Prologue: Let's Begin the Story of Light And Darkness

At Ever After High, it was Legacy Day and all eyes were on Raven Queen as she was going to sign the Storybook of Legends and seal her destiny as the next Evil Queen.

"I am Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen and I pledge…" Raven stutters as her key appears showing her future if she follows the path of her mother leading in her being shunned by everyone and forced into living off the street.

"Come on, do it," Apple whispers excitedly.

Raven looked at her future and hated everything about it. But before she can say or do anything, a bright light envelops everyone as they disappear. Soon as all the Ever After High students and faculty woke up they noticed that they're not at Ever After High but in a cinema theater room filled with comfy seats, snack tables with all kinds of foods and drinks, plus a large screen with a projector on the ceiling. What is more surprising is that Alistair Wonderland, Bunny Blanc, the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, Alice, White Queen, the Mad Hatter Courtly Jester, Chase Redford, Snow White, Crystal Winter, the Mad Hatter, Giles Grimm, the Snow King, the Snow Queen, Little Red Riding Hood, Meeshell Mermaid, Ramona Badwolf, Jillian Beanstalk, Justine Dancer, Nina Thumbell, and the Evil Queen. So, everyone started to ask questions.

"What's going on here?"

"Where are we?"

"It's Raven's fault, she must have brought us here!"

"Headmaster Grimm, what's going on?" Apple asked as Headmaster Milton Grimm looked at his prized pupil.

"I have no idea how we ended up here?" Milton Grimm said.

"Same goes for me brother," Giles Grimm said as everyone looked at him.

"Giles, we can understand you," Maddie said.

"How is this possible?" Milton Grimm asked.

"I don't know how my Babble curse which made me only speak Riddlish is removed," Giles Grimm said.

"Miss Queen do you have any idea what you did?!" Milton Grimm asked.

"Sorry Headmaster Grimm, but just like you I have no idea how I got us here," Raven said.

"Well whatever after is going on, I'm free!" the Evil Queen shouted as everyone's attention was on her.

"Mom how did you get out of Mirror Prison," Raven said as she glared daggers at her.

"I have no idea, but it feels nice to get out of that Mirror Prison," the Evil Queen smirked.

"Alistair, Bunny, Mom, Auntie!" Lizzie shouted as she hugged her mother, her aunt, and the Wonderlandians for a grand reunion.

"Lizzie my darling, it's so good to see you again," the Queen of Hearts shouted as she hugged her daughter back along with her sister the White Queen.

"Yes, it is very nice to see you again," the White Queen said.

"Mom!" Kitty said as she hugged her mother.

"Oh Kitty, it's so good to see you again," the Cheshire Cat said.

"Alistair, Bunny, it's so good to see you again," Maddie Hatter said as she hugged the two of them.

"It's nice to see you, Maddie," Alistair said.

"I don't know how we got here from Wonderland," Bunny said.

"Well I don't care to cause the Wonderlandians are all here," the Mad Hatter said as he gave the Wonderlandians a group hug.

As they were hugging each other, they noticed Courtly Jester was in the room.

"Courtly what are you doing here?" Lizzie asked.

"I don't know Lizzie, but even a Wild Card myself is very unpredictable," Courtly said.

"But still, who was the one who brought us here?" Raven asked.

"That would be me," a mysterious voice said as everyone turned around to see a figure wearing a white coat with a golden zipper. Although the hood was covering the figure's face, they realized by the tone of his voice it's a male.

"Who are you and what are we doing here?!" Milton Grimm demanded.

The mysterious figure let a little chuckle before replying to his answer. "I won't reveal my true name because of my reason which I won't tell you, but you can call me Draco," the mysterious figure now called Draco said. "As for why you are here, you are going to listen and watch a story about a war that is going to happen in the future between light and darkness."

"And why would we do that? We have an important event to get, and you basically interrupted Legacy Day," Milton Grimm said.

"That's the point, the story you're going to read is the event after Legacy Day," Draco said which surprised everyone.

