The Truth Comes Out

Warnings: this story has the truth given out half way through the movie after Val Lewton and Terri Cheney are killed in their accidents. And the truth gets revealed as Carter framed Alex for the accident all this time.

Disclaimers: The movie series doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie company.

Chapter 4: Arresting Carter And Saving Billy

"So everything on his record the last five years was alcohol related?" he asked and Alex nodded to him. "New friends, failing grades and so on, yeah it's alcohol related, after he joined the football team he turned into a total jerk ever since. Massive case for frat parties that had the cops coming to break it up, our parents, teachers, even the faculty."

"They all said this, but sooner or later his screwing with the substance abuse and not controlling his temper was going to get him in trouble with the law." he said and Weine nodded sternly to the news. "Well it just did now, but first he and his friends cause that explosion and then we lose three of the 7 of you." he said as he put a hand on his back.

As the boy relaxed completely as he rested his hand on his shoulder. 'After our last conversation, we both dropped the barrier between us, that's a step in the right direction. Now finally as we go over this, but he's opening up to me, but that rant was really an undercurrent of frustration and grief that night.' he thought softly as the boy said it then.

"Like I told her, got next to nothing left, even with what the chief told you I bought yesterday, after Terri was killed. That I been eating items that help with that, though the compazine was out, I was taking antinausea pills. But just trying to rest, I see that or Ms. Lewton's murder every time I close my eyes now." he told him and Weine nodded gently.

"I guess it wasn't just the injury last night was it, you weren't feeling to well before the premonition and close to 2 months of this. And the symptoms, of whatever it was got worse, since then?" he asked and and Alex nodded as he rubbed his back gently. "Yeah, but the situation with Terri, I can't even hold anything down, not even the medication."

"Just water, no solid foods, I'm running on fumes here." he said and Weine nodded as he pressed his hand to the back of his neck and felt the heat coming from his skin. 'Yeah we got to take him to the hospital, whatever's wrong could be more then catching a cold. Or something worse, he could be suffering the early symptoms of appendicitis right now.'

'And if I'm right, he needs surgery at the moment, but Carter puts him in there for some idiotic daredevil stunt and not only are his parents going to kill him. But this could be considered an attempted murder, with Alex risking his life to save him. And from his own suicidal impulses right now.' he thought as he ran a hand through his hair then gently.

As he relaxed and leaned against him then. 'If he called us to the airport the night of the accident, then all of this could have been prevented. Safe and protected custody, but we're going after our real perp after this now.' he thought sternly as he wrapped his arm across his back gently in response then as Alex looked at him gently as he said it then.

"So what now Sir?" he asked and he sighed as he said it gently to him. "Don't worry, we're going to find him and get this cleared up right now, son. But Carter just crossed a serious line right now that I don't care if he was sick of the scrutiny or not. But Billy told me and David everything now, regarding what happened before the accident now."

"From the fight on the plane to your reaction after he provoked you, looks like he was praying none of us were going to look at that too closely. Can you tell me what happened the other night, after he saw you, as he saw you got hit in the head by the blast." he asked him gently and he swallowed hard as he saw pained look in his eyes as he said it.

"I tried to get there in time, but the blast knocked me into the wall and killed her and by dropping the oven door on the knife. But if I just thought to stop Mr. Murnau from leaving and..." he said as the tears came into his eyes and he nodded as he pulled him into a hug and he buried his head into his shoulder then as he felt him shaking then in grief.

Rubbing his back, he felt him shaking in exhaustion and grief. 'Before trying to keep a level of detachment, but now I got to deal with my charges. Before this gets any worse right now, just starting we need a few weeks to heal in your case, buddy. But for now you just rest, not leaving you, I promise.' he thought softly as he said it gently to him then.

"It's okay, it's okay, let me guess you blame him, if not for Carter, you wouldn't even be in this situation?" he asked and the boy nodded as he looked him over then as he gently rubbed the back of his head. 'Yeah the little boy in him just took charge, he's done what he has to do, he can rest finally.' Weine thought softly then and as Shreck joined them.

"Time's up, he just found us what we needed to arrest Carter, it was here all this time, next to the damn knife at her house." Weine told him and he nodded. "Sir that tape I mentioned, the camera survived the explosion, as did the tape." Alex told him and he nodded as Alex pulled the tape out and Shreck nodded sternly in relief at the news.

"And 45 of 75 bottles survived that explosion, all the evidence is right there." he said and Shreck nodded gently. "Well Carter is not getting away with this now at the moment, you find anything else?" he asked and Alex nodded to him. "Yeah a pack of matches per bag, a few bottles of weed, a bottle of mescaline, these guys do speedballing repeatedly."

