Docs title: SMH Komui clean your office

Warning: Do not try this at home, I do not know all reactions a Komui would have to being tricked into doing his paperwork, you have been warned


"I'm terribly sorry for coming in unannounced, but I can't find Alma and you seem like one to know where he is." He had woken up alone early this morning with a backache and his child positioned weirdly, which he probably should just be resting because of. Curling both of his hands against the underside of his bump, he shifted his foot under him a little as he tried not to slip on the loose pages thrown haphazardly on the floor. He really wished he wasn't such a fall risk.

"Ah, yes, I sent him on a mission early this morning, he should be back later on today or early tomorrow." Deflating a little at the answer he got from the crazed scientist, he sighed softly before looking along the pages littering the floor again.

"Thank you for telling me, I was getting worried that he just disappeared again." Trying to step aside as he heard footsteps coming up behind him, he barely grabbed onto the back of the sofa as he slipped, failing at regaining his footing. He couldn't hear anything happen around him for a few moments, but he was glad when he felt two sets of hands pulling him upright and onto the sofa itself.

"This is why we tell you to clean your office brother! How many more people are going to slip and fall before you actually do something?! Are you alright Allen?" Hearing Lenalee scold her older brother as he tried to catch his breath, he huffed under his breath softly as he felt rough jabs against his spine. At least he could tell his slip didn't hurt the baby too much. Nodding a little at the question he was asked, he was grateful to be helped onto the soft surface by the siblings. Glancing to the pages on the floor, he barely managed to pick a few of them up from how he sat to look them over, barely realizing that he had nothing else to do today.

"I'm alright Lenalee, it just jostled the baby a little. Why don't I help with the paperwork and cleaning in here? I've been told that I'm supposed to be resting, who says that I can't help sort while doing that? At least I'd be able to keep an eye on him while doing this since I have nothing else to do." Giving his friend a smile, he was glad to see her return the expression fully, dragging the eldest adult in the room back to his desk.

"I'll help get you both set up a bit for now. Thank you for this Allen, I know you wouldn't normally offer anything like this, that you'd rather be in your room." Watching as the dark haired girl started gathering partially wrinkled pages off the floor starting from right around the couch so he would have more room to move if he needed it. "I'll be back later on to check on you both and grab you for lunch." Nodding in acknowledgment, he had already begun looking through the pages that were sat beside him, starting smaller stacks and trying to sort the pages by date before going back through them.

It took only about an hour or so for him to get through the few stacks of paperwork, taking a small break before he set about trying to gather more pages off the floor. His lower back really ached, but he just tried to brush it off as his baby's odd position and their squirming. He traced his fingers against his front lightly, smiling at the lighter kicks he received in response. He really would rather be in bed just talking to his unborn baby and waiting for his partner to return from his mission, but he figured that he'd get bored of that, might as well help clean the least safe place for him to be.

"Need help getting more papers off the floor, Allen?" Blinking as he heard his superior's voice, he sat up a bit, moving to push himself up off the sofa to help gather pages from the floor.

"Yes, sorry, I was just taking a little break before asking for help. How much have you gotten through of what's on your desk?" Squatting down carefully beside the sofa to collect from the large pile of pages, he watched as Komui placed a second unsorted stack on the empty cushion, trying to grab stray pages from the floor that had slid back into the walkway.

"A few documents, nothing interesting. Need any help standing back up?" Nodding, he let his arm be grabbed as he was pulled up, stepping back over to his seat with the thick stack of papers in his hands.

"You need to work faster Komui, that's the reason why you have so much paperwork. If you just got it done when you got it, you would probably have more free time to do whatever. You'd also have a cleaner office and wouldn't lose anything so quickly in all this mess." Huffing a little under his breath, he started going through the stacks of pages that were just collected, able to see the branch chief sweeping up more pages from the floor for him to work with. It would probably be smarter for all the pages to be collected from the room to be sorted through.

"I know that Allen, I just don't like doing the paperwork." Setting the pages he held in his hands back on their respective piles, he waited for the older man to come back over to where he was sitting.

"Well, why don't you turn it into a game or a challenge? Plan a goal so you can do something fun." The look of confusion he got was a little annoying, but his idea was a little out there.

"A challenge? What do you mean?" He was glad that he had caught his superior's attention, pushing himself to his feet again to start pulling the pages that sat on the desk into a neat pile. "What are you doing Allen? Be careful with my desk, there's experiments and prototypes on there."