"So you mean, this is going to show the event if I didn't sign the Storybook of Legends?" Raven asked which shocked Apple and Milton Grimm.

"Raven," Apple said as she tore up.

"Miss Queen, I thought I told you to get that dangerous idea out of your head," Milton Grimm said.

"I know Headmaster, but I'm curious because I might get the answer that I need if we listen to what this guy said," Raven said.

"Well I don't care about that, listen here Mr. Draco, I want you to send us back to Ever After High so we continue our Legacy day ceremony," Milton Grimm said.

"That's not possible, cause the only way to return back to your world is to finish reading the story," Draco said.

"You mean we're stuck here until the story is over?" Briar asked.

"Pretty much, besides it's a pretty good story," Draco said.

"So who's going to read the story?" Maddie said.

"Isn't obvious the Narrators and their daughter Brooke Page will be narrating your story," Draco said as a man, a woman, and a girl appeared as she was holding the book.

"Wait, you mean the narrators as in the voice that Maddie keeps talking to," Raven asked.

"You are indeed correct Raven," Draco said.

"Listen here Draco, I want you to send me back to Ever after so I can rule this fairytale world with my evil," the Evil Queen said

"Yeah... no," Draco said.

"Fine then, then I'll place a terrible curse on you," the Evil Queen shouted.

"Same goes for me," Faybelle said as they use their magic powers only to find that nothing happens.

"What's going on? Why isn't my magic working?!" the Evil Queen shouted in rage.

"Yeah what gives?" Faybelle said.

"Yeah, don't even think about it. This room blocks out all magic, so you won't be casting spells anytime soon. You're in my world now so I have complete control of this place," Draco said as the Evil Queen and Faybelle groan.

"Well that's one thing we shouldn't worry about," Raven said.

"Okay here are the rules. You can comment while Brooke is reading, it won't affect the story. We'll take breaks at the end of each chapter plus I'll give a preview of the next chapter in the story. You can ask me questions if you are unclear about something and I'll try to answer them the best I could. There is no fighting or violence here, if you start a fight, then I'll have no choice but to restrain you to your seat with your mouths shut and your hands to your sides until you calm down. Trust me, being restrained is not a pleasant feeling," Draco said causing everyone to shudder.

"Well then, I also allow the privilege to have people from Wonderland to join us cause they might miss each other and have Giles's Babble curse removed so we can understand him. However I can't remove Cedar's curse to only tell the truth or Hopper's frog transformation," Draco said as Cedar and Hopper frowned.

"Well then let's start reading about the future," Draco said.

"Wait what's the name of the book?" Maddie asked.

"Oh thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot. The title of the book is called, The Nobody of Ever After High. Now cue the opening," Draco said as the opening for The Nobody of Ever After High starts lighting up on the screen, as the opening is about to begin.

(Opening Live your Story by Auli'i Cravahlo)

(Instrumental) The scene opens with Roxas sitting at his chair at Organization XIII wearing his coat. Looking up from his seat he sees Xemnas pointing at him as the scene changes.

"Wow, this is some amazing music," Melody Piper said as she nodded her head to the beat.

"Still who's that boy Roxas and that creepy man Xemnas," Apple said.

"Yeah that black coat is very creepy," Briar said.

"Wait a minute, you're wearing the same coat as that man," Duchess said, pointing at Xemnas.

"True, but the designs are different. My coat is white and has a golden zipper and Xemnas' coat is black and has a silver zipper. I'm basically on the side of light and he is on the side of darkness," Draco said.

" I cannot tell a lie, but that man looks very ominous," Cedar said.

"Draco I demand you tell me who that Roxas boy is!" Milton Grimm demanded as he pointed at Roxas.

"Sorry can't tell you. That would spoil the story and no one likes a spoiler," Draco said as they continued to watch.

