I worte this a while ago. I recently re-watched the episode Larder's Ring as well. I, of course do not own Robin Hood BBC.

Tales of the Day – Lardner's Ring

After the kind of day, they had – the outlaws normally spend the evening fill each other in about what had happened. Robin's tales wasn't as exciting or as interesting as he would like it to be. In fact, his story had been mostly boring – he had spent most of the day trapped, half away up a tree and running out of arrows and witty comments.

"You lot," said Robin looking around at his gang gratefully. Much was next to him – and as always listening to everything Robin had said. John sitting close to the fire, Djaq who was mending a hole in one of her boots, and Will who was busy making more arrows for them all. "You lot, come just in time," They did come just in time again - they had save him again.

"Yeah – well," began Much trying to sound off handed "What else were we meant to do?"

Much then told his tale of the day, starting from when Djaq told them about Gisborne looking for lardner's rings and almost chopping off fingers because of it. And how Robin and Marian had disappeared up a tree and how they had to come up with a letter for the king. Much spend half of his tale explaining about the disagreement about the words used – like which was better Now or immediately.

"I don't see the problem with using now," commented John

"Bit immediately sounded better," said Much at once "more urgent…."

There was still one part of the day what really puzzled Robin. "What about the fool?" he asked. He owns his life to him, "Where did he even come from." The Fool had helped them and then went off on his merry way with a bag of coins they had given him. Robin hadn't got that story let.

"Ah," said Much at once like he was going to start explaining this one, Then Much paused "Ah," he said again "He just showed up here…. With…Will dressed as a guard…. saying you were stuck up a tree…"

Everyone turns to looked at Will, how did he get from looking for honey with Djaq to ending up dressed as a guard with a fool for company– Will (who was making sure the arrow he was currently making was straight) didn't noticed right away everyone was waiting for him to speck but look up when he realised the convention at stopped.

"Will," pressed Robin

Will turned the arrow in his hand "I…I... got caught," said Will "And the Fool got caught after he escaped from the dungeons…"

"You got caught?" question John gruffly - he sounded annoyed he had only just hear about this. Will nodded his head. Djaq shook her head and mumble something like… I knew you were taking too long

"What happen?" asked Robin more urgently. Getting caught wasn't fun. And while Robin knew Will was alright (after all he was sitting right now in camp with them all) But getting caught – anything could of happen.

Will looked up at one of the supporting beams of the camp, "The sheriff ordered us to… hang…as soon as we got to Nottingham." He said. He didn't say this loudly but his voice filled the camp. – Robin looked at Will – it seemed Will's day was a little too interesting. Robin thought getting trapped half away up a tree was better than having the sheriff order you to hang for the second time.

"Again!" exclaimed Much. He shook his head in disbelieve, "We had no idea – we had no idea…." Everyone knew he was thinking about Tom A Dale – who was hanged before they could recuse him. But at lest they had known he been caught – they had no idea about Will "How did you get away?…." asked Much

"The fool got the key for the cuffs – from Allan," said Will

"Did Allan know?" asked Djaq before anyone could react too Allan's name being mention. Will nodded his head. Djaq seemed pleased by this. Will seemed confused by it all. Allan and Will were close friends before he become a spy. Robin wasn't sure whether it was almost hanging or Allan helping him that trouble Will more.

"Well, at lest he still has some conscience left," said Much "So, I take it you have to swap clothes to get away." Will nodded his head again.

Robin felt there was more to this story. If it had been Much he would of already heard the whole story a few dozen times. But with Will….he was more careful about what he said and thought things out before specking and sometimes needed more prodding to speck. "Will," pressed Robin

"We couldn't do nothing until we got to the gallows," said Will, the other listened intensely – they hadn't reason how close they come to losing Will that day along with Robin and even Marian. They haven't even known he was in trouble. "When a rider come back saying. They had Robin up a tree and most of the guards went… apart from the jailer and another guard…. We got out of the cuffs and…had to kill them….."

"Killing to survive is fine," reminded Robin at once.

"Then we swap clothe and hanged them – so no one would realise right away…." Said Will "And the fool and me got back here….and you know the rest of the story…."

Robin run his hand over his face in horror what he heard. This must be what Much felt like when he returns from a near death experience and Much didn't know anything until after it happen. If Allan had not helped Will and the Fool, they may not be abled to escape, which meant the others may not of know he and Marian needed help and England would been lost – maybe forever.

"Well," said Djaq "I am glade you two are still here."

Robin had started to laugh. "What's so funny?" asked John – he hadn't found anything about this day funny.

Robin grinned, "The sheriff doesn't know we swapped the birds." He said "He doesn't know we got a message to the king…." Robin carried on laughing "And he thinks he manged to get Will hanged – I would love to see his face when he realised he hasn't – he thinks he gotten the better of us….." Robin broke out in laughter again "He really hasn't – he had lost and doesn't even know it."

The outlaws all looked at each other and them too started to laugh as well.