"Curt was the guy who drugged me." Alex said and Shreck nodded sternly as he looked at Clear. "The guys are tracing the direction he's heading, but one report just came in. He tried stopping by your house, when he realized you weren't there. It's he's looking for another way out, Clear, but not knowing where the stuff was buried he's headed here."

"Carter's Trans Am was sighted headed in the direction of your house, honey." he said and they both nodded as she answered him quickly at that. "My cabin is 10 miles north of my house, but the direct route from my house is across the lake. And a direct cut through across the woods next to the road by it." She said and they both nodded firmly.

"Based on that direction, there would be only one place I'm going and you both know me too well not to know that, if I had the damn sequence in reverse." Alex said and they nodded. 'Yeah that did it, we know him better than any out of towner sheriff and police department does.' Shreck thought, hiding a smile at the analysis as he went further.

'We get this heading in the same direction right now, and he's headed directly for her, but staying up there past a week and the paranoia is so bad. That he's not bothering to explain to us at the moment, why he's so desperate to get to her now. But a chase in the middle of the night could lead to an injury at the moment, not taking that chance."

'A few weeks we were close to coming to a close with this, but Carter's reaction re-opened it now, he's worn out, but at least he's thinking straight right now.' he thought as he looked him over gently. 'The only ones we spend enough time around are her and Alex, getting protective, then again they're both exhausted right now in this case.'

'We all need a chance to rest at the moment now, can't do it alone anymore, if this never happened and he got to us first. We'd be their mentors, but we had enough of the run around, this is ending right now, Carter, don't push me right now. You're in serious trouble for this.' Weine thought as Alex explained it to him on what he realized gently.

"I never finished tracing who's next, but Murnau was at the escape hatch, Todd right behind him, Terri was sitting across from him. And it jumped two seats and landed on Ms. Lewton, Carter's next, but I think he baited him into thinking it now. Though if you gave orders not to bring it up, I think he did anyway." Alex said and the duo nodded firmly.

"Looks like he knows he just got caught and is trying to run, before you found this cache as he never stole back the primary luggage right now. The carry on luggage started the fire that destroyed the plane, but the fuselage was already weakened. That the chain reaction finished it off, as for knowing my way around here and where I was headed."

"I had a cabin a few yards up from her cabin, so I knew about that, so if he's heading anywhere, it's directly for my cabin. But I'm not aiding and abetting a felony here right now that he knows that you got two cabins to check and if it's not her. You check mine, but my cabin looks like the one on that John Candy movie he made at the time."

"So the fight at the memorial service exposed him to you finally, but I saw him the other night at her house. But whatever Billy told you was true, every word of it, realizing that I caught him, I found the window broken and him standing by the tank. Going to get her out, I got stabbed in the arm a second time." Alex said and they nodded sternly to that.

"As he knew that we find him there and he's screwed at the moment, Terri, Valerie Lewton and the entire flight, there is no taking it back. That kid lost his god damn mind right now, but the 'shoot the cop' metaphor comes into this. And she's the said cop, but Billy exposed that truth to us, he's the murderer." Weine said sternly and he nodded.

"What happened yesterday?" he asked and they crossed their arms. "Realizing, after we figured it out this was a set up, that he didn't have his student I.D.. He panicked, but whatever was too close to the kitchen door, as he realized we find it, his I.D.. Or you do before he does and getting it to us, along with the evidence, that he was dead now."

"It knocked something over and shattered another pane of glass on the window and cut his arm, but realizing we figured this out. And that he framed you for the accident, Todd, Terri and now her, he realized he ran out of time, but realizing he was desperate now. Enough to be dangerous, we told her to leave, before he shows up at the moment."

"As she was safer with you at the moment, as this was not a hostage situation, but rather witness protection now." Shreck told him and he nodded in relief to the news. "Well he's too late, I found all the evidence needed right now, but I found them. His fellow gang members I.D.'s, his is buried after the crash landed it here on the beach right now."

"But the last thing we need is him getting the news of who is next, but our positions are marked by the explosion, Mr. Murnau was the first. And followed by Todd, Terri and Ms. Lewton, if not for his ticking them off, and with them. In just why he attacked me in the first place I may have been able to get them to listen right now, as a result here."

"But if he was thinking straight he would realize the fight sounded way too familiar to every adult your age, as our precinct hears this fight between us too much." Alex said and the two agents nodded gently, in relief they managed to prevent it. In a dangerous case of resistance that would get him killed if this was a chase through the woods then.