"Well you can't exactly do it if you can't tell which pages you've done already. Sit down and I'll walk you through what the challenge is." Waiting a moment for his directions to be listened to, he grinned despite the look he was given. "How about this, every five pages you finish you get one minute of break from doing paperwork. That means if you do fifty pages, you'll get a ten minute break. Does that sound fair?" Grinning as he got a nod, he watched for a moment before going back to his piles, moving to sit on the floor so he would have an easier time reaching everything.

"Allen? Brother? What is…" That was how Lenalee found them about two hours later when she came to get them for lunch. Glancing around a stack of paperwork that blocked his view of the door, he set the page in his hand down as he felt his baby squirm a little and kick at him. He must've disturbed their sleep, well now they knew how he felt.

"Hi Lenalee! I'm a little stuck here but welcome back." Hearing the girl laugh a little, he carefully pushed the piles to the side before he felt his friend grab his wrists to help him up on his feet.

"Allen, what is my brother doing?" Glancing to the desk where he saw the chief filling out more pages that had been grabbed from one of the piles he had made. The man was still working through the deal, the stack of finished pages having been moved to the floor to give more room on the desk for the man to work.

"He's doing paperwork, I gave him a challenge where for every five pages he finishes he gets one minute of a break from the paperwork. He hasn't taken a break yet, grabbing pages didn't count." Watching violet eyes widen at his words, he walked over to the desk, grabbing a stack of the finished pages.

"I don't know how you did it Allen. Komui, do you want a free break to go get something to eat or would it be better if we just brought you back something?" Watching the crazed scientist look at them from the page he was working on, he smiled as the three of them left the room, watching as Lenalee intercepted Reever before the blonde could walk into the office to put the stack of paperwork on the sofa for later.

"If there's more paperwork just leave it outside the doors, Allen is helping Komui clean his office." And it was left outside the room, all five towers of paper that Lenalee and Komui took into the room. He was glad when he and Lena had finished gathering all of the loose and crumpled pages from the floor and sorted them into stacks, finally able to see the carpet that had been hidden below it. Taking a breath as he could finally let his mind wander, he pressed his knuckles against his back as he tried to get some of the stiffness out of his joints. It wasn't the best way for him to spend a whole day, but at least now everyone could walk around the room without the risk of slipping on loose pages. Hearing the door open as Lenalee took a stack of pages from him to move them beside the desk, he glanced back for a moment only to be met with shocked expressions from some of the people from the science division.

"How…" Grinning, he felt a hand on his shoulder as he heard Lenalee respond to the shortened question that came from Reever.

"Allen made a deal with my brother. What was it, every five pages is a minute of free time?" Nodding, he jumped a bit at being grabbed into a hug, able to feel the baby kick from being a little jostled.

"You're a miracle worker Allen!" Chuckling a little at the words, he held his hands up as he was released, trying to deflect the praise he was getting.

"No, no, I was just trying to help him get through it without too much complaint." He felt his face flush in embarrassment at being the center of attention. Hearing the sound of clinking chains from by the door, he tried to look to where the sound came from, his eyes widening as he heard the voice that accompanied them.

"I may not know the whole conversation, but he is definitely a miracle worker. He got Yu of all people to open up to him." Taking a step to the side so he could see the owner of the voice, he couldn't control his expression as he finally saw his partner.

"Alma! You're back!" He wished that he could run to his boyfriend to hug the man he had been missing all day, but with his extra passenger that wasn't a possibility sadly. But at least Alma came closer to hug him.

"Yes, I am. You look like you've been busy today." Nodding, he felt himself being turned around so his back was against Alma's torso, holding onto the arms that were wrapped around him.

"Was it obvious? I promise I was sitting down for most of it." Feeling as a kiss was pressed to the top of his head, he managed to grab the report his partner held, placing it on the top of one of the piles before moving his hand back to rest against his middle. He was tired from working so much over the day, he just wanted to lay down in bed.