(You defy the impossible. Got a heart unstoppable. You are more than ready) Roxas walks along the streets of Twilight Town when Hayner, Pence, and Olette eating Sea Salt Ice Cream and walk past him. Turning towards them a look of envy was on his face. When he turns back he sees Xion and Lea glaring at him with Keyblade and Chakrams at the ready.

(Not just a fighter Not just a dreamer Amazing creator Relentless believer) Roxas summons Oathkeeper and Oblivion and blocks both their attacks pushing them backward before Diz, Riku, and Namine appear in front of him and Roxas is pushed through the pod where Sora is held.

"Wow, whoever that boy is he must have a terrible past. I mean he was probably jealous that he doesn't have any friends and those two people attacked him," Cerise said.

"Still, who is the boy inside that pod and those three people that appeared right in front of Roxas," Dexter asked.

(In who I am and what I got inside) Roxas's eyes were closed and when he opens them he sees he's standing in front of Ever After High with a portal behind. Looking forward he sees Raven and Apple waving at him making a smile form on his face.

"Wait that's us," Raven said.

"Why are you smiling and looking at him that way?" Apple asked.

"What is most surprising is where did that portal come from?" Baba Yaga said.

(Dream, see, write, live your story) Turning around he reaches into the portal and pulls out Xion, Lea, and Namine who look around in awe at first before Roxas gestures for them to follow him.

"Wait a minute first Xion and Lea attacked him and now they are awed and friends with him along with that Namine girl?" Darling asked.

"Well let's just say that he has a rough friendship with them," Draco said.

(Every day it keeps unfolding. Unfolding) In the school Maddie, Alistair, Kitty, Lizzie, and Bunny were sitting at a table having tea with the Mad Hatter, Alice, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and the White Queen. Maddie finishes her tea and looks to a pool of water running towards it she jumps in.

"Look it's us," Maddie said jumping up and down.

"I know, it is very nice to see all us Wonderlandians together again," Alistair said.

"I say and it is a very Hatastic Tea Party we are having in the story. In fact..." Mad Hatter said as he and Maddie brought out a table, chairs, teapot, and teacups for the Wonderlandians to sit down. "Teatime!"

Soon the Wonderlandians shrugged and started having a tea party.

(Make it your own The power is all yours) From underwater Meeshell and Ariel in their mermaid forms swim up and jump out of the water before splashing down as water soaks a nearby Beast who growls in anger until Rosabella and Belle hand him towels calming him down.

Soon everyone was in shock including Meeshell and Rosabella.

"Wait, is that our parents," Meeshell said pointing to the screen.

"Well they look almost similar to our parents," Rosabella said.

"You see, this is basically an alternative version of your parents since they are from another world," Draco explained.

"What do you mean by another world?" Raven asked.

"You will find out later," Draco said as they continue watching the story.

(Dream, see, write, live your story Dream big and live your story) Moving to another room Holly, Poppy, Rapunzel, and Pascal were holding back their laughter as they styled Eugene's hair while he slept.

"Look it's our mother," Holly said.

"I know, but who is Eugene," Poppy asked.

"Just wait a little bit longer," Draco said.

(So many roads for you to pave. Let them all go your way. You are more than ready) Roxas, Lea, Namine, and Xion walk past the room and look outside to see the Tempest where Darling and Daring were practicing with wooden swords with Dexter sitting nearby. Nearby Cerise, Ramona, Prof. Badwolf, and Red Riding hood were having a picnic when Nina grows to their size and joins them.

"Wow sis, I can not believe how good you are with a sword seeing that you are a damsel," Daring said.

"I know right?" Darling said as she was getting very nervous about her secret getting out.

"Well I don't know about you two, but the spaceship looks amazing," Dexter.

"I can not tell a lie, but that has got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen," Cedar

"But still why are you Cerise, Ramona, Red Riding Hood, and Professor Badwolf bourbon a picnic?" Hunter asked as they all stared at the four of them.

