I wake up and hear Daddy talking to Mommy.

"I need to get that ol' tractor runnin' again but I don't have the key and I don't have any Honey Money to do it with." Daddy says.

"It's ok honey." Mommy says. "You know our little Abigail will find something to help us. I'm surprised she always does as she's only 3."

I get out of bed and creak open the door. I quietly shut it and tiptoe to the attic. My cat Sunny follows.

"Mommy and Daddy went downstairs!" I whisper to Sunny. "I might find something in the attic!"

I look around the attic. I see a chest and open it. There's one Honey Mummy in there. I take it and tiptoe back downstairs.

"Mommy! Daddy! I found a Honey Mummy!" I say happily. Sunny meows.

"It's only one Honey Money Abby." Mommy says.

"Ya but take the Honey Mummy anyway!" I say. I give it to them and ran to where the bees were.

"Hello Abigail." The beekeeper named Kathy says.

"Hello Kathy!" I say. "Do you have any honey?"

"Yes I do actually." Kathy says. "Flower, dear, can you get the honey for Abigail?"

"Yes indeed Kathy!" The beekeeper named Flower says and hands some to me.

"Kathy, can I trade you the honey for some Honey Mummy?" I ask.

"Sure!" Kathy says and gives me lots of Honey Money for the honey.

I ran back inside.

"Mommy! Daddy! I got more Honey Mummy!" I shout.

"Good for you!" Daddy says. He takes it.

"And maybe while your in town, you can grab some paint brushes for the tractor." Mommy says.

"And some paint and canvases for me!" I shout. I climb up and look in a chest. I grab a paint brush.

"Mommy! Daddy! I found a paint brush!" I shout.

"Well I only need Black that is." Daddy says.

"It is black!" I shout.

"Well the ol' tractor gonna look just fine with that!" Daddy says and helps me get down. I giggle.

"Bye honey!" Mommy calls.

"Bye Daddy!" I call. Daddy leaves. Mommy starts doing something else.

"Mommy can I go to town with Daddy?" I ask.

"Sure." Mommy says. I walk out the door and catch up with Daddy.

"Mommy said I could come!" I say.

"Alright Abby." Daddy says. We walk hand and hand and see a stray puppy.

"It's a puppy!" I shout and pet it. "It's sick!" I say suddenly.

"Well let's get it to the vet!" Daddy says. I carry the puppy all the way to the vet. Daddy holds open the door for me. I walk in first.

"We have a sick stray puppy!" Daddy tells the registration. The person, Who actually is my best friend Sophie, points to the first room. I walk in there, and Sophie's dad, Nick, talks to us.

"You're lucky you found that dog." Nick tells Daddy. "It could've died if you hadn't found it."

"If it weren't for Abigail I wouldn't have noticed it." Daddy says.

"My she sure has good eyesight alright." Nick says. Sophie walks in and drags me away from the sick puppy and Daddy and Nick.

"Wanna help at the registration?" Sophie asks.

"Sure!" I say.

Someone walks in with a cat.

"Hello!" The person says.

"Hello!" I say. "I'm Abigail!"

"I'm Sophie!" Sophie says.

"I'm Akemi Light. I would like to make an appointment today for Miss Light with a cat named Auburn." Miss Light says.

"Alright please take a seat, Abby, will you go inform my dad he has a patient ready?" Sophie asks.

"Yup!" I say. I walk over.

"Heya Abby!" Daddy says.

"You have a patient in the waiting room." I say professionally.

"Oh goody! Because I just finished with the puppy. He doesn't have a home and I was wondering if you would like to take him home." Nick says.

"I WOULD LOVE TO!" I shout.

"Abby is only 3, Nick." Daddy says as I pick up the puppy.

"But isn't Sunny lonely?" Nick asks.

"Yup!" I say. "And I wanna take care of this puppy! Her name is going to be Abby!" I say.

"Your name's Abby." Daddy says.

"Then what about-Abigail?" I ask.

"Still your name." Daddy says.

"How about, Dove?" I ask.

"Good name." Daddy says.

"10 Honey Moneys." Nick says. I hand him 12 Honey Moneys.

"12 Honey Mummy's. Keep the change please." I say.

"Ok!" Nick chuckles.

"Daddy." I say as I walk out of the vet's office with Dove. "Can I go home?"

"Sure." Daddy says. I walk home alone with Dove. As I walk in the house, Mommy yelps out in delite.

"You got a puppy?" She asks.

"It was a stray and was sick, but Doctor Nick treated it and nursed it back to full health. Her name is Dove." I say.

"Aww how sweet." Mommy says. I take the puppy to my room and introduce Dove to Sunny.

"Sunny, this is Dove. Dove, this is Sunny." I say.

"WOOF!" Dove barks.

"MEOW!" Sunny meows.

"Aww they get along so well." I say. I ran to my closet, almost forgetting that I started school at 12:00 PM, and that it was 11:45 AM. I grab my uniform which contains: A fiery red skirt, fiery red top/shirt, sun necklace, and fiery red shoes/heels. I'm surprised I can run with heels without tripping and falling over. I grab my school bag which is also fiery red and has a sun on it, my fiery red chromebook, and my big brown journal that has a big sun on it. I put my chromebook and my journal in it. I walk downstairs at 11:50 AM and eat my lunch. Next, I grab a jar of honey for my teacher. She was willing to pay 230 Honey Moneys for a jar of honey. I put the honey in my bag along with a pen and pencil. Then, I wait outside for the bus. Once the bus comes, I go to sit next to Sophie. I do, and take out my pen and pencil, and start writing.