A Maelstrom's Tale Chapter 5: All Caught Up

The crumbling of gravel underneath footsteps could be heard echoing throughout a cave as a young male voice akin to that of a child muttered to himself.

"It sounds like it came from here," the child suddenly let out a gasp "Oh! You have fallen down, haven't you…are you okay?"


"Here, let me help you,"


"* huh? That's a nice name. My name is-,"

"…Ugh," Naruto let out a pained groan as he opened his eyes and slowly sat up "We're alive? Not that I'm not relieved but how?" he looked down and saw that they were lying on top of a bed of golden flowers, similar to the ones backs at the Ruins where they first fell into "These flowers saved us again, best to make sure that Frisk-chan and Nikan are alright,"

At moment, Frisk woke up with a moan and the wolf-pup woke up as well as it stood up on its feet and shook itself before yipping happily upon seeing Naruto then scampering over to him.

"Naruto?" asked Frisk, rubbing her eyes while not yet fully awake.

"Good to see you're okay Frisk-chan, are you hurt anywhere?" asked Naruto with concern.

"Just a little sore, but I'm fine. Just, where are we?"

The group looked around to get an idea of where they might be after falling from the bridge when they were cornered by Undyne. They saw that they were a base of a large waterfall with multiple driftwood floating on shallow water and piles of garbage could be seen further ahead of them.

"Looks like a garbage dump at the bottom of a waterfall, we must have fallen further down in the Underground," said Naruto thoughtfully.

"I think we should try finding our way up since we fell down here," said Frisk.

"Yeah, no doubt that the barrier is closest to the top of Mt Ebott. Let's get going,"

The trio began making their way our of the garbage dump while moving through the shallow waters with Naruto having to carry Nikan in his hoodie and getting around the numerous piles of trash along the way before coming upon a SAVE Point for Naruto to access.

(The waterfall here seems to be flowing from the ceiling of the cavern. Occasionally a piece of trash would flow through and fall into the bottomless abyss below. Viewing this endless cycle of worthless garbage fills you with Determination. SAVE? Yes/No)

Quirking an eyebrow at the text, Naruto confirmed the SAVE and felt himself along with Frisk and Nikan being healed before continuing on their way. The group came across so many discarded items along the way like a rusted bicycle, beat up desktop computer, a dvd case for anime though it has claw marks on it, and a cooler containing Astronaut Food but Naruto wasn't too sure of taking any with them.

"Naruto, look over there," Frisk pointed for the blonde to see a dummy which they approached "It looks like the one back at the Ruins,"

"You're right, I wonder how this one ended up here," said Naruto thoughtfully "Anyways, the exit is just ahead so let's get a move on,"


The trio were just about reaching the exit when they heard a loud splash behind them then something burst out of the water in front of them, revealing to be the very same dummy but its appearance is different from before. It sports a set of upper teeth on the torso, a pair of eyes on the head, nostrils on the nose.

"Hahaha…too intimidated to fight me, Huh!?," said the Dummy "I am a ghost that lives inside a Dummy, my cousin used to live inside one too…UNTIL YOU TWO CAME ALONG!"

"W-What did we do?" asked Frisk, a bit frightened at the monster's sudden anger.

"When you talked to them, they thought they were in for a nice chat. But the things you said…Horrible, Shocking! UNBELIEVABLE! It spooked them right out of their dummy!"

Naruto frowned at the accusation as he thought back "That's not what happened, we didn't say anything bad,"

"HUMANS! I'll scare you SOULs out of your body!" said Dummy angrily, causing the duo's SOULS to emerge from within to signal a fight.

BGM start: Undertale OST; Dummy!

Naruto immediately used Act to Check for information on the monster and soon got it.

[Mad Dummy. Because they are a ghost, physical attacks will fail]

"Don't waste your time attacking me as I am still incorporeal! Doing so would be Foolish, Foolish! FOOLISH!" Dummy proclaimed.

"I don't think he would be willing to listen to us," said Frisk with concern.

"I could tell as much, we just need a way to get it to stop," said Naruto with a small frown.

Mad Dummy suddenly yelled out "Dummies attack the humans!"

Something rose from beneath the surface of the water in front of the trio and reveal to be a cluster of miniature dummies which fired a barrage of magic attacks in the form of scribbles, Naruto and Frisk moved out of the way to avoid getting hit by them with more dummies appearing with these ones flashing red before swooping to tackle them, Frisk ducked her head to dodge the first cluster and Naruto dashed sideways when the second cluster aimed at him while his mind raced for a solution to this current problem.

Mad Dummy cackled with glee "Futile. Futile! FUTILE! I will defeat you and take your SOULs then break through the barrier! I will stand in the window of fancy store, AND EVERYTHING I WANT WILL BE MINE!"

