If only she could tell Sheridan.

If only Whitney were here.

If only she had someone here she could confide in. Someone she could talk to about her fears.

But Sheridan had been Ethan's closest friend for such a long, long time.

What if she couldn't get Sheridan to understand that she'd only gone to Bermuda with the best of intentions—that she'd never intended to marry Julian, never mind sleep with him?

Bile shot up in Theresa's throat.

"Theresa, are you okay?" Sheridan's voice flooded with concern.

Gagging, Theresa spewed the liquid in her throat onto the ground.

"Theresa!" Sheridan rubbed her back. "Are you all right? What can I do to help?"

"Nothing," Theresa cried, tears streaming down her face. Her heart pounding, she gulped back a sob. "There's nothing anyone can do. . . ."

"Are you sure that you're okay?" Her brow furrowing with worry, Sheridan glanced at Theresa as they made their way across the valley.

Theresa averted her eyes to the ground. "Yes, I'm . . . I'm fine."

Sheridan studied her. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No." Theresa twisted the fabric of her skirt between her fingers. "I . . . I'm really okay."

"I'm sorry—I'm . . . I'm not trying to push," Sheridan said. "I'm just so grateful for everything you've done for me—I want to return the favor."

"Don't worry about it." Theresa smiled softly, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. "You and Luis belong together."

"So do you and Ethan," Sheridan said. "In fact," she ventured, "given how determined he was to mend your relationship, I'm surprised he's not here with you."

Theresa's face fell. "Other stuff happened after you and Luis left for Bermuda."

"Still, I know you and Ethan can work it all out." Sheridan smiled. "If I know anything about Ethan, it's that he's head-over-heels in love with you."

A tear slipped from Theresa's eyes. "I wish I had the same faith."

"I can't believe I'm hearing this from you," Sheridan said. "You're the one who has always believed in fate."

"Yeah, well, it turns out fate had other plans for me," Theresa sniffled. "And now Ethan's never going to take me back."

"I don't believe that for one second." Sheridan stopped in her tracks.

Pausing, Theresa turned to look at her.

Sheridan searched Theresa's eyes. "Ethan loves you."

"But . . . but he's never going to get past all the things I've done." Fresh tears spilling down her cheeks, Theresa's lips trembled. "I never meant to hurt him."

"I know you didn't," Sheridan replied, "—and Ethan's going to see that."

"But he's so angry with me. . . ."

"He'll get over it," Sheridan insisted.

"How can you know that for sure?" Theresa hung her head. "You don't even know what I did."

"I know you could never do anything malicious," Sheridan said, "—no matter what Ivy says."

Theresa's eyes flew up to Sheridan's. "I didn't send her letter to the tabloids—I swear."

"I know." Sheridan squeezed Theresa's arm. "I never thought that you did."