Within the many dark halls of the Black Citadel on Outland lies one certain chamber that is located in the darkest corner of the citadel. Ever since Illidan Stormrage defeated Magtheridon and claimed the fortress as his own, the isolated chamber has been enchanted with powerful magical spell as it has since serve as a prison cell for one certain prisoner. The prisoner that has been locked up within the chamber is none other than the warden, Maiev Shadowsong, the former jailor of Illidan for ten thousand years deep in the barrow deeps prison of Ashenvale Forest back on the lands of Kalimdor. After many ages of serving as a jailor, Maiev is the one now who is locked up within a prison cell.

Maiev, who tried to hunt and capture Illidan at all cost, ended up following him on Outland, but in the end, she still failed to capture him and thus even becoming his prisoner instead. The once proud jailor has ultimately become the prisoner of her former prisoner. Ever since her defeat by the hands of the blood elves and naga, and her failure to capture Illidan in Outland, Maiev has since witnessed everything that her former prisoner has done on the shattered world. The warden knows how Illidan closed the dimensional gateways and how he eventually won against Magtheridon. She also knows about the return of Illidan and his forces in Azeroth to invade the lands of Northrend, but regretfully ended up failing to destroy the Lich King and the Undead Scourge. Lastly, Maiev also knows about everything that had been happening on Outland lately on how Illidan and his armies are once more facing the demons and fel orcs that aim to take revenge on him, and reclaim Outland for the Legion. Despite all that, the warden remains silent as she continues to languish within her dark prison cell.

Illidan and his draenei lieutenant, Akama, have recently returned to the Black Citadel coming from their visit on the small hidden and isolated Terrokar Forest. Upon his visit, Illidan had successfully recruited all the surviving noble warriors of the old Alliance Expedition to help him battle the vast armies of the demons and fel orcs that shall attack the Black Citadel any day soon. The war against the Burning Legion on Outland had proved to be costly for Illidan. Despite putting great efforts in fighting the demons and fel orcs on many battlefields on Outland, Illidan lost much of his holdings over the shattered world and his troops have greatly been reduced, meanwhile armies of the Legion were able to replenish their numbers by bringing huge scores of demons from the Twisting Nether. Illidan is now doing his best to fortify all the defenses of the Black Citadel as it is his last and only remaining holdout in Outland. At the worst case for Illidan, he has been greatly suffering from the dark magical curse of Frostmourne in his body that he received from his battle against Arthas back on Icecrown Glacier. With all factors at hand, the chances of victory in the war for Illidan are slim.

It is the following evening since Illidan and Akama have returned to the Black Citadel. Despite all the tensions due to the recent events, things are just the same for Maiev as she remains to be locked up in her dark prison. However, in a surprising and unexpected turn of events, Illidan visited Maiev in her prison chamber. Maiev is instantly shock on seeing Illidan making a surprise visit to her and is now standing inside the dark chamber just outside of her cell. Utterly confused and surprised by the sudden arrival of Illidan, Maiev now begins to speak with her longtime foe and former prisoner.

Maiev: "Well, what truly odd surprise, Illidan. Seeing you here in the flesh at this cursed chamber!"

Illidan: "It has been a while, Maiev. Tell me, how is my prisoner doing inside her cage these days?"

Maiev: "Up to this point in time here in this cell, nothing pains me even more than to know that it is I who is locked up inside a cage. After everything I did just to capture you! Everything! Wasted!"

Illidan: "Ten thousand years, Maiev! Ten thousand years that I have languished inside the darkness of your damned cell in the barrow deeps of Ashenvale! Ten thousand years before I finally claimed my freedom from you! Now, our roles had been reversed, tell me if you fare any better than I did!"

Maiev: "I'm quite surprised that you actually even kept me alive this long here, Illidan. Is this your way of repaying me for the hospitality that I provided you on all those years of your imprisonment? Then again, seeing you here now makes me wonder if you came to finally finish me off right now."

Illidan: "I could finished you off back then just as when Vashj and Kael freed me from your blasted cage, Maiev. However, I had far more important things to deal with than you at those days. Seeing that you and your remaining warriors will no longer be a threat to me, I decided to keep you as my prisoner so I can longer worry about your nuisance. After I defeated Magtheridon and claimed this shattered world as my own realm, I tried to offer your warriors a chance to serve me, but they have foolishly refused and so I had banished them all just like when I was banished from our homeland!"

Maiev: "After everything you did to us, did you seriously thought that my troops would serve you? Despite our defeat, my followers will never side you! Like me, they shall forever stand with justice! To my friend Naisha, whom I painfully had left behind when you attempted to bury us beneath the Tomb of Sargeras! You have much to answer for, Illidan! All the lives you killed demands justice! Our sense of justice are strong, and so as our thirst for vengeance! Vengeance against you, Illidan!"

Illidan: "Of all the people who did not saw things my way, who are blind to the truth of my actions, you are the biggest fool of all, warden! You blame me for the deaths of your own comrades, yet it was your persistence in capturing me that led them to their deaths! I've suffered your imprisonment for ten thousand years and I shall suffer you no more! Moreover, you have no jurisdiction over my freedom, ever since my brother banished me away from our homeland! I owe you nothing, Maiev!"

Maiev: "I had to lock you back in your cell, Illidan! You were too dangerous to be freed out in our world. I had no choice but to hunt you down and put you inside your cage even if your brother had banished you away from Ashenvale! And I was right when you and your vile snakes first destroyed the village of Nendis in the forests of Azshara! You murdered all those poor folks in there, Illidan!"

Illidan: "I had no choice back then! All I ever needed was just one ship to myself so I can sail away and carry out with my plans! I could not summon my own portal yet back on those days so I needed a ship! They were all fools, and they forced my hand. I needed a ship to finally get away from you! Given my banishment, I sought to live far away with my new freedom as I go along with my plan!"