September 25th ,Tuesday Morning.

It was Tuesday morning at 8:16am in Riverdale Veronica walked into her first class of the day , took a seat and a new guy was in her class he had sat near the teacher had then said "Alright class we have a new student here in Riverdale ,his name is Billy Hargrove and he transferred here from a place called Hawkins Indiana was originally from somewhere in California and welcome him here if any of you students see him in the halls ." He took his pencil out and a book and began taking notes for the class as the teacher taught the first lesson of the day. Veronica did the same as everyone else and today she was wearing a purple and blue striped shirt with a black skirt on and a pair of expensive black mary jane shoes.

Billy had smiled over at her even though he was the rebel and sometimes was mean to kids he had a soft side as well he really thought Veronica was pretty but didn't know her just yet . She looked over at him and started smiling as well .