"UGH! Alright, Little Red Riding Hood is married to the Big Bad Wolf which means that Cerise and Ramona are sisters! Can we please stop asking questions about the future and just watch already!" Draco shouted completely annoyed.

"Wait a minute, Little Red Riding Hood married the Big Bad Wolf?" Maddie said as Cerise takes off her hood to show her wolf ears.

"Yeah surprised. Sorry, it's that I don't want anyone to know because it's a family secret," Cerise said.

"Looks like our secrets out Red," Ramona said as their parents looked very sad.

"Well it doesn't matter since you're our friend," Raven said as Cerise's friends agreed with her.

"Well even though it is weird that your mother Little Red Riding Hood is marrying the Big Bad Wolf," Apple said.

(Look in the mirror Can't get much clearer) Up above them was a Beanstalk rising to the clouds. On it Jillian, Humphrey, Hopper, and Amora were climbing it when a branch broke and Hopper fell and turns into his frog form.

(Beautiful treasure. One of a kind on earth) In the kitchen, Ginger was cooking alongside Tiana and Prince Naveen when Frog Hopper dropped into her Gumbo Pot. Reaching in, Tiana giggles as she pulls out Hopper who rubbed the back of his head.

"Who is that woman," Milton asked.

"You'll find out soon," Draco said.

"Yeah but still, I can't believe that I am climbing that Beanstalk," Humphrey replied with fear in his voice.

"You're telling me, I've gotten so nervous that I turn into a frog and fall off," Hopper said.

"Oh come on, it's not so bad," Jillian said.

"Easy for you to say," Humphrey said, looking a little bit annoyed.

"Still I do enjoy the scene where I get to do some cooking," Ginger said.

(Setting free what I got here inside. Dream, see, write, live your story Your story, oh) At the archery range Robin Hood and Sparrow were firing arrows at targets and when Sparrow hits the bullseye Robin ruffles his head when Cupid steps up and shoots an arrow splitting his in half making both father and son drop their mouths in shock. Across Farrah moved her wand and created a pair of glass slippers picking them up Ashlynn put them on Cinderella's feet before they looked to Hunter who had set up a wooden table for them.

"Wait a minute, my father is a fox?!" Sparrow yelled.

"It will be revealed soon, but at least you get to bond with your alternate version of your father," Draco said.

(Every day it keeps unfolding. Unfolding) The scene changes to Briar and Faybelle who look towards Aurora who was making her way towards the spinning wheel, but move quickly and pull her away to see Maleficent appear in front of them and a bright light explodes from her.

"Wait, who is Maleficent?" Faybelle asked.

"Maleficent is known as the Mistress of All Evil, the Queen of the Heartless, and the Dark Fairy. Her powers can even rival the Evil Queen," Draco said which shocked everyone.

"Great now I have to deal with her," Briar said.

"Usually I should be amazed but for some reason I feel scared," Faybelle said.

"She thinks that she is more powerful than me? Ha! I show her who the real Mistress of Evil really is!" the Evil Queen shouted.

"Oh mom," Raven sighs as she put her hand on her face.

(Make it your own. The power is all yours) The bright light turns to the reflection off Blondie's camera as Cedar holds it up to Blondie reporting about a concert. Up on-stage Melody was at the DJ station when Roxas grabbed the mic and was singing as everyone was in the audience cheering.

(Dream, see, write. Live your story Dream big and live your story) As Roxas was singing he looked out to see Sora, Riku, Mickey, and Kairi smiling at him. As the 5 of them look into each other's eyes they look to see Terra, Ventus, and Aqua standing in between them.

"Wow this is one awesome party," Briar said.

"But still why are there two of them?" Apple asked.

"Like I said you will have to wait for more explanation," Draco said annoyed with all the questions.

(There's only one, there's only one. There's only one, there's only one) The scene changed to Roxas standing in the darkness when suddenly a heart shines in the air above him.

(You are unique. Set your fire free) Roxas reaches out and touches it and a bright light shines as the heart goes into his body.

