Notes: Hazbin Hotel was created by Vivienne Medrano. This story takes place in a separate continuity from the cartoon. Also, it takes place on a version of Earth, although the characters still have their non-human appearances.

Hazbin College was a very unique and infamous school. It welcomed in the weirdest teachers and students. Students, who weren't considered good enough for regular colleges, were welcomed to join the Hazbin College. In order to join, you didn't need to graduate high school and you also didn't need to have to pay a bunch of fines, in order to get in. This bizarre college was dreamed up by Charlie Magne, a blonde-haired optimist, who had a pale face, but also had a very lively and upbeat personality. Her rich parents had the college made, because Charlie wanted there to be a special college, for those who didn't have the resources, to be able to go to a regular college. Her parents didn't really want to have the college made, but they were tired of their daughter's constant pleading, so they spent a bunch of money and had Charlie's dream turned into a reality. The college looked fairly normal, clean and organized, at first, but that quickly changed, when the teachers and students started coming to the college. The students, that attended the Hazbin College, were all sorts of species. There were snake creatures, lizard people, talking bats and much more. It was the weirdest-looking college there had ever been and Charlie didn't mind that. If anything, she loved how colorful and random the college had become. Several of the students weren't well-behaved, nor did they have much interest in their education. They often vandalized school property, skipped class and acted like mischievous pranksters.

Despite being the mastermind behind Hazbin College's creation, Charlie was not the Principal of the school. In fact, she was a student, because she had never been accepted into any regular college. The school's actual principal was Alastor. Alastor was considered to be sharply-dressed, because he always wore a red tuxedo. His face was ghoulishly white and he had a red top hat and a black cane. Alastor used to be the host of a radio show. In his show, he gleefully insulted people and gave them questionable advice, due to him having a dark sense of humor. This led to him being called the Radio Demon. Charlie chose Alastor to be the Principal, because of how passionate and energetic he appeared to be. However, Alastor wasn't very serious about his position. He had very little interest in helping students with their education and he often encouraged them to misbehave, when Charlie wasn't watching. Alastor's main reason, for accepting the job, was to witness the most crazy and undignified college, that there had ever been.

Hazbin College's teachers included Sir Pentious, a math teacher, who dressed in a black tuxedo. Although he tried to present himself as an old-fashioned gentleman, he could be very rude, sneaky and he had a few anger issues. A lot of his anger came from his long-running rivalry with Cherri Bomb, a pink-haired woman, who had pale skin and dressed like a rock star. Sir Pentious was secretly intimidated by Cherri Bomb, because she made slightly more money than him, so he often tried and failed to sneak some dollar bills out of her wallet.

Charlie tried to make friends with all of her classmates. For the first week, there was less than a hundred students, so Charlie thought she'd be able to strike up a friendship with every single one of them. She acted friendly towards all of them and she considered them her friends. Some of the students appreciated Charlie's bubbly personality, while others thought he was a clingy, awkward dork.

Charlie even became friends with the school's most relieved student, Angel Dust. Angel Dust was a white creature, who dressed in a gangster suit. He quickly gained an infamous reputation, due to how nosy, disrespectful and shameless he was. However, he got along with Charlie, because she was one of the few people, who tolerated his behavior.

As the weeks went on, more and more students joined. For the first few weeks, multiple students joined. However, there was one day, where only new student joined. That student's name was Vaggie. Vaggie was a gray-skinned woman, who was clad in a white dress and black stockings. Vaggie was a lot more shy and secretive, than the college's other students. One of her biggest secrets involved her gender. Vaggie was born as a boy and despite trying to enjoy his life, Vaggie felt there was something off. As much as he tried to deny it, he didn't feel like a guy. He felt like a girl. He often claimed he was born the wrong gender and sometimes, had wished he was never born, because he hated how he looked and he barely could stand to look at himself in the mirror. During his teen years, he became a drag queen and it was a somewhat awkward experience, at first, but he learned to get into the spirit of it and ended up really enjoying it. Shortly after high school, Vaggie had some surgery done of himself and after the surgery was done, Vaggie was no longer a he. Vaggie had become a woman.

Although Vaggie changed genders, it didn't mean she was fully comfortable with her body or her life, in general. She wished she had just been born as a girl, in the first place, but that didn't happen and there was nothing she could do about it. She figured the best thing she could do was to be proud of herself, for having the courage to change her identity and she desperately wanted to feel comfortable and content with her life.