"With how you're falling asleep standing up it was. Are you done in here?" Blinking a few times before he rubbed at his face, he noticed how almost nobody had their attention on him as he nodded. Feeling a warm hand move to hold his own, he smiled as he was led back to their room by the hand, kicking off his slippers as he sat on the side of the bed. Pulling off his sweater, he glanced over by the dresser, feeling his face flush again at the view he gained. Despite having been with Alma for over a year and a half he still wasn't used to his boyfriend not wearing a shirt, even from behind. Changing into his night clothes as quickly as he could so he wouldn't be caught staring. Laying down on his side, he smiled as he came face to face with his dark haired boyfriend, able to feel the blanket being pulled up further over them. Feeling arms wrap around him and pull him closer to the other, he returned the kiss he was given, drifting off right after.

And for once he wasn't woken by kicking before dawn. Instead he woke up closer to eight in the morning when he felt Alma fixing the covers. Shifting a little to try to not get sunlight in his eyes, he instead felt a kiss to his forehead, sighing softly as he opened his eyes finally. The room wasn't too bright, and from the chill he felt when he moved the blanket a little he had a feeling it was because the window was covered in snow.

"Sorry if I woke you, you looked a little cold." Shaking his head a little, he reached forward to grab Alma's night shirt, trying to pull the elder closer to him.

"No you're alright, the baby didn't wake me up at three in the morning so I got to sleep this time." As if he called out to them, he felt the baby kick at him, seemingly knowing they were being talked about. Placing his hand to where he felt the little foot, he felt his boyfriend's hand cover his, enticing another well aimed kick to the space.

"They're so active this morning, wonder what kind of energy they've been saving up." Laughing a little, he moved to sit up, feeling the pillows being fixed behind his back. He could feel the bed shifting under him as Alma moved to sit beside him, feeling more squirming. It felt a little weird whenever the little one squirmed like this, it reminding him that they had gotten into a weird position the morning before.

"They let me sleep, and I'm pretty sure they were asleep while I was helping Komui with his paperwork yesterday, so I don't doubt that the baby saved their energy to terrorize me." Feeling warm hands cup against his belly, he smiled as it calmed down the squirming a bit.

"I guess that's it then. Don't terrorize your mum too much, you won't like him when he's annoyed." Sighing a little at the kicking calming down, he rolled his eyes at his boyfriend's words. Of course he would be called such, at least it wouldn't be the weirdest thing to happen, no that was Kanda referring to himself as momma while talking to his two week old daughter. He remembers the first time it happened, when Lavi was nearly thrown down the hall.

He couldn't keep the smile off his face as he watched his partner interact with their unborn child. He didn't mind not getting attention, he'd try for some later on when the baby fell asleep again. Unable to keep from laughing as he felt kisses being pressed to his stomach, he felt his back flare up a little. Within the same second he felt Alma pull away, unable to see the conflicted expression until he calmed down from laughing.

"Alma? Is something wrong?" Speaking up after a moment, he placed his hand to the side of his stomach. The man across from him stayed silent for another few moments before placing his hand opposite on the opposite side to his.

"Are you feeling alright Allen?" Blinking a little, he tried to understand the question, sighing a little. He might as well talk about what feels weird in case something happened.

"Well my back hurts, and the baby has been in a weird position since yesterday morning and whenever they squirm too much it feels really uncomfortable. But that's all just minor things, why, is there something that I haven't noticed?" Watching Alma shake his head, he felt the hand move away for a moment.

"Do you want to get something to eat?" At the mention of food, he could practically taste bile in his throat, shaking his head quickly, he used his other hand to cover his mouth for a moment. "I guess that answers that. Do you want anything else?"

"Can we cuddle for a bit? I'm still a little tired, and maybe I'll be hungry later on." Getting a smile, he let himself be picked up and handled lightly so he was on Alma's lap, his shoulder and head against his boyfriend's chest. He dozed into and out of sleep for the next while, feeling his middle being rubbed against each time he felt the dull throb in his back. He didn't put the actions together in his mind until he felt the pain move to right around his hips, hissing a little under his breath. He froze in his spot, realization dawning on him finally as he cupped his middle carefully. Grabbing Alma's hand with his left, he tried to think rationally, realizing that he already was.

"Maybe we should let the infirmary check me over, just to be safe." Feeling his innocence arm being squeezed a little, he was helped off the bed, slipping his slippers on before he was handed his cardigan, taking long enough to put it on for Alma to put actual pants on. Feeling an arm wrap around his waist for a moment, he was glad that he was being walked with, especially with what he could think of happening right now. There was only one more pain he paused through before they made it to the infirmary, letting Alma talk to the first nurse that was free while he tried not to squirm himself as he felt the baby shifting around.

