." Was his response.

"If there is no other pressing matter, I guess we will take our leave, remember to finish that write up about western influence in the 20th century okay?" Hachiman asked.

"Ah! I'll address it this evening after work." She said.

"Sounds good." He smiled.

Tsurumi saw them out, and while standing at the end of the threshold waved goodbye her departing guests.

"Take care Hikigaya, you too Komachi-Chan!"

"See you Monday!" Waved back Komachi

As the door closed, and the two had left, Tsurumi went and started to prepare for dinner. While she was prepping, she reflected back on the day.

Geez, Sensei worries too much, between living alone, working and school everything as of right now is under control…. although company now and again is a nice feeling too.

-Line Break-

As Hachiman and Komachi exited the Tsurumi's apartment complex, they made their way to the nearest station where they would take the train back to their station. As they walked back they began chatting about what to do now.

"Well Onii-Chan it's a bit early yet to go out for drinks, but, I'm feeling a bit peckish.. what about you?

"I'm fine currently, although I could go for something soon." Was his reply.

"Let's look around once we are around our neighborhood." Suggested Komachi.

"Ah, did you live nearby?" Asked Hachiman.

"Yes actually, it's not far off from you, it's north a ways."

"I see."

As the two continued to walk down the street, chatting idly, they passed a grocery store with meat being advertised to be on sale. Both picked up on this, and prompted Komachi to ask for a change of dining plans.

"Hey, instead of going out for food, why don't we stay in and make some? You can see where my apartment is and it would be nice to have you come over this time around."

"Ah.. sure I don't see why not we can cook together like we used to.. that would be a nice change in pace." Agreed Hachiman.

Although I do wonder if you still char chicken as you did when you made dinners after school." Grinned Hachiman.

"Onii-Chan, it was still edible!… sort of" Komachi reflected

"Well no matter what my imouto cooks rest assured I'll eat it." Hachiman ruffles Komachi's hair.


They both headed inside and began shopping. Starting the vegetables, picking up fresh looking ones, then moving toward the meat section. Both entered sales mode and scanned for good deals that were tied to better looking meat. Eventually the two found some that were of quality and on sale.

"Alrighty then, what else do we need? Asked Komachi.

"Well, did you have oil back at your apartment? Inquired Hachiman.

"Aa… ive mostly been getting premade meals instead of cooking, so I have little for home cooking come to think of it." Realized Komachi.

"Same for me actually, those I do make efforts for breakfast." Contemplated Hachiman.

"If that is the case, frying oil, some veggies, alongside some desert would be fine." Wondered aloud.

"Sounds good to me!" Chirped Komachi.

"Wafers or pudding?"

"Hm… pudding sounds good!"

"Pudding it is then."


After finishing up at the store, the two then moved toward Komachi's apartment, dusk was soon approaching and the air became cooler as the sky darkened.

"Are you sure you don't want me to carry a bag?" Asked Komachi.

"I'm all set, there was not much stuff to begin with." He responded.

"Mou… I feel off set that you are both carrying and cooking."

"Don't worry about it." He stated.

A few moments of silence occurred between them as they walked until Komachi moved closer to his right side and grabbed one of the bag's handles and supported his right side.

Hachiman looked down then toward Komachi, staring back at him with a smile. He turned to face forward on the sidewalk and gave out a sigh while smiling slightly.

"Alright, if you are that torn up about it." He uttered.



"And….. We're Here " Komachi is exclaimed.

Hachiman and Komachi arrived at her apartment complex on the second floor in front of her entrance.

"It looks like my apartment complex only.. nicer? Less run down I guess." Hachiman surmised.

"It's not that far away actually...thirty minutes or so?" Guessed Hachiman.

"I'd say that." Komachi concurred.

She fiddled with her keys and eventually found the right one, with an insertion then a twist the door was opened.

"I'm home!" She said as she entered through, Turning the lights on to brighten the rooms

"Pardon me." Was what Hachiman said as he entered behind her.

"You can set the groceries on the table Oni-Chan, I'll be upstairs getting changed."

"Alright I'll just get started with dinner."

"Sounds good!"

