The next Sunday, Troy and Gabriella sat at lunch with their families. Every Sunday for as long as they could remember had been spent together. The teens sat side by side, Troy's hand on Gabriella's thigh, his thumb running back and forth over the material of her jeans, out of their parents' view.

"So Gabi, how is school going, I heard your team won the scholastic decathlon?"

Gabriella smiled at Lucille, her boyfriend's mother had almost become like her own. "School is good Lucille, yeah we won the decathlon against West High."

"You must be happy about that, you should be very proud."

She bit her lip, "thanks I am but not as proud as Troy who won the championship, their game was amazing."

Jack and Troy smiled at her response, the former responding. "I'm glad to see you at all the games Gabi, even after all these years."

She shrugged as Troy squeezed her thigh gently. "What can I say, I'm always going to support my best friend, I love watching him play."

The couple looked eyes and they knew that it was time to tell their parents. They intertwined their hands and turned their attention to the three adults.

"Mom, Dad, Maria, we uh have something to tell you."

The parents were confused by the somewhat nervous expression on their kids' faces, Lucille spoke. "What is it Bud?"

Gabriella squeezed his hand as he continued. "Well I don't really know how to say this and I know this will be a shock but hopefully you'll be... accepting?" He let out a breath. "Gabriella isn't just my best friend... she's my girlfriend."

As expected, Lucille and Maria gaped. What they didn't expect was the grin on Jack's face. "Well it's about time."

Both teenagers gasped. "You knew?" The boy asked his father.

Jack chuckled, shaking his head. "Of course I knew Bud, the way you looked at Gabriella was the same way I looked at your mother all those years ago."

"So you're not mad?" Gabriella asked hesitantly.

"Of course I'm not mad Gabi, I've actually been waiting for it for a long time, it's about time that the two of you did get together."

"Actually Dad... we have been together for a while, the past two years."

"TWO YEARS?" The mothers shouted, making Gabriella flinch.

Troy wrapped his arm around her shoulder in comfort, responding to the mothers. "Yes Mom, Maria, we've been together for two years. We got together that day in the park after everything ended with Carlos."

"That's what you two were doing on the swings." They nodded meekly. Maria turned her attention to her daughter. "Why Gabriella, why would you lie to me for two years?"

"Mom I -"

"After all we've been through, you go and do this."

Gabriella got up from her seat and ran out the door. Troy jumped up to follow her but was interrupted by Maria's voice. "Troy Bolton, you better not go after my daughter."

He sighed and shook his head. "Sorry Maria." He ran out the door after Gabriella. Because of all the basketball he'd played over the years, he was able to catch up to her quite quickly. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back into his arms. "Shh it's ok Brie, I know you're upset but it's gonna figure itself out, just please don't shut me out Baby"

She nodded and rested her head against his chest. "I'm sorry, running out like that was such a girly move."

"It's ok Brie."

"Can we go to the park?"

He smiled and nodded at her. The park had always been their special place, specifically their swings. Whenever one was upset, they'd call the other and they'd go down to the park. That habit hadn't changed.

He took her hand and they started walking to the park but he got an idea. He let go of her hand and crouched down in front of her. She smiled and got onto his back, he piggybacked her all the way to the park. When they got to the swings, he placed her on the ground and she immediately went over to her swing. Troy smiled and he pulled out his phone, messaging his dad where they were and that they'd be back later.

Troy sat down in his swing and pulled Gabriella onto his lap, making her smile. "Are you ok Brie?"

"Yeah I knew my Mom wasn't going to take it well but I had hoped that she would."

He kissed her temple. "I know Baby Girl, they just need time to cool down, then I'm sure they'll be accepting. But hey, at lease my Dad was happy."

She giggled, "yeah I'm glad for that. I can't believe he saw it coming."

"I never would've guessed." Their conversation was interrupted by Troy's phone; he read the message. "They want us back now, are you ready?"

She sighed. "As ready as I'll ever be Wildcat."

Gabriella and Troy sat on the Boltons' couch, feeling much like two children in trouble as their mothers stood above them. Lucille started, "I want to start by saying that we're sorry for how we reacted. We should have given you the chance to speak first before our outburst. So let's start with why you lied to us."

Troy responded, "there was just so much going on at first that there was never a good time to say anything. We were scared of how you'd react because everyone is always saying how nice it is that we have a brother sister relationship, when really we're in love."

"I'm sorry we made you feel that way and I know that we should've handled ourselves better when you told us this afternoon."

"So does that mean you accept us?" Troy asked hopefully.

"Yes Troy, I don't think there is a better girl for you than Gabriella."

Troy got up and hugged his mom before returning to his girlfriend's side. She looked at her mother hesitantly. "Mom?"

Maria sighed, "I'm not thrilled that you lied to me Gabriella and I'm not thrilled that you have been in a relationship for so long without my knowledge but I suppose if you were going to have a relationship, Troy would be the only person I trust you with."

"Thanks Mom."

"But that does mean we have some new rules."

Gabriella gaped, "you're kidding right Mom? You don't trust us?"

"You both lied to us and now that you're in a relationship, some changes have to be made... Like no more sharing a bed."

"Mom you can't be serious, Troy and I have always done that when we slept over, we've been together for two years and still did, why does that have to change now?"

Lucille interrupted. "She's right Maria, it's a bit harsh to immediately change something they've done all their lives." She turned to the teens. "The compromise is that you can still sleep in the other's room but the door must be open."

They sighed but nodded and Lucille continued. "Other than that it's just the normal things like back before curfews, keep your grades up, you get the idea... We are really happy for you guys."

With that the parents left the room, leaving the young couple. Keeping in mind that their parents were only in the other room, Troy pulled Gabriella into his side and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "See I told you it would all work out. I love you Baby Girl."

"I love you too Wildcat."

(A.N. As requested, here's the Jack, Lucille and Maria's reaction to Troy and Gabriella's relationship :) )