"What is it that you're feeling? Can you describe it?" Nodding a bit at the questions that the nurse asked him, he placed his hands on top of his stomach lightly, trying not to spur his baby too much while he was being held. He only barely registered they were in a private room that branched off the infirmary, trying to focus more on his immediate surroundings.

"Earlier my back was flaring up, but within, what, the last hour the pain moved to my hips. The baby has been in a weird position since yesterday and they keep shifting." Feeling cold hands move up under his shirt, he flinched a little in shock, able to feel the nurse's fingers pressing against his middle lightly.

"Well it feels like the baby is in the proper position to come out if not a little low. Would you sit on the cot so I can check if your body is preparing for the child?" Nodding, he let Alma help him out of his pants and underclothes before he sat on the edge of the cot, looking away from the nurse in embarrassment. It wasn't like his lower half was on display for all to see on a normal basis, but he'd need to deal with this if he wants his baby to come out healthy and safe. Unable to help the shocked squeak he made as he was checked, he heard the nurse click her tongue before moving away.

"Well your body is getting prepared for the inevitable, it's just that there's not much progress just yet. I'd say come back in a few hours for someone to check again, but if the pain gets worse or if you feel the baby move lower before that you need to come right then. You can redress yourself for now." Nodding to the nurse, he was fidgety as he tried to pull his bottoms on, holding his hand against his stomach as another cramp ran through him, the skin underneath his fingers feeling harder to the touch for only that moment.

"Wait, what's happening?" Biting at his lip, he tried to keep his balance until the pain ended, getting a burst of energy as it ended. He nearly missed Alma's question, but he surely didn't miss the answer to it.

"He's getting contractions, which means that his body is getting ready to have the baby. It could take hours for him to be completely ready to go, but at least you caught the warning signs early enough." Watching the nurse leave the room, he tried to fix his pants so they fit better, trying to accommodate so he wouldn't be bothered by pressure against his pelvis from the outside.

"Are you feeling alright? This is big news." Smiling the best that he could against Alma's question, he moved to grab both of his boyfriend's hands, taking a breath to calm his nerves a little.

"I'm doing as fine as I can be, especially with getting pain every twenty or so minutes. The baby is finally going to come, I'm scared of what's going to happen right before they do, but I'm excited to finally meet them." Feeling lips cover his, he smiled into the kiss, feeling arms wrap around his hips loosely.

"Alma Karma, please report to Chief Komui's office." Glancing to the door of the room, he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. What could Komui want with Alma now? He just got back from a mission last night. Feeling his hands being squeezed, he bit at the inside of his mouth as the both of them walked through the door of the room, heading in the direction of the listed destination. The two of them got odd looks, probably because it was after midday and they were both still in their night clothes, but he didn't exactly care, it's not like he was going to change into clothes he'd eventually change back out of while in the beginning stages of labor. Stepping through the double doors with Alma, the first thing he noticed was how the other two exorcists in the room were in uniform already, dreading what his partner was called for.

"I apologize for doing this so soon, but as soon as I finish briefing you on the mission I will need you to get ready and head out." Hearing the words from Komui, he could tell that he had paled near instantly, feeling the baby start kicking again in annoyance. Apparently they didn't like hearing that their father was being sent on a mission so close to them coming into the world. He was so focused on trying not to outwardly panic that he didn't even notice the glares he had been getting from one of the other exorcists the moment he had entered the room.

"I can't do that Komui, I'm unable to leave headquarters." He felt his hand being squeezed, able to take a deep breath just moments before he felt the next contraction. He must've been noticed finally just as he closed his eyes to focus on not making a sound, because when he opened his eyes next they were the only three in the room.

"What seems to be going on with you both?" Taking one, then a second breath, he looked to Komui for a moment before making up his mind to just tell the branch chief as it is.

"According to the nurse who just checked me, I am getting contractions. This means that the baby will be born today, when exactly we don't know for sure, but within the next couple hours I need to go back and get re-checked." He tried to keep focused on the conversation after he spoke, but every time he managed to get his focus back the baby took it. It annoyed him, but he didn't doubt it would be the same way up until he actually had the baby. Hearing their superior dismiss the both of them, saying that he'd call for another exorcist for the mission, he was walked out and partway down the corridor before he was leant up against the wall.

"That was close, if he had kept trying to send me I most likely would've done something drastic. What is your body telling you to do?" Glancing up finally, he let out a breath before lightly pressing at Alma's shoulders so the man would take a step back from him.

