Changing The Future: Final Destination Re-imagined

Warnings: This story is from the outburst on the plane into the opening of movie 2 as there is going to result in very close calls now, as time goes on. Also the seven that joined him and the agents see that the only way for him to prevent it. Is by intervening every single time as the next three years go by now.

Disclaimers: Final Destination doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie studio.

Chapter 6: Testing The Premonition And The Explosion

The Test And The Emotional Side Effects Alex's POV Continued:

"At the moment I don't care if this looks like a lie or not right now, young man, but you did this to yourselves, all he had to do was show up for it." Weine said to Carter sternly and he swallowed hard at that. "Jared, you and the guys get to where it was supposed to blow over." Shreck added and knew he nodded. "It either goes or it doesn't, but either way right now it's we're pushing ourselves back away from that window."

"We got work to do, before we do this right now." the chief said and he nodded. "Everyone in hearing range of this get ready to take cover once we run that test right now, because the shock wave is going to destroy the window on this side of the terminal." Weine said and they nodded as they unloaded the plane and the soldiers left the spare bottles on the plane, as they all prepared to test it out then as they knew what was coming then.

After an hour unloading and they settled in as Alex checked a group of kids then as he moved to the woman with the baby as they prepared for it. As each set of adults nodded to him, as he moved to the window as they waited. And as his uncle, Patrick Harrison, came running out of the tunel then as he moved to him at that as he said it to him.

"Alex was this what you were going to tell me right now, that we had to secure Peter's tank and we should run tests, because if it is. Then you just saved us all in one shot, though these guys are in deep trouble if you are right at the moment." he said and Alex nodded to him. "It is Uncle Patrick." he said and the man nodded to that firmly then.

"Here we go, I set the autopilot here, so we're good to go right now." the pilot said and he nodded, as they moved to the window with Lewton standing next to them. And as the girls were standing on both sides of him, without needing to look away from the window. He could feel Carter Horton and his gang's death glares aimed at him as he said it.

As Weine left his hand on his shoulder and Alex smiled gently at that, knowing the man chose him as his young recruit. "Whatever you're thinking don't try it right now, because this is going to get you arrested if you try to attack him a second time right now." Shreck said as they heard a struggle break out and turned to see George Waggner dealing with one of the guys in Carter's grouping.

"Alright that's enough, break it up now!" Shreck snapped sternly and George quickly backed up as the guards grabbed the boy. "Not me, I was trying to arrest this one before he took off, they know with both of you here, they're going to be arrested either way right now." George told him and he nodded sternly. "Well whatever their problem is, we're not tolerating it right now in this case at the current moment." he said and Alex nodded in agreement to that.

"Before you say it, don't bother, you guys are stuck under scrutiny no matter what you say right now, I never started that fight, you attacked me here." Alex said as he waited for it to reach the spot that caused it and the quartet paled. "Wait a second, oh god the bottle, Carter!" one of them said and he paled at the remark and the adults nodded then.

"Bottle?!" one of the soldier repeated and Alex nodded. "Oh nice work you guys, you wanted to get away with this, you should have kept your mouths shut." Alex said sharply and that got the group's attention. "Question: would you consider a bottle of straight alcohol as a fuse in an improvised bomb?" Alex asked and the soldiers all nodded then.

"Yeah and why exactly?" the second soldier asked him. "The IED fuse, they forgot to remove the bottle when they came off of the plane, but that bottle. It just tipped over and shattered against the metal latch, Coach. But they just created a possible IED here now, major." Alex said, over hearing that remark and they nodded sternly to the news.

"That was a liquor bottle that he meant, but they were sneaking contraband into the flight, he was hoping to distract you long enough. And to get your attention off them, but they never saw what I saw, but they drugged me, it's the metaphor with Hathor. After I humiliated them one too many times." he told him and the quintet crossed their arms.

"You got the skills to be our top student in the Air Force if you understand us this easily, who's your tutor exactly?" the first soldier asked him and he smiled at him. "My chemistry teacher actually, he was teaching me enough, but my SAT's. They are enough to get me noticed by you as you're the smartest branch in the military here right now."

"My expertise is in chemistry and what cross chemicals in explosives do, but the coach would have suggested me to the general in Colorado anyway or right to the FBI. But these guys are sick of being ignored and stuck under psyche when you focus on intellect. Rather then athletics." he said and the man looked at the quintet sternly at the news.

"The sarcophagus and the fact he possibly ended up in an POW?!" the doctor snapped and he nodded to him. "They were hoping that by setting me up, no one would listen to me, because they drugged me." he said and the two teams nodded to him gently. "They're sick of being under psyche?" the soldier asked, crossing his arms then firmly.

"Your branch is the one that ran Area 51, so what does this look like to you if I was 16 years older and I humiliated them one too many times. And in front of the joint chiefs and the base commander?" he asked and the five soldiers nodded as the leader said it. "You're Jackson and they're sick of the fact you're bringing in results and always right."

"They're also sick of being under psyche, that they try to get our attention off themselves and on you, but that remark he just said, that just screwed it up big time, kiddo. But you're right, just what makes them think we would believe them right now anyway. After they attacked you for no damn reason right now, I see a skilled soldier/scientist in you."

"But if they wanted to save their necks he wouldn't be so damn insistant right now to prevent you from checking their carry on luggage. Or kept his mouth shut when you dragged it up to the pilot, so he thinks we won't believe you huh, gambling too high. But we did and if that bomb goes now and we believe everything you say son, with that."