Naruto took a moment to stand and look at the Mad Dummy with a quirked eyebrow "Can't help but feel like the goal isn't as grandiose as you make it to be," Nikan began barking in alert from his hoodie, getting him to look behind and see some of the Mini Dummies fire a barrage f their magic attacks. The blonde quickly ducked underneath the magic attacks which ended up hitting Mad Dummy and got an interesting reaction.

"Owwww, YOU DUMMIES! Watch where you're aiming your magic attacks!" Mad Dummy yelled angrily before pausing to realize what he just said and looked nervous "…Hey! You! Forget I said anything about magic!"

Naruto smiled slyly "Doubt it will slip out of our minds anytime soon!" he winked at Frisk who smiled and nodded in understanding.

Now having a new strategy, the duo began moving in various positions to wait for the Mini Dummies to fire their magic attacks towards them before getting out of the way at the last moment for the scribble-like projectiles to hit the Mad Dummy as the true target, making said monster madder with every hit and being quite vocal about it every time but they had to watch out for the flashing red Mini Dummies which often attempt to tackle them from various directions.

Finally Mad Dummy called out "HEY GUYS!" the Mini Dummies appeared before him "Dummies. Dummies! Dummies! Remember how I said NOT to shoot at me? Well…FAILURES! YOU'RE FIRED! YOU'RE ALL BEING REPLACED!" the Mini-Dummies floated away in depression.

"That wasn't nice, they were trying their best," said Frisk with a small frown.

"Whatever. Whatever! Whatever! Now you will see my true power, by relying on people that aren't garbage! Dummy bots, Magic Missiles!" there was the sound of mechanical whirring through the area then dummies appeared albeit as robots and fired a volley of rockets, Naruto and Frisk darted out of the way only to be shocked when the rockets actually turned around and pursued them yet again.

"Those are homing missiles!" said Naruto in urgency as he jumped to the side when some of them got too close and kept his eyes on them only to see the red circle on them vanishes then they began going in a straight line before crashing into the cavern walls and exploding "Could it be…Frisk-chan, the missiles can only home on you for some time before it stops following you!"

Frisk nodded in affirmation "I got it!"

Mad Dummy frowned at this "DUMMY BOTS! Try again!" the Dummy Bots fired another salvo of homing rockets, the duo took to evading the explosive projectiles till they lost their lock and struck elsewhere "DUMMY BOTS! You're awful?" the next volley of rockets were launched but Naruto had figured them out enough to maneuver them to hitting the Mad Dummy "DUMMY BOTS! Final Attack!" this time, the flashing red dummies attacked along with the dummy bots which had Naruto and Frisk to be very careful when dodging them and avoid being seriously damaged until the assault finally ended.

"N-no way…these guys are even WORSE than the other guys!" Mad Dummy couldn't believe that these humans were able to avoid all of his attacks "Who cares. Who cares! Who cares! I don't need friends!" suddenly a knife appeared overhead, making them tense "I got knives!" he threw the knife which was easily evaded and waited for the next one…but Mad Dummy simply hovered there.

"I'm…out of knives," said Mad Dummy sheepishly.

Naruto and Frisk simply blinked in response "Oh,"

"BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER! I CAN'T HURT YOU AND YOU CAN'T HURT ME! YOU WILL BE STUCK FIGHTING ME…Forever. Forever! FOREVER!" Mad Dummy cackled wildy at the notion when white droplets began falling on him from above with negative effects "Wh-what is this?! Could it be…ACID RAIN?! Oh forget it, I'M OUTTA HERE!" he flew away as fast as he could.

That was when a familiar figure appeared before the trio whom they immediately recognized.

BGM end

"Napstablook!" said Frisk with surprise and relief.

"…sorry, I interrupted you didn't I? As soon as I came, your friend immediately…I just wanted to say hi. I'm really sorry," said the ghost apologetically.

"It's okay, we're not mad at you. We're even glad to see you," said Naruto.

Napstablook smiled a bit "Well, I'm heading home now. You can come with if you want…though you don't have to…I can understand if you're busy and all,"

"We really don't mind coming along, plus we could use a bit of rest and I need to recharge my phone since the battery is almost dead," said Naruto, feeling the phone vibrate a couple of times to alert him of low battery.

"Oh okay, please follow me…if you want to,"

The group followed the ghost out of the Garbage Dump with Nikan jumping off the hood now that there isn't any water, they were at a junction which had several pathways leading to different directions and there was a SAVE Point for Naruto to access.

(You feel a calming tranquility. You're filled with Determination. Save? Yes/No)

Napstablook led them through the middle path towards two tall houses with the left one being the ghost's which they entered.

"I hope you don't mind the mess; I wasn't really expecting any visitors…if they wanted to visit at all. I have a charger for your phone…if you want it that is," said Napstablook.

"Thanks a lot," Naruto plugged in the charger and saw the phone beginning to recharge its battery.

"Hmmm," Frisk was looking over a couple of CDs nearby and was reading the labels "…Spookwave, Ghouliday music, Spooktunes,"

"Oh, those are my favorite songs…although nobody knows since they don't ask me," said Napstablook.

