Sleep never came easily to Rory that night, the anticipation of what tomorrow would bring was at the forefront of her mind. She had a steady morning, talked to her mom over coffee and waited for her dad to get up before she loaded bo bo into the passenger seat and set off. Her mom took the news about the black card a lot differently than she expected, apparently Lorelei agreed with Rory's grandfather for a change and was glad Rory didn't have to worry about money, her and Chris also put a considerable sum into Rory's bank and told her to use on whatever she chose, with her mom adding that she should spend this time getting a proper college experience.

She arrived at yale and quickly got into her dorm, Paris was there and after a few hours and Paris's help she was all unpacked and ready to go explore and check out the coffee carts. Emily had had decorators come into the dorm making sure everything was up to standard and although it may not have been Rory's exact taste, she could admit her grandma really did have an eye for detail. She had spoken to her grandfather who had informed her that instead of their usual Friday night dinners there was a function in which they were attending and encouraged Rory to come along to join them, she accepted and he passed the phone over to his wife who explained what Rory would need to wear and told her she would send the limo to come collect her at 6pm on Friday to fetch her to the event, she said Rory could bring along a plus one but that was her choice, so Rory added shopping to the little list of things she would have to do before classes started on Monday. She spoke to Paris and she had also had the invite being a Geller so was glad she wasn't going alone, and they planned to go shopping tomorrow morning to find the perfect gowns.

She found a coffee cart only a short walk away from her building and assured Mark (the guy serving) she would be a regular. She took her fresh cup of coffee and found a large weeping willow tree and sat down. She pulled out her latest book and soon was oblivious to everything and everyone around her. That is until she heard an almighty crash and the next thing, some poor guy laid sprawled on the grass in front of her. She quickly jumped up to see if he was okay, not missing the loud laughter coming from her left. The guy pushed himself up and looked rather confused squinting and Rory prayed he didn't have some sort of head injury. Then he spoke.

"Bloody hell! Who leaves a bin out in this bright weather, and everyone wonders why the bloody hell I don't like the sun" he stood up and started brushing himself down, just as Rory was about to speak too check he was okay 2 more guys and a girl came casually walking over. The shorter of the two guys had dark hair and a sweater vest on and spoke first

"I told you to stop walking backwards Finn I don't understand how you think just because you walk with your back to the sun it will no longer be bright" he said with a snigger

The guy who Rory now knew was called Finn just muttered something about the sun and not having enough alcohol before he suddenly turned to Rory.

"sorry to make you jump there love, I'm Finn and as you can see that traitorous bin seemed to have it in for me" he extended his hand and Rory took hold tentatively before replying

"Are you okay you took quite the fall there, I'm Rory by the way"

With that the other guy came forwards and spoke with a smirk she could imagine could melt any women of his choosing

"He's fine, he's had much worse trust me, I'm Logan, this here is Colin, you already know the aussie is Finn and the lovely lady here is Stephanie"

He had messy blonde hair, big brown eyes and that smirk, she had to admit, he was definitely blessed in the looks department and she could imagine he had the ego and charm to go right along there with it.

Rory smiled politely and told them it was nice to meet them, she suddenly felt very self-conscious, and shifted slightly on her feet and was just about to excuse herself when Stephanie suddenly jumped in

"so, Rory, is this your first year here?"

Rory was never the best at putting herself out there but decided to go with it and easily flew into conversation with Stephanie. Before anyone knew it the two girls were walking and talking and heading towards the coffee cart for a refill. The three boys watched on when Colin whispered to Logan

"I think Steph likes her this has to be first"

Then he caught the look on Logan's face and inwardly cringed, he knew that look. Logan was watching Rory like a hawk as she was animatedly telling Steph something waving her hands about and the two girls were laughing at whatever it was. Steph never made friends that easily, not girlfriends anyway. You would never know to look at the bubbly blonde, but she really just stuck with the boys, it had been that way since they were all young. They were closer to each other than their actual families, and although they all had a large circle of extended friends it had always been just them 4. But Colin just had a feeling about this Rory girl, the vibe she gave off was genuine. When Finn went flying, she seemed genuinely concerned and the way her and Steph were talking now he somehow knew they would be seeing a lot more of her. Then he looked at Logan again, he knew he was in no position to tell anyone, especially Logan what to do but it was common knowledge that Colin loved Stephanie and he didn't want the chance of her making a genuine friend to go out the window just so Logan could have a night of fun. So, he decided to sus out the situation

"I think we might be seeing a lot more of Rory you know guys, I think her and Steph have actually forgotten about us"

He tried to keep it light and laugh at the end, but watched closely to see how the other two boys reacted. Finn seemed oblivious still moaning about the bin and the sun, until he saw a redhead across the other side of the quad and took a quick paced walk towards her, Logan seemed to be in a world of his own so Colin give him a little nudge and he seemed to come right out of it.