"You understand what we mean by those initials, kid?" The second soldier asked and he nodded. "Yeah my chemistry teacher is one of you captain, as a former spec ops, I was getting training by him so I had 3 options to protect our country, cops, the FBI. Or I get into the Air Force academy, Sir." he said and the 5 soldiers and the doctor nodded gently.

"Then the guys that just said that knew you get to us to double check and we were throwing them to the wolves, kid. But we saw the fight and I was ready to grab that kid to separate you, son, but first the security and your teachers. Before getting to us as we're military officers." The third spec ops soldier said to him and he nodded to him then.

"Yeah that's it exactly Sir, you protect the country, you sometimes look into terrorist attacks, well you got a possible one. And from 5 teenagers who are sick of being under psyche, I don't take drugs, but that dream was like the one the kids on the movie had." he said and the doctor nodded as his eyes narrowed in fury at the news as they watched.

"Yes, but we took a chance cub, it's fine, you're right and nothing changes for you kiddo, though these guys are going to get it when I get through with them. But this is beyond cold blooded right now, as I consider this a severe psychosis, we see all the time. In hotshots twice your age in the military buddy." The doctor told him and he nodded softly.

As the man watched the coach gently rub the back of his head as he watched Alex lean into his side and hid a smile. "Father/son bond, Colonel?" the soldier asked, seeing his dog tags hanging from his neck and the coach nodded. "Yeah my students and players love me like a father." he said to him and Billy turned to see what it was his friend saw.

"Again Browning, this doesn't work and you're paying for my trip." Carter said with a furious growl at this delay, before Billy looked up and saw the plane start shaking. "Like the wise man said, be careful what you wish for, or you're going to get it now." Lewton said sternly and as she laid her hand on Alex's shoulder in relief he was right, right then.

"I'm not answering that remark, but the only trip you're taking is to the hospital, Carter, now that's enough, but that remark. That remark is the straw that broke the camel's back, and karma is a real witch now. If you bothered to control that temper and stay sober, you would not be facing Goldberg if he's here." Alex told him and she nodded then.

"That's the understatement of the century if his remark was the match that lit that fuse and the plane is shaking slightly." she said as she took his hand gently at that. "Yeah and I never bothered to answer that come back right now. But my remark to him is the same as the narrator's to the Soc, before the murder if this was in reverse right now, though."

"But with being watched by an M.D., a military one no less, best not rise to the bait right now." he said and Caine smiled. "There's my cub, and you're right, best not to sink to their level, you're better then he is right now. But looks like you're right at the moment, if the plane is shaking, the match was struck." he said and Alex nodded as he said it.

"The fuse just got lit, we got five minutes and counting now." Alex told the trio and the quintet paled at the remark. "Paying for his trip, I can translate that to he's going to beat the crap out of you, but his getting thrown off the plane was his own fault." She said as she wrapped her arm across his back and he leaned into her gently at that response.

"Well there's the remark of 'watch what you say or you're going to get it' right now, but he just hexed us by that remark. His anger struck the match and lit the fuse now, so his anger was the match that was struck, as that match lit the fuse. And the timer on the fuse is ticking right now, 4.5 minutes and counting." Murnau said and he nodded to him.

"Yeah and I just got all of you off the plane, his anger destroys the plane, but never killed you." he said and they nodded. "Well at least we made it out alive, your premonition just saved us right now, if that plane does go right now." Their biology teacher told him and he nodded as the group exchanged looks at this possibility then as she crossed her arms.

"Well we know you were telling the truth at the moment, but if that chemical sequence goes now, and he destroys it. But you're the one who's cursed, Carter, you just lit the damn fuse and we're just waiting for the repurcussions here." Billy said as he got what he was saying at that as they heard an explosion over the radio on the com and nodded.

Before they heard a sizzling and then a loud blast that sounded like something exploded. "The fuse seeped into the electronics above my seat, short circuited and started and is..." Alex started to say and then they heard an explosion, followed by glass breaking. "The next bottle just exploded here." Todd said, before they heard another and another then.

"Whoever never grabbed that bottle caused a chain reaction, there's a short and the bottles are breaking one by one." Alex said and they nodded as they saw a blast of fire in the window of the plane. "The hatch just busted open." Caine said, finishing that as they saw glass spraying the windows then of the plane as the jolts started growing on it.

As the quartet had him surrounded. "Whoa, the plane is shaking." Clear said and he nodded. "Who was trying to sneak that crap passed me, you know I said you screw with the toxic chemicals. And you're banned from practice the rest of the school year gentlemen?" their coach said and four of the guys in Carter Horton's clique paled to that.

"Uh coach, you better take a look at this?" Todd's twin said and he moved to the window. "Turbulence, knocks over the bottle and the bottle broke and started leaking, directly into the electronics." he said as they saw a sparking. "There was a short, and something just exploded on it now." Billy said and Alex nodded to him as they watched it carefully then.

As the second guard pulled her binoculars out. "A section of the wall just broke off, there's sparks coming off the jet engine on the left. The damn thing just exploded and it took the other wall next to the window." she said and they nodded then. "So if I was seated there, that would take me and the duo who were next to me with me out."