"Really, I also have a thing for music since I listen to certain tunes while doing things like reading, exercising, relaxing or evening singing along with my d-," Naruto stopped in midsentence before looking away with a sad look in his eyes which Frisk was quick to notice "…and other things,"

"Me too; after a great meal I like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage…it's a family tradition," said Napstablook.

"Oh, it makes sense now, given how we first met," said Frisk thoughtfully.

"How about we lie on the floor and feel like garbage together…if you want to that is,"

Naruto shrugged in response "Sure, we don't mind plus my phone is still charging,"

"Oh okay," Napstablook went over to the computer and floated a couple of wireless headphones to Naruto and Frisk "I have some music which would help us feel like garbage," the duo took the headphones and put them on before everyone laid down on the floor and stared up at the ceiling with Nikan curling up to Naruto's head.

BGM start: Undertale OST; Chill

As the music began to play, it suddenly felt as if they weren't in the room anymore but rather floating in space with no sense of gravity, confinement, and limitations. Naruto couldn't help but let out a sigh of relaxation, he had been feeling a lot of tension ever since he and Frisk had left Snowdin and were constantly pursued by Undyne along with the monsters trying to get their SOULs from time to time. So it feels pretty good to let the tension ebb out of his body as if he was relaxing in a hot spring.

"This feels nice…," said Frisk in contentment.

"I'm glad you like it…I thought you didn't," said Napstablook.

"It's cool, sometimes one just needs to know when to kick back and relax while letting the world go by," said Naruto.

They continued to lie down and relax until the song eventually came to an end, causing everything to go back to normal along with Naruto's phone beeping to signal that it has been fully recharged, getting them to rise from the floor.


"Guess it's time for us to get a move on," said Naruto, placing his phone back into his waist pack and making sure he has everything.

"I hope you can visit again…if you want to," said Napstablook.

Frisk smiled in response "Sure we would,"

"See you later," Naruto bade the polite ghost farewell as they left the house.

BGM start: Undertale OST; Quiet Water

The trio headed back to the junction and took note of the signboard which they read:

North: Blook Acres East: Hotland ?: Temmie Village

Naruto hummed in thought "Hotland, that must be where we're heading to next to get closer to the barrier,"

"Hotland sounds…hot," Frisk blushed a bit seeing Naruto smile at her in amusement.

"If it's anything like Snowdin with the literal naming, then we might end up being near magma so it's best to be cautious when there,"

Receiving a nod of affirmation from the girl and Nikan barking excitedly, the group headed eastwards towards and happened across a shop at a crossroads with a southern path and a Dimension Box nearby.

Deciding that they would need to resupply, Naruto went inside the shop and met with the shopkeeper who appears to be an elderly looking olive green tortoise-monster with a pointed beard, his teeth are crooked and yellow and his shell is a dark brown color with a pale cream rim, and seems to be unable to open his right eye. He wears archeologist attire, and a tan pith helmet while holding a large magnifying glass.

The shopkeeper noticed them and greeted happily "Whoah there, looks like I got a couple of young customers today. Hello there, my name is Gerson and it will be a pleasure to do business with you,"

"Nice to meet you Gerson-san, what do you have to sell?" asked Naruto.

"I got some neat stuff on sale, no need to be shy,"

Naruto looked at the items currently on display on the table.

Crab Apple: 25G Sea Tea: 15G Cloudy Glasses: 30G Torn Notebook: 50G

The blonde was contemplating on what to buy when Frisk noticed something and called out to him "Naruto look, it's that symbol we saw before," Naruto looked towards where she was pointing and saw the emblem which he had taken a picture with his phone.

"You're right,"

"Oh ho, it appears that you're familiar with the Delta Rune emblem," said Gerson.

"Not really, we've been trying to learn more about it," said Naruto.

"Eh? You don't know what that is? What are they teaching you kids in school nowadays...? The Delta Rune is the emblem of our Kingdom…the Kingdom of Monsters. To be honest, the original meaning has been lost to time. All we know is that the triangles symbolize us monsters below, and the winged circle above symbolizes...Somethin' else. Most people say it's the 'angel,' from the prophecy...,"

"A prophecy?" asked Frisk curiously.

Gerson hummed thoughtfully "Oh yeah... The prophecy. Legend has it, that an 'angel' who has seen the surface will descend from above and bring us freedom. But lately, the people have been taking a bleaker outlook...callin' that circle the 'Angel of Death', a harbinger of destruction, waitin' to 'free' us from this mortal realm...,"

Frisk looked concerned while Naruto frowned a bit "That sounds pretty scary,"

"In my opinion, when I see that little circle...I jus' think it looks neat!" Gerson laughed out loud, getting the others to smile as well.

"Say, can you tell us about the king?" asked Naruto, wanting to learn more about him.

