A Maelstrom's Tale
Prologue: Falling down the Rabbit's hole

The sun gradually rises to the sky to signal the end of the night and the beginning of a new day over an illustrious city close to the coast and near a mountain, large numbers of people have long since awakened from their restful sleep and are about to commence with their daily activities as long as they can till the day eventually comes to its end. We now move away from the concrete jungle and towards the suburbs to focus upon a duplex house, particularly the left room on the first floor.

Inside we can see various things like posters on the walls, depicting masked superheroes or swordsmen, an L-shaped computer desk with drawers and a shelf installed in one corner of the room close to the window where a customized desktop computer with triple monitors (HP Omen Obelisk + LG 27UD68-P) is situated on it. Looking further is a wardrobe next to a bookcase bed where upon it lies someone who's wide awake and staring towards the ceiling in silence.

It appears to be a thirteen-year-old boy with spiky blonde hair, azure blue eyes, whisker-like markings on his cheeks, he was wearing his sleepwear and lost in thought when he heard a voice call out to him.

"Naruto! Sochi-kun, are you awake? It's time for breakfast!" a female voice called to him.

The now identified Naruto sat up from his bed with a sigh, he got off and went downstairs after brushing his teeth and rinsing his face for the meantime. The blonde arrived at the kitchen where the source of the voice was at the dining table, waiting for him with the food having already been prepared.

A woman with pale skin and long red hair which reached her waist with one side held up by a black hairclip, she wears a high-collared, sleeveless blouse under a long loose-fitting dress with a wristband on her left wrist. This is Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's loving mother.

"Morning Naru-chan, did you sleep well?" asked Kushina, handing over a plate of fried eggs and toast bread to the blonde boy to take.

"I did, even woke before my alarm clock sounded. I don't know why I haven't shut it off since I don't go to school anymore," said Naruto as he spread butter on a slice of toast before taking a bite out of it.

Kushina frowned softly at that "I know that you've been doing well in your online classes but are you sure that you don't want to go back to public school? It's been four years since that day," she glanced at the white wraps on his hands, he hardly took them off except when bathing and always says that it was due to training.

"I can understand where you're going with this mom, but I don't really see myself going back at any time. Plus, I'm fine with the way things are right now," said Naruto.

Kushina let out a sigh at that, she often had this particular subject come up at least once a month and always gets the same answer from the blonde, sometimes she wished that he hadn't inherited her stubbornness. Both ate in silence for the meantime until the redheaded mother spoke up once more.

"So, what will you be doing today?" asked Kushina.

Naruto was silent for a moment before speaking up "Well, I'll be having online classes this morning till noon then I'll go hiking in the forest near Mt Ebott to do some training,"

Kushina nodded in understanding "Okay then, be sure to pass by the restaurant so that I can pack up some lunch for you,"

"Okay mom,"

Naruto saw Kushina off as she drove away in a station wagon towards her workplace before locking the door and headed back upstairs to his room after passing through the kitchen to pick up a bag of chips and a bottle of orange soda. Naruto took his seat at the desk and turned on the computer and put on a set of headphones, he connected to the internet and linked up to the site and logged on with a notepad and a pen nearby to jot down certain points.

Online classes was eventually over and Naruto went to take a bath then went to the cabinet to change from his pajamas and was now wearing a zip-up sleeveless orange hoodie with a red swirl on the back over a blue short sleeved t-shirt, two black wristbands, green cargo shorts, a pair of googles with orange lens around his neck, and a pair of blue open-toed sandals. He picked up his phone (Samsung Galaxy S20) to send a message to his mom that he was on his way to the restaurant then strapped a waist pack to his waist (Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack) with the phone inside. Naruto went to the corner of the room to pick up a red oak suburi bokken with a leather grip to place it inside a black saya sheath and strapping it diagonally to his back.

Now that he was all set, Naruto headed down to the garage and took out his BMX bike out to the driveway and made sure that the house was locked securely before making his way to his destination. Naruto left the suburbs and into the city, he arrived at the restaurant with the sign above it saying 'Crimson Whirlpool'. The blonde went inside to see quite a lot of customers seated at booths.