"At the moment I think we're stuck between attacks, but I ran the record, before I realized she was next." he told them and they nodded. "It's matched to where the explosions went off the night of the crash now, but this resulted in a bigger problem. If you already realized this, knowing ahead of time the paranoia gets worse right now."

"I don't know who's next yet, but, but if the guys find out they're likely going to have a panic attack." he told him and they nodded. "Honey?" she asked and he nodded. "We're last, but I don't know, but we keep thinking about it and it's only going to get worse. Carter is hung up on the accident, but Terri was right, but that's exactly the problem."

"If Carter never sabotaged me, we would be working this out together, but she was right, once we jump this and we can move forward. If he just let it go, we would not be in this position, and if he'd been thinking straight now, I could have prevented the accident. But half of the 8 of us are gone now, but we're on the home stretch right now here."

"But Carter's fears of his arrest and it possibly being his turn are a ticking time bomb waiting to go off right now. In Kristen's words, our invisible stalker is trying to turn us against each other." he told her and she nodded. "God where is the coach when we need him here, because that type of panic attack does more than it's fair share of damage."

"But that fear, that attitude, how long is he going to last?" she asked and he nodded to her. "In other words, his fears are going to be the self destruct switch, because he knows that his life is over at this rate, not just for killing 287 people. But because he's possibly the next one on our version of Krueger's list." Weine said and they nodded to him then.

"And that's not if there was more to your abilities if they're expanding now, because we heard you yesterday." Shreck said and he nodded in shock. "That must be the added side effect, exhaustion, like it does for every supernatural characters. In these movies and books, it causes these skills to start going berserk at the moment right now."

"Though that's true and not only is exhaustion affecting your immune system, but also these abilities now." she said and he sighed. "There was a link between us from the second we met, but the fact you heard that thought, it means our connection was exact. Damn fool doesn't realize just who he was screwing with, with you hanging around."

"All this time, but if I just called a meeting the night of the accident, and he was toast the minute you heard the entire story." he said and they nodded. "Yes and the fact that once we did and realized he was drunk, nothing was saving him. And from ending up back in the hospital if he was speedballing, though he was and he was in serious trouble."

"Billy said you never started that fight on the plane?" Weine asked and he nodded. "He was right, I never started that fight, but his desperation to keep from getting arrested. That was why he attacked me in the first place, but the hospital remark was what did it in his case, because he knows, you check his BAC's and he's ending up back in the tank."

"But the match got struck when he said I was paying for his trip and he had 30 seconds to a couple minutes before the fuse hit the gun powder and exploded. But I was sick to death of his picking on us and Billy, Todd said it for me right then. But the exact remark was reversed in the case of the book." he told him and they nodded to the news then.

"If this heads in the same direction it's going in after 2 weeks of this and still looking for you, with you stuck up there right now. That it just went from bad to worse here in the paranoia if this did resulted in repeated back to backs at the moment. Before we realize you had your positions in reverse of the next back to back after this one now."

"Then I'm not taking it lightly, we been around you guys, you and Clear, so long, that we know your thinking patterns now. But best not to know ahead of time and wait for the next premonition, to head that off right now, if he does find out. But how this is going to go if the duo lose it is my next concern, so with that in mind, regarding that pattern."

"For now you tell us who was next, but we keep that quiet from the boys as you guys are the only ones left of the seven of you now." Shreck told him and he nodded. "How long have you been up here?" he asked and he sighed. "Been staying off the road, but I've been here since sundown." he said and they nodded to him as he answered him gently.

"I wound up digging up your evidence as all of it was scattered over a 30 yard radius, but your culprits ended up here on the beach, that's the first of the quartet. Of the guys connected to Carter." he said and Shreck turned and saw the pile and nodded. "Well he's not getting out of this right now, but to switch subjects at the moment now, son."

"How's that headache exactly?" he asked and he sighed. "Gotten better, but still there, as for my arm, I don't know how much I lost." he said and they nodded to him. "What's Carter's record if he's close to 5 years jail time?" Weine asked and he sighed, before he could answer they heard their radio go off then as he turned it up at that to listen.

"All units, all units, suspect has been sighted heading down town city limits, there is another teenager in the car with him. Suspect appears to have lost total control of the car." they heard and Alex covered his eyes. "Oh no, Billy did you have to tell him right now?!" Alex said in shock and Clear nodded as she got it then quickly.

"You got to be kidding Billy, we don't need this right now, I just found him and you choose now to tell Carter this." she said and they sighed. "Oh god, he just went for the direct approach and Carter lost it finally, he broke direct orders, guys." Alex said and they nodded in annoyed aggravation at the news as they exchanged looks at this reaction.

