Harry Potter x Read It and Weep

1- Looking Out From Inside.

Harry is inside his room playing chess against himself as he's alone in the house this afternoon.

He looks outside to see the same teenagers playing in his street and hopes one day he'll get out of here and be living on his own.

But till then, he was stuck inside his aunt and uncle's house.

The suddenly, something hit the window and broke it.

Harry jumped with Hedwig going nuts at the scare too as she just woke up from a nice quiet nap.

"Sorry!" Shouted a voice.

Harry looks and sees it's a bouncing ball.

He picks it up and sees the girl calling to him.

"Sorry about that. never seen you around. New here? I'm Jamison Bartlett. But you can call me Jamie." She said.

"Harry. Harry Potter. And no. I've lived here many years now." He said. "I just don't get out much." He added as he threw the ball down.

Jamie, caught the ball with one of her friends by her side. "This is Conner. And that's Harmony and Lindsay." She pointed to the other two girl behind her.

"Nice to meet you all." Harry said.

"You want to come down and play?" Connor asked.

Harry grinned a little. Someone actually asked him if he wasn't to play.

"Sorry. I'm good with playing chess." He said.

"Chess? Seriously? That's boring. Why don't you come outside and get fresh air. I'm sure your parents wouldn't mind." Jamie said.

Harry frowned. "Sorry." He said. He walked away from the window and ignored whatever else they had to say.

"What's up with him?" Harmony asked.

"I don't know. I thought he's come out. I didn't know he lived there." Jamie said.

"I think he's a guest. But he probably can't come out because he's alone. See, the cars not there." Connor pointed.

Jamie saw he was right. But there had to be something. "I know! We'll come back tomorrow and see if he'll come play then." She said.

So they left.

Harry heard silence once again in his room. But now he had to explain the window to his uncle.

"Harry Potter!"

Speak of the devil.

After getting punished and yelled at, Harry went back to his chess game. He didn't get dinner as part of his punishment and had to clean the house to repay for the window.

Which he didn't see the point of. At least Ron will enjoy a fun summer story when he goes to see him by July.

The next day however, Jamie came by again and knocked on the door.

"WHAT?!" Vernon Dursley opened the door.

Jamie had Harmony and Lindsay with her standing there so she wasn't that much freaked out. "Hi. I'm here to see Harry. Wondering if he could come outside and hang?" She asked.

Vernon was normally a calm and stern man. But everything fell. He laughed at these girls. Even called his wife and son to tell them what they were here for.

They also laughed from a far distance in the house.

Jamie didn't like this. "Look. Mr. Potter-"

"DON'T EVER CALL ME THAT!" He yelled at them. "I'm Vernon Dursley. Harry, is my nephew. And he will NEVER be coming out to "hang." Got it?!" He yelled more.

The three girls nodded and got the door slammed in their faces.

"Well, that was scary." Lindsay said.

"If that's his uncle, then Harry must have lost his parents. And he's living with them." Harmony said.

Jamie felt sad for Harry. She looked up and saw the window was still broken. If only she hadn't bounced the ball so hard. Maybe she'd never meet Harry and get him in trouble.

But that's negligent isn't it? Maybe.

"Come on. I'm not giving up that easily. We just need another plan. Let's get Connor and we'll see what we can do." Jamie said.

Harry must be the same age as them, right? Jamie is 14 years old and Harry should be the same.

They had to get him out. He couldn't possibly live in that house with them. They sounded so awful.

"What?" Connor answers his own door after Harmony bangs on it so many times.

"Come! We need your help to get Harry out of the house." She told him.

Jamie explained what they found out and Connor didn't seem that thrilled either.

Mostly, because he felt threatened by the fact there was going to be another boy in the group.

"Alright. What's the plan?" He asked.

Jamie smiled. She knew she could count on Connor. "Well, we have to convince Mr. Dursley that Harry needs to have some time outside or else he'll..." Why could she not think of something. "He'll turn into an onion?"

All three of her friends groand.

"Jamie. I think I'll handle this." Connor said.

They headed back to the house and Harry was in the window.

Jamie watched him and didn't pay attention to what Connor was doing.

"It's all good. He's coming out." Before she knew it, Connor had told her and she was thrilled. "Great! Wait. What did you say to him?" She asked.

Conner grinned a little. "Well I just explained to Mr. Dursley that-"

But Harry opened the door and walked right on out.

"Harry. I finally get to meet you in person. Or face to face." Jamie said ignoring Connor for the rest.

"Yeah. Thanks for...getting me out here." He said.

Jamie smiled. "Great. Glad we could help get you out here. Well, where do you want to go?" She asked.

"I'm picking?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. By the way, how old are you?" Jamie asked.

Harmony and Lindsay giggled.

Connor just scoffed to himself.

"Almost 15." Harry said.

"Ah. Okay." Jamie said.