The night was more or less pleasant, but uneventful. While finally settling on a movie they agreed upon, both soon after drifted to sleep.

The next morning Komachi awoke on the couch, her head resting against Hachiman's shoulder. She took in where she was situated at, and lifted her head to see Hachiman laid back in an upright position. Komachi stared at the still sleeping Hachiman before a smile crept across her face. She raised her hand and poked his cheek.

No response was given, so Komachi once again pressed into his cheek, her finger lingering in the indentation made before withdrawing. After determining that he was still out, she attempted to rise for the day, perhaps get a start on breakfast when Hachiman shifted to where she was situated at now. His head now on her lap. She froze to the new development.

"Oi, oi, oi what are you doing dummy?!" Surprised and now unable to move she began to shift and wondered how she should approach this. When she glanced down again, Hachiman's face looked rather peaceful and at ease. Komachi's face softened and decided to prolong this state for a longer duration.

Another few minutes wouldn't hurt I guess

As Hachiman continued to sleep, Komachi, while wearing a faint smile began to run her fingers through his hair.

-line break-

After a few moments of peace Hachiman then came to, the feeling of warmth and softness dominated the right side of his face, alongside the grazing of fingers in his hair. When he opened his eyes he was met with a pair of knees. As he looked upward he was met with a familiar face.

"Good morning, Onii-Chan, did you sleep well?" Komachi still expresses her faint smile.

Hachiman rose upward and looked slightly disheveled.

"Oh, Sorry Komachi." He apologized.

"No worries Onii-Chan, that must have earned me a few Hachiman points at least." She laughed.

"Was it nice at least?." She continued to jest.

"Of course, seeing a smile from you to start my day is always a plus." He spoke absentmindedly.

He turned to her and grinned.

"I'm sure that earned me at least a few more Komachi points." He returned the jab.

"Oh, haha" Komachi responded. While punching Hachiman lightly, her face had a light dusting of pink.

"W-Well, anyway would… would you care for some breakfast?" Komachi managed.

"Sure, I'll help out too," Hachiman added.

They both rose and made their way to the kitchen.

-Line break-

Breakfast was nothing special, some jam on toast alongside some scrambled eggs and bacon.

When seated, Komachi had set the plates next to each other so they themselves are near one another.

As they both dug into their morning meal, plans for the day were in due process of being created.

Hachiman was the first to initiate a conversation.

"So…. I have been informed that you'll be receiving your own class tomorrow, I believe as a substitute for Totomi-Sensei."

"Really!? That's great news, I can't wait to be In charge of my own class!." Beamed Komachi.

Hachiman was slightly relieved upon Komachi's response, while she had been a student teacher for a few weeks, she had yet to be fully independent. Her lack of nervousness and her brimming excitement was a step in a positive direction that would yield a desirable outcome.

"Who knows, perhaps if this goes over well, this will place you on a quicker route in obtaining your own classroom." He added

"Hopefully." She still beamed.

They committed to eating while initiating small talk. Breakfast as a result extended nearly an hour in an otherwise ten minute meal.

When the dishes were deposited into the sink, Hachiman determined he should depart back to his own residence to continue to prepare for the next class and other duties related to teaching.

"Well Komachi, it's been fun. Thanks for the evening! It brings back memories."

"We should do this some more sometime when our workload lightens ne, Onii-Chan."

Hachiman grinned. "That would be nice."

As he entered the threshold, Komachi stood behind where the entry met the living room.

Hachiman turned.

"See you tomorrow! I'll bring you a can of MAXX to jumpstart your day."

"Thanks! Just try to limit your intake would you." Komachi laughed.

"I don't think I drink that much." Hachiman opposed.

"Onii-Chan, you are the only person I know that goes through 3 packs of coffee a week."

"Ah.. well… maybe you're right." Hachiman sheepishly grinned.

Komachi lightly chuckled.

"See you tomorrow Komachi."

"See you later Onii-Chan."

Hachiman then departed, closing the door behind him.

-Line Break-

As Hachiman made his way back, habitually he detoured toward Minari's convenience store.

"Welc- Oh, hi! how are you Hachiman?" Minari's expression became more expressive with the entrance of Hachiman.

While Hachiman usually had a neutral or deadpanned expression through most of his days, only his interactions with Komachi, and now increasingly Minari brought a lifted expression to his face.

"Good morning! I'm just here for the usual." He stated.

"Of course, I would expect nothing less." Responded Minari.

As Minari was presented with a case of MAXX coffee, she spoke when she scanned the items.

"You know, you might want to tone it down with the coffee, it isn't great for you, you know?" Minari voiced her concern.

"You know, you're not the first one to say that today." Laughed Hachiman.

Alarm rose from Minari, from which prompted her to inquire more.

"Oh, who else mentioned this?" She asked.

"Ah, my imouto was also concerned." He replied.

"I see." A wave of relief washed over Minari.

As Hachiman was finished with his purchase, he made is way toward the exit.

"A-Ah, wait for a second," Minari called to Hachiman.

Hachiman turned to met Minari.

"What's the matter ?" A sense of concern laced his voice.

"W-Well.. doyoulikemusic?" She quickly shouted.

Hachiman wore a blank expression.

"Sorry?" He asked.

"I-I won a pair of concert tickets from a raffle, and I'd like to go, but not alone… would it be alright if…"

Hachiman looked blankly at Minari, who at this time, looked like a beet.

" would like to join me?"

She mustered enough to say.

Hachiman while taken aback, adjusted for his response.

"Sure, that would be rather…. nice." He smiled.

A visible sign of relief was seen on Minari, who presented Hachiman with one of the tickets.

Hachiman returned to the cashier desk and took the ticket.

"When is it exactly?" He questioned.

"Saturday at Six." She replied.