"Billy, damn it, you know better then to break orders!" Shreck said in shock to that news. "Undercover cop, someone just let it out and now Carter lost his mind and is trying to end the curse by killing himself. But if he thinks that trying it like this he'll get it, but one of us won't, it doesn't work like that!" Alex said sharply and they nodded to the news.

"There's the next double attack, damn it, can't we even get a reprieve in your case, before we do this right now. The damn fool puts you in the hospital and nothing is saving him from ending up there himself once your parents hear this. If this one gets deflected, but you get hit a second time." she said in annoyance and Weine nodded in agreement.

"No kidding, and he does and that just makes it even more clear that he's innocent right now, looks like he was praying we never realized he was the one who did it. Or deserved to end up in the psychiatric department of your town hospital for rehab. But I think he had a nervous breakdown out of fear." he said and she nodded as she answered him.

"I thought you said not to tell him this right now." she said in shock and Weine nodded as he hid annoyed sigh at the bait and switch. "I did, looks like he got him to expose himself in a panic attack and he's too scared to realize this was a trap. To get him to come out into the open, but was that really necessary." he said and Alex covered his eyes at that.

"You got to be kidding me, Carter are you out of your mind?!" Clear said in shock and Alex nodded in agreement to that remark sternly then. "He's lost his mind finally out of fear, but of being arrested by you and it possibly being his turn next. She and I are the last of the four of us." he said and the duo nodded as he thought it over and nodded.

"Aw no, that's not losing control of the damn car, he's lost his mind finally, but whatever you and Billy were discussing before you came after me. I think he said it to Carter, but this just went passed anger management in the eyes of the adults. And right to needing a psyche evaluation, he's close to suicide here." he said and they nodded slowly then.

"He never lost control of the damn car, after the trio, Billy knows that I know which of the four of us is next right now." he said and they nodded. "So crazed jealousy is the reason, regarding Terri?" Weine said slowly and he nodded to him firmly. "And he doesn't realize his temper is the reason we're getting knocked one by one at the moment here."

"This is the metaphor with that second nightmare film, whoever saw him last ends up dead, as his coach keeps dragging him in and Krueger possesses him and kills him. From there he tries to hide at his best friend's house and Krueger kills him next. Following that he winds up at her house and it turns into a riot now, which matches this pretty closely."

"Every time he sees me he loses his temper and following that is our friends and class, let alone a bunch of innocent bystanders are either hurt or killed. But this time, he's lost it finally, he's decided to commit suicide and take Billy with him. And just to end this curse, he's decided to try and kill himself." he said and the duo nodded in shock to that.

"You got to be kidding, he's just realized what Clear and Billy were talking about and decided to take his own life?" Shreck said in shock and he nodded. "Well there's your theory on a suicide terrorist at the moment and one who never considered his actions. That they could kill everyone he loved at the time, but the people on board the plane."

"Several were from our town and one of them was a baby no older the 13 months old, it's not just my teachers or my friends, some of the kids were from our home town. And all were my babysitting charges, and with them, he just murdered them. And several of my parents' friends." he told him and they nodded slowly to the news then as he went on.

"I spoke to the couple that had that tank and made the suggestion we secure it, she said she didn't have enough time to get a smaller tank." he said and they nodded. "Find any non broken bottles in that pile?" he asked and Alex nodded to him. "Yeah 45 of them, but I found a bottle mescaline in the bag and a packet of matches, but a canteen as well."

"But though the name tags on these things was destroyed, the school I.D. wasn't though, here you go." he said and passed it to them and Shreck put it in his pocket. "I dug up three more bags just like this one to prove the theory that you guys just came to. They're all the same, but here's the rest of the I.D.'s, as Carter, out of anger now."

"Standard procedures in these areas and the coach already gave that recommendation to me before we left at the time or took this trip. But this was something Carter and his gang never remembered and now forgot, said is that. If something like this ever happens then leave the I.D. with the luggage and..." he said and they nodded sternly to the news.

As Weine finished that firmly then. "And we got a way to identity who the luggage belongs to, but that just turned it into a double edged sword finally. As the terrorists are dead, all but one, as the last one exposed himself to us and the cops finally right now. That to us he's just ticked off the wrong people by that sword at the momemt."

"And now the evidence is the big thing that got us pointed directly at him, as the evidence is scattered all over the radius of the crash now." Weine said in exasperation at the other boy's foolishness as he explained it to him then gently at that remark. Before Alex could say it, Clear quickly said it then to him as she saw something buried then.