"By getting sucked out the window." they heard Jane Renfro say and the guard nodded. "Yeah, alright the explosion in 5, 4, 3, 2..., 1." Alex said counting down at that. Wait a damn it minute, it's still too close, oh my god, everybody get back, get back, take cover." Weine shouted out and Alex shouted it out then. "Fire in the hole!" he called out and everyone surrounding them nodded as the guard shouted it out then

"Ahh shit, get back, cover up!" The guard called out as Billy repeated the last part. "Ahh shit!" he shouted out and they all hit the deck and covered up as the blast wave broke the window then. As, thinking fast at that, he quickly grabbed Terri, Lewton and Clear and swung them around as he protected them from getting hit at that response then.

As he heard the blast break the window, not noticing as he felt a stab of pain in his arm. "Whoa." the trio shouted together in shock to that remark as the glass went flying all over the room as he saw the fireball at that. Looking over his shoulder he saw the fireball in the sky and saw everyone lift their heads in relief then as he let go of the trio then.

"Goes or not, and it's done, there's no getting out of this right now." Shreck said in relief as they and the cops exchanged looks at this. "Is everybody, okay, everybody alright?!" Weine said and they and everyone in the room nodded in relief to that. "Saved a few hundred lives and we know you're innocent, but they're not, and they're going to get it if he got shot right now." Shreck said sternly and he nodded as they watched him.

"Jesus, yeah alright, we got the proof and we made it out alive." Alex called out and everyone nodded in agreement. "Anyone catalogue that in replicated effects if this starts happening repeatedly?" he asked and they nodded. "He's close by, you get a vision, he loses his temper and the next attack hits here." Billy said and the adults nodded then as Weine ran a hand through the hair at the back of his head gently then.

"Everyone in our hometown that question was for you, guys." Alex added and they all nodded. "We see this 2 more times either in the school parking lot or the near my coffee shop and we we know got conclusive evidence. That the one trying to protect us is you and he's the one who's jinxed right now." Parker said and Caine nodded in agreement.

"Vision or just having the signs jumping out at us here right now." Caine said in response and they all nodded in agreement to that. "Do we need anymore reason to be worried right now?" the steward asked and he sighed. "Once we get him and his gang off the flight then no, Mr. Sanderson, Mr. Peterson." Alex told him and they nodded as they decided to do it.

"Then he's staying here for two days, but we're dropping you off and then coming back for him, but if he's the one who's jinxed then we're keeping you separated. But Luke, Jennifer and I are the ones handling this until the doctor here sends added back up now." the steward said to him then and the duo nodded in agreement to his thoughts sternly.

'If that little brat is jinxed then I'm getting him off the plane, before that happens again, if Alexander is hurt and needs a night to sleep this off right now.' the co pilot thought in response to that remark as he saw the boy looking at him in shock then. As he scanned their team of attendants on the flight as Harrison stood up to check Alex then quickly.

Relaxing, the teacher that joined them looked up then and sighed in relief. 'Whoa, directly on target like he said it would, if this is not over and things are just beginning. His counterpart has a situation similar to this and I can explain this to the group they forestalled from being on the whatever it was as I see their premonition in action.'

'Then again I get to see my young friends, Browning and his girlfriend, again if they come for the investigation right now. Well there we go right now, I met them, this soon, I can just integrate myself into their lives starting now. I just hope he's not hurt right now, or that's not the first injury over the next 18 months.' he thought as he looked at Alex then.

"Worst case scenario, directly on target, he did it, he just saved us all." the stewardess said in relief and the attendants nodded in relief then. "I think your catch on biofeedback, it just became a reality now, as at times it triggers a few added side effects. For him, it was precognition starting now." his nurse said and the doctor nodded in agreement.

"Jesus, thank god for the kid's premonition or our families were going to kill the leader and sue him for killing all of us!" the soldier said sternly at that as he crossed his arms at that. "Alex's description for the path of the explosion just became a reality right now, and only a skilled chemistry student sees this for what it is, but we had four ingredients now."

"Whoever forgot to get the god damn bottle could have killed us right now and if it weren't for his fast thinking, we all would be dead." Caine said sharply and they nodded. "The fuse was the bottle that got shattered against the hatch hinges, seeped into the electronics and created a fuse directly back to it, and it caused a chain reaction."

"IED alright, though that just leaves out the oxygen tank, but he was directly on target, if the FBI just showed up. Well they know you were right at the moment, but someone just got arrested for this at the moment." Harrison said and Alex nodded. "Whoever left a packet of matches on that plane just added another ingredient to a 200 ton rocket."

"But matches, a bottle of J.D., the oil and the jet fuel right now, all of this together, created a 200 ton firecracker, that one false move could have killed everyone. Then again you did say drinking was bad for us kids, and it could be hazardous to our health. Well that doesn't come any closer then that in the hazards." he said and every adult nodded.

"I think the J.D. combined with the adult only cart of alcohol and caused a chain reaction explosion." he said and they nodded. "If it did, then an explosion of glass, from the bottles in that cart could have hit someone in the neck. But you guys are under age and with you under our supervision, no one is touching anything that has alcohol in it here."

"But that drove the point home of why we're not letting up in scrutiny." Caine said crossing his arms and the quintet swallowed hard. "And like I said, if you want to make it to adulthood, then don't you think it's time to lay off the J.D. starting now?" Alex said, raising his tone and every adult in their town then nodded in agreement to that sternly.