Hachiman hung his coat and other outside apparel in the small closet near the entrance. The. Moved to the kitchen to begin cooking. As Hachiman was organizing the groceries on the dining room table for cooking, a soft feeling brushed against him followed by some purring. He looked down and was met with a white cat rubbing against his leg. He went down to pet it, and the purring intensified. While near the cat, Hachiman took the opportunity to read the collar.

Shiro huh? It is a fitting name.

After a few moments, while he was still petting Shiro, Komachi comes down the stairs in her evening attire, a large T-Shirt and shorts.

"So you met Shiro then?" Komachi asked as she viewed Hachiman petting Shiro.

"Yes, she's very cute." Hachiman rose to his feet as Shiro traversed over to Komachi.

"You are right about that Onii-Chan… shall we get started then?"

"Sure, I can get the stove ready and then we can cut the vegetables."

"Mn! Sounds good."

As Hachiman prepared the stove, Komachi Maneuvered around Hachiman to gain a cutting board and knives.

On the table the two stood next to each other and began cutting.

"Ah, Komachi that's a bit big isn't it?" Pointing out an onion.

"Ah well… it's been awhile hehe."

"Here, do you mind if I show you?"

Hachiman angled himself to allow Komachi to see what he was doing. Upon viewing his movements, Komachi tried to mimic him only yielding similar results like she had before.

"Hm… do you mind if I assist you?"

"Um… sure."

Hachiman moved behind Komachi, His arms extended assisted her in gripping both her hands and moved them in the motions that he attempted to show.

"See, nice and easy."

"Y-yea I think I got it Onii-Chan."

"Oh, sorry." Hachiman backs away from Komachi and turns to address the skillet and meat.

As Hachiman is preoccupied in frying the meat, Komachi takes the newly cut vegetables and waits for Hachiman to direct her to place the vegetables in with the meat.

"Okay then, should be good now." He states.

"Roger!" After her response, she slowly slides the cut vegetables in.

The veggies sizzle alongside the meat, where Hachiman continues to stand at the stove. Komachi places the cutting board away and gets two dining plates for the meal. White rice was placed afterward by Komachi.

The smell of the food permeates the air.

"It smells fantastic!" She smiles

"It does smell rather great but, let's see if it tastes as great as it smells." He smiles back.

"Sounds good to me, I'd eat anything you cook! That must win me some Hachiman points!" She teased.

Hachiman ruffles Komachi's hair.

"Only about a million points." He chuckles.

Hachiman moves the food over and separates it into the two plates. Komachi moves to take the plates as Hachiman cleans up a bit. Komachi fetches the now readied rice as Hachiman fetches drinks and chopsticks.

"Did you want the beer or water." He asked.

"Well we were going to go out for a drink, but let's hold off until after the meal."She suggests .

"sounds fine to me." He picked two waters..

Komachi has set the plates so they are sitting across from each other. As they sit down they can see each other face to face. Hachiman stared at Komachi, waiting for her to try the food.

"Mmm! It's delicious Onii-Chan!"

"I'm glad you like it."

They looked at each other then began to break into conversation.

"Ne, what are you planning to put on the upcoming exam?"

"Ah, well probably I'll take some questions from the readings, then end it with a short essay."

"What do you think Komachi?"

"I guess a good focus is to add a multiple choice section as well."

"Actually, why don't you help me? I understand assistant teachers aren't suppose to touch on that sort of thing but, it would good practice."

"Sure! Sounds great."

"Okay, it's still some time away so we can work on it whenever, it shouldn't take too long."

"How's uh.. Wednesday then."

"Works for me." She smiles

After they finished their meal, Komachi moved to take the plates, Hachiman quickly got


"No worries, I can clean up, you got things set early."

"Oh.. thanks Onii-Chan but it's no problem.

"It's alright, enjoy dessert, the waters are on the counter." He points out.

"Okay.. I'll be in the living room then, they're drinks in the fridge, help yourself."

"Sure, I'll be out in a moment."

Komachi moved and grabbed the wafers then a drink from the fridge. Hachiman goes to the kitchen for a quick clean of the dishes. After he finishes, he grabs a drink and sits a bit apart from Komachi. She closes the gap and both are in the center.

"Ne, so what are you up for?"

"Whatever you like."

"Mou, help me out here."

"Well, let's just scroll a bit."

-End Of Chapter-

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