"Sounds great, it will be fun." He offered

Minari returned a smile.

"Well, I'll see you around." He added.

"See you later." She responded.

He then exited the store afterward and made his way to his apartment.

Wasn't expecting that, but it was a pleasant surprise. He thought.

After his shower, he changed into some relaxed clothing and shifted to his desk.

Right, well the lesson plan won't write itself.

-Line Break-

After Hachiman's departure, Komachi was left alone with her cat. Not having too much to do, she checks her email for tomorrow's lesson plan for Totomi-sensei's class. She found the relevant file and after a look over she brushes up on the related topics for the class tomorrow.

-Line Break-

"Good morning Ms. Hikigaya-Sensei" one of the students said as she entered the classroom.

"Morning!" A bubbly Komachi responded.

As the rest of her class trickled in, Komachi flipped through her notes for the class and soon commenced jovially.

-Line Break-

Hachiman, sitting at his own desk, was reviewing his own notes before his class began. With a MAXX coffee at hand, he waited for his own class to finish arriving.

Almost immediately, his students noticed the absence of the more bubbly half of the duo.

A student turned to look behind her seat. "Hey, where's Ms. Hikigaya-sensei?" She whispered

"She's filling for Totomi-Sensei's class." The recipient of the question uttered.

"Oh, I haven't seen Hikigaya-sensei this stoic since before ."

"He does seem to shift without her presence."

"Just great, another bland class."

After the clock struck eight, classes began.

-Line Break-

Lunch was soon upon the classes, as the noon bell rang, students shifted toward the canteen.

As Hachiman was straightening paperwork from the quiz taken a few moments ago, In his periphery he saw Komachi enter.

As she went toward Hachiman's desk, his face visibly softened.

"Hey! How's your first class go?" He asked

She lightly laughed.

"Well, it was a bit daunting at first but, it went alright."

Thanks, great.

Instinctively and perhaps forgetting where he was, he ruffled Komachi's hair.

"You had this in the bag." He stated.

Her smile grew wider.

Some of the students grinned upon seeing the interaction between the two. Others began to whisper.

Some of the boys grimaced between the two's interactions. Palpable jealousy oozing from their persons.

Rumi seeing her peers' reactions shook her head.

"You know it doesn't help that you act so familiar with one another," she thought.

Rumi exited the room and was soon flanked by some familiar faces.

"Did you see how cute those two were?" Chimed Tomoko.

"It made me embarrassed to see them." Laughed Natsumi

"I-I thought it was cute." Meekly stated Mari.

Rumi upon hearing her company stated these kinds of things grimaced, her eyebrow visibly twitching.

"Look, I understand why you might think-" Rumi was soon interrupted.

"Ah, sorry … Ms. Tsurumi, do you happen to know where Ms. Hikigaya is."

Rumi looked to see it was Honji-San from the administration office.

Her face was heavily shaded red, and she attempted to muster a suitable response.

S-She's in Hikigaya Hachiman's room." She stuttered.

A pleasant smile crossed Honjis's face.

"Thank you, enjoy your lunch." And with that Mr. Hindi was off.

Her accompanying peers noticed the daze that Tsurumi was in. Tomoko smiled upon the recollection of the recent conversation.

"Ooo, looks somebody is lovestruck." Jibbed Tomoko.

"Huh?" Tsurumi lazily uttered.

"Woah, she's really out of it," Natsumi replied

"Let's get her into the cafeteria, maybe some food would assist." Suggested Mari.

The three guided the distracted Tsurumi to the cafeteria.

-Line Break-

As Hachiman and Komachi were walking toward the canteen, Mr. Honjis smiled slightly dropped.

"Maybe they're good friends" he reasoned as he approached the two.

As Komachi and Hachiman were walking, it was Komachi who first caught sight of Mr. Honji.

"Ah, Mr. Honji, hello." She smiled.

"Hello, Ms. Hikigaya, could I speak to Hachiman-Sensei in private?" He asked

The pair looked surprised and turned to one another.

"Uh, sure, we can use my room," Hachiman suggested


As Hachiman and Honji left, Komachi loitered in the side of the hall for a bit until another familiar face passed by.

"Ms. Komachi, what are you doing here in the hall?" Asked Takayama

"Ah, well just waiting for-"

"Waiting for Hikigaya-San?" He finished her sentence.

"How did you know?" She asked.

He laughed.

"Lucky guess, well anyway his class should be up, and I was going to ask if he would like to join me for lunch." He continued

"Usually he says no, but if I stick with him, he relents." He smiled.

"Oh?" She reasoned.

"Yep, pretty stern he usually is, but with you around he seems to lighten up a bit." He offers.

"Really?" She asks.

"Oh, yea." He stated nonchalantly.

Komachi felt somewhat happier knowing she had that effect on him.

"Well anyway, what's taking him so long I wonder." He asks.

"Mr. Honji wanted to ask him something, in private." She stated.

"Mr. Honji? I wonder what about, I ought to drill it out of him later." He devilishly smiles.

-Line Break-

"I'm sorry?" Hachiman asks Honji.

"Would there be an issue if I asked Ms. Komachi out this weekend?" Repeated Honji.

"I do not know, I would ask her." He stated.

Honji released an audible sigh.

"I see, so it's like that." He relents.

"Like what?" Hachiman

Honji looks curiously at Hachiman.

"Ah, well I didn't want to step on any toes." Honji offered.

Hachiman laughed

"The only toes you need to mind are hers." He stated.

"However…" Hachiman's face darkened

"If you do something off, you best prepare yourself." An ominous aura leaked out of Hachiman, staring down Honji.

"R-Right" Honji stuttered.

"Well, I suppose we ought to return." Hachiman moves toward the door.

"Well.. let's get a move on." He ushered Honji.

-end of the chapter-

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