There are two girls who the adopted sisters of the bell ringer of Notre Dame. One has dark skin and the other has blue eyes. The one with blue eyes has a birthmark on her face that is shaped like a cross. She also has yellow hair and the other girl is part gypsy.

The reason why they became the bell ringer's adopted sisters is because Frollo killed their parents and he didn't tell them the truth. He lied to them saying a mad man killed their parents. The girl with yellow hair is named Esther while the part gypsy girl is called Ruth. They have the same names as the girls from the bible. Esther is thirteen years old and Ruth is only eleven years old.

The bell ringer's brother is Quasimodo. He loved his sisters so much and they love him back. They had each other. Their adventure happened when their favorite holiday is coming up. They love to see the Festival of Fools, but they never get to go. Because Frollo has forbidden it. Quasimodo and the girls have always wanted to go, but they know that they can't.

After their brother rang the bells for the hour, they went outside. The girls went to look at their bird friend, Quasi followed their lead and the two adopted sisters with the bell ringer said to the little baby bird, "Good morning." Esther said, "Good morning little one." The bird woke up and greeted them with a chirp. Ruth then asked with a gentle smile, "Will today be the day? Is today going to be your day?" Quasimodo then asked, "Will today be the day? Are you ready to fly?" The bird did a chirp in a sad way saying no.

The three siblings were surprised to hear. Quasimodo asked, "You sure? Good day to try." Esther said as Quasimodo picked up the little bird, "It's always a good day to try. You should give it a go." Ruth added, "It's nice to at least give it a try out there." Quasimodo then said, "Why if I picked a day to fly, oh this would be it, the Festival of Fools."

The bird gulped and chirped nervously. Ruth then said, "Come on little fella, it'll be fun." Esther said, "Sure it will be there are a lot of fun things to do there." Quasimodo then added, "It'll be fun, the jugglers and music and dancing." The baby bird has closed his eyes and began flying.

The three siblings laughed when they saw the little bird and the little bird went back to Quasi's hands. Then they saw a flock of birds flying by them. The baby bird chirped happily wanting to join, the girls nodded their heads. Quasimodo then said, "Go on, nobody wants to be cooped up here forever."

With that said, the baby bird flew out and Ruth said, "Goodbye little birdie, we will never forget you." Then the three siblings started to feel depressed. They never had a chance to get outside at all, in other words, they didn't ever leave the tower.

Then one gargoyle with a snout of a pig came to life and spat the nest out of his mouth complaining about how the bird would never leave and would be spitting out feathers for a week. Then another gargoyle that looks like a panther came to life and said well that is what the gargoyle with the pig snout would get for sleeping with his mouth open.

Their names were Victor and Hugo. Hugo then told him to go scare a nun and asked the three siblings what's going on. He asked if there's a fight or a flogging before Victor said in excitement that there's a festival.

Hugo asked, "You mean the Feast of Fools?' Ruth and Esther said together, "Yes that's right." The girls and Quasimodo were too upset to even be listening to the gargoyles, so they left. They went inside and up the stairs to the carving center. They never had a chance to be in the outside world all because of Frollo.