Chapter 20: Legacy Orchard

Back in the cinema theater, everyone was sitting down back in their seats after eating the tasty treats.

"Okay then has everyone had the chance to eat?" Draco asked as everyone nodded their heads. "Good cause this next chapter is all about the Legacy Orchard."

"Ooh I can't wait to see the yearbooks of the previous class," Apple said excitedly.

"Yay," Raven said as she was not too interested in the chapter.

"Well there are going to be some things that you would not expect in the yearbook," Orion said.

"Yeah like, what?" Darling asked.

"You'll see," Twilight said as the projector played Chapter 20: Legacy Orchard.

It was a beautiful morning in Ever After as Headmasters Milton and Giles Grimm lead everyone up the hill to the Legacy Orchard as a tradition at the beginning of the year.

"The beginning of the school year and the traditional field trip to the Legacy Orchard," the female narrator said.

At the front Daring, Sparrow, and Hunter were in the middle of a race to the top.

Daring runs to the gate while Sparrow and Hunter stop from exhaustion.

"Wha Hoo! Fastest right here." Daring cheers until they heard someone clear their throat.

The three boys looked to see Cerise was already by the gate. "With that time? I don't think so." Cerise chuckles.

"Well that is expected since she didn't even break a sweat," Raven said as Cerise smiled since she beat the boys by getting to the gate of the Legacy Orchard first.

Giles, Milton, and the rest of the students make it to the top.

"Now students I hope I don't have to remind you to be on your best behavior as we enter the Legacy Orchard." Milton said as they unlocked the gate letting them in.

"Oh, this is hex-cellent." Apple said happily.

"Yeah, hex-cellent." Raven said sarcastically.

"Raven, you need to show more enthusiasm," Apple said.

"Sorry, I don't think that I am quite interested in the yearbook," Raven said.

"Today you'll be able to read the yearbooks from untold generations of students who came before." Giles said as Cedar took a few pictures.

'I can't believe I've been here for so long. Lot has happened.' Roxas thought walking through the Orchard.

"I've heard of this, each tree has the yearbook stories from a different class." Apple said looking at one of the trees.

"The students spent the morning reading the high school adventures of their forbearers," the male narrator said.

"Tales from the youths of future kings and queens, heroes and villains that began at Ever After High. Just like them except they did not choose their own ever after," the female narrator said.

Roxas walks up to a tree and opens one of the books. Inside he sees a girl with super long hair.

"No way," Holly said.

"It can't be," Poppy said.

"Hey Holly, Poppy, look at this." Roxas called out as the two of them came over.

"No way is that our mom?" Holly asks.

"Who else has hair as long as yours? But Poppy, I think you might be interested in that." Roxas points to the object in Rapunzel's hand.

"Whoa, Mom used a Frying Pan, just like me." Poppy said surprised.

"I can't believe our mom uses a frying pan," Poppy said.

"I wonder why she would use a frying pan?" Holly said.

"Says here she would use that thing to keep everything away, especially people who tried to mess with her hair." Holly said.

Roxas and Poppy chuckle.

"Well that explains it," Poppy said as she and her sister giggled at the thought of their mother using a frying pan.

"Who else in here?" Poppy asks, flipping the badges.

In the yearbook, Roxas saw Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Beast, and Alice.

'These versions of them sure look a lot different from the ones from Sora's memories, and I've seen Beast up close, compared to this one the one I've seen looks way scarier.' Roxas thought.

"Wow it's my mom, and you look great in this picture," Apple said.

"Yes my apple dumpling I know, I just love that yearbook picture with my old high school friends," Snow White said.

"Yeah, I bet you look the fairest of them all," the Evil Queen mocks Snow White as they glare at each other while Apple and Raven's sigh knowing their mother's rivalry.

"Well there is my mom and she looks amazing," Ashlynn said.

"Along with you mom," Alistair said as he looked at his mother.

"Yes Alistair, it has been a memorable moment at Ever After High. In Wonderland High school only lasts for one day then everyone graduates so there wasn't a long time to make friends like in Ever After High," Alice said.

"Along with my mom and dad as well," Rosabella said as she looked at Draco, Twilight, and Orion. "So how is the version of our parents compared to Sora's memories?"

"Well there is some major difference in appearance, but they do have some similarities," Twilight said.

"Except for Snow White," Draco muttered.

"What was that?" Snow White asked.

"Oh nothing," Draco said.

'Way to be settle Draco,' Orion thought.

"Well Sora only met the different versions of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Alice, The Little Mermaid, Belle, the Beast, Pinnochio, and Dark Fairy," Orion said.

"Wow, I can't wait to see them," Ashlynn said.

