I'm not really sure how to say this, so I guess I'll just say it. Lol.

I'm sorry. I never say those two words: it's usually "I apologize," but not here.

I'm sorry that it's been so long since I've updated this story. I'm sorry that I've kept you all waiting for an update. I'm deeply sorry that I return to you all now - empty handed.

However, I'd like for everyone to know that this was not my intention. I've switched computers three times, lost all of my FF saved documents, and have become a lot busier in my life than I'd like sometimes. I'm not putting in my resignation yet, but I am declaring a hiatus until further notice. If you need anything, I'll still be available for PM, but it'll take me a few days probably to get back to you. I wish I could be here more, focus, and get back on track with my writing, but that's unrealistic at the moment. :(

I offer a thanks to those who have been by me since day one, and those who came after and are still along for this messed up ride. Thank you. I appreciate everything.

I love all of you like a second family, and I hope everyone is staying safe pertaining to and outside of COVID-19. Take care... and I'll see you somewhere in the pages.


P.S. - If anyone would like to continue their own version of (or rewrite) any of my stories or utilize any of my OCs, let me know and we'll see where things go. Even though I don't plan on - actually, hold on.

List of Stories Available For Re-Write/Continuation/Alt-Version

1.) Balto: Alone (Even though it was badly written, I still like this fanfic. I just don't plan to continue it as of now. Different time.)
2.) NOTHING ELSE at the moment. :P I still care too much about everything else to completely ditch it right now. I'll get back to it someday... I just hope we all live to see it. XD

If there's any questions about characters, don't pay attention to what's in my bio. Just hit me up. Thanks!