"After that close call, that goes without saying right now, you guys need to lay off the drinking starting now." Caine said in annoyance to that. "But literal case that it was the the drinking that almost killed them, we got the tank out of the equation. But chemical combines with electrical and causes that." Alex said as he relaxed in relief at that news.

"That's an understatement I think we get the idea, but drinking, it can kill if you're not careful and if you guys were thinking straight. You would get why we're so irritated at you, from us to your teachers to Dave." Harrison said in stern annoyance. "Yeah that's an understatement Patrick, and with that in mind, we know your nephew is innocent."

"Right on schedule, he was right all along at the moment." the manager said in relief as everyone in range of their gate walked over then in relief. "Everybody okay?" the TSA guards called out and they nodded. "Fast thinking in the heat of the moment when there is no time to think, coach." Todd said as he looked at his best friend and they nodded.

"I really hope he doesn't follow up that possible injury with a very dangerous job next." their biology teacher said sighing and the trio nodded in agreement to that. "Too late, his future career was going to be either the police or joining the academy to join the FBI." Todd said and she nodded as she looked at their young student in exasperation then.

"You guys are 17, are you trying to scare us into a heart attack here, Todd?!" she asked and he sighed at that. "That wasn't our intention, but normally he's calm and collected, so his having that kind of panic attack. I think you could see this as a mixture of A Nightmare On Elm Street and that tv show." he told her and every adult in the room.

That heard his remark, nodded to that. "Yes and at the moment, if this, whatever it is, is starting after you guys graduate, then his pulling stunts like this to save you guys. I'm going to have a heart attack by the time you're twenty, so take it easy on us." She said in response as she looked at the subject of their conversation with an aggravated sigh.

Looking at her student then, she saw him looking 5 to 6 years younger then and felt her maternal side take total hold then. 'Only 17, but teachers, like their parents, we see our cubs as younger then their real age, I love my cubs in class. But I don't want to lose my cubs, that was too close, but getting into the job of protecting the country, baby."

'God come on Baby, you keep this up and we're not going make it to your 20th birthday, you got to stop doing this to us.' she thought softly as her partner said it then. "And that's not if he did get hit, but that's enough already tonight, cub drained his reserves." Caine said in response and she nodded as she saw him with his arms around the trio.

"Someone drugged him and it quit after Carter lost it, before he told us he had a massive headache right now. We need to run a fast blood test to see if he was right, though he is and someone in Carter's side of the damn team is going to get it. But Carter, just call the paramedics right now." the man said and she nodded in shocked disgust at that news.

"Jesus, that was too close right now!" Murnau said in relief and Jenkins nodded in agreement in relief he forestalled them from leaving then. "Alex was right all along right now, if not for him, we'd all be dead right now." Caine said and the trio nodded in agreement as they looked at him as he covered them carefully in relief then firmly.

As Carter looked at him in shock then at that. "Alex?!" Terri said quickly and he nodded and the trio hugged him tightly, closing his eyes tightly. He buried his head into her shoulder and she tightened her arms around him then. 'Not sure, but leap of faith, he just saved us, not letting him go, my brother.' she thought, hanging on to him in relief.

'One chance and I pulled it off, I never lost my friends, my teachers, we're okay, god what if this is not over and just starting. The first of the group is safe, no, no I'm not losing my friends, even if it kills me, whoever you are, I will beat you. Stay away from us you hear me!' he snapped mentally as he hold them until the shock wore off then finally.

Looking up at him, Lewton sighed in relief then as she smiled softly. 'One decision changed things forever, were it not for him the others would be dead. Preventing Larry from leaving was that one choice as we see they set him up right now. And with it his delaying long enough that we see his premonition in action right now in this case.'

'God, what would I do without him there to protect me, he loves me like a younger brother to his big sister, our relationship is what mattered to him and to me. But one choice changed what could have destroyed our relationship at the moment. Not just a premonition, but a way to protect us at the moment from whatever caused that."

'Right all along, he was right all along, and saved us, saved our class, and Larry, Eric and Jane are alive as are the kids and everyone on the plane, he did it, he saved us. It's okay baby, I'm not leaving you, not going anywhere, I promise baby, it's okay, it's okay.' she thought to him, as she made her decision right then to stick by him then gently.

Relaxing finally, he looked between them in relief as he said it to them gently. "Whoa boy, that was too close, you guys alright?" he asked and the trio nodded, as they smiled at him as she hugged him. "We are, but that was quick thinking, nice work in protecting us brother." Terri said smiling to him then and he looked down then as Murnau smiled.

"Last month's play came back to haunt them in the worst way possible, my part just took a life of it's own. Looks like your boyfriend was indisposed at the current moment, but protecting you girls came first, I had a job to do right now. I risked getting arrested to protect you guys right now." Alex told her and Lewton smiled at the remark then gently.

"Remember, he did the same thing, risk getting exposed to the cops to save that class of kids stuck in the church?" he asked and the duo smiled at the memory. "Right, your part was the narrator himself, but you certainly show you're way to much like him as it is. Then again, why shouldn't I be surprised, you always did have that appeal to you now."

"God it's always the quiet ones right now that end up doing the protective boyfriend or brother status. Alex stay with the quintet, I need to check the others, baby." Lewton said and he nodded as he relaxed as he sighed in relief. "Like the narrator, risked exposure to save the kids, you risked your life to protect us." she said and he nodded softly to her.