On Vaggie's first day at Hazbin College, she wore a gray sweater over her dress. Part of her wanted to display confidence and style, which is why she wore her white dress, while another part of her felt like hiding, which is why she wore her baggiest sweater. Vaggie entered the school at 7:20 a.m., which was forty minutes before her first class started. She had come early, so she would be able to get prepared, for her first day. She wanted to be professional, because she feared she'd bring unwanted attention upon herself, if she didn't know what she was going. After entering the school and getting her schedule and locker number, she quietly started walking towards her locker.

While Vaggie was settling in, Charlie was prancing around the hallway. She was wearing a red shirt and black pants. She had finished delivering a free breakfast to the school staff, which was something she regularly did and started heading to Principal Alastor's office. After getting inside, she had an excited grin on her face, while saying, "I heard we got a new student, today."

Principal Alastor was sitting at his desk, while listening to a radio program. He turned the radio off and looked at Charlie, while saying, "Good morning, overly-excited girl. It's true, that we got a new student and I must say I'm already getting bad vibes."

Bad vibes was one of Charlie's least favorite things. She nervously asked, "Bad vibes? What's wrong? Hasn't our new student charmed everybody's socks off?"

Alastor said, "Charlie, my socks are completely on. This new kid is bringing the mood down. I can't say I like that."

Charlie asked, "How long have you known the new student?"

Alastor looked at his clock, before looking back at Charlie and saying, "About five minutes. Sure, that's not a lot of time, but I'm a fast-paced person. This new guy isn't going to keep my attention. He's such a dreary and quiet person."

Charlie was quite the strong-minded and cheerful person, so she said, "Come on, Principal Alastor. I'm sure the new guy's going to be a great addition to the Hazbin College. He's probably just struggling to fit in. He just started going to the school, so you gotta give him a chance."

Alastor replied, "I'm not known for giving people chances and frankly, I don't think I should. We have over a hundred students, that go to this silly place. If a student can't impress me, within a few minutes, then I don't think they're worthy of my attention."

Charlie said, "I respect your judgment, but I believe everybody's worthy of attention."

Alastor had an amused look on his face, while replying, "You claim you respect my judgment, yet you completely argue against my point? Charlie, you're an adorable airhead, who doesn't know what she's talking about. That might be considered an insult, but knowing you, you think my insults are words of wisdom."

Charlie didn't understand a lot of what Alastor was telling her, but she shook his hand and said, "You're such a wise adviser, Alastor. I'm going to go talk to the new guy. What's his name?"

Alastor said, "Vaggie." Charlie started walking out of his office, while Alastor smirked. Alastor knew Vaggie was a woman, but he purposely called her a guy, in order to make things awkward between her and Charlie. Alastor started watching live footage, of the hallway, so he could watch Charlie talking to Vaggie, for the first time.

By the time that Charlie got to the hallway, Vaggie had opened her locker and had received all the textbooks she'd need, for her upcoming classes. It was still early, so there was hardly anybody in the hallway. However, Vaggie started hearing some fast-moving footsteps. She looked around and saw Charlie walking by. She was hoping that Charlie wouldn't walk up to her and start talking to her. Vaggie wanted to remain elusive and quiet, during her first couple of days, at the college.

Charlie quickly went up to Vaggie and said, "Hi, new guy."

Vaggie shyly looked at Charlie, while saying, "Hi."

While in an upbeat mood, Charlie paced around Vaggie, while saying, "I'm Charlie. My parents funded this college. Having a college made, for struggling youngsters, has been a dream of mine. That's why I take it upon myself, to welcome everybody into the college. It's nice to meet you, dude."

Vaggie replied, "Um, thank you."

Charlie put her arm around Vaggie, while saying, "So, you like sports, right?"

Vaggie replied, "Not really. I tend to find that stuff kind of boring."

Charlie said, "Oh, I get it. That stuff isn't manly enough. You like watching monster trucks and stuff like that, right?"

Vaggie was confused by what Charlie was saying. After thinking it over, she was starting to be aware of the fact, that Charlie wasn't aware of her true gender. She figured she better tell Charlie, before things got even more awkward. She said, "Charlie, there's something I should probably tell you."

Charlie put her arm around Vaggie and replied, "Go ahead and speak your mind. I hope you're not one of those guys, who thinks girls are icky. I can be a platonic friend, that you can totally rely on, when you need somebody to talk to." While she was talking Charlie accidentally pulled down Vaggie sweater, which gave Charlie a closer look at Vaggie's dress.

Vaggie said, "I'm a woman."

Charlie had a shocked look on her face, while asking, "What?! You're not a guy?"

Vaggie looked annoyed, while saying, "That's right. Look, I can understand why you thought otherwise, so I shouldn't be angry at you. I just wanna not think about this, right now."

