Viridi was visiting Palutena's place, swimming at the pool with Pit and Palutena when she asked a question.

"Pit, Palutena, Why are you so protective of humans?"

"Because" Palutena sighed "They're the one thing that keeps this sealed up."

She handed out a painting of a demonic looking being.

"What's that?" Viridi Asked

"This is the Nature Devourer, It consumes all thing nature until there is there is nothing left, leaving the earth a complete wasteland." explained Palutena.

Viridi was Horrified.

"Can you get rid of it?" She asked

Palutena shook her head. "The Nature Devourer is Unkillable. However, it has one weakness."

"What's its' weakness?" Asked the Nature Goddess.

"It starts with an H." hinted Palutena.

"And It's a creature that we know very well!" Hinted Pit.

Viridi knew what they were talking about. "R-r-really? I-It's weak to humans?"

Palutena nodded "Its powers don't work on them. Which is why it was sealed up at a human city."

"So by getting rid of humans, you're be dooming all things nature!" Pit Explained

Viridi was shocked frozen.

"Maybe now you'll think twice before launching reset bombs at the them." said Pit.

Viridi looked down, She had never felt so foolish to attack the humans.

Palutena giggled "Don't worry, as long as there are humans around, that thing won't be consuming anything."

Viridi thought about it, A nature eating being that can only be stopped by this one creature? They must be joking...Right?

I grew up in the mountains, so I've been living in nature myself. I thought "What if there was a consiquence to wiping out all humans?" So this idea came to mind ^^