(You got what the world needs. And it's time you see. That there's only one Oh) Roxas looks to see Apple holding out her hand for him to take. Smiling, he takes her hand and finds himself on the Tempest as all his friends were eager for their mission.

(Dream, see, write, live your story) In Arendelle Crystal was making ice magic alongside Elsa. In a large dance studio, Justine and Duchess were performing an amazing ballet.

(Your story, oh Every day it keeps unfolding Unfolding) Raven and Apple look to see their mothers the Evil Queen and Snow White looking at them with stern expressions wanting them to follow their fairytale destinies but the girls turn away from them.

"What is going on? Of course I wanted to follow my destiny in being the next Snow White. As for you Raven, you should follow your fairy tale destiny," Apple said as Snow White and Milton were smiling at Apple.

"Apple, I don't think I want to follow my story," Raven said which shocked the Royals and Milton Grimm.

"Mrs. Queen you have to follow your destiny or else you will disappear. As for you Draco, you better get us back to Ever After High for Legacy Day this instant!" Milton Grimm commanded.

"Sorry, but as I said, the only way to get back is to finish reading this story. Also, you can't tell me what to do, you are in my world not your world. This means, I don't have to listen to you, it is the other way around. So I highly recommend that you listen to me otherwise, I will have to restrain you," Draco said as Milton sat in silence knowing he can't do anything.

(Make it your own. The power is all yours) The scene changes to the Keyblade Graveyard where Sora, Riku, Roxas, Mickey, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua stood together as they looked up to see Xehanort and his vessels looking down at them as Kingdom Hearts is glowing above them.

(Dream, see, write Live your story, Story Dream big and live your story) Suddenly from out of the sky the Tempest flew over them and jumping out of it was Lea, Namine, Xion, Donald, Goofy, Raven, Apple, Briar, Maddie, Ashlynn, Cerise, Cedar, Blondie, Cupid, Holly, Poppy, Melody, Kitty, Lizzie, Ginger, Rosabella, Ramona, Darling, Jillian, Nina, Farrah, Meeshell, Justine, Crystal, Amora, Daring, Dexter, Hunter Sparrow, Alistair, Hopper, Faybelle, Duchess, and Humphrey. Landing behind them they drew their weapons as the 7 Lights summoned their keyblades and fired them into the sky creating a bright flash of light.

"Well I hate to admit it, but I look amazing and hero in this scene," Daring said as most girls were swooning at him, while the other girls just rolled their eyes.

(There's only one, there's only one There's only one, there's only one)When the light faded away Roxas found himself sitting at the top of the clock tower in Twilight Town when from behind Sora sits down next to him followed by all his friends as they pass out Sea Salt Ice Cream and watch the sunset as the music comes to end.

"So that is the end of the intro, what do you guys think?" Draco asked.

"Well I say this is quite fascinating," Raven said.

"I can not tell a lie, but that looks fantastic," Cedar said.

"I hate to admit it, but I seem quite interested to see what happens next," Apple said.

"I agree this might be hexciting," Briar said.

"But we must head back to Legacy Day, we are way behind schedule," Milton said.

"I know brother, but as said, we can not leave this place until the story is over. Besides, this might be a story to look into," Giles said as Milton looked at everyone seeing that they are all interested in this story and have no choice since he is outnumbered.

"Okay fine, let's get this over with," Milton said.

"I am so glad you are enjoying, but don't worry once the story is over, I promise I will return you back to Ever After High for Legacy Day since I happened to stop the time there so it would be like nothing has ever happened," Draco said which shocked everyone making them think how powerful is Draco. "Now then, let's start with Chapter 1: A New Adventure, which will begin the Arc I, Welcome to Ever After High. But first, why don't you stretch your legs and get some refreshments. After all this is a cinema theater and I don't want you to get hungry." The moment Draco said eat, everyone's stomach started to growl of hunger which reminded them that they haven't eaten since the opening. So everyone got up and followed Draco to the dining area to get something to eat.