Battle Scars

By Dolores-the-Dip

Chapter 1: The Blockhead Bunch

"You fucking cunt!"

"It's Charlie Brown 2.0!"

"Just as wishy-washy as your retard brother, huh?"

"Boy, what a cock!"

"No wonder no one likes your family!"

"How dumb can you get?"

Sally Brown sighed as she leaned against the closed door leading to the girls' restroom. In her hands was a variety of pain pills she took from the medicine cabinet. She had a note in her hands-one that whoever would find her body would read. Those were her thoughts as she began to break down, bawling as she banged her head on the door and clenched her pill-filled fists.

Sure, she could end it all right now and leave 12 years of suffering behind; never flirting with Linus, never getting her diploma, never getting married and raising children. But suffer six more years of name calling, hair pulling, rejection and torment from students and faculty alike? What if there were more than six more years of this trauma? She couldn't bear suffer that agony. Sally cried as she swallowed one of the pills.

"This is for spilling paint on me."

"This is for tripping me in the halls."

"This is for mocking me for my interests."

"This is for the abuse I've gotten since 3rd grade."

"This is for Eudora sharing my diary with the whole school."

"This is for Eudora being a faux friend."

"This is for sleepless nights."

"And THIS is for Charlie Brown."

Sally became woozy, pail and lethargic-passing out almost instantly. The last thing she heard was the fire alarm ringing and someone trying to unlock the door because some entitled 5th grader had to relieve herself.

Charlie Brown was talking with a group of misfit teenagers in the cafeteria, discussing mishaps they had at their old homes, schools and some of their old crushes. "No way!" Charlie Brown exclaimed.

A boy with acne, a headgear, braces, a lisp and square glasses with opaque lenses chuckled. "It'th true. Theryl punched my in my fathe and I got a black eye. All thee got wath nothing."

"Laurel, that's nothing!" a brown haired girl with an uncorrected lazy eye and freckles stated. "Did you have to sleep outside every night since you were 4-with nothing to eat but grass, berries and bugs? In the July heat and December weather? Thank god for CPS taking me away or I'd be dead by now."

"Mia, that's nothing. Has anyone ever pulled a football away from you? Time. After. Time?" Charlie Brown asked. Mia shrugged. "What about rocks every Halloween? Getting accused of a homecoming fiasco?"

"Dude, that'th fucked up." Laurel exclaimed.

"Yeah. Really fucked!" Mia added as Charlie Brown's cell phone pinged.

Charlie Brown shrugged as he read the text to himself. It fell from his hands and landed on the cafeteria floor, its screen cracked badly from the fall and displayed on the cracked screen were texts Charlie Brown and his mom were sharing. The phone pinged again, then again and again. It pinged one last time as Charlie Brown reached to pick the phone up; but a boy's crutch cracked the phone's screen.

"Jake! That was my phone!" Charlie Brown exclaimed.

A boy with leg braces, crutches, red hair and a chipped tooth blushed in guilt. "Sorry, dude. I didn't see it!"

Charlie Brown sighed as he picked the phone up. Good, it still worked. Anxiously, he began reading through his mom's texts.

"Honey, has Sally called yet? She hasn't answered my texts and she left a note on the counter."

"Just text her for me. Okay? I need to be sure she's okay."

"Are you eating, Charlie?"

"When you finish eating, text your sister."

"I love you, Charlie. Never forget that."

Charlie Brown gulped as his phone pinged again-a text from Sally. Many texts from Sally. Curious, he read them.

"Hey Charles, the school wuss on fire."

"*Was. ._.'"

"Everyone is panicking."

"Sally is missing."

"The principal thinks she's in the restroom."

"The damage isn't that bad-the gym and art room are a bit crispy though."

"I'll text back with more details. -Rerun"

Charlie Brown gulped and sent a text to his mom.

"Something's wrong with Sally."

It didn't take long for him to get a response.

"The principal just called me. There was a fire and the firefighters were breaking through the restroom door. They found her."

"Holy fuck." Charlie Brown gasped.

"What happened?" Mia asked, looking up from the BLT she got from the cafeteria lady.

Charlie Brown just gazed at his phone in shock-the type of gaze one would give after hearing about a cancer diagnosis.

"Charlie?" Laurel asked.

"Y-yeah?" a shook Charlie Brown asked in fear.

"What'th going on?" Laurel questioned.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." Charlie Brown exclaimed, running to the trash can to vomit. Learning that his sister made his stomach churn and the peanut butter sandwich want to escape his stomach. Mia and Laurel stood by him as he spewed into the trash. Some kids stared at them, but a few kids stood with the trio too-two of them being Jake and Linus. The small group of teens stood with the round headed blockhead as the intercom asked for Charlie Brown to go to the principal's office.

"We'll come with you." Linus stated as he, Jake, Laurel and Mia smiled. Charlie Brown just gulped in worry as he was escorted to see the principal.