"Uh, too late guys, because I found his final nail in the coffin here." Clear said digging up a plastic bag and they saw his I.D. inside it and they nodded. "Well there is no getting out of this, if he heard our conversation, he knows, you find it before he does. And he's screwed, but knowing he had to destroy the evidence, before you got everything to us."

"And he was screwed the second we found you, as we had enough on him to have him arrested right now." Shreck said sternly and he nodded. "You got to be kidding me right now, I thought he brought his stuff with him when your parents took you home?!" Weine said in shocked disbelief as he took the bag and they nodded as Alex said it.

"Evidently not, but if he realized this sooner, he would have come here to recover it, and instead of him finding it right now, you guys do." he said and they nodded sternly. "And by you leading us right to it, that we knew you were never responsible, but he is." Weine said as he exchanged looks with Shreck as that did it for him then as he said it to that.

"Were we what you wanted to be as you got older?" Shreck said and he nodded. "Yeah, but the fast he screwed that up, it meant now that I had to find the real person. That was responsible, but finding all the evidence right here on the beach. The camera and black box, a few yards away from their stuff that did it." he said and they nodded gently then.

"Yep and now that we found that, there is no way he can get away with this, but the only indication here is you not watching where you were stepping the other night. But his leaving the evidence lying around is beyond idiotic right now here. And as his losing his temper every time he sees you, let alone loses his temper at the memorial service."

"He left his switchblade at her house by accident, though he knew if her neighbors called the fire department and they checked by the water heater, he was dead. But his knife at her house, his student I.D. here and the pattern was now showing clear evidence to us. Every time he loses his temper and another one of you is killed or exposed right now."

"Well I call that sloppy right now as a true mastermind tries to leave no traces of his connection to the felony. He and his gang did this, there is no going back at the moment, and they, by leaving their I.D.'s in the luggage. Just got you cleared of suspicion after 2 months finally, it's game over and you win, son." Shreck said, crossing his arms then.

"The guy that played Nichols played a double agent in that James Bond movie, the one Dalton played in, but somehow it doesn't surprise me. That he keeps playing a criminal mastermind and the authorities keep coming after him. And he continues to frame an innocent man, either Dalton himself or Ford." Alex said and they nodded in agreement.

"Dave dragged up the one 'armed man' remark, and the fact this turned into a true case of Nichols trying to throw them off by killing Kimble. And he's playing both Sykes and Nichols, until we get true evidence and then hear he took off. As he knows that he's screwed once we heard the whole story here, but we know you're innocent, but that."

"These look no older then a year old." Weine said and they nodded to him. "We got those pictures taken after we learned to drive, but the reason he lost his temper. It is and was because he was trying to get it passed Murnau, Murnau and Ms. Lewton now. They were our side of the 40 of us, he was tryong to sneak it passed them at the time now."

"As he knew he got caught and Murnau was having him thrown from the trip, and reason being now was because Carter collapsed at the wheel. Of his car barely 2 months prior to this now, because of an adverse to speedballing last semester. From his coach, to our parents and to the town precinct, they all said, but no alcohol whatsoever now."

"As for that reaction he just gave, he knows what's coming as to them, it's not just being admitted to the psyche department for the accident, it's rehab now. You remember that Matt decided to commit suicide by using the cops to do it with an unloaded gun?" Alex asked and they nodded, before the meaning became clear as he said it sternly at that.

"So a case of trying to kill himself by using us and your precinct to do it right now, young man you really have lost your damn mind. Yeah alright, if that's the way you want it, then you're being taken in alive if we have anything to say about it right now." Shreck said and with a stern growl as Weine finished that as he saw the drained look in Alex.

"God kid you out of your mind, if you would just keep your temper and stay sober, you would not be in this situation." Weine said sternly to that. "To answer your question on his record, he's got a record the size of Matt's on the movie. But by this point, the precinct knows him entirely way too well." he said and the duo nodded sternly to that.

"The reason he lost his temper at me that night was because he snuck this crap on the plane and was praying the duo never searched his luggage. Not running, I just had to find what was needed to turn this around, but everything that was on that tape. Is what I saw on that vision, before the plane exploded, but the fuselage played a small part."

"In it, that what destroyed the plane is the same as the triggers on that bomb on board the cruise ship that was on Anderson's other tv show." Alex told him and passed him a bottle of Jack Daniels and they nodded. "Going on a guess, that's why he was trying to provoke you, get us off his trail, but dreams like this are beyond traumatizing."

"But this is serious enough already without him adding onto it, but he blew his time table we got enough to put him in juvenile hall for a while. But you're off the hook right now, but trying to run just makes him look guilty, but he knows that with him shooting a cop. We're hunting him down, he's gone to playing Mark after he encountered Tex now."

