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ADVANCE WARNING: there will be major age gaps in the story example - Bluebell x Yamamoto or Byakuran x Yuni.

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Today's Special (I don't own this)

I spent my days waiting for you,

Searching the crowd for your face.

I stopped breathing the moment you recognized me,

As you captured my soul with your gaze.

Luna was six when she met her soulmate.

It had started off as just another normal day.

A normal day that included her older twin getting beaten up by his usual bullies. But unlike Tsuna, Luna refused to sit still and let the older boys beat her brother up.

"Stop! Stop hurting him!" Luna yelled, punching the boy closest to her as hard as she could. Her knuckles turned red and began to sting, but she was still ready to punch him again.

The boy who had been on the receiving end of her attack reeled back, clenching his now broken nose in pain. "What the hell! Who the hell do you think you are!"

"I'm his twin! As if i'm just gonna watch on the side lines and let you pick on my brother. Don't you have any pride. I mean how sad can you get. Three of you, ganging up on a boy 3 years younger than you!" Luna yelled back with just as much ferocity, ignoring Tsuna's pleading to 'let it go' or to 'get out of her before Hibari-san came.'

True she had heard about the perfect and how scary he could be, but right now, she couldn't care less.

"Why you littleā€¦!" The leader of the group yelled, but his voice got quieter as he started trembling viciously. From Luna's point of view it looked like he was trembling from looking at something, or someone from behind her.

"I'm giving you herbivores exactly three seconds to get out of here Herbivor." A male voice spoke from behind her. The 12 year old in front of her instantly ran the other way, not a single one looking back.

Luna turned around so she could look at who scared away kids who didn't even try to hide from teachers.

The boy looked to be just a year older than them. He had pitch black hair that looked silky and soft. He was wearing the school's designated uniform. "You aren't a Herbivore." the boy stated.

Luna had read those same words on her arm so many times, that she just blurted out her next words without thinking. "You said my words!" she shouted excitedly.

The boy's eyes widened for a moment, as he processed the information. His open mouth then formed a smirk, "Hibari Kyoya."

Luna smiled in turn, "Luna Sawada."

And at that moment, for the first time in her life. Luna Sawada forgot her brother existed.

Yu - Hibari and Luna's future son

Yui - Hibari and Luna's Future daughter (2 years younger then Yu)

Yu: I don't like it. Once you find that jerk, you'll forget all about me.

Yui: I promise. I won't ever forget you.

Yu: I don't believe you.

Luna: Come on Yu. The bond between brother and sister is sacred. You know she could never forget you. I never forgot Tsuna.

Tsuna: Really. You forgot I even existed when you met Hibari!

Luna: No! You have no proof.

Tsuna: You kept staring at him for an hour.

Luna: (Rubs the back of her head neveriosly) Well you were probably as quiet as a mouse.

Tsuna: I was on the ground! Crying!

Luna: Fine! It was one time. (Points at her beloved brother accusingly.) But don't you even try to pretend that you totally forgot that anything else even existed when you met your mate. So consider ourselves even.

Anyone wanna try to guess Tsuna's mate. You won't be able to guess her - she's an oc. Here's a hint - she has a certain relation to a certain character, feel free to try and guess her.