A chef noticed the blonde and called out to him fondly "Hey there Naruto, it's been a while!"

"Yeah it has Teuchi-san, have you seen my mom?" asked Naruto with a smile.

"She's in the kitchen, I don't think she's that busy,"

"Thanks," the blond went through the double doors into the kitchen where he saw Kushina hand over a platter of food to a waitress whom he recognized to be Teuchi's daughter Ayame. Ayame smiled brightly as she passed by.

"Hi there, Naruto!" she exited the kitchen to serve the customer with the food ordered.

"Hello sochi-kun, how was your classes today?" asked Kushina as she approached her son.

Naruto shrugged his shoulder in response "It went okay without a hitch and I got some assignments which I'll do later tonight,"

"That's good to hear, let me get your lunch since I don't to waste any more of your time okay?" Kushina immediately went to do so while Naruto took out a juice pack and placed it into the waist pack, she soon returned with a bento box wrapped in a napkin "Here you go, you should watch out for any wild animals while you're out in the forest training,"

Naruto smiled in assurance "Don't worry mom, I'll be just fine. I'll see you at home," he placed the bento into the waist pack as well before bidding his mother farewell and leaving the busy restaurant.

Kushina let out a sad sigh as she watched her son go "He doesn't say and tries very hard not to show it, but he really misses you Minato-kun…we all do,"

"Here we are," Naruto muttered as he got off the bike and was currently standing at the edge of the forest close to Mt Ebott, he chained the bike to a tree trunk behind some thick bushes to conceal it then proceeded to make his trek through the forest all the while keeping both eyes and ears wide open for anything. He arrived at a small clearing surrounded by trees with a fallen tree trunk at the other end.

Naruto stood there silently as memories flowed into his mind, in the clearing, he saw a younger Naruto seated at the tree trunk and watching a man with spiky blonde hair like him swinging a bokken in fluid motions as if fighting an imaginary enemy. The man finally stopped and turned to see kid Naruto clapping his hand excitedly, he approached the boy and ruffled his hair with a loving smile. Naruto let out a sigh as the memory faded away and reached into his t-shirt to take out a dog tag with a name inscribed onto it; 'Minato Namikaze'

"Dad…," Naruto walked into the middle of the clearing while drawing out the bokken from the sheath and took a stance while taking in a deep breath and letting it out with his eyes closed in focus. He visualized a swordsman standing before him and took to shadowboxing but preferring to be rather defensive and not attack. Naruto went at this for about an hour till he decided to take a moment of rest, he suddenly heard footsteps and turned sharply only to look upon an interesting sight.

Before him is a young wolf cub with dark green, and white fur with the latter forming some sort of marking on the forehead (Toon Wolf Link by Lifefantasyx on Deviantart). He watched as the wolf pup was holding one end of a stick in its teeth and swinging to and fro like a sword with dashes and lunges, impressing him.

Naruto started clapping his hands which got the pup to stop and turn towards him "Nice moves there, seems like you've been practicing like me," the cub placed the stick down and approached him with its tongue hanging out and tail wagging, Naruto went down on one knee and cautiously raised a hand out to the pup and gently petted it "Something tells me that this isn't the first time you've been watching me since some of the moves are rather similar to that of my own.

The wolf pup barked as if affirming his statement, it propped itself up on Naruto's knee and happily licked his cheeks which got the blonde to chuckle in amusement before pushing it back a bit to wipe the slobber off his face.

"Well aren't you a hyper pup, shouldn't you head back to where your family is?" asked Naruto, then he noticed that the little wolf's ears drooped and its tail stopped wagging "Oh, I see…you've also lost someone close to you…like me," he petted the wolf pup to cheer it up a bit which seem to work from the slow wagging of the tail "Enough with the dreary atmosphere, let's have the lunch mom packed for me. I'll share some with you," the pup was now hyper again and hopping around him excitedly.

Naruto sat down at the fallen tree trunk and took out the bento box from the waist pack around his waist, he opened to see that it is an Aisai Bento comprising of plain boiled rice, potato salad, fried chicken cutlet, gravy and scrambled eggs. Naruto helped himself to the food while giving bits of it to the wolf pup who ate it with relish before washing it down with the juice pack and poured some into the empty bento box for the pup to drink from.

