They sat down and looked at the wooden replica of the Notre Dame Cathedral and they sighed sadly. The gargoyles noticed that something is troubling them. An elderly gargoyle named Laverne noticed the trouble and went to the three siblings.

She can tell by the sad looks on their faces.

She went to them and asked, "Quasi what's wrong? You wanna tell old Laverne about it? Same for you Ruth and Esther dearies. You two and your brother knew that you can tell me about it."

The two sisters and Quasimodo looked at each other. Quasimodo then said, "I-I just don't feel like watching the festival that's all." Ruth then said, "Yes we're also not in the mood of watching the festival at all." Esther added, "We want something more in our life. More than just watching the festival." Laverne then asked, "Well, did you ever think about going there instead?" Quasimodo then said, "Sure, but I'd never fit in down there. I'm not…normal."

Ruth then said, "I think so, but I'm not sure if Esther and I would fit in." Esther added, "We're well…different from the rest of the other people down there." Laverne then got bothered by the birds that were on her and said to the birds, "Do you mind? I'm would like to have a moment with the boy and his sisters, if it's all right with you!"

The gargoyle encouraged them to go to the festival and Quasimodo then said, "Thanks for the encouragement, but you're all forgetting one big thing." Ruth and Esther added, "Yes the one big thing that would make you remind of that thing."

The gargoyles then asked, "What?" Quasimodo and his sisters then said, "Our master Frollo." That got their attention.

Victor then asked, "Well, when he says you're forbidden from ever leaving the bell tower, does he mean "ever ever?""

Quasimodo then said, "Never ever." Ruth then said, "We're not allowed to leave the tower at all." Esther then said, "He has forbidden the three of us to leave." Quasimodo added, "And he hates the Feast of Fools! He'd be furious if we asked to go."

Hugo then suggested that the girls and Quasimodo should wear a disguise and the siblings felt unsure about this. Then Laverne said something that Quasimodo said to the baby bird, "Nobody wants to stay cooped up here forever." That reminded the siblings.

Quasimodo then said, "You're right. We'll go." Ruth added, "What have we got to loose? We'll do it." Esther then said, "That's right, so we will go." That made the gargoyles cheer on for them. They were about to leave when they saw their master. He greeted them good morning.

The siblings replied, "Good morning Master." They almost had it.