"Mummy? Where's papa?" Sighing softly, he ran his fingers through his four year old son's short black hair. The only reason the boy was awake at this late at night was because Ryuuji had come down with a stomach flu two days before, leaving himself to stay up with his son when the boy couldn't get to sleep. What wasn't helpful was his own nausea, but it's not like you can control the symptoms of being pregnant.

"He went to go get you more medicine baby. Now how about we try getting some sleep, alright? It's really late at night." Watching his ill son nod, he was careful as he lifted the boy into his arms and carried him down the hall to the child's bedroom. He already knew if this didn't work he'd have to sit up with the little boy for the rest of the night. Setting the clean bucket beside the bed after he tucked Ryuuji under the covers loosely, he made sure that the boy would be alright in the case he was sick again before heading back down the hall to the kitchen. Hearing the clink of his wedding ring against the ceramic of his lukewarm teacup, he couldn't help but be a little worried about his husband of four and a half months. Alma had left for the store around one thirty this morning to find something they could use to help their son get better, but by now it was a few minutes after three. He didn't know how long he sat there with his now cold cup of tea in hand, but he could hear the rain outside slow down a little.

And then his phone rang, startling him out of his half asleep stupor. Answering the device after checking the caller ID, he wondered why the other was calling him. Maybe he forgot what he was supposed to be getting? Or at least, that's what he would have thought if the rain wasn't so loud through the device. "Alma? Is something the matter?"

"So I accidentally totaled the car." He felt his heart stop at those words, fear and dread creeping into his system.

"Are you alright?! Are you hurt? What happened?!" He spoke almost too quickly, almost sure that the other couldn't understand him.

"Allen, Allen, I'm fine. Just a few scrapes and bruises that's it. I was on my way home and I hydroplaned into a tree. I've already called the brigade and they're here helping with cleaning up." Letting out a breath in relief, he tried to calm his nerves with the information that Alma was alright.

"You don't know how glad I am to hear that." He could hear the sound of trucks and people working in the background, lightly coming to the realization for a reason behind the phone call. "You need me to come get you, don't you. That's why you called." He heard the light chuckle over the phone, standing from the table to grab his coat and shoes and a set of each for his son. He had vaguely heard the boy get out of bed again a few minutes ago, so at least he didn't have to wake the boy up this time.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I know you're tired from staying up with Ryuu the past few days and the babies aren't much help." Sighing softly as he slipped his shoes on, he paced down the hallway to the boy's room with both coats over his empty arm, the shoes held in the same hand as he kept his phone to his ear.

"It's fine, maybe we'll all get some sleep once you're back home with us. Text me the address you're closest to so I know what to plug into my map, I doubt you'll want to stand in the rain for another four hours as I get lost." Hearing another laugh, he paused right outside Ryuuji's room, briefly seeing the boy sitting on the floor with the bucket in hand through the crack in the door.

"Alright, I'll see you when you get here. Love you." Smiling slightly, he used one of his feet to carefully open the door.

"I love you too, we'll see you soon." Hanging up the device, he stuffed it into the pocket of his night pants, kneeling on the floor to help get his son's shoes and coat on. The four year old was easily pliant as he dressed the boy, briefly moving to the bathroom to rinse the bucket out in case it was needed while they were in the car. He was sure they were both glad that they had two vehicles at this moment, otherwise they'd have had to get a hold of someone else.

Pulling the hood of his coat back down as he climbed into the driver's seat after buckling the boy into his carseat, he tried to brush his bangs from his face as he buckled in, already glad that the rain had slowed down to a drizzle. They didn't need the both of them hitting trees tonight. Making sure Ryuuji was alright, he turned on the map on his phone, making sure the volume wasn't too high as he started the car and began driving. He was going almost too slow on the roads, especially ones that were slightly flooded. He was glad that he wasn't pulled over for being below the limit, he didn't think he'd be able to get through explaining without breaking down.

Catching sight of his husband under a long since closed shop's awning as he pulled into the empty lot of a fuel station, he was careful as he shifted the car into park. Unbuckling from the seat, he opened the driver's side door, hopping out long enough to be pulled into a hug. Feeling the hood of his coat being pulled up over his head, he closed his eyes lightly, the feeling of warmth and familiarity calming his previously scrambled nerves.

"Lets get home and get to sleep, okay? I'm sure that you're exhausted." Nodding silently, he climbed into the passenger seat as he handed off the keys, all of his attention shifting to the heavily asleep child in the back of the car. At least Ryuuji would hopefully get some good sleep. The trip back home was silent, himself partially dozing off as his husband drove, part of him forgetting the reason why all three of them were out tonight. Climbing out of the car, he shooed the elder adult into the house, being careful as he lifted his son from the backseat to take to bed.

"Are you alright? You haven't said a word to me since we talked on the phone." Climbing into bed after drying his hair and hanging his coat up, he barely registered the words from his partner as he practically clung to the warm body. Staying still for a moment, he traced his left hand against his husband's chest, the red stained looking skin running against porcelain and ink for a moment before the limb was held over the other's heart.

"You're alright, you're not hurt or unconscious. You're living, breathing, awake and alive right here next to me." He didn't enjoy the feeling of tears forming in his eyes as he spoke up. He could tell that the other froze for a moment at his words, feeling as arms loosely wrapped around his waist after another moment.

"I am alright, and so are you, we're both here and okay. I'm sorry for bringing those memories back, even if only by accident." Feeling black hair tickle the side of his face as a cheek was pressed against his jaw, he hummed softly, wrapping his arms around Alma's shoulders.

"Thank you. I don't know how I'd survive if a second person I love gets put in the hospital in a coma for nearly a year, let alone in less than ten years." Sighing softly as he felt a kiss to his cheek, he closed his eyes softly. "Sorry for being so melodramatic…."

"It's fine Allen, you're allowed to be dramatic. Not only did you learn it from your uncle, but you've got enough hormones to even scare your goduncle, and Cross is a scary asshole on a good day." Laughing softly, he opened his eyes to bright blues staring right back at him, feeling a forehead pressed right up against his own.

"I love you, Alma."

"I love you too, Allen, but let's get some sleep before Ryuu wakes up sick again." Hearing the soft chuckle, he nodded, closing his eyes and tugging the blankets over the both of them more. The two of them managed to get some good sleep for the rest of the night, but within a few more days it was overly apparent that they hadn't gotten through the four year old's illness unscathed, especially when his little helper was carrying a cup of tea to give to his father. He was glad that he didn't come down with it, but he just guessed that he'd have something to thank the duo for.