"You know, I figure that I should give you a name since we're gonna be together from now on," said Naruto thoughtfully, the wolf pup looked up to him with a tilt of its head "How about I call you Nikan? It means 'My Friend'," the wolf pup barked happily with its tail wagging to show that it likes its new name.

"Glad to see that you approve, let's get you to your new home then," Naruto packed the bento box into the waist pack and returned the bokken to its sheath before leaving the clearing, he then noticed that Nikan wasn't following him and turned to see the newly named wolf pup sniffing the air several times "What's the matter, Nikan?"

The wolf pup looked back and barked before running off, leaving Naruto with little choice but to follow after him. The duo traversed through the forest, they eventually emerged out of it and Naruto looked around to realize where they are. They're actually at Mt Ebott, he recalls from the stories his mom told him; legends spoke of how anyone who climbs the mountain never return.

"Why did you bring me up here, Nikan?" asked Naruto, then he saw the wolf pup go inside a cave and followed after it "Hey wait!" he found himself inside of the cavern and noticed that he wasn't the only inside as he saw someone ahead of him. The person appears to be about his age but slightly shorter with yellowish skin complexion, he could guess it's a girl judging by the long brown hair reaching to her lower back as she wears a blue shirt with purple stripes, a pair of blue shorts, and a pair of brown shoes.

"What's she doing here?" Naruto wondered in confusion, then he noticed that she was standing close to a hole which set off alarms in his brain as he moved quickly towards the girl "Move away from there, that place is dangerous!" Nikan barked in agreement.

Startled, the girl turned around to reveal that she has squinted eyes. But when she was turning, her foot tripped on a vine, causing her to stumble backwards towards the hole. Naruto's eyes widen in dread as he dove for the girl and managed to grab her hand, Nikan tried to help by clamping on Naruto's shorts and pulling as hard as it could "Hang on, I'll pull you up!"


Naruto's heart skipped a beat in fear at the sound and looked down to see the ground giving way, they all fell into the hole and Naruto instinctively wrapped his arms around the girl and pulled Nikan to his chest. All three of them blacked out upon impact.

"…ugh," Naruto let out a pained groan while opening his eyes, he felt something cold pressing against his cheek and looked to see Nikan next to him and pressing its nose on him before barking happily to see that he was conscious "Hey Nikan, glad to see that you're alright buddy. But what about the girl?" he looked to see that the girl laid on a large bed of golden flowers which they were all on. Naruto shook the girl for her to awaken and look around in confusion before setting her eyes upon him.

"Umm, who are you?" asked the girl timidly.

"The name's Naruto Uzumaki…Namikaze and this is my buddy Nikan, what's your name and why did you come here?" Naruto responded.

"My name is Frisk, I came here cause I was a bit curious. I often go out exploring," said the girl.

"Okay, but didn't your parents tell you about how dangerous this place is?" asked Naruto, then he noticed Frisk looking down to the ground sadly.

"I…don't have any parents, I'm an orphan,"

"Oh, sorry about asking that question. For now we should find a way out of here," feeling apologetic, Naruto reached into the waist pack to take out his phone to call his mom but it wasn't connecting after six tries then he tried the other numbers but they weren't connecting either "This is a problem, I can't reach anyone with my phone and the hole is too high for us to climb out of,"

"So, what do we do?" asked Frisk worriedly.

"Best option is to find another way out…and we can start by going through that pathway over there," Naruto pointed at said path, getting Frisk to nod in understanding.

The trio (if you can count the wolf pup as one) went through what appears to be a hallway of an ancient ruin before going through a large door which seem to be embellished with a symbol unknown to them, Naruto took a picture of the symbol to research on it later. The area which they entered in next was rather dark and empty save for a small illuminated patch of green grass, there was another one of the golden flowers from before…but this one has a face.

BGM play: Undertale OST; Your Best Friend

"Howdy!" and it just spoke "I'm Flowey, Flowey the Flower!"

"A talking…flower?" Naruto muttered while Frisk stood behind, feeling wary of the strange creature.