"Sorry Col, yeah I think your right, maybe not such a bad thing either" he said with his signature smirk firmly in place.

By the coffee cart the two girls were completely oblivious to what was being said and going on, turned out it was also Steph and the 3 boys first year as well, although they were a year older than Rory they had just come back from taking a gap year and sailing round the Caribbean on a yacht. She and Steph were suddenly becoming fast friends and when Steph mentioned they should go shopping sometime and grab a coffee Rory decided it was time to be brazen and invited her to go along with her and Paris the next morning. Steph's eyes lit up and she jumped at the opportunity asking what the occasion was and when Rory explained Steph was even move excited. She also had been given the hook for this event, so now they were not only going shopping, but Steph was also going to get ready with the girls and tag along with them, the more the merrier Rory thought. Who could have guessed Finn falling over could have sparked what looked to be a fast forming friendship with people from the same world as Rory but with a lot more experience in it. Today was a good day. Who know what tomorrow will bring?

Meanwhile Colin and Logan went walking up to the girls and caught the back end of the conversation, Logan's ears soon pricked up, he had gone to society events his whole life (when he was in the country that is) and he had never seen Rory, or even heard of her to be honest. He quickly joined in on the conversation.

"What's this I hear ladies, are we all going to be attending the event Friday?" he asked

Rory quirked and eyebrow at him, then realising what she had done a small blush took over her cheeks and it didn't go unnoticed by anyone, especially not Logan. Logan liked that blush, there was something different about Rory, he knew the second he saw her. Then there was her eyes, they were so blue, wide and innocent, he was intrigued to say the least. Steph and Colin both shared a look and Stephanie quickly jumped in.

"Yeah it looks that way, I'm going shopping with Rory and her friend tomorrow and then I'm going to get ready with them and head up to the event with the girls, so you boys can get ready in peace this time and ill meet you all there" she smiled. Logan thinking fast on his feet suddenly had a brilliant idea.

"so there will be just the three of you?" he waited for the girls to nod, making sure he wasn't going to be standing on anyone's toes, well not that he really minded, but what he had in mind he needed it to just be the three girls. When the girls both looked at each other and then nodded a large smile graced his face. Perfect he thought.

"Ah well then, why don't we all travel up together? Obliviously Colin will be your date Steph, Rory you could be mine and Finn could be your friends, what do you say girls, keeps the parents off out backs trying to set us up whilst we are there and we are already well on our way to forming a sub party"

Rory felt a bit confused by what was going on, a sub party? Parents trying to set everyone up? She definitely would have to talk to Steph and Paris tomorrow, when her grandma had said about a plus one she didn't realise that she meant a male, she didn't know these guys though, but she liked Steph so far, she kept thinking about all the things people had said to her recently about putting herself out there, living a bit, having fun and decided why not? Just a group of people who would hopefully soon be friends going to a party together and let's face it Paris could probably take all 3 of the boys without even trying she thought, and then had to supress a giggle. She smiled and nodded

"Yeah okay guys I'll let Paris know, the limo will be here at 6pm so maybe if you want to come get us about 10 minutes before gives us time for introductions before we get off? me and Paris are in Branford building room 101"

Just as she finished talking everyone stared in disbelief and then started laughing, Rory suddenly thought they were maybe making fun of her, was she really that naive but Steph must have seen her face and quickly spoke.

"what are the chances! Rory, Finn and Logan are in 102 and me and Colin are in 103 Branford, we all live next door to each other!"

Rory was taken back, wow this was an odd coincidence she thought, the 4 of them suddenly began walking back towards their respective dorms, Logan happy with this new turn of events, but he really did need to find out more about Rory, he would get it all out of Steph tomorrow, Colin looked like he was trying to process everything that had seemed to have been a whirlwind the last 30 minutes. Steph seemed excited and a little giddy, Finn ( who had just come running back over to the group after being rejected by the redhead, because apparently she had a boyfriend, Finn told the group how he had explained that he was exotic though which caused a laugh out of Rory and an eye roll from everyone else) had quickly been caught up on what had transpired and swore it was fate, meant to be so he proclaimed in an over exaggerated manner causing everyone to laugh and Rory felt, well she felt just about ready for anything.