"So based on the direction, there is only one place he's headed right now." Shreck said and Weine nodded in agreement. "No shit, but the chase is about to get out of town and head directly for the state line, before the arrest. But we already got roadblocks set up at every section leading to the state line." he said and Alex said it firmly to him at that.

"That's the difference here right now, he's trying to escape, I'm trying to get to my girlfriend, because I just realized she's next. But the direct route back to her house is directly across the lake and through the woods right now. But the stupid idiot never went camping enough to know that information that he would try something this suicidal."

"As he tries to get back to town by crossing the lake and only I know where the route back to her house is at night. Then again, a chase at night you're likely not going to see that hill till you lose your balance and there's a downed tree in the section. The area is soaked from constant rain up there, so watch it." he said and they nodded to the news.

"How bad exactly?" Weine asked and he explained that. "One of the branches is angled directly at the landing if you fell down that hill, and aimed directly at the head. I cut through there on my way up here and saw enough that if you did this at night. The hazards are far more dangerous." he said and they both nodded to him gently at that.

"And 2 to 10 days of this now, that this is draining your energy levels right now, and you're so fatigued that you wouldn't get far. After the trek across the lake and before we catch up to you, but if there was a downed tree, or the weather struck a tree. And in range of your position and we're just asking for an injury right now as a result here."

"Or a close call drowning and even that is enough to sap your strength, before whatever happens next and with you soaked to the bone. If something exploded it got even worse, fortunately that's no longer a problem, but him. If he keeps pushing us and he's in deep shit, because his reckless behavior almost got you killed five times in a month now."

"Great that's just what we need right now, if he tries to run as first it's dealing with a suicidal drive through town. And then comes a chase through the northern areas of the state, his trying to run only tells us he's guilty here. But at your age, it's not the state penitentiary, but Juvenile hall for three years." Shreck said in annoyance and he nodded.

'Oh god not again, he's just starting to recover before the next back to back hits, and it results in another chase down in the middle of the night. Come on that's enough of this already right now, your body can't take this level of abuse repeatedly. You need a chance to heal without another injury.' Weine thought as he looked at the young man gently.

'Come on buddy, we don't need another chase down in your case if this turns into another injury, or you're escaping the hospital to play hero, kiddo.' he thought in exasperation, knowing that was possibly the next reason they get contacted. In his case, as they left themselves to be the legal guardian and his parole officer after this situation.

If he did it in another back to back attack as he exchanged worried looks with Shreck at the possibility. 'Kid come on, that's enough of this, this injury is one thing, but an escape attempt and from your own doctor. Just to get to her is going too far in our case right now, but that's enough of this already, great, well I got to get my number to them.'

'Just in case that does happen, but this is too much after we just found him and got him to come home right now, But we're leaving the cops to handle Horton, we're going after Alex, as that injury is just as bad as this one, if not worse right now. We don't have a choice now, we got to act as the parole officers in his case starting now at the moment.'

'Under our custody, if Horton never sabotaged him, he'd be our student, which means instead of this, it's turning into acting like his mentors. And catching him to get him back in bed, because he's no where even close to healed. But try it young man, and you're in a time out and I mean that, no tv.' Shreck thought, hiding a sigh of aggravation to that.

And knowing that the next current injury, if he got hit hard enough was going to have him not going recognize it in where he was that they had to take charge. As he was delirious that they had to help in calming him down. 'Thank god, we never waited another 10 days or the paranoia would be so bad, we had to put an end to this and fast.'

'Exhaustion and paranoia are a very dangerous combination if you're a cadet, and thank god he never bought a knife or was carrying a gun. Or he could have shot us or himself in the struggle and we had to bring him to the hospital, anyway. But that's enough of this already, we need a break right now.' he thought softly as Alex looked between them.

"But here's a question for you, but would the prime suspect be trying to find some evidence needed to clear them and return to the area that the crash happened. If they encountered the man who framed them in the process?" he asked and they nodded. "If the victim was innocent then yes, but the culprit, no and the fact you did tonight."

"Only makes that more clear at the moment, he was trying to distract us and get us off his trail and killed your teacher. But you caught him in the act of doing it, and got stabbed in the arm, as Billy arrives, sees your arm and you get hit. And that does it right now, as we had a witness now to clear you, that takes care of that now, as for the other."

"And based on the direction from that spot, we know you're heading for her house, if you had the positions in reverse right now. But if there was a..., oh god, that better not be the punchline in your case, if he distracts us. And I'm the one killing him for that right now, if we barely make it back in time." Weine said and Shreck closed his eyes at that.