"King Fluffybuns? He's a friendly, happy-go-lucky kind of guy...If you keep walking around long enough, you'll probably meet him as he loves to walk around and talk to people,"

"Why do you call the king that?" asked Frisk.

"Why do I call Dreemur 'Fluffybuns?' Oh, that's a great story...although I don't remember it. But if you come back much later, I'm sure I'll have remembered by then,"

Naruto nodded in understanding "We'll be sure to do so, another question though; can you tell us about Undyne?"

Gerson stroked his beard at the question "Undyne? Yeah, she's a local hero around here. Through grit and determination alone, she fought her way to the top of the Royal Guard. Actually, she just came through here asking about someone who looked just like you...," Naruto and Frisk looked at each other in worry, "I'd watch your back, kids. And buy some items as it might just save your hide!"

Naruto chuckled weakly "Hehehehe, I would do just that…I'll take, the Cloudy Glasses, the Torn Notebook, and three of the Sea Tea," he didn't know why, but something enticed him to purchased the first two items since they're likely to have belonged to the humans before them.

"Good choices, that will be 125G," Gerson handed over the items in exchange for the gold "If you want to sell stuff, I heard the Temmie Village is the best place since they'll buy just about anything,"

"Thanks for everything, hope to see you again," said Naruto with a polite bow.

"Be sure to come again, you youngsters make good company and customers," Gerson bade the two children and wolf pup as they left

BGM start: Undertale OST; Quiet Water

Upon exiting the shop, the trio continued on the eastern path, through a cavernous hallway with two large bodies of water so Naruto had to carry Nikan across them. there were also some glyphs which spoke of how a massive power equivalent to that of seven human SOULs would be capable of destroying the barrier which imprisons the monsters Underground.

They continued onwards into a very dark room with the only source of light being the glowing grassy paths, the trio also learnt that touching the glowing mushrooms would make more of the pathways reveal themselves to walk along. Naruto and co had also ran into new monsters along the way; being Moldsmal, Moldybugg and a queer one called Temmie which seems to love to pet humans but freaked out and ran off when Aaron the Merhorse showed as it doesn't like muscles for some reason. Nikan's nose suddenly twitched as he picked up a strange scent and barked for the others to follow.

"I wonder where he's going?" asked Frisk curiously.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders "Might as well follow him and find out,"

BGM change: Undertale OST; Temmie Village

The trio soon found themselves in a village where they saw a large number of Temmies which all look alike with a signboard even reading:

hOI! welcom to Tem VILLAGE!

"This must be the place that Gerson was telling us about," said Naruto thoughtfully.

"There's so many of them and they all look the same, it's pretty hard to tell them apart," Frisk looked at the monsters as she spoke.

"Since we're here, let's check out the place before moving on,"

The group went on to meet the residents and soon came to learn that they're pretty queer as they kept introducing themselves as Temmie save for one called Bob which drew confused looks from Naruto and Frisk. There was a Temmie who was watching over an egg until it hatches…but the egg is hardboiled. Entering the shop which had signs outside to tell them to go in, they met with yet another Temmie albeit this one is different compared to the rest. This Temmie has light gray hair in a different hairstyle and wears a sky blue and yellow striped shirt.

BGM change: Undertale OST; Temmie Shop

"hOI! welcom to…da TEM SHOP!" said the Temmie Shopkeeper excitedly from behind an upside down cardboard box acting as a counter.

"Hello, I heard this is a good place to sell items," said Naruto.

"yUP yUP! tem buy items for good price!"

"Well I got some things that I would like to sell, they've been taking up space in our Dimension Box. Give me a minute…," Naruto exited the shop then a few minutes later returned with a large heap of items in his arms "It used to be Dog Residue until it changed into Dog Salad, it seemed to have been duplicating itself inside the box. Hope you're interested in these,"

The Temmie Shopkeeper nodded eagerly "tem will be very happy to buy Dog Salad…I gota pay for colleg…but tem always wanna Dog Salad! Okies, tem will py 8G each!"

After a lengthy moment of transaction, Naruto had acquired a large amount of money which would definitely be of use for the road ahead "Thanks for everything!"

"bOI! com back with nu stuf!" said the Temmie Shopkeeper happily.

BGM change: Undertale OST; Waterfall

After departing from the Temmie Village and into the dark maze, Naruto and the other ventured through the maze and found themselves in another maze but this time they had to interact with darkening lanterns to light up the way but had to be quick as the lanterns would stay lit for a short duration before dimming. The trio soon exited from the maze but the route kept getting darker as they progressed that Naruto had to use the flashlight of his phone so they could see where they were before coming upon an Echo Flower and touching it to make the place light up.

Frisk sighed in relief "Thank goodness, I really don't like it when it's dark,"

"Same here, now we can know which way we're going," Naruto switched off the flashlight and pocketed the phone. However, a chill crawled down their spines when a voice called out to them.