"I'd die before I lose you guys, but whatever was thrown was meant for you, I wasn't having it." he said and she stroked her hand through the hair at the back of his head. "I get that that, but if you're hurt right now, and you're coming with us. As you recover from whatever injury you took this time." she said and Murnau nodded in relief to that.

"How do you suppose the FBI's going to take this, when they hear I risked an injury at the moment to protect you guys?" he asked and they smiled. "They're going to see this the way we do, and it was very brave to risk acting like a human shield. To protect the girls from that blast that broke the window." Murnau said and she nodded in agreement.

"Nice work son, that was very brave and courageous." their coach said for her and he nodded as he looked at his three teachers in relief then. "One fast decision, to protect them, but whatever broke the window, was meant for the girls." he said and they nodded gently. "And you did all three of us." Lewton said gently at that and he nodded to her.

"How many cars are out there right now?" he asked and the doctor looked out the window. "There's a sedan with the FBI logo on it, and five more cops cars and with your department precinct department logo on the car door. Looks like your precinct chose this as their jurisdiction, I think they all saw the explosion just as they arrived here now."

"Though if they saw the blast break the window they're thinking we got hit here by the blast." he said and they nodded. "Whoever of the FBI got chosen to check on this right now, they just realized I got the wits and skills to be part of their team right now. Though they're sticking around for a while, and like you, that's their thought too right now."

"But if that's not the end of this and they're going to lose their patience at the moment but what I will say now, regarding this. Well that just proves everything I told Carter was directly on target, they know I got you off the plane right now. But injuries at the moment is the next question right now, and with those words in mind right now."

"Call the fire department and the paramedics, in case we got an injury between one of us at the moment." Alex said and she nodded in agreement. "Or you do, as you're the one who risked taking the hit for us at the moment, fast thinking under pressure. No jock would do that at the moment, baby brother." she said and he nodded as he hugged her.

And she tightened her arms around him and pressed her forehead to his then. "I did it to protect you, staking my entire life on one fast decision right now. But one exchange could have me as the prime suspect and instead I never took the bait. And kept my eyes on you, but things will never be the same again." he said and they nodded in agreement.

"With us being the first to get of we got to live with this now, like I said." he said and she nodde. "I know, but I'm not losing you right now, you did what you had to do, now we just deal with the side effects, but we're sticking together from now on." she said and he nodded as he hugged her tightly then and she tightened her arms in response to that.

"Don't worry, you just fixed what could have destroyed our group, but he's screwed at the moment, I'm not letting you go. But from now on when not in school, we're together, baby, I promise." she said and he nodded as he buried his head into her shoulder as she stroked her hand through his hair as she felt him shaking at the near loss then.

"And that one act changed you from being the prime suspect and turned the tables, as he's painted as the prime suspect right now, for what we find in his luggage. Nice work son, you did great right now." Harrison said in relief and happiness then. "I'm just lucky I never lost any of you." he said and the man smiled and pulled him into a hug then.

"Call the fire department!" the guard called out as they heard sirens as they heard a bunch of shaken voices. At the fact his prediction was directly on target then, trying to control it himself. As Clear relaxed as she looked at him and he pulled her into a hug and she tightened her arms around him. "Alex." she said softly and he nodded smiling to her.

"I think so, but one choice changes both our lives now, this was that one choice." he said and she nodded. "I believed you, but we're linked for life, friends or more then that, this started something between us now, I'm not losing you, not without a fight, honey." she said and he gave her a hug and she tightened her arms around him smiling then.

Looking into her eyes, he saw what he never saw before and pressed his forehead to her's then. "How many times do you suppose we find ourselves in this position after several close calls here?" he asked and she smiled. "This keeps up and it's repeatedly, but you're mine now, honey." she said and he smiled as he hugged her tightly then.

Alex collapsed and leaned back on the floor in relief as the sextet exchanged looks of amazement at his being right that night. "Everybody okay?" he asked and they nodded. "We are, but we weren't expecting that, but that was one heck of premonition if you got it bang on son." The doctor told him as the guards gave a nodded of agreement to that.

As the soldier rubbed the back of his head then and he smiled. "Well there is no way in hell we're listening to these guys now, but they could have killed us. If not for you, we would be gone, but that was quick thinking in getting to us here. Military, FBI, the TSA, the cops, no one is taking these guys seriously." The soldier said and the group nodded.

"Nice work son, we owe you big right now." The co pilot said, resting his hand on his shoulder. "Mrs. Parker is Robby okay?!" he called out and the woman nodded smiling. "Mr. Taylor?" he asked and the man nodded. "Guys?!" he asked, looking at the other 70 members in their town and they all nodded smiling, in relief, he saved them all then.

"Thank you baby, you just saved us, we owe you." Parker said to him and he smiled. "It's nothing mam, but I took a chance to protect you." he said gently and they smiled in relief and gratitude then. "Either way, once this gets out and your six sense could be seen as entirely useful by the cops in later years." Dennison said and he smiled at the remark.

"Initial matters in this case and if that was the conclusion who was the damn cause if Horton got arrested by the security right now?" Ibanez asked and he sighed. "I'm not sure yet, but all I saw the effect, but not the cause, but anyone of two dozen things. Could lead to effect." he said and they nodded as they exchanged looks then gently.

"Either way, with your proving it correct and if not for you we'd be gone, but just wait till Mayor Hamilton hears you risked your entire reputation right now. Just to save us, that six sense could be seen as a super power, as you protect us now." Parker said and he nodded gently as the man rubbed his back as he looked at him gently in relief.

