At Playland, Donna, Emma, Sydney, Payton, Animal, Rocket, Groot, and Stitch were there for the Mythic Rock. Onstage, five girls wearing space-cheerleader uniforms were dancing and singing to Britney Spears' "Baby, One More Time", "Can you believe that we get to be VIPS for the Mythic Rock concert?" asked Emma.

"And all it took was one little performance of Emoji" Donna replied, "And they did say I'm allow to bring guests."

"Mythic Rock is one of my favorite rocker/super groups of all time!" Payton exclaimed.

"Rocking and Glimmering since 1975!" shouted Sydney, "And they bring cheerleading a whole new meaning."

"Mythic Rock! Mythic Rock!" shouted Animal.

As Stitch was enjoying some cotton candy, he spotted Woody, Bo, Ducky, Bunny and a few space/cheerleader dolls waving at him.

After Mythic Rock got off stage, our heroes followed Stitch backstage, where they met their toy friends, "Woody, Bo, Giggles, Ducky, Bunny" Emma said, "How's everything."

"Going great" Bo answered, "We helped a teddy bear and a raccoon get to a pair of fraternal twins."

"I Am Groot (That's amazing)" commented Groot.


After our heroes shrunk down to toy size, Stitch began to wonder who were the cheer/space dolls were, "That's just Mythic Rock" explained Donna, "It's like a cross between She-Ra and Jem and The Holograms"

"There are a few lost toys in the music theater." Ducky explained.

"So" Woody asked, "What is this Mythic Rock, anyway?

"Mythic is a popular 1970s cartoon" Sydney answered, "It all started when five girls, "Malaya", "Paisleigh", "Rylan", "Novalee", and "Milena" were on a trip to a cheerleading competition when an alien prince, "Prince Bronson" crash lands near the campsite where the girls went to and gives them five powerful jewels. Mayala has The Earth Ruby, Paisleigh has The Water Opal,, Rylan has The Space Emerald, Novalee and The Fire Topaz, Milena and The Fire Amethyst. Together they'll save Clear Lake Park from the evil hand of Queen Jaelyn."

"And how do you know this?" asked Woody.

"I've watched my mom's DVD collection of it." Sydney answered.

"This is crootaken lame," growled Rocket, "I would rather use plutonium dynamite in one of my shows than help a bunch of girly superheroes."

Annoyed by his insult, Bo Peep made him trip, "Okay, okay" complained Rocket, "I'll help.

"Okay" Woody said in confusion, "Anyway, you got to meet the toy version of it."

Stitch walked up and sniffed the toys. Malaya was Pacific Islander, short brown hair, chartreuse eyes and a red space/cheerleader outfit, Paisleigh was Caucasian, had armpit length grey hair, pink eyes and wore a blue space/cheerleader outfit, Rylan was a Latina, had armpit length green hair, had green eyes, and wore a green space/cheerleader outfit, Novalee had short lavender hair, crimson eyes, and fore a yellow space/cheerleader outfit, and Milena was of Asian descent, had armpit length crimson hair, rose pink eyes and wore a purple space/cheerleader outfit.

"Look at those humans" Novalee said, "They look Spaceriffic."

Paisleigh looked up and was amused by the human girls' presence, "Your nothing compared to our previous owner Kiera" Paisleigh admitted the humans, "She was a cheerleader from Harrisburg until she ditched us for a cheerleading trophy. For 20 years we roamed this place stopping thieves and other criminals of Playland. When we first met Bo and Giggles, we taught her the basics of being a hero and saving lost toys."

"So that's how you got your training, Bo," gasped Emma.

"And I noticed that you saw Ramona, Holland, Emmalynn, Mylah, and Sariah onstage" guessed Rylan, "The current actresses playing us. The others who played our human counterparts when they play a live show here were mean and nasty and made us look like fools"

"Those five ladies" said Milena, "Their much nicer and they seem to have a way with kids."

"Look at me Mommy," shouted a small girl dressed as Malaya, "I'm Malaya, The Earth Ruby wielder""

"That's cute, "Maxine" answered Ramona, "But Aunt Holland, Aunt Emmalynn, Aunt Mylah, Aunt Sariah and I have to do an autograph session, wait backstage and we'll come get you."

"Okay" Maxine replied in disappointment.

"That's Ramona's daughter Maxine," explained Malaya "Ramona got pregnant with her during her senior year in high school. Luckily, this was after her prom. Unfortunately, her boyfriend was not okay with it and cared more about college studies than her. When no one else would help support the little girl, she turned to her trusted cheerleaders. Wanting to raise money to raise a child, they joined the theater and became the new Mythic Rock actors."

"Teenage parenting isn't easy," recalled Donna, "You wouldn't have the money for it."

"I know what you should do" suggested Emma, "Your going to have to let Maxine know she's not alone"