"Well multiple murder is enough to put him away for five years, maybe less for good behavior, but last night was the clue breaker. As the evidence of the crime scene matches the crash and we found a couple dozen busted bottles of alcohol." Shreck said and he nodded. "How much do you have?" he asked and Weine answered that one gently.

"Now that you got all of the evidence for us at the moment we got a solid arrest warrant set up here, but the kid just turned us into the U.S. marshals. For your age group leading into college and when we know you better and more. Then anyone else in our bereau does, so we're the ones doing this as we get you cleared, but to go over that one."

"We got enough to put him away for 5 years at the moment, Billy said he attacked you in a non provocation?" he asked and Alex nodded. "Yeah, trying to get out the door, my stomach was close to revolting completely here. That vision is like seeing someone's dead body or even worse, what we saw the other day, regarding Terri at the moment."

" I was up half the night, before the guys came to get me for school at the time, whatever it was I'm not sure. But someone saw I was asleep on my feet, switched cups and then tanked it with mescaline, but that enhanced the effects of that vision." he told him and they nodded slowly in disgusted shock then as he explained what happened.

"But everything was going fine until Carter arrived at the coffee shop, we were just discussing what we learned from the mortician. As Billy was dropping by, but it was when Carter saw me that he barely caused a car accident and barely missed killing Billy there. That the latest one hit me, and I tried to say this, before he got her too pissed at him."

"Before I could even move or say it, she got hit." he told him and they nodded. "But thinking over why I felt like this, I think he thought I caught them now. But my choice just saved his life, but he's pissed and taking it out on me. That his gang are gone, but between this and thinking I was turning them into our teachers and the security now."

"But he was supposed to be in rehab, but what Billy told you is true, I don't drink or take drugs, my mother is a nurse. Someone drugged me to get their attention off them and Carter for once and on someone else, then drugged me with something." he told him and they nodded as that did it as he decided to bring the duo with them quickly as he said it.

"Come on we got to chase him down right now." Weine said and he nodded as he pulled him to his feet, before the dizzy spell shot through him and he fell into him. Before the duo helped him as they headed back for the car as they got into the back of their car. And as he said it into the radio then quickly as he looked behind him to check the duo.

"Dave, we're heading your way, we got him, and Clear with him, we're coming to you." he said as, tracing the direction the drive was coming from then, they saw a black car go flying passed him and he quickly turned, before Alex locked gazes with Billy. 'Alex help, get him to stop the car!' he saw in his eyes as just as Shreck quickly shouted it out.

"There he is, Carter pull it over now!" he shouted out to him as Alex saw something flash against the window. "Oh no, it just happened again." he snapped and Shreck turned to him. "What you see this time exactly?" he asked and Alex quickly answered him. "A train, his car is going to get totaled by a train." he said and they nodded as he checked it.

"That's not just from the head injury or exhaustion, they're speeding up, right?" Weine asked him and he nodded. "Yeah and I think Billy's is connected to the side effects of a traffic accident connected to Carter's car. But Carter is close to causing a car accident here anyway now." he said as they heard repeated honking coming from every direction.

"Damn kid is going to cause a pile up or traffic accident here, if he keeps this up, damn it." Shreck said with a low growl and Alex nodded. "He just realized that Alex and I got to you first and he knows he's run out of time, but suicide is preferable. And to being committed for his reaction at the airport right now." Clear said and Alex nodded to that.

Before looking down and saw the belt looking like it got ripped in half then and nodded as he read it out to them. "Interpretation to visions is that his trying to escape you has the car stall out on the tracks and 5 minutes away. And from a train coming from the opposite direction, but the collision with that train, causes an added backlash now."

"It's his turn and his death is by a traffic accident with a train, following that is a piece of shrapnel the sigh of machete getting thrown." he said and they nodded sternly to the news as he went further. "With the train coming from the west, I got to get him out of the car, but the belt tore in the middle of doing it." he said and they nodded firmly.

"I never had the time to work out how to manipulate these visions so we can head off the murder and secondly, thanks to Carter killing George. But that strained my bonds of friendship with Todd at the time, though how the Waggners take this is anyone's guess." he said and the duo nodded as they tracked him as Weine answered him gently then.

"The accident with the plane, what you see yesterday exactly, before she got hit by the bus?" Weine asked him and he quickly answered him. "I saw a greyhound bus, but like Billy told you, he kept interrupting me. Till she was too furious to realize the line never changed colors yet from green to red." he said and Weine nodded firmly to the news.