'Well you are going to be the first person to see an alternate version of your mom,' Twilight thought.

"You know Roxas since you and Namine are officially students you'll get to be in the Yearbook as the first Ever After Student to use a Keyblade." Poppy said.

"Who knows, maybe someday future students will read the Story of Roxas." Holly said.

"Wow, that would be interesting." Roxas said before walking to another tree.

As Namine was flipping through a yearbook Roxas walked over to her. "Any interesting stories in this year?" Roxas asks.

"So far, they all seem pretty interesting, but nobody we might know of." Namine turns the badge and her eyes widen. "Roxas look."

"Is that?" Roxas said in shock.

In the picture was a man in his 40's. He had a pointy hat with stars and moons along with a matching blue jacket, they were looking at a young Yen Sid. But what really got their attention was the young Milton and Giles Grimm being handed the position of Headmaster by him.

"No way," Milton said.

"In this alternate version Yen Sid is the previous Headmaster of Ever After High when we were students," Giles said.

"Yeah, there are some differences in these alternate parallel worlds," Draco said, making everyone shocked about the alternate worlds.

"Yen Sid was the Headmaster of Ever After High?" Namine said in shock.

"Unreal." Roxas said when Giles walks up to them.

"Oh, it is very real you two. Yen Sid passed the title of Headmaster to me and my brother when we became old enough to run the school on our own." Giles said.

"Wow." Roxas said turning to the next page where Yen Sid was with two boys playing chess one had dark clothing and silver hair, while the other was dressed in white and had long black hair. "Who are these two?" Roxas asks.

"This book is so old the names have almost faded away." Namine said.

They both looked to see all was left was X for one name and E for the other the rest they couldn't make out.

"Curiouser and curiouser," Cheshire Cat said.

"You can say that again, are those two students at Ever After High?" Apple asked.

"I don't know, this is an alternate version of our world so I don't know who those two boys are," Milton said.

"I agree, I never saw those two back when we were students," Giles said.

"So care to tell us?" Milton asked.

"Well we do know who those two are, but that would be spoiling the story," Twilight said.

"Sorry, rules are rules," Draco said.

"Well this is getting more interesting," Brooke said.

"Well I don't think I can handle all these information and secrets," the male narrator said.

"Well at least things can't get any crazier than this," the female narrator said.

Suddenly throughout the Orchard various Heartless appeared: Scarlet Tangos, Dire Plants, Shadows and a few Gigas Shadows.

"Well you just have to say it," Orion said.

"Look out!" Ginger yells as most of the students ran from the Heartless as fast as they could.

"Roxas, don't let them destroy the orchard!" Milton yells.

Roxas and Namine summon their keyblades. "Anyone else who wants to save the orchard feel free to help!" Roxas said as he and Namine charged.

"Hang on Roxas!" Poppy said taking out her frying pan.

"We got your back!" Raven said as she and Maddie charged.

Information: Defeat the Heartless before they destroy the Legacy Orchard.

Defeat conditions: The Legacy Orchard takes too much damage.

"Well this is a surprise," Draco said.

"What is?" Jillian asked.

"This is the first time a defeat condition has to appear," Draco said.

"According to the defeat condition, if the Legacy Orchard takes too much damage, then they lose," Twilight.

"So Roxas and the team must defeat the Heartless before they destroy the orchard," Orion said.

"Okay so the Scarlet Tangos is a Magic Type and they are pretty easy to defeat, but they do cause Ignite status. They attack by shooting fireballs so it is best to keep your distance and attack with ice or water magic," Twilight said.

"As for the Giga Shadows, they are a Power Type and a bigger and more powerful version of Shadows. They attack the same way as Shadows but have more HP. When they start jumping, block their attacks before they overpower you," Orion said.

"Get out of our orchard!" Melody said firing music notes.

As a few shadows approached one of the trees Apple hit the tree trunk and multiple yearbooks came down hitting the Shadows.

They turn to Apple and pursue her when Oathkeeper flies in destroying them.

Apple looks to see Roxas looking over. "Love the bravery Apple, but it takes more than books to destroy them!" Roxas said.

"Way to go Apple," Raven said, causing her to get embarrassed.

With his back turned a Dire Plant fires a seed at him. "Roxas!" He turns to see Poppy whacking the seed back at the plant destroying it. "I got your back!" Poppy said.

"You're awesome Poppy." Roxas said as a small blush appeared on her face.

Namine destroys a Scarlet Tango and comes face to face with a Gigas Shadow. She grips Chain of Memories tightly.

The Gigas shadow swipes its arms at her and Namine side steps before hitting it repeatedly until it grabs her arm and throws her backward, sending tumbling onto the ground.