"Behind you,"


They slowly turned around to see none other than Undyne standing before them with their back literally to the wall with no escape route. Naruto positioned himself in front of them as Undyne slowly approached them with his hand ready to draw out his bokken.

"Seven…seven Human SOULs, with these seven...our King; Asgore Dreemur will become a god. He will shatter the barrier and take back the surface from humanity while giving back the pain and suffering we have endured," said Undyne with underlying anger in her voice "Do you understand humans? This is your chance at redemption, give up or I'll tear it from your body,"

Naruto unsheathed his bokken and stood at the ready with Nikan standing next to him with a growl "Sorry, but I can't do that,"

Undyne conjured a blue spear and held it in her hands "Then so be it," she rapidly approached to attack when something burst out from the bushes nearby and landed in the middle of the path, halting her for everyone to see what it is.

"Undyne, I'll help you fight!"

"MK!?" said Naruto and Frisk in shock while Nikan tilted his head in confusion.

Said monster turned towards them with a smile "Hey guys, you finally met Undyne and even have the front rows seats to see her fight!"

… … …

"…wait," Monster Kid looked back and forth between Undyne and Naruto and Frisk several times before noticing something wrong "Who's she fighting?"

Having enough of this, Undyne sent away her spear before grabbing Monster Kid and dragging him away with the latter being even more confused.

"H-Hey! You're not gonna tell my parents about this are you?"

After seeing that they were gone, Naruto and Frisk exhaled with the tension leaving their bodies. That moment really made their hearts pound against their chests.

Naruto sheathed the bokken with a small frown "I don't know whether to be glad that MK showed up or concerned that he's unknowingly putting himself in danger because of us,"

"Maybe we should have told him that we are humans earlier, but I didn't want him to be scared of us either," said Frisk.

"I'm thinking the same thing…best we get a move on before Undyne comes back,"


The group saw no other way near them and so backtracked a bit to see a new pathway thanks to the area being bright enough to reveal it, they went up through a long room where there were many more Echo Flowers which seem to continue the conversation of the two children from before. There was also a glyph which spoke of the prophecy about how an angel which had seen the surface and would return with the underground becoming empty, just like what Gerson had told them about.

They entered a enters a room that contains a long wooden bridge spanning across an expansive chasm with a dark abyss. The trio carefully went across it and were almost at the other side when they heard someone call out to them from behind.

"Yo!" they turned to see Monster Kid approaching them but he appeared rather nervous as if unsure about something "I know I'm not supposed to be here, but I want to ask you something. I never had to ask anyone this…you two are humans, right?"

Naruto looked to the ground for a moment before responding "…yeah, Frisk-chan and I are humans,"

"Man, I knew it! I mean I know it now. Undyne told me to 'Stay away from those humans.' So, like um…guess this makes us enemies or something," Frisk flinched at his words "But I kinda stink at that, haha. Yo, can you say something mean so I can hate you?"

"…No I won't MK, there's no reason whatsoever for us to do that," said Naruto with Frisk nodding in agreement.

"We don't hate you," said Frisk.

MK looked uncomfortable at that "So I have to be the one to do it? Here goes then, I…I hate your guts," he turned away when he saw Frisk was about to cry "Man, I'm such a turd. I'm…gonna head home now," he turned round and ran before anything could be said when he suddenly tripped and fell off the bridge only to hang onto the ledge below with his chin.

"MK!" Frisk called out of fear for the young monster.

"H-Help!" Monster Kid cried out.

"Hang on, we're coming!" said Naruto, they were about to move in when Undyne appeared before them with a spear in hand. However, Naruto choose to help Monster Kid as he ran over to grab him by the collar of his shirt and pull him up with Frisk helping "You okay buddy?"

"Y-Yeah, thanks a million," said Monster kid gratefully before seeing Undyne approach, causing him to get up and stand in front of Naruto and Frisk "Y-Yo dude…if you w-wanna hurt my friends…you're gonna have to get through me first,"

Undyne took several steps back at that then dispelled her spear and walked away from the bridge and out of sight.

"She's gone…," Monster Kid muttered before turning to the trio "You guys really saved my skin there,"

"We just couldn't leave you like that MK," said Naruto.

"Guess being enemies was just a nice thought, haha. We'll just be friends instead,"

Frisk smiled happily in response "We would like that very much,"

Monster Kid nodded in agreement before realizing something "Man, I should REALLY be getting home since my parents will be worried sick about me by now,"

"Be safe MK, and make sure to watch your step," said Naruto.

"Sure thing, later dudes!" Monster Kid ran off as he said goodbye.

"I'm so glad that he doesn't hate us for being humans," said Frisk, feeling relieved.

"Me too, but we still need to watch out for Undyne. I seriously doubt she would be giving up on us anytime soon," said Naruto with a frown.