Charlie put her hand in front of Vaggie's face, while saying, "Hold on, Vaggie. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm so confused. You look like a woman. In fact, you're a really beautiful lady, but your voice is so masculine. You sound like you're one of the guys, rather than one of the girls. What's up with that?"

Vaggie angrily screamed, "I'm transgender!" Vaggie had screamed loudly enough, that a few students overheard her and gave her weird looks.

Charlie looked ashamed of herself, while saying, "Oh, Vaggie. I'm really sorry, if I made you uncomfortable."

Vaggie angrily replied, "You did make me uncomfortable. You're a jerk."

Charlie had a sad look on her face, while saying, "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I never want to offend anybody."

Vaggie folded her arms and replied, "I don't want to hear it. Just leave me alone." Vaggie quickly walked away from Charlie and went into the restroom.

A few minutes later, Angel Dust walked into the school. He looked around and saw Charlie sitting on the hallway bench, while having a mopey expression on her face. This surprised Angel Dust, because he was used to Charlie being the most lively and happy person, that he had ever met. He walked up to her and asked, "What's going on?"

Charlie sighed and said, "I'm a big jerk."

Angel Dust chuckled and replied, "Yeah right. You're one of the few people, in this crazy place, that has any decency. I'm proof of that. I drink out of stuff, that would make you sick. I'll spare you the details, since you're feeling down, but note that I've done a lot of messed up stuff."

Charlie said, "I did something, a short while ago, that was pretty messed up."

Angel Dust replied, "You've peaked my interest. What did you do?"

Charlie explained, "The Hazbin College got a new student and as always, I tried to make the new student feel welcome. However, I incorrectly assumed the new student was a guy, but it turns out it's a girl."

Angel Dust replied, "That does sound pretty awkward, but it was just a mistake."

Charlie said, "It gets worse. She started talking and I commented on how masculine she sounded. Turns out she's transgender."

Angel Dust cringed and replied, "That's not politically correct."

Charlie said, "I don't care about politics. I care about being the best student I could possibly be and this morning, I was a lousy classmate and I made a terrible impression on Vaggie, the new girl. She's probably going to hate me, for the entire school year."

Angel Dust casually shook his head and replied, "I doubt that. I'm pretty sure you two can work things out."

Charlie asked, "What am I supposed to do? I insulted her. How could she forgive me?"

Angel Dust said, "Just be yourself. You're usually very nice. In fact, Alastor and I think you can be sickeningly sweet, at times. We occasionally wish you'd be a bit more rotten."

Charlie replied, "I'm not going to become more rotten." She stood up and said, "I'm going to make the new girl feel as welcome, as humanly possible. I'm going to go chase her down and have a long conversation with her."

Charlie was about to start running after Vaggie, but Angel Dust pulled her back and said, "Hold on, Charlie. Vaggie probably needs some space, for a while. If you try talking to her, right now, you'll probably make things worse."

Charlie nervously replied, "Are you sure? I wanna make things right, right away."

Angel Dust asked, "What was the last thing she said to?"

Charlie said, "Just leave me alone."

Angel Dust replied, "Then you better obey her wish. Let her calm down and relax, for the first couple of class periods. Maybe you can apologize to her, at lunchtime."

Charlie thought about it and responded, "That might be for the best. Thank you for the advice, Angel Dust." She hugged her friend and started getting ready for class.

Alastor, who had been watching Charlie's conversations with Vaggie and Angel Dust, sat his desk, with a big bucket of popcorn. He had a disappointed look on his face, while saying, "Charlie's playing on making everything right, so soon? I don't like that. The drama was starting to get juicy." He sighed and said, "I suppose I'll have to poke fun at more pathetic students, from now on." He put his hand on his chin, while saying, "Well, I suppose I could intervene, with Charlie's personal life and make sure she and the new girl never get along. That sounds like fun." He started grinning.

After her first class was over, Charlie stepped into the hallway. While walking around, she came by Vaggie's locker. She quickly looked at Vaggie. Vaggie wasn't paying much attention to the other students, so she didn't notice Charlie. Charlie felt tempted to speak up, but she figured Vaggie wasn't ready for a personal conversation.

A few hours later, it was lunchtime. The students quickly entered the cafeteria and grabbed their lunches. Sir Pentious and Cheri Bomb competed to see who could do the best job, at chaperoning the students, during lunchtime. Vaggie had brought a lunch from home. She sat down, at a table nobody else was sitting at.

A moment later, Charlie entered the cafeteria. After grabbing her meal and drink, she looked around the cafeteria and saw Vaggie. Charlie started walking towards her. Vaggie turned around and saw Charlie heading to her day. She whispered, "You gotta be kidding me."

