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1. Moonlight|| A Pertemis story: "Our love is stronger than ever. Together we are one."

Everything and everyone Percy Jackson had ever love is killed. He and the other seven were turned immortal after everyone from Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter was killed. Kill by who? The one and only Gaea. She wasn't defeated by the seven. In fact, she was never defeated. She roams the Earth for endless years until all of the Olympians expect Percy, Athena, Artemis, and Apollo are left. The rest are all permanently gone.

It was only after Dionysus, Demeter, and Hephaestus disappears did the Olympians truly realize how serious everything is. How they need to work together as a family to survive. But nothing can be done now, they are too late. As one by one, the Olympians and other minor gods disappear, forgotten by everyone, four Olympians stay together, only one goal in mind, to survive.

Their job only becomes harder and harder as the days go on. They form a bound nothing can ever break. Just as they think they were doom, that they will disappear forever, an unexpected ally comes to help them. The ally turns back time and the four Olympians arrive in the winter of 2007.

Percy and Artemis were back are Westover Hall. Apollo was back in his sun chariot. Athena was in her library. Could they do things right this time? Could they stop Gaea before its too late? Especially with the help of an unexpected ally. How will they make sure everything will go the right way this time?

2. Back Together: "We will stick together no matter what"

Sophie Foster never knew her parent. Sure, she finds out one person who donated their DNA for the Black Swan to make her, but again, she finds out that is not her parent. Sophie found out that the Black Swan lied to her again, well, aren't they always lying? She found out through the form of a dream. All she knows now is that there is someone missing from her life, and she will do whatever it is to find that person.

Annabeth Chase have a mom and dad. Sure, her mom is the Goddess Athena and her father is the mortal Frederick Chase, but sometimes she felt like Frederick is not his father. Then, Annabeth found out her mother has been lying to her, aren't the Gods always lying? Well, not always, but sometimes. She found out through the form of a dream. All she knows now is that she felt empty, as if someone is supposes to be in her life. Now, she will do anything she can to find that person.

Sophie and Annabeth have the same problem. They both felt like someone is missing from their life. Could that person missing be each other. Is there family more complicated then they can ever imagine?

Happen after Legacy and The Blood of Olympus. The trails of Apollo did not happen. Keefe is not stuck on bed rest.

3. Waiting|| A Perlypso Story: "She will always be my biggest what-if"

Percy Jackson stared at the moon in Camp Half-Blood. He couldn't help but think of the dark eyes and caramel hair. The girl that has caught his eyes.

Calypso stared at the moon in Ogygia, thinking about the black hair, sea-green eyes hero that has stolen her heart. Now all she could think about is him.

4. Better World|| A Sokeefe Story: During a fight with the Neverseen, Sophie bumps her head and falls unconscious. The last thing she saw was the worried face of Elwin.

When she woke up, she is shocked to discover... she isn't on a battlefield anymore. She has no injuries. She has turquoise eyes. And the most shocking of all, she has a sister named... Jolie.

The whole story is in Sophie's POV. Jolie's age would be different from the real one.

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