"I know, I'm a bit scared though,"

Naruto placed a hand on Frisk's shoulder, getting her to look at him "I understand, but remember that I promised Toriel-obasan that I would protect you. Everything will be okay, I promise,"

Frisk smiled a bit "Okay Naruto, thank you,"

The group resumed their trek after crossing the bridge and continuing along the route until finding themselves in a wide-open craggy area where they could see two tall metallic towers with the atmosphere being rather warm. Naruto saw a SAVE point and went to access it.

(The wind is howling, you are filled with Determination. Save? Yes/No)

There was a tall crag with an opening ahead of them when Naruto took note of something at the top of the crag and peered to see that it was Undyne yet again.

The armored knight looked down at them silently before speaking up "Seven. Seven human SOULs, and King ASGORE will become a god. Six. That's how many we have collected thus far. Understand? Through your seventh and final SOUL, this world will be transformed… although having an eighth SOUL would guarantee our victory against humanity. First, however, as is customary for those who make it this far... I shall tell you the tragic tale of our people. It all started, long ago...,"

Frisk leaned to whisper into Naruto's ear "Could she be talking about the war between the Monsters and the Humans which we read from the glyphs along the way?"

"I guess so, maybe we'll learn more from her," Naruto whispered back.

"... No, you know what?"

BGM change: Undertale OST; Spear of Justice

Undyne suddenly began yelling "SCREW IT! WHY SHOULD I TELL THAT STORY WHEN YOU'RE ABOUT TO DIE!? NGAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she took off her helmet to reveal that she's a fishlike monster with blue scales and a long red ponytail. She has red and blue fins on the sides of her head, and a pair of sharp yellow protruding teeth. She also wears a red eye shadow and has an eyepatch on her left eye.

"Oh, she's actually a fish monster," thought Naruto, having wondered how she looks like underneath the armor.

"YOU! You're standing in the way of everybody's hopes and dreams! Alphys's history books made me think humans were cool...with their giant robots and flowery swordswomen," said Undyne before muttering to herself at the last part.

"Giant robots and flowery swordsmen in human history? I haven't heard anything like that," said Frisk confusedly.

"Me too, I get the feeling that she's misunderstanding something," said Naruto.

Undyne glared at them "BUT YOU? You're just cowards, hiding behind that kid so you could run away from me again! And let's not forget your wimpy goody-two-shoes-shtick! Oooh! I'm making such a difference by hugging random strangers!"

Frisk shook her head at that "That's not true, MK is our friend and we wouldn't treat him that way!"

Naruto was quick to protest "We have no reason to harm any of the monsters as they're not our enemies, Frisk-chan and I are learning more and more about the monsters. We're trying to discover the truth,"

Undyne scoffed at that "You want the truth? The truth is that continued existence is a crime! Your life is all that stands between us and our freedom! Right now, I can feel everyone's hearts pounding together! Everyone's been waiting their whole lives for this moment! But we're not nervous at all. When everyone puts their hearts together, they can't lose! Now, human! Let's end this, right here, right now. I'll show you how determined monsters can be! Step forward when you're ready! Fuhuhuhu!"

"What do we do?" asked Frisk.

"…guess we don't have much of a choice but to defend ourselves. But the moment she lets down her guard, we run and try to lose her," said Naruto with Frisk nodding in understanding while Nikan ruffled his fur and was just as ready. Naruto stepped forward while unsheathing his bokken and took a stance with their SOULs emerging from their bodies.

Undyne smirked with glee "That's it, then...! No more running away! HERE I COME!" she leapt off the crag towards them which conjuring a spear into her hands.

Naruto and Frisk jumped back to avoid where she was going to land but were taken by surprise when she lunged quickly and struck their SOULs, changing them from red to green. The children were quick to realize that they can't move at certain points as if restricted within a small boundary.

"Why can't we move?" asked Frisk confusedly.

Undyne smirked in response "As long as you're GREEN you CAN'T ESCAPE! Unless you learn to face danger head-on... You won't last a SECOND against ME! However, I want this to be a fair fight so take this to defend yourself," she tossed a spear for Frisk to catch in her hands "And now…En guarde!"

The duo started by selecting ACT and using Check to get some info on Undyne.

[Undyne. The heroine that NEVER gives up]

Naruto saw several spears heading his way and tensed, seeing as how he won't be able to dodge like always and has to defend himself differently this time. Then a male voice echoed at the back of his mind.

"Listen Naruto, this form I'm about to teach you has been looked down upon and seen as a coward's way of fighting since it lacks offensive effectiveness. What they fail to realize is that swiftness, strong focus and most importantly patience is a guarantee for one's survival on the battlefield as such is the Gale Form. I know you have your mother's temper but you also have her protectiveness…just don't let her know I said that, heh-heh,"

"Dad…," Naruto let out a deep breath and held the bokken before him with both hands as he calmed down with his heartbeat slowing down slightly, He focused upon the first spear coming at him from the front and deflected it to the side and followed up on the next two spears heading his way before resetting to his stance.