"Why did you make me introduce myself first?" asked Flowey with a giggle "Somebody needs to teach you how things work around here, and I guess it would have to be little old me. If you're ready, let's get started,"

Naruto felt a rather strange pulling sensation in his chest as a glow emitted from it before something came out, he saw a red heart hovering a bit away from him and couldn't help but feel that he was somehow connected to it. The blonde heard a gasp from Frisk, getting him to turn and saw a red heart hovering from her chest as well.

"See those hearts? Those are your SOULs, the very culmination of your being," Flowey explained.

"Our SOULs?" Frisk was a bit frightened at the prospect of this.

"That's right, your SOUL starts off weak but it can grow stronger if you gain lots of LV,"

"LV, what is that?" asked Naruto.

"Why LOVE of course! Being the nice guy I am, I can share some LOVE with you two," said Flowey with a wink, a cluster of white pellets appeared above his head "In here, we share LOVE through white friendliness pellets. So be sure to catch them all," he sent the pellets towards them. Frisk looked like she was about to touch them when Naruto suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the way much to their surprise "Now why did you go and do that?"

"Because I've been on to you the whole time," said Naruto with a frown.

"What do you mean?" asked Frisk confusedly.

"If those hearts are really our SOULs, then we've got to be careful of anything happening to them since they're what we need to live. Another is that he was trying to misdirect us with that vague explanation of his, and lastly…," Naruto gestured to Nikan who has been growling at Flowey the entire time "Nikan has been growling at you which meant that there's something about you that he doesn't like at all,"

"Is that so?" Flowey's smile suddenly changed from one of friendliness to that of insanity "You aren't as dumb as I thought!" Naruto along with Frisk and Nikan found themselves surrounded by more of the pellets with no way of escape, Naruto drew out his bokken with his mind racing for a way out of this "In this world, it's kill or be killed!" Flowey cackled madly as he was about to attack when a fireball slammed into him and sent him flying with the pellets disappearing.

"What a terrible creature, torturing such poor innocent youths…,"

Someone appeared before them revealing to be a tall anthropomorphic white-furred female Nubian goat with droopy ears and short horns along with paws at the end of her limbs, she has a pair of visible fangs which seem to blend in with her fur and long eyelashes. She wears a long purple robe which displays the symbol which Naruto saw earlier on the doorway before entering.

The being noticed the trio being rather wary of here and raised her hands in a placating manner "Ah, do not be afraid. I mean no harm,"

"Who are you?" asked Frisk, standing behind Naruto with the bokken in his hands.

BGM change: Undertale OST; Fallen Down

"I am Toriel, the caretaker of these Ruins. I come here everyday to see if anyone has fallen," the now named Toriel explained "You two are the first pair of humans to appear here in a very long time,"

Naruto stared at her for any signs of deception and saw that there weren't any plus Nikan wasn't acting wary around her either, so he decided to give her the benefit of the doubt for now and sheathed his bokken with their SOULs returning to their bodies "Okay, but can you help us find a way out of here?"

Toriel nodded with a gentle smile "Why certainly, just follow me so I can lead you through the catacombs,"

The group followed Toriel into the next room which differs from the previous rooms due to the purple décor, they approach a pair of stairs leading up to a doorway to another room with red leaves in between them. Naruto and Frisk noticed a golden star glowing and curiously approached it.

"I wonder what this is," said Naruto, cautiously touching the star then a black dialogue box appeared before them

(The shadow of the ruins looms above, filling you with determination. HP fully restored. Save? Yes/No)

Blinking in confusion, Naruto chose 'Yes' and heard a beep before seeing the words [File Saved] and the dialogue box disappeared.

"What just happened?" asked Frisk.

"I don't know Frisk, and I get the feeling that there's more to the legends than we thought," said Naruto.

This is Hussbek online with the first chapter to a new story, a fellow fanfic reader had suggested this crossover idea to me a lot time back. At first, I wasn't feeling the drive to go for it but then watching and reading at a later time changed my mind rather quickly and was ready to dive in headfirst like with my other stories. This story involves a modern Naruto so there'll be no chakra included but an interesting substitute will appear later on. As seen, Naruto has the ability to SAVE and his interaction might change things along the way so be sure to stay tuned for more chapters.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

Signing out.