"Ow." She groans picking herself up.

As the Gigas Shadow charges Raven blasts it with her powers making it fall backward.

"Thanks a lot." Namine said.

"No problem, now finish it off." Raven said.

Namine charges forward and slams her Keyblade into its chest turning it back into darkness.

Melody fires the multiple music notes from her music track destroying the Dire Plants. "All that's left are the big ones!" She yelled.

Roxas charges towards the last two Heartless. "Thunder Raid!" Thunder coats Oblivion as Roxas throws it at one, sending it crashing back causing it to disappear into shadows.

"Maddie!" Roxas yells as Maddie drops down from the tree smashing her mallet on top of the shadow destroying it.

"I think that's all of them." Raven said as they all scan the area.

"Well I am glad that the Legacy Orchard is safe and it doesn't look like it took too much damage," Milton said, sighing in relief.

Everyone makes their way back in. "Thank you all for saving the orchard." Milton said.

"It's what we do sir." Namine said.

Roxas walks over to Apple. "Hey, that was really brave of you to try and help us Apple."

"Well, you guys look like you need help." Apple said.

"You know that the offer to teach you to fight is still open." Roxas said.

"This time I might actually take you up on it." Apple chuckles.

"Wow, Apple joining the team," Cersie said, not expecting Apple to be fighting the Heartless.

"But my little apple dumping shouldn't be fighting these monsters," Snow White said.

"Rest assured your majesty, Roxas will take good care of her and her safety," Draco said.

"Alright, if you say so," Snow White said, a little skeptical about it.

"I wonder what Roxas is going to train Apple," Darling said as everyone started to imagine what Roxas is going to train Apple.

After they made sure all the Heartless were gone the students calmed down and even praised the ones who fought the Heartless.

Giles claps his hands and the yearbooks go back up into the trees. "I hope all of you have had a hex-cellent story-filled field trip." He said as everyone nodded in agreement.

"It was so much fun reading books and then battling Heartless. Who could ask for anything better?" Maddie said.

"Students at the end of the school year you will plant a new seed in this orchard, an Ecorn which will grow into a new story tree." Milton said holding up an acorn that had a USB drive in it.

"Representing the stories and adventures of your class." Giles said, causing everyone to be excited.

"Who will volunteer to be the editor of this year's special yearbook?" Milton asks as Apple runs forward holding Raven's hand.

"We volunteer!" Apple said.

Everyone applauds the two girls as they all gather for the first picture of the yearbook.

"Yeah, we are going to be the editor of the yearbook," Apple said excitedly.

"Well this is going to be interesting," Raven said.

"You know Roxas, I think this will be an interesting year." Namine said.

"With us around, they'll definitely get their share of adventure." Roxas said.

"And so, Apple and Raven are on the path to capture the best of times," the female narrator said.

"And the worst of times, to collect the stories of their year to share with future generations along with a new adventure from Roxas and Namine," the male narrator said.

As Cedar was about to take the picture they held up their keyblades as Cedar took the first photo of the new school year.

"Well that is the end of the chapter and now Apple and Raven are going to be the editors of the yearbook and let's just say it is going to be an interesting year," Draco said.

"Yeah, I wonder what this year is in store for us," Apple said.

"Well time to start the preview of the next chapter," Draco said.

Next time on The Nobody of Ever After High.

The scene opens to Roxas and Namine at Ever After spellebrating Spring Fairest.

Roxas: Wow, Spring Fairest is quite interesting.

Namine: Yeah with the people of Ever After celebrating Spring.

Roxas: Although, Master Yen Sid has an important mission for us and he need all of our team from Ever After.

Namine: I wonder what it could be?

The scene changes to Alistair Wonderland and Bunny Blanc at Ever After.

Roxas: Wait, who are those two, and how does Maddie, Kitty, and Lizzie knows them?

Namine: More importantly, is that the Storybook of Legends?

Next time: Chapter 21: Spring Unsprung Part 1

Roxas: What in ever after is going on here?

Roxas and Namine: May your hearts be your guiding key.

"Well that is the end of the preview with Alistair Wonderland and Bunny Blanc making their appearance in Ever After," Draco said.

"Well I am still wondering how those two are in Ever After, all of the portals connecting to Wonderland are closed off," Milton said.

"Well there is still one portal left open letting a little bit of wonder flow into our world," Giles said.

"Oh right, the Well of Wonder," Milton said.

"More importantly, it looks like the Storybook of Legends that Briar tosses down the Well of Wonder ended up in Wonderland," Apple said with Briar looking a little worried remembering that she would sleep for a hundred years if she signed the book.

"Well I think it is time for a break," Twilight said as everyone got up for their break time.

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