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The Forgotten Chieftain's Wife Prequel Prologue

Growing up at Stormwind in Azeroth her thoughts never once traveled to what hell might be like. There never was a need to with so much peace and coalition in the land.

But now after being held against her will, trapped in a foreign land, long away from home, Lyanna has no doubt about what it must be like there anymore.

This is hell. She's been living in what can only be described as hell's incarnate for a year.

Ever since the first moment Lyanna opens her eyes after being stolen and finding herself a slave under Gul'dan's heinous control Lyanna has been victimized and subjected to unimaginable cruelty. Generally from his hands and plenty of others in the army he calls the Horde. The proof is in the marks Lyanna bears from countless beatings as testament to this.

In the beginning there was a huge language barrier. She knew none of the Orc language and they did not know hers. Strangely enough only Gul'dan and Garona are the ones who fluently speaks her tongue. All the others have no clue.

During the time of her unjust imprisonment Lyanna and Gorona have formed a fast and steady friendship that holds a deep rapport. The two of them looked out for one another. Garona especially did her utmost best to protect her new friend, warning her on what behaviors to watch out for and how to avoid on the receiving end of a cruel hand as much as possible. Garona, also, gave her lessons on the Orc language, traditions, and different cultures. In return Lyanna teaches Garona about Azeroth, telling stories about her life there and all the people that were a part of her life.

Merely reminiscing about those memories makes her sad, yearning for the life led that was cruelly snatched away from her. Still those memories are what keep her going, hoping beyond hope that someday circumstances will change.

In the year Gul'dan has kept her imprisoned he's basically dragged her from one territory of Draenor to the next. Gul'dan has been using her as an incentive for the other Clans to join with the Horde, showing them the power of the Fel that now resonates inside of him. Her and the Fel combined bring a promise about what awaits them in the new world he wants to deliver them t0.

So far many have fallen in line with Gul'dan while others remain steadfast in their ways to follow their own traditions and way of life.

The clan Gul'dan is traveling over desolate land drying up to the last to a certain clan. One he has yet to make first contact with. The Frostwolves whom reside on Frostfire Ridge.

Although there's no chance Gul'dan will ever admit this, but she and Garona can see that he's really desperate to have the Frostwolves merge into the Horde's ranks. Lyanna wants to know what makes this particular specific clan so special that he'll go to these such great lengths to recruit them. Garona explains to her that the Frostwolves are a northern clan that isolates themselves from the others in the southern lands. They are a very noble people who strictly value honor and traditions very closely. Gul'dan believes that if he manages to successfully convince the Frostwolves to change their minds then the others resisting the call might fall in line with them.

Gul'dan is relying heavily on this to work.

Lyanna finds it hard to believe that the Orc's can bear these qualities. She's barely witnessed it from the southern Orcs except in battle. Lyanna does concede that there are some admirable qualities that they do have she's witnessed on good days, but those occasions are rare and few in between.

Still this is a new clan, one whose people she hasn't even laid her eyes on yet. Garona thinks they may surprise her.

Lyanna will be the judge of that.

Only time will tell how well Gul'dan will be received her let alone Lyanna.

Right now it could go either way.

Lyanna sincerely hopes they tear Gul'dan to pieces.

Now as they trudge along to the one clan Gul'dan seems highly invested on recruiting into the Horde Lyanna prays to the gods for when her torment will end.

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