Hello everyone it's me again bringing you something usual. It's time for a little backstory; back in 2016 when I was in high school I was in class completely bored with nothing to do. So I said "know that forget it" and I began to write on my tablet. I was a huge anime/manga fan but I couldn't draw a damn so I had to do the only thing I could do, unleash my imagination with words. And when I say I couldn't draw I mean that figuratively and literally, I cannot draw to save my life. I'm not makoto raiku, or yuki tabata or nobukyuki anzai in the art department. Hell I'm worse than current togashi and his style sucks after greed island it looks terrible and I'm the worst of the worst. I'm probably worst than ONE and that's saying a lot.

Yeah it was depressing that no matter what I could never be able to draw.. Still it didn't stop me from writing my own original story. The original name of my manga series was crimson cross. I wrote it from October 2016 to April 2018. I stopped writing for a lot of personal reasons and I haven't had the heart to write another chapter ever again...

Even though I stopped writing the ideas continued to flow and I would always come up with a new idea for the story. And after two years of a super long hiatus I've decided to come back to the story. Only this time I'll be doing it via fanfiction. I found that some writers on here use the misc. Part of anime/manga to write their stories and I thought maybe I could do the same.

This is going to be a rewrite of the original story, I'll keep 70% of the main plotline but I'll be changing it up. Why you may ask there's two reasons. Reason number one is that over the past two years I've had the chance to watch more anime, read more manga, and play a lot of games; as such it's given me a load of inspiration and it gave me insight to make the story even better than the original story. Reason number two, I made a lot of mistakes writing from 2 years , there were a couple of plotholes, and story arcs that didn't make a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things, some abilities didn't make a lot of sense for a few characters, and at the time I wrote myself into corners but it still worked out. But I'm a lot more experienced so I'll be taking liberties to correct my mistakes.

Also the name 'crimson cross' is being changed to crimson crusade. Main reason is that there's already a crimson cross manga series of you can believe it. That and the new name makes a lot more sense.

Originally I wrote like 20 volumes worth of material, and I was almost at chapter 300 of the original story. But I stopped near at around chapter 288. And that was at the end of the second to last arc of part one. Yes you heard part one, this is gonna be a really long story.

Here's the genre of crimson crusade: Action, adventure, romance, slice of life, coming of age, comedy, parody, sci-fi, drama, shonen.

And to top it all off, if any of you have watched one piece, Hunter x Hunter, konjiki no gash bell, Dragon ball, hellsing, monster, bleach, bobobo, yugioh, naruto, jojo, or any other shonen or seinen in your lifetime "Crimson Crusade" is the perfect story for you as it's literally everything I've ever seem rolled into one insane package that just works. And I hope you if any come to love the story of crimson crusade as much as I have.

Ps I own everything here if someone wants to idk make comic dubs go for it! Or if someone is great at drawing maybe contact me and this will get animated by studio sunrise or madhouse, or gallop, of synergySP, or anything lol.

(This will never be popular who am I kidding =°=)

Anyways I thank you fur reading up to this point and the first chapter of Crimson Crusade will launch soon.

And as a added bonus I'll be using a pen name from now on:
Kou Akatsuki at least when writing crimson crusade but who knows I may change it for my entire profile I'll have to see.