AN: Hello my wonderful Readers! If you are reading this and you have read my story In Between before, it is going to be using the same prophecy but a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT plot. I didn't take the story down in case I would go back to it :)

The characters belong to Rick Riodan, the prophecy belongs to Divine Hestia, the plot belongs to me :)

Here's a Summary: A Forbidden Child born to a forbidden couple. It was a mistake made by both parties. The forbidden child is called...Perseus. Will his parent learn to live with each other?

At the same time, Zeus has an affair with another woman. This time she is Leto. She gave birth to twins. Artemis and Apollo.

The day Artemis was born was the day she meets her best friends. Perseus. Will their friendship blooms into something more?

Here's a promise I will make: I have the WHOLE story plan out so you guys don't need to worry about me discontinuing this story!

The only Reason I abandon In Between is that I didn't have the whole plot planned out and I was going with the flow. on and remember to Follow, Favorite, and review. I don't care what kind of review but a review makes my day!

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The Giant War was over, that part was clear. "We have gathered here today to celebrate the victory! May Olympus live to see another day," Zeus droned on and on about the victory of Olympus and how he was the reason they have won. Basically being prideful.

"... Let the party begin!" Zeus shouted, scaring the Hades out of everyone. Half of the audience was asleep while the other half was fighting to not fall asleep.

The second the word "party" was spoken, everyone was instantly awake. They all rushed off toward the party, celebrating.

Cheers could be heard everywhere you went and everyone was having fun. In the Garden of Olympus, two Olympians were talking civilly, for once.

"You did good kelp head," Athena complimented Poseidon. Poseidon grinned.

"You did well too, owl head," Athena fake glared at Poseidon."Did you see how I cut off the head of..." Athena cut him off."I saw it. I was there, remember?"

"I know," Poseidon sighed. "So, what are you doing in the garden?"

"I could ask you the same thing," Athena said as she went and sat next to Poseidon. "What are you doing here?"

" Olympian parties are not really my style," Poseidon said. "I prefer a quiet party."

Athena had a thoughtful look on her face. "Oh, really? Me too."

They both laughed.

A waiter comes by. "Would either of you like some wine?"

"Sure," Poseidon said before grabbing two.

"Thanks," Athena said as she took the wine from Poseidon's hand.

Poseidon held the wine up. "Cheers for the victory of Olympus!"

"Cheers," Athena said as they clinked their glasses together before downing it.

A waiter passed by and offered them more wine, which the Olympians gladly took.. They talked some more, drank a lot more. And well, you can guess how it went after that.