Charlie tried to make the friendliest face she could muster, while saying, "Hi, Vaggie. I'm terribly sorry, about what I said." She started looking guilty, while saying, "To be honest, I've never talked to a transgender person, before."

Vaggie replied, "I should hope not, considering how scared you are of people who are different."

Charlie could hardly believe what she just heard. One of the main reasons, that she had the college made, was to make people, who felt disliked and unfairly treated, feel like they had a place where they'd be treated fairly. Charlie placed her meal and drink on the table, while saying, "You don't understand, Vaggie. I love all kinds of people. I want to make everybody feel welcome. I had never had a conversation with a transgender person, so I didn't know how they spoke. It just confused me."

Vaggie replied, "You didn't have to be a jerk about it."

Charlie sighed and said, "You're right. I was being rude, but I didn't mean to. I really want you to feel comfortable and I want to let you know, that I like all my fellow students. Is there anything I can do for you?"

Vaggie avoided eye-contact, while replying, "I just want to be alone."

Charlie asked, "Are you sure?"

Vaggie said, "Yes."

Charlie wanted to respect Vaggie's wishes, but she struggled to control her obsession with socializing. She said, "If you ever change your mind, we could meet up and hangout. Maybe we could text each other. Another ideas is to -"

Vaggie replied, "Just go."

Charlie responded, "Um, okay." Charlie started sitting at a nearby table, that Angel Dust was also at. Vaggie continued eating her lunch. She started looking at her cellphone, so she would have something to distract her from her shame.

A few minutes later, Principal Alastor stepped into the cafeteria. He had a big smile on his face, while twirling his cane and playing music on a radio, to get the students' attention. After a majority of the students were looking at him, he turned the music off and said, "Greetings, my charmingly-odd students. As you know, I run this nightmarish school and I like to do more, than just scare you, although I do love the frightened sounds of youngsters." He did an evil laugh, before saying, "Anyways, another activity, that I like to indulge in, is introducing you to each new student. I believe introductions are one of the most important parts, of a person's life. If you give a bad first impression, you're doomed." Hearing Alastor say that made Charlie feel bad. She looked ashamed of herself.

Alastor started walking closer to Vaggie, while saying, "Today, we got a new student. I noticed a lot of you guys haven't been paying much attention to this student. I don't blame you. We have a shy student and I believe every shy student needs a spotlight."

Alastor snapped his fingers and Sir Pentious understand what Alastor was asking. He started shining a spotlight on Vaggie. Vaggie felt extremely awkward, while a bright light was shining on her and a bunch of students were looking at her. Alastor pointed at her, while saying, "This is Vaggie, our newest student."

Suddenly, Alastor screamed, "Microphone!"

Cherri Bomb instantly handed Alastor a microphone and said, "There you go, boss."

Alastor smiled and replied, "Thank you."

Sir Pentious nervously said, "I could of given you your microphone. I might of taken a few seconds longer, but I would of gotten you a much better microphone. I could of gotten you one, from back in my day."

Alastor replied, "Be quiet, you overpaid geezer." Sir Pentious sighed, while Cherri Bomb laughed at him.

Alastor pointed the microphone at Vaggie and said, "Grab this and speak into it. I'm sure you want to introduce yourself, to the other students."

In a quiet tone of voice, Vaggie replied, "I'd rather not."

Alastor replied, "I insist. You wouldn't want me to give you a detention, on your first day, so be a good student and do what I ask of you."

Vaggie shyly grabbed the microphone and looked at her students, while saying, "Hi, everybody. I'm Vaggie. Um, it's nice to meet you."

Angel Dust had a confused look on his face, while asking, "Why does she sound like a guy?"

Charlie whispered to him, "She's the girl, that I was telling you about."

Angel Dust replied, "My bad."

Alastor nudged Vaggie and said, "Say more." Vaggie shook her head. Alastor said, "Say more or you'll get a detention, after school."

Vaggie said, "This is my first day, at the Hazbin College. I hope you'll accept me, for who I am."

Sir Pentious looked uncomfortable, while looking at Vaggie and asking, "Why do you sound like a guy?"

Vaggie nervously said, "Because I'm transgender."

Sir Pentious replied, "I've heard of transgender people and I don't get what their problem is. If you're born as a guy, stay a guy. Changing your gender isn't going to make things better. It's just icky and off-putting."

Vaggie looked sad, while saying, "It's my own choice. I can be who I want."

Alastor said, "Vaggie, what gender do you date? Guys? Girls? Do you only date other transgender people? Those must be hard to find."