"Thank you for not taking the mission, I don't know what I would've done if you weren't here when the baby was born." Letting out another breath, he was getting a little annoyed with how slow everything was going.

"I wasn't about to even consider leaving your side, especially now. I would never leave you to do this on your own, especially not on purpose. You didn't answer my question though." Smiling, he couldn't stop himself from laughing a little as he felt Alma kiss him.

"I really just want to walk around, maybe it could help speed things up a bit. And despite how ill I feel even thinking about eating, maybe I should at least try to get something in me." Feeling his hand being taken again, he was led towards the dining hall. After not just one, but two failed attempts at finding something he could keep down, the both of them just stuck with keeping him as hydrated as possible. They moved to an empty training room to walk around without being in the corridors, and it almost felt like dancing to him, except that there wasn't any fancy footwork. Taking a break from walking around, he glanced to the clock in the room, the both of them having watched the sun as it set a while before. Tugging at Alma's shirt after a moment, he squeezed his empty hand closed as another painful contraction ran through him.

"Help me back to the infirmary? I'm sure that it's close to time, my hips are starting to ache more." It took a bit longer to get back to the infirmary than it did earlier, and he only barely realized that it was because he was taking slower steps. The moment they entered the ward, he was practically dragged into the back, Alma following close behind him as far as the nurses would let him. Being helped with stripping down, he could feel the baby start squirming again, much more urgently than before. Being stood on a few towels that were being used to contain the mess that was expected, he tried to keep from crying out, trying to fight against being held in place.

"Please let Alma back in here, he needs to be, I need him in here with me." He felt the tears drip down his face, pleading to not be alone while he did this. Feeling as a smock of some form was tied around him, he tried to focus on his fussing and kicking child instead of his surroundings. Crying out loudly as his waters finally broke, he could feel as his thighs and legs were wiped off and he was moved to the bed, unable to catch his breath in time for the next contraction, another scream leaving his throat. Finally he was told that he was allowed to push, but he wouldn't, he outright refused as long as he was alone. He could feel his baby moving with the contractions, but it was taking forever as long as he wasn't assisting with the movement.

"Head Nurse he won't push!" Hearing one of the nurses that practically surrounded him call to the elder woman, he flat out screamed in pain as the next chance he had to push passed, causing more pain than he thought he could be capable of feeling without passing out. He could hear an argument start between a few of the nurses, trying to pass the blame for something he couldn't pay attention to. He heard the door to the area open and close with a thud, and he could feel as his right arm was released long enough for a different pair of hands to grab onto it, his attention immediately moving to the warm hands holding the limb.

"Hey, shhh, I'm right here. You can do this Allen, we've almost met our baby. Just listen to your body, they'll be out really soon." He let the tears overflow, squeezing the hand in his as he finally pushed, immediately feeling his baby come much closer to leaving him. He sobbed loudly, borderline screaming as he pushed each time, unable to control his vocal chords. Gripping heavily onto Alma's hand, he finally felt as some of the pressure was released, taking heaving breaths as if it would help his aching lungs.

"The head is out, next are the shoulders, keep going." Glancing over to his partner, he gave a weak and tired smile, able to feel his child being shifted a little before he felt the pressure return tenfold. Letting out a heavy wheeze as he pushed, he felt all too well as one of the shoulders started pressing out of him, it being followed by the other on his next push. He practically collapsed into a pile on the cot as the rest of the body slipped out, releasing Alma's hand so the man could follow through with the offer to cut their child's cord.

"What are they?" His throat burned when he tried to talk, watching as Alma took the loosely bundled baby from a nurse to hand to him.

"A boy, we have a son Allen." Smiling softly as he felt the bundle of messy limbs being set in his arms, he vaguely noticed the tears pouring down his face. He used his right hand to trace fingers over his newborn son's head, brushing against the soft strands of black hair covering the boy's head.

"We have a son, we're parents Alma." Sighing softly as the fussing boy calmed down more, he pressed his thumb against one of the boy's tiny palms, going right back to crying as the equally tiny fingers curled around his thumb, holding onto it tightly. "You had a name for him, right Alma?"

"Ryuuji? Is that what you're alright with naming him?" Nodding, he laughed a little as he felt Alma try wiping his face of tears.

"It's perfect, hello Ryuuji."