Frisk would have been amazed if she wasn't currently preoccupied with having to defend against the incoming spears as well, one came from the front which she blocked with the spear in hand for it to dissipate upon contact then two more spears came in from the right which she quickly turned to face and deflect.

"Not bad, let's see you handle this then!" said Undyne.

Naruto once more tightened his focus and timed his motion to deflect two spears approaching from the front then swiveled to the left to defend against two more spear before turning to the right to take care of the remaining pair of spears. Frisk sensed a triad of spears coming from behind and blocked them but was almost blindsided by a spear from the left had it not been for Nikan jumping to snatch it from the air with his teeth before tossing it away.

"For years, we've dreamed of a happy ending...," Undyne holds her fist in front of her and shakes her head "And now, sunlight is just within our reach! I won't let you snatch it away from us!"

"We can understand that the monsters are going through hard times ever since they were sealed into the Underground, but we also deserve to live!" said Naruto.

"Please, we don't want to be enemies with you," Frisk pleaded.

Undyne refuted "There's too much at stake for me to simply let you go!"

Naruto once more deflected spears coming from the left, spun to parry the next ones from behind before facing his front in time to block a spear which was moving more quickly compared to the previous ones "Same here, we have a place to return to!"

Suddenly, their SOULs pulsed a few times before changing from green back to red with Naruto and Frisk being able to move around like normal much to Undyne's surprise. Seeing the moment of distraction, Naruto called out to Frisk and Nikan.

"Let's run!"

Frisk nodded in affirmation "R-right!"

The trio quickly moved past Undyne and into the opening underneath the crag which the female knight was standing on top of, running along a stone bridge over a river below when they heard the rapid clanging, letting them know that Undyne is in pursuit and catching up. Suddenly, two yellow spears whizzed past and actually curved to strike their SOULs and turning the green again to limit their mobility yet again. The trio turned to see Undyne glaring at them.

"You won't get away from me this time!" Undyne sent another barrage of spears towards them, Naruto once more to the defensive and deflected the spears from different directions. He was just about to parry a yellow spear when it suddenly curved at the last minute and went around to strike him from behind with the blonde letting out a sharp gasp of pain.

"Naruto!" Frisk called out to him in worry with Nikan scampering over to look him over with a soft whine.

Naruto gritted his teeth at the pain throbbing from his side "Don't worry about me Frisk-chan, watch out for those yellow spears!"


"I can still keep going, I'll be fine with a little pick-me-up," Naruto reached into his waist pack to take out a Sea Tea which he drank and felt the pain fade away quite a bit before retaking his stance.

"No human has EVER made it past ASGORE! Honestly, killing you now is an act of mercy...!" said Undyne while glaring at the duo still defending against her spears "So STOP being so damn resilient!"

"Well we know what we want very clearly, and that is not to die no matter what!" said Naruto, unaware that his left eye has been flickering with white light.

Undyne gritted her teeth "NGAHHH! Enough warming up!"

Undyne proceeded to launch multiple spears from the left and right side of Naruto with increasing speed and rate of fire as the blonde swung his bokken rapidly whilst switching to engage the closest to him to avoid getting damaged with the same going for Frisk as Nikan tried to help them the best it could by catching the spears one at a time.

As he went up against the onslaught of spears, Naruto began to feel something bubbling up from within like it was pleading to be unleashed. At that moment, Undyne launched several yellow spears which curved around to attack Naruto from different directions. Suddenly, Naruto moved swiftly to knock away the spears with no waste in movement…onehandedly.

Naruto looked at the hand holding the bokken in shock "I've done it again, that feeling in me just now…could it be the cause,"

Undyne stared at the blonde intently "You're somewhat interesting human boy, this is the second time you've done that. Though I'm curious about your eye too,"

"My eye?" asked Naruto confusedly.

"She's right Naruto, your left eye is glowing," Frisk pointed out, sure enough Naruto's left eye was glowing with a white flaming aura.

"Let's see you handle THIS!" Undyne raised a hand above her head to conjure a large number of spears before launching them.

Naruto tightened the grab on his bokken and focused intently with that feeling pulsing within him once more, he moved much more fluidly and utilizing half-spins in his motions which is a higher level in the Gale Form. Naruto's SOUL let out a pulse as it changed back into red with the pulse affecting Frisk's and reverting it to red as well.

"Let's run again!" Naruto grabbed Frisk's hand and ran past Undyne to escape from her once more, they ran across the bridge into the next room which has a large a neon sign saying 'WELCOME TO HOTLAND!' with the multicolored letters scrolling across the sign. Frisk's phone began ringing in her pocket and she answered it before Naruto could say anything.

"Hello?" asked Frisk.

{Greetings human friends, it is I the Great Papyrus!} said Papyrus happily over the phone.

"We're kinda busy at the moment!" said Naruto urgently.

