[beginning note, in this version of semi-canon Alma /is/ alive and lives at the order with everyone else. At this point in the universe both Alma an Kanda are Generals and Allen is still trying to refute the decisions of central on his status. The couples are Yu/Lavi and Alma/Allen. Alma, Yu and Lavi are 20, Allen is 17 [it's early November]. From Alma's pov, fight me, mpreg warning for this entirely]


Tugging at the strap of his shoulder bag as he walked through the door, he kept his weapon strapped to his hip as he paused in the middle of the hall. He was finally back from his mission, wanting nothing more than to find his partner and rest with him in their bed. But first was the task of dropping off the innocence he had collected, and even after that he still had to look for the elusive whitette. Taking brisk steps towards the science division, the only disruptive sounds he could hear were those of his boots against the solid floor. He had barely taken steps past the lounge on his way back down the same hallway in the direction of the dining hall before he heard the shout of his name, turning around just in time to catch the younger exorcist before he knocked them both over.

"Alma! You're back!" Grinning, he leaned forward to press a kiss to the shorter's lips, feeling his hands being taken by gloveless ones. He was glad that Allen was feeling alright with his hand being uncovered today, it seemed to be akin to a roulette wheel with it in mind whether he'd wear the gloves or not.

"I was just on my way to go looking for you. Has Yu been keeping you company while you're both off missions?" Taking back one of his hands, he took some of the loose strands of ivory hair between the pads of his fingers, pulling it behind Allen's ear. He watched the younger adult's silver eyes glance away, intently staring at a blank spot on the wall to the side of the both of them.

"He was, until he stopped. He's been locking himself in his old room for the past while, and I don't even know if he leaves to go to bed. Lavi brought that up at breakfast, he got back yesterday from his mission and wasn't able to get to sleep because Kanda hadn't returned to their room." His boyfriend was usually louder when he spoke, so he had to hold his focus in order to hear the words the other spoke. He stayed quiet for another moment, watching Allen open his mouth a few times before letting a sigh out. "A few of us have already tried to talk to him, but he won't say anything let alone open the door. It's not locked, but there's something in front of it keeping the door from opening." Leaning forward, he brushed Allen's bangs away long enough to press a kiss to the shorter's forehead.

"I'll go and see if he'll talk to me, I doubt that he'll have done anything to actually harm himself or the baby on purpose. Why don't you go rest, you look like you're about to fall asleep standing up. I'll come join you once Yu is out of his room, alright?" Watching the locks bounce as Allen nodded, he watched as the whitette went in the opposite direction he was going. Grabbing something from the dining hall for Yu since he didn't know when the other had eaten last, he stood before the wooden door, his uniform coat unbuttoned as he used the back of his hand to knock on the surface. He barely heard the shifting from the other side of the door, but it made him smile either way. At least he knew that he wasn't talking to a sleeping body and wasting time.

"Yu? I just got back from my mission, I'm sorry I couldn't be here sooner. Allen told me that you've trapped yourself in here and haven't been leaving. Do you want to talk about it?" Hearing only silence for a moment, the next sound was a soft tap against the bottom of the door. He felt a small smile form across his lips, tapping back a moment before he spoke again. "Do you want to stay like this and just talk through the door or is it possible for me to come in? Either way I brought you some food since I didn't know when you last ate." Hearing silence again, he rested one hand against the door, feeling a light thump from a bit lower on the surface. So that's what was keeping the door closed, it should've been obvious.

"I'm scared." He had to strain to hear the two words though the door, figuring that he won't be let in yet as he rested his own back against the door and moved to sit on the floor of the hall. Closing his eyes at the words, he glanced down the hall for a moment before opening his mouth.

"I can understand that, but do you know why?" Hearing shuffling from the other side again, he glanced back for a moment.

"Get in here." Blinking in light shock, he stood again before trying the door again, it still not opening no matter how hard he tried. He almost made his frustration clear when he heard soft laughter from the other side of the door. "The door opens into the hallway Alma, why does everyone think it opens inward when the hinges are outside the room." Glancing to the edge of the surface, he saw the metal brackets before pulling the door towards himself, the room easily opening up once he did so. Bending over to grab the tray, he sighed as he walked in, pulling the door closed behind him silently. He could barely see the other's expression in the dim light of the room, but he still didn't appreciate the light laughter. The fact that Yu Kanda was laughing, even a little bit, showed how out of tune the young adult was, and it was upsetting that he would probably be the only one who could tell. Settling onto the floor to his best friend's side, he set the tray of food onto the floor between them, setting his hand on Yu's knee carefully.

