Billy had looked over at Veronica as she was eating a pancake and smiled at her . "Billy you're so cute ." Veronica said as she smiled at him . Before talking he had finished chewing his food . "Awwww thank you ." He had replied while smiling . "You're welcome." Veronica had said to him . "Ya know what I think you're cute too ." He told her . "Thanks ." She smiled as she kissed his cheek . "You're welcome ." Billy replied as he started blushing when she had kissed him .

"You enjoying your pancakes ?" He asked curiously. " Yes indeed I am ,are you ? " she asked curiously. "Yes I am actually they are pretty good ." He nodded in agreement . "Good to hear ." Billy replied . "Yep ." Veronica nodded as she ate another one of her pancakes and so did Billy as well . Max had just came home from her friends place and went upstairs as soon as she came home she had already ate breakfast before coming back home . She had said hi to her older step brother and Veronica as well before going upstairs and they waved and said hi before she was on her way upstairs .