"Purple heart status as you took a piece shrapnel for someone as you're looking like you got hurt once before." the doctor said and he nodded. "Just like the fire in the book you risked an injury to save a group of children right now. That's the act of a true hero, risking your life to save others right now." Caine said smiling proudly at his training then.

"I can't believe a nerd could pull something like this!" a player said in shock and Alex said it sternly. "In the words of Ponyboy Curtis, a whatever had nothing to do with it, you would never've risked your life. Maybe George would, your friend over there wouldn't, it's the individual, but I was staking my entire reputation on proving it correct, like he did."

"In exposing himself to the cops while saving those kids, but Robby there, his life is worth more then mine right now, he has more to live for. He's worth it, as it making sure I never lose my friends and making sure we all make it out alive right now." he said and they looked at the baby as he smiled softly at the toddler as he finished that remark.

"A baby barely out of his toddler years, he has his whole life to live right now, that's what made me do it, Porter. But it's a bookworm who turned into teenage superhero, a bookworm who suffered a trauma and had to change now. And a bookworm who became the most famous archeologist in history, make a difference and I just did that now."

"My counterparts are all scientists and ones who have jerks like you getting jealous that they get all the attention and you don't, until you do something so idiotic. That you are left as the god damn pariah, in town, the base or just the spaceship now. Well that's this right now, you jarhead." he said sternly and the jocks swallowed hard at that news then.

"So tell them, would you have risked your lives to save a group of children, no older then the kids over there?" he asked, pointing at the 8 who charged oved to them and the first gave him a hug and he tightened his arms around her. "You okay guys?" he asked and they nodded. "Yeah we're okay, big brother." a boy said and he smiled in relief then.

"Protecting us, like always big brother." a third said and he nodded. "What's he mean by that?" Carter asked shaking and a fourth girl turned with a furious look. "He's our babysitter, you idiot!" she snapped as the first girl nodded angrily. "Are you trying to kill our big brother, you idiot?!" she snapped at him in anger as they stayed next to him.

"Babysitter?!" the jock that insulted him said and the fifth said it in disgust. "What you think only girls can babysit, at times boys do it to, but when some of the girls are busy. He takes the job, but we're only children, no big brother or sister, or baby brother or sister, he fills in that role and to us, he is our big brother, we love him that way."

"His friends do activities that have us together every summer, but they're staying in New York." she said angrily and he Alex took charge. "Alright to jump over that, so which of you was it who drugged me exactly?" he asked sternly and the quartet paled. "You think we were never going to realize it, that you drugged me?" he asked and that did it then.

"They did what?!" Parker repeated and he said it firmly."They drugged me with an hallucinogen, but as you all know..." he said and they nodded as his teacher moved to him. "You don't take drugs or drink, what happened in there is not the you we know, so this was a set up, and what the hell were you guys thinking about exactly right now."

"Are you trying to kill us?!" Hanson said with a low growl. "I don't think they cared about that, so long as they got out of your scrutiny, it was fine." Alex told her and she nodded as she moved to him and and he buried his head into her shoulder. As she hugged him then tightly, as she felt him shaking in exhaustion and hid a nod then angrily at that.

"I don't give a damn why you did this, it doesn't matter, but you could have done more then then poison me, you could have killed 294 people, on our plane. And another 1,000 on 5 others flight, so multiple murder destroying private property and 10 other charges. You're screwed, but first, who's idea was this?" Alex asked as he looked Todd's brother.

'I'm ready, so let's see who it was with the evidence on them." Waggner thought in anger that his team mates did this to his best friend in a fury at this then. "Alex you okay, can you get up?" one of the kids said quickly. "Guys back up a bit, I need to check him out." Caine said as he moved to him as he tried to get up off the floor and collapsed then.

"Between the alnighter, the effects of the vision and the drug..." he said and Caine nodded gently. "Yeah I know son, but rest for now, can you get up though?" he asked and Alex shook his head to him. "Just relieving myself of duty for the rest of the night, Sir." he said and they nodded with a bemused as the quintet exchanged looks at that.

And with the doctor at the wording. "Kids." one of the soldiers said with a bemused paternal tone to that. 'Come on cub, is that remark really necessary, you're acting like one of my cadets. When they over do it from a training exercise, or when they're too exhausted to keep going right now.' the doctor asked and Caine hid a nod to that gently.

'Well there it is, my student is now acting like a cadet that over did it, act like his superior, he's my student, though my cub.' he thought as he answered him then, bemused. "I know, and that's the end of it for you tonight, you maybe a young operative, but you're still my student, so that's enough of that tonight and I mean it, Buster."

"I catch you trying to go from one situation to the next before we leave and you're confined to the bed for two days and I mean that, clear?" he asked and Alex nodded as the man pulled him into a hug and he buried his head into his shoulder. "How much loyalty does this guy inspire in his students?" they heard and Caine explained that.

"Enough that my students see me, the way that officers at the base or on the Enterprise see Hammond and Picard, and enough that they love me like a father. In his case, I'm his godfather, his father is my best friend, I'm training him to get into the academy. But this time, he definitely over did it." he said and the quintet and the doctor nodded gently.

"Oh god, that's your basic cadet at work, they push themselves into over doing it until they can't keep going at times." the officer said with a chuckle and the doctor nodded. "Up half the night, I'm not surprised he just drained his reserves right now, but he's one cadet that over did it wise guy." he said and the group nodded in agreement to that.