Sir Pentious replied, "I'm glad they're hard to find. They're freaks."

Vaggie heard lots of people saying offensive terms and saw people giving her awkward looks. She couldn't stand it. She ran out of the cafeteria, while having tears come down her eyes. Charlie quickly got up and left the cafeteria, too. Alastor rubbed his hands, while saying, "What juicy drama" He laughed.

Charlie noticed that Vaggie stepped out the college's front door. She quickly stepped outside and saw Vaggie sitting on the steps. Charlie asked, "Why are you on the steps?"

Vaggie said, "I figured I'd sit and rest, before going home."

Charlie said, "Home? The school day isn't over, yet."

Vaggie had her head down, while replying, "I'm not going to finish this school day. I'm leaving this stupid school and I'm never coming back. I just want to hide. I hate my voice and my life." She continued crying.

Charlie sat on the steps and said, "I'm probably one of the last people you want to be talking to, right now and I can understand why. I admit I don't know much about transgender people, but today, I did learn something and that's that transgender people deserve more respect. There's nothing wrong with what you are. You're a lovely woman, Vaggie. It doesn't matter, that you used to be something different. You can be a woman, now. You can put the past behind you."

Vaggie replied, "Yeah right. The school laughed at me. I never want to talk to another person, ever. I just want to die."

Charlie started sitting closer to Vaggie, while saying, "Although I've never gone through what you have, I know how you feel. There was a time in my life, where I wanted to die."

Vaggie tilted her head up and looked extremely surprised, while replying, "No way. You're like the bubbliest girl, in the entire school."

Charlie said, "I didn't used to be as happy. I love my parents, but they can be rather greedy and they never really spent much time with me. They didn't bother to find friends for me. I tried to socialize with people, every now and then, but I was terribly awkward and didn't know how to start up a conversation. That's something I still struggle with. Even though I had my parents, I felt all alone and I don't like being alone. I love making people smile. I like partying with people. I like dancing with people, but I didn't have a dance partner, nor did I have any friends."

Vaggie started feeling sorry for Charlie, while asking, "How did you deal with that?"

Charlie said, "One day, I realized I was tired of being alone. Despite how bad I can be, when it comes to socializing, I was determined to make friends with people. I decided to talk to the other kids, who lived in my area. A lot of them rejected me, but a few were impressed by me, which could be because I baked them cookies, but I think they kind of enjoyed my company. Ever since then, I've been working really hard, to try to make friends." She lightly chuckled and said, "I probably go overboard, by trying to make friends with every student. I wanted to become friends with you, but I blew it, by being shallow and clueless. I'm really sorry, Vaggie. I know you'll never be able to forgive me."

Vaggie asked, "Why do you think that?"

Charlie sighed and said, "Principal Alastor said if you make a bad first impression, you're doomed."

Vaggie replied, "Alastor's full of crap. He's the one I'm mad at, not you. I can tell you didn't mean to offend me. Alastor, on the other hand, gets a sick amount of pleasure, from other people's misery."

Charlie put her hand on Vaggie's shoulder and said, "I wish I could tell you the world will become a completely fair and open-minded place, someday. However, they'll likely always be those, who unfairly judge others, for the stupidest of reasons. However, those people don't deserve your time and you shouldn't care what they think of you. You should only care about what your family and friends think of you."

Vaggie sighed and said, "My family's been accepting enough, about my gender, but I don't really have any friends, that I can talk to."

Charlie smiled, while saying, "You have me." She paused and said, "If you don't want to be my friend, because of how I acted, I totally understand. However, if you're willing to forgive me, I'd love to be your friend."

Vaggie lightly smiled, while replying, "That sounds nice."

Charlie stared at Vaggie. Vaggie was one of the most beautiful women, that Charlie had ever seen and she had learned to forgive Charlie. Charlie was heartbroken, that such a wonderful person was being mocked and humiliated, just because of some gender stuff. Charlie said, "Vaggie, I know I owe you, rather than you owing me anything, but I do want you to do something for me."

Vaggie asked, "What is it?"

Charlie said, "Don't give up on life. Whether people know it or not, everybody has a reason to live. Some people think otherwise, but I believe anybody can achieve great things, if they never give up. I know things will get tough, Vaggie. People will act weird around you, because of your gender. However, you shouldn't let those jerks stop you from living your life." She stuck her hand out, while saying, "You won't be alone. I'm here and I swear I have no problem with you being transgender. In fact, I'm proud of you." Charlie hugged Vaggie. Vaggie stopped focusing on her self-doubt. Instead, she focused on her pride, because she was happy with who she was.