{Then I shan't keep you waiting for much longer, I was just thinking that the both you, Undyne and I should all hang out sometime! I think you would make great pals! let's meet up at her house later!}

"Oh okay, but we'll have to call you back!" said Frisk before ending the call.

"STOP RUNNING AWAY!" Undyne yelled in frustration while striking their SOULs yet again to change them to green.

"So long as you want to kill us, we'll keep running," Naruto responded.

"Please stop, we don't to fight you!" Frisk pleaded.

"Alphys told me humans were determined…I see now what she meant by that! But I'm determined too! Determined to end this RIGHT NOW!" Undyne attacked with a large number of yellow spears this time to attack from different angles and Naruto was ever ready to defend against them with his left eye glowing even more intently in reaction to his current emotional state, he rapidly parried the incoming projectiles and actually managed to knock one back at Undyne and scratching a part of her armor "NGAHHH! DIE ALREADY, YOU LITTLE BRATS!"

"And I'll say it once more…WE REFUSE TO DIE!" a powerful pulse radiated from Naruto in resonance to his declaration, freeing the duo yet again, wasting no time to run away yet again.


The chase took them to an arid region covered in reddish-orange dirt rising above the lava below resulting in a hot atmosphere which is Hotland, Naruto and co ran past a sentry where they caught a glance of Sans taking a nap. Undyne stopped to look at the sleeping skeleton in angry disbelief, an opportunity the humans and wolf pup didn't waste to outpace as they ran across wooden bridge hung over lava and soon reached the other side.


Hearing the sound of metal clanging alerted them that Undyne has resumed pursuit and looked back only to see something strange going on with her, she was panting quite heavily and stumbling a lot.

"*Pant pant* Armor…too hot…but…I…can't…give…up," Undyne barely wheezed out before collapsing on the ground.

"What happened to her?" asked Frisk.

Naruto hummed in thought "Considering where we are right now, my guess is that the heat of place affected her armor plus her traits as a fish makes this a very bad place for her to be in,"

Frisk then said something which made Naruto look at her in disbelief "Then let's help her,"

"Frisk-chan, I can understand that you're a nice person and I really admire that part of you. But she would end up trying to kill us if we do help her," Naruto pointed out the potential issue.

"But we can't just leave her here either, it wouldn't feel right. I would feel guilty if something bad happened to her like this,"

Naruto ran a hand through his spiky hair as he went over Frisk's protest, she may have made a point but this was someone who has been trying to kill them ever since they stepped out from Snowdin, he let out a sigh before responding to her "…alright then, we'll help her. But be ready to run again should she try to attack us,"

Frisk beamed upon hearing that and happily hugged Naruto who blushed, having not exactly made much contact with females aside from his mom and those working at her restaurant "Thank you Naruto, I'm so glad you understand!" she went over to the water cooler nearby and fetched a plastic cup of cold water before pouring it on Undyne's head then repeated doing so a few more times.

"S-Sure thing," Naruto stammered a bit.

The female knight let out a low groan before rising to her feet "Ugh…what happened…where am I?" Undyne saw the two humans who she was after but took note of Frisk holding a plastic cup in her hand and the water cooler close by while Naruto stared at her silently with a hand on his sheathed bokken and Nikan standing next to him and growling lowly.




They stared at each other in silence without uttering a single word and not budging an inch with Frisk feeling even more nervous and Naruto getting tense. This continued for a few moments longer until someone finally moved and it was Undyne…but she turned away from the children and wolf pup to walk back the same way they came in order to return to Waterfall, although Undyne glanced over her shoulder to look at Naruto before continuing on her way.

Naruto let go of the bokken while letting out a sign of relief "And here I was expecting her to attack us again, glad to be wrong,"

"Yeah…," Frisk looked at Naruto and noticed something "Hey Naruto, your left eye has stopped glowing,"

"It has?" Naruto used the camera of his phone to check and saw nothing.

"I've been wondering for a while but I can't but feel that we've changed, just what happened to us?" asked Frisk confusedly.

"I don't know…," Naruto looked at his bandaged hand and sensed the feeling currently sleeping within and ready to awaken at a moment's notice, he noticed that it reacted very strongly when he desired to live, to defy his limitations and go beyond, an instinct formerly dormant until now "…but I can take a guess that we awakened something within ourselves out of…Determination," the blonde's eyes widened in realization of many things, unaware of something inside of the waist pack is awakening with the sound of a metallic chain shattering.

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, upon awakening from a strange dream, Naruto finds himself and the others in some sort of garbage dump. On their way out, they encountered a rather hot-tempered Dummy monster but were helped by an unwitting Napstablook. Progressing further through Waterfall, things started escalating with Undyne pursuing them once more, eventually leading to a 'fight' of sorts which took them all the way to Hotland where it took Frisk's act of compassion to dissuade Undyne from coming after them anymore. However, this encounter led to drawing out something within the duo more so in Naruto. What else is there ahead of them to traverse? Be sure to read and review as always.

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