Looking at the quartet standing in front of them, Waggner nodded and they grabbed one of them as they checked his pockets and then arrested the trio, before they found it then. "Coach we got it, just found it." Waggner called out and he stood up and took the bottle. "Mescaline, all the symptoms, it was this." he said with a firm growl then at this angrily.

"Doctor, pow-wow!" he said, raising his tone slightly and the doctor nodded. "Just found it, it was this." he said and the doctor nodded. "It was a set up, make it look like he was on drugs, and instead it backfired, but I'm having these guys set up for psyche. If Jason is still the psychiatrist, I'm setting up psyche evals, for all of them when we get back."

"But you got your evidence needed to contact our branch and the joint chiefs, but we got an amateur terrorist attack going here. But all that says is they lost their god damn minds right now." he said and the doctor nodded. "Jason, you mean Bill Warner?" he asked and Caine nodded as he removed his tags as he realized something strange then.

"What are you if you know I'm in the military?" he asked quickly and the coach passed him his own dog tags and the doctor nodded in amazement. Realizing the man in front of him was a spec ops soldier then. "Retired, though I never took my tags off, I'm spec ops and became a chemistry teacher." he said and the doctor nodded as he said it then.

"You're a colonel, I'm a lieutenant colonel, I decided to defer to you, as my superior, though you're an M.D.." he said and the doctor nodded to him. "We in the military better reorganize until the cops and FBI get up here." one of the members of his team called out to him and he nodded. "Guys, check for injuries." he called back and they nodded.

"Not just this, what did he see if had that reaction exactly?" the doctor asked and he crossed his arms then. "What could be described as, as close to the dream that Parker had on the movie, before she ended up at the hospital. He said he could not shake that uneasiness off all day, the Elm Street movies." he said and the man nodded slowly then.

"That explains why he was drenched in sweat, it's because of this crap?!" the doctor said sharply and they nodded sternly to him. "That and one hell of a nightmare/premonition, he just explained this to me, in what caused that outburst earlier. But he never took any sedatives or any other drugs, but gave the possibility to me that someone drugged him."

"But like the kids in the movies, they woke up from some sort of dream and could not get back to sleep. But he woke up at 1 this morning and was up until Todd came to get him for school, he catches a ride to school as he didn't get himself a car yet here. That by the time it was time to board, he was too exhausted to stay awake and fell asleep there."

"The effects of this crap enhanced that premonitions effects." he told him and the doctor nodded sternly as he looked at the quintet. "Extreme sweating, headache, paranoia, which I could consider at the moment was drug related. And he looks sick to his stomach right now at the moment here, though if that crap is still in his system right now."

"And I'm going to kill them for that right now, but Horton's bloodwork is enough he's being arrested if his agitation. And when cub there was waking up out of that hallucination, is any indicator, but all symptoms of people doing acid. Or something like it, but he got us off the plane time and saved us all, he's off the hook right now."

"However you aren't gentlemen, this is like the bastards on SG-1, refusing to admit they're not strong enough and Jackson was. Oh this crossed a line right now alright, and there is no taking it back right now. You kids are screwed right now, you realize how close you came to killing us?!" the doctor snapped angrily at that as he crossed his arms.

"Get our scrutiny off him and on someone else for once and you're the said someone at the moment, oh that crossed a line alright. But you realize you could be expelled for something like this, gentlemen?!" The coach said and they swallowed hard at that as he snapped his fingers and the guards grabbed the quartet at that and arrested them firmly.

"Don't give me any excuses, I don't want to hear it, Alex was right all along at the moment, but you very nearly destroyed that plane yourselves. And could have killed everyone on board right now, one decision to get our scrutiny off you. Very nearly killed close to 300 people!" the man said with a stern growl and they swallowed hard at that.

"You think Alex and I never considered an IED right now, do you realize this crap looks like sabotage or just an improvised bomb to the authorities?" he said with a low growl and the quintet paled at that remark. "With your records with the cops do you realize what this could do to you now, what we will when the principal finds out right now."

"When we get back, you're being held back a year and I mean that right now, all of you are, before you start arguing, all of you are being held back a year. Alex never did a thing, you did this to yourselves, so you committed the crime. Well then you can pay the consequences now." he said with a stern growl and the quintet swallowed hard at that.

"I'm just quoting what the principal on Scream would say on this, but your fellow students nearly slaughtered in a horrific plane crash. One that you fools could have caused, you diseased hotshot little pricks make me sick. Your entire grouping disgusts me, so our entire class, 1/10th of our town on that plane nearly slaughtered."

"And in some horrific plane crash right now." he said as he looked at the quintet in angered fury at what they did then as he looked between the quintet. "Your fellow students, us, your teachers, your fellow town locals nearly slaughtered. In a horrific plane crash, but our entire class, 1/10th of our town on that plane nearly slaughtered."

"And this is the way you show your compassion and sensitivity huh, by insulting him on the fact that he prevented it, but just barely, well let me tell you..." he said and said it with a stern growl, as he looked at Alex, who he knew was still feeling sick. And from the effects of it then as his anger boiled over finally as he said it sternly to them at that.

"You're all banned from this trip, off the team and being held back for year, get out of here, go home. The four of you get home right now, you're banned from this trip, and you, Carter, are being arrested. And held back for two days, but all of you are being held back a year, go home now." he snapped and they exchanged shocked looks at that.