As he swerved the car slightly just as 3 police cars came flying passed them. "Watch it, watch it, watch it, I got the kids in the car here, you nearly t-boned us!" Weine snapped into the radio and heard the voice of the leader of the trio. "You got him?" he asked and he nodded as he answered him, before Shreck took it from him and quickly said it.

"Yeah we got him, but now we got to chase down our real perp, but guys, this chase down is going to get someone killed. Get him out of midtown, we need to get him off the main road, before he crashes into a truck here!" Shreck said into radio and they heard the chief quickly answer him. "Ten four!" he snapped and Weine said it with a growl.

"As if my patient is not enough, I got a kid going on a suicidal joyride with another teenager trapped in the damn car, young man, pull it over it now!" he said with a stern growl as he was driving the car then to avoid the passerbys then. "Yeah I think he lost it finally here." Alex said and he nodded in agreement to that as he said it warningly.

"You out of your god damned mind kid, young man I'm warning you, pull it over now!" he snapped at this as he exchanged looks with Shreck. "Oh my god, look out!" Clear said as he quickly swerved the car to avoid missing the freightliner. "Jeez, alright Carter, easy man." Alex said with a shaky tone in his voice, and Shreck turned to them at that.

"You two okay?" he asked and they nodded to him. "Yeah, but I never seen him like this before, looks like the amount of crap he's drank damaged his mind. It's Terri, he's still in mourning and he blames himself for the accident. But Billy has to be feeling sick to his stomach with that one at the moment." he said and they nodded in agreement to that.

"We intend to put him under house arrest his trying to return in the middle of the night could get him killed. My dad had a canoe on the edge of the lake, but the water is freezing this time of year there." Clear added and they nodded in agreement. "Suicide run and he's decided he can't live without her, yeah we got to put this kid away now."

"Before he does anymore stupid stunts right now." Weine said and Alex leaned over the side of his chair. "He's headed for the tracks right now, Chief, he's headed for the train tracks, but there's train coming from the opposite direction." he said and they heard an immediate response to that remark, as his tone loaded with relief to hear his voice.

"Got it, we come at it from both directions, but once we get him out of the damn car, whoever is next get them down. Just to avoid it if there is another piece of shrapnel lying on the damn tracks. And you two and Billy get ready to duck it now." he said and Alex nodded as he shot a look at Shreck who nodded in agreement.

As Alex got a better look and felt his heart tighten. "He parked on the tracks, Billy get out of the car, we got a train coming!" he shouted to him as the cops came from the opposite direct as they had him surrounded then. "Damn kid, just pushed his limits too hard, get out of the damn car now, young man!" the chief snapped as he slammed the door then.

As Alex saw it coming. 'Alex don't try it!' the group thought as he grabbed Carter and yanked him out of the car, just as the train barely missed him. As he collapsed and she pulled him into a hug then, before looking down he saw a shard of metal. And Billy in a full blown panic attack, before he grabbed him, just as it got launched then, at them.

"Down!" he shouted just as he grabbed Billy, as hit him in the side and threw him into the post as he collapsed and the train stopped. Just as another police car arrived then. "Alex?!" the chief said as he checked him. "The blow knocked him unconscious." he said and looked at Carter Horton sternly at that as the duo said it together at that.

"Get him away from the tracks." Weine said sharply and moving together, the trio carefully pulled him back away from and saw that the blow hit him in the side. "You out of your god damn mind kid, what the hell is wrong with you right now?!" Shreck snapped at Carter. "That hit was enough to knock him out." Weine said sharply to that remark.

"No, just a massive headache." they heard and he quickly said it. "Son, hold still." he said and checked as he pushed his shirt up and saw where it hit him. "Oh god, it barely missed the vital organs, call the paramedics we need to take him to the hospital for this." he said and they nodded angrily. "Alex!" Billy and Clear shouted out at that together.

"Buddy, Alex stay awake man!" Billy said quickly and she checked his pulse. "That's cutting it too damn close." she snapped as she and Billy looked at Carter in fury at this. "You out of your god damn mind?!" she snapped at him then angrily. "I could call this a case of you needing to be committed, out of jealousy at the moment right now."

"Just what the hell did he do to you for you and the quartet to pull a stunt like this exactly, Carter, tell me, tell them. What, you out of your god damn mind Carter, because his guess was drugs when you lost it and attacked him for no damn reason?" Billy snapped at him as he went further as Shreck and Weine went to check Alex then.

"Two in one shot, it jumped from Carter to you and now you to him, and he won't get out of the hospital in time. And for him to handle my case, but another back to back could kill him, but Alex is needing medical attention. This is just as bad if not worse then the fact the story read it out right now." Clear said and Billy nodded in a fury to that to that news.