"Talk when you want to, what happens in here won't be shared unless you want it to be." The light that managed to enter through the cracked window was dim, the glass having last been cleaned years ago most likely. He'd need to find a candle to light eventually. Watching as Kanda picked at the food on the tray, he heard the soft sigh as Yu's pale hands rubbed at his face.

"What's happening to me Alma? This isn't like me, I'm not usually like this." Yu's voice wavered as he spoke, and it took a bit for him to not pull his friend into a hug. Yu liked his space, especially whenever his emotions bubbled over like this, he would just need to wait for Kanda to initiate or reach out for contact.

"You're scared Yu, you told me that much already. It's probably been so long since you last felt like this, it will be alright, you're not alone." Watching the miniscule nod, he almost wasn't prepared when he was grabbed, having to spot himself so he wouldn't crash backwards as his friend threw himself at him. Wrapping both his arms around Yu, he tucked his friend's head under his chin, feeling his uniform blazer slowly get soaked around his shoulder. He carefully ran his fingers of one hand up and down Yu's back, trying to comfort the crying adult. "You're alright, just let it out. I've got you."

The two of them sat there for a while, him trying to soothe his crying friend. After a bit he had started to brush Yu's hair with his fingers, trying to fix any snags without pulling the locks. Hearing the soft crying taper off after a few minutes longer, he pulled himself away a little to see his best friend's face, using one hand to try wiping up the tear tracks before handing the cup of water that had been on the tray over. The front of his blazer was soaked in tears now, but he didn't care one bit as Kanda took slow sips from the glass, hiccuping like a child after a moment and startling them both. He had to hold his breath to keep from laughing at the sound, watching his heavily pregnant friend glare at the floor.

"Of course, the one time I actually let an emotion out this" Hearing another hiccup escape from the man on his lap, he couldn't help his soft chuckle. "fucking happens. Hey, stop laughing! It's not funny!" Watching the glare move from the floor to himself, he couldn't listen to the order he was given. It took a few more minutes for the both of them to calm down, the hiccups subsiding for a bit. Feeling a set of arms curl up around his neck, he rested his hands against his friend's back as he waited for words to come.

"Am I going to be alright? It's going to hurt, I don't want to hurt like that. I would rather be shot half a dozen times by the akuma." Sighing softly, he looked into his friend's eyes, the whites now looking red from crying, the dark blue meeting his.

"Yeah, it might hurt, but you don't really know how much until it happens. I've heard that for some the pain is really mild actually. That baby is going to come out and I doubt you'll even realize the pain once they're in your arms. So don't worry so much about that, and you have all of us to talk to if you get scared, being scared is normal. I heard that everyone else has been worried sick over you since you hid in here." Giving a smile to his friend, he felt it grow as he got a rare one back, feeling the arms move from around his neck to being around his shoulders, gaining a hug as well.

"Thank you Alma, I shouldn't have been like that." Helping Kanda off his lap, he watched as Yu picked up the tray to start eating, himself splitting the thick black hair with his fingers carefully. By the time he finished braiding the hair and tied the end Kanda had finished, using both his shoulder and the bed frame to get himself standing again. He picked up the tray from the floor as he stood, watching as Yu himself opened the door to the room, bright light blinding the both of them for a moment. He walked with Yu down the hall to the room his friend shared with Lavi, already knowing he needed to head in the opposite direction to drop the tray off by the dining hall, and even still to the room he and Allen shared. It was much easier to go the long way alone, and he knew Kanda was most likely exhausted from crying so much.

"Alma." Hearing his name again, he glanced over to his friend, finally able to see the exhaustion in the light as they stopped by the door.

"Yeah Yu?" He kept his voice down, not wanting to draw the attention of anyone at the moment.

"Thank you." Getting another hug, he returned the gesture for a moment before he watched Yu enter the room. He could hear the shocked yell from through the door, walking off after a few more moments. Stripping out of his uniform, making sure to hang the blazer on the bathroom doorknob so he remembered to remove the pins before it was washed, he climbed into bed, feeling arms wrap around him after barely a moment. Turning over to face Allen, he smiled as soft lips pressed against his own.

"Did you get him out of his room?" Hearing the light whisper as he pressed a second kiss to Allen's forehead, he hummed softly.

"Yeah, I did. It took a long while but he's in the proper room and hopefully he's asleep." Wrapping both his arms around Allen's waist, he could hear the soft sound of light laughter from the teen. "Are you feeling any better since you came to rest?"

"Yeah, the baby hasn't been too fussy since we talked earlier, I'm pretty sure they missed you too." Smiling at the nod he was sent, he leaned in for another kiss, fixing how the blanket was over the two of them. "Love you, Alma." Smiling as he blew out the lights, he could hear as his smaller boyfriend drifted off to sleep.

"I love you too, Allen."