"Come on coach, we were sick of the scrutiny!" one player shouted at that. "I figured that, but that's no excuse." he said sternly at the remark then to him. "Sick of the scrutiny, more like you were jealous that he never has to show off. You guys have got a serious problem with officers that are smarter then you are and with it now here."

"But what you did is still illegal and it could have killed everyone on the plane right now, but aside from being your coach and the chemistry teacher. Did you forget what else I am, my original career, I'm setting up a case of psych evals for all of you, right now. With my medical counterpart's base psychiatrist, my counterpart is a full bird colonel now."

"You kids and your god damn jealousy, best and brightest, I look at good grades and the ability to follow orders, and you just screwed yourselves over. So with that, if you hotshots are determined to get out from our scrutiny here. Then you're only digging a deeper hole to bury yourselves in political suicide in your futures at the moment here."

"But we're discussing this in a parent/teacher conference when we get back, but what I can guarentee is you all lost your places on the team. Being held back for a year and you're banned from this trip, you know I acted like a general. And in leading my troops, but you guys are finished now, with your records with the cops right now, but this."

"Just how many times do you think you can get in trouble, before something like this can destroy your future. Well I had it with all of you, you're off the team and being held back a year, go home." he said sternly and they paled as one of them said it. "But Sir, that's not fair!" one of the players said and he looked at him sternly at that news as he said it.

"You're absolutely right, it's not fair." he said and shoved the player against the wall as he looked at the player in disgust. "Well fair to us, would be to suffer what he just suffered through, and will. For the next nine months, so we can expose you for the heartless, desensitized little shits that you are!" he growled at him and they swallowed hard at that.

As Alex buried his head into Clear's shoulder as he lifted his eyes to the doctor, the man felt his heart sink at the look on his face, remembering the look on movie. And of the narrator he felt like he was seeing him after the loss of his two friends. 'God he's too sick to get up right now.' he thought as one of his team said it to him under his breath then.

"Exhaustion, shock and suffering the side effects of that crap, if he's hurt, he's going to be in bed for 18 hours to 2 days to recover. And from what these little brats did to him, Sir." the nurse said to him and he nodded. "The rest of you check the other passengers, Cassie join their class and keep an eye on him." he said and she nodded to him then.

Running a hand through the hair at the back of his head, their biology teacher looked him over as they saw him close his eyes tightly as Clear felt him shaking. "That attack drained his energy levels and that's not if he got hit, but the effects of this crap. It took the rest of his strength with it and he's been up for close to 24 hours straight here."

"Drained what was left of his strength at the moment Eric, though he's hurt and we're taking him with us right now." Their biology teacher said and he nodded in agreement. "God he looks like Jackson did, and during the detox from that piece of junk." the doctor said in angered concern at that as he looked him over carefully as the trio nodded firmly.

"He needs a good ten hours worth of rest at the moment, after being up half the night last night, but the quintet. After the FBI get up here, tell the cops to take the quartet home, and explain to their parents what the four of us decided. Carter lost two days in his trip and he's being held for questioning." Lewton said and the trio nodded sternly.

"And we're not changing our minds, you little bastard, you did this to yourself, no one's actions, but your own right now, so again. You committed the crime, well then you can pay the price at the moment, gentlemen. But you all lost your scholarships, and are being held back a year, you are also banned from this trip, summer school now too."

"We're just setting up this list of punishments here right now for the five of you, but what we decide is mere child's play compared to what the authorities are going to do. To you, and for pulling a stunt like this right now gentlemen, you're not changing our minds. You did this to yourselves, so suck it up now." Murnau said with a stern growl at them then.

As the quartet saw him shaking in exhaustion and nodded as he left his head buried into her shoulder as Terri stayed next to him as Billy, Todd and Lewton stayed next to him. Not bothering to say anything, the trio nodded in stern disgust. "These next 9 months are going to be beyond traumatizing after this." Billy said and the adult trio nodded firmly.

"Tried to ruin his life and instead you destroyed your's right now boys, top student in class, you're sick of it, tried to discredit him. And get caught, long before the conclusion happens, the sarcophagus, the starburst, uh huh yes. And why shouldn't I be surprised by this now, you're jealous, you always were." Murnau added sternly in disgust then.

"Spider sense, you jocks never know when to quit right now, but Alex is what Parker was like and Carter is Brock, before he turned into Venom." Billy said with a firm growl as he got what he was saying to him. "And with those words in mind I think we can all guess why he was prepared to prevent one mistake from taking us away from him now."

"And one that would have left him beyond traumatized and swearing vengeance to put every criminal scum in the city behind bars now." Clear said and he nodded in agreement to that remark. "Mixture of my favorite comic book characters, but they're all scientists, but one choice saves everyone on the plane." he said and the quartet nodded gently.

"And we owe you big, without you having that sixth sense we'd be gone now, but we can't let this one close call rule our lives, we stick together and we'll make it now." Terri said to him and he nodded as she rested her hand on his shoulder then. "Can you get up?" Billy added and he nodded as he straightened up then as they watched him.

As Carter looked at him in shock. "Don't give me that look, if not for me you would be dead right now, you idiot." Alex said as he tried to stand, as his muscles gave out on him as he collapsed, before trying a second time and his arms gave out. As the rest of the class watched him in relief, they saw him trying to get himself off the floor then.