"Hey, Abby?" Sophie asks.

"Yes Soph?" I ask.

"So, we have to treat a sick pig, but it's in Hawaii." Sophie explain. "We're taking a car and I was wondering if you could go."

I take out my chrome and get on Facebook Messenger.

"Mommy, can I go to Hawaii with Sophie and her dad?"

"What did she say?" Sophie asks as I press send.

"I just sent it Sophie." I laugh.


"Yes, you can go. Do you need anything?"

"Yeah. Dove and Sunny. I want to bring them."

"Alright. I'll drop them off at Nick's and then you can go. Is it today?"

"Is it today?" I ask Sophie.

"Yeah." She replies.


No more texts after that. I suppose she left. I put away my chrome.

After school:

My long, blonde pigtails are flowing in the wind. My skirt flows with the wind too. My bag is swinging on my shoulder. I have a look of determination.

"Are you ready?" Sophie asks.

"Yes." I say.

We get in the car. I pick up Sunny and Dove. We drove.

"So let's tell scary stories."

"Or sad times that we cried over in the Anime Sailor Moon." I say.

"True." Sophie says.

"So I cried over the death of Michiru and Haruka. Google said they turned evil at will, but I think they were hypnotized. Then they became un-hypnotized and tried to defeat Galexia. They didn't succeed and died. They reached out to each other and held hands as they disappeared. I cried." I explain.

"Their eyes were blank like Mamoru's when he got hypnotized by Beryl and I think Black Lady." Sophie says.

"And then his eyes became normal!" I exclaim.

"After Pluto died." Sophie says.

"And after Usagi used the star locket." I say.

"That was in the original." Sophie says. "She actually killed him to get him to stop attacking her. She apologized to him afterwards in Crystal."

"Yeah, but I think the original is better." I say.


There was a screech of tires. Then, everything went silent.