Layla, the matriarch of Phenex House was angry. Her senses were not functioning correctly at the moment. The atmosphere of pain and anguish around her was too much for her to endure. Everything was happening just like it did on that perilous day. She was going to lose a piece of her heart again, and just like that day, she wouldn't be able to do anything but watch it fade away in nothingness. "But why her?" Beautiful blue eyes stared at the half-dead form of the woman in front of her who was lying in the midst of the dark and quiet room of their house. Her heart could feel it, the hollow and unforgiving feeling of death.

"Kushina..." She whimpered, miserably failing to secure her emotions inside herself. She didn't want to look weak in front of her. Right now, she couldn't afford that.

"I... I'm fine Layla." Kushina Uzumaki, the beautiful redhead, who was lying on the cold mattress of her inevitable demise, murmured in an irregular voice. Each word that left her mouth revealed the absence of power within her delicate body.

Hearing the shaky words of her friend, Layla couldn't help but whimper more. "No!, you are not fine, Kushina. You are dying!" Softly, she admonished her. "You are leaving me alone" her words earned a small smile from her friend.

Cold hands met the wet cheeks of Layla as Kushina caressed them gently. "I know, I am not going to make it, Layla" she uttered and had to hold herself from crying when her friend whirled her eyes away from her. "But I'm happy because my little Naruto is going to live" She smiled, remembering the beautiful and innocent face of her son. Her hand then scampered to brush away tears that began to flow down from Layla's cheeks. "I have one last request for you, Layla" her words immediately received the interminable attention of the blonde woman.

"Anything" came the anticipated response from Layla. She truly wanted to save Kushina, but sadly, she didn't possess any power to achieve such a purpose. The woman in front of her had done so much for her and her family. So, the least she could do for her was to fulfill her final wish.

Kushina was about to talk, but a fit of terrible coughs curtailed her tread. Recouping from the pain, she beamed at her friend. "I don't want my baby to grow up as an orphan, Layla." She whispered, crying due to the incredible pain that was spurting through her body.

"Devils will certainly hate him because of the bond he shares with me and my species, and in order to prevent that from happening, Minato-kun and I thought it would be better to have Naruto grow up here, along with other devil children. So promise me, Layla, promise me that you will make sure Naruto stays happy and safe in the underworld. Think of it as my last wish, please" Soft sobs waddled her whole body. Minato was right, Naruto was the most precious thing in the world for them. Even in the last moments of her life, his safety was all she could think about.

Layla remained quiet for a while as her mind processed the invaluable words of Kushina. Those simple but significant words of her friend were startling, they were a dead giveaway of the love she possessed for her son. But those same words raised a few concerns in her mind, which were bothering her. Will she be able to protect Naruto? Will she be able to provide him the love of a mother? Mulling over her concerns for a bit more, she nodded her head firmly, a look of pure determination shining in her eyes.

"I promise you Kushina, no one in the underworld will ever learn about the relationship you and Naruto share. His heritage will eternally remain as a secret in the darkness of the Underworld. The only thing all the devils will know about him will be his relationship with Minato Phenex" she declared, making Kushina's eyes go wide in awe.

Feeling a bit relieved, the redheaded Yōkai beamed at the devil woman and gently wrapped her in a tired hug. "Thank you, Layla. Thank you so much." With those final words, Kushina Uzumaki closed her eyes, mumbling her last goodbye to the world of the supernatural.

"Don't worry Kushina, I will love Naruto more than anything else in this cursed World"

At that instant, something strange, which was both pleasant and intense stirred inside the soul of one Layla Phenex.

-Unknown Place-

"I still can't understand why you allowed this to happen, sister" a deep manly voice resonated throughout the reserved void of nothingness. The said void was an endless space, decorated with multiple shades of black and purple ring patterns that were embroidered around it randomly, giving the already dark void a much more menacing atmosphere.

"She was your favorite if I'm not mistaken" the manly voice again echoed in the void, but unlike the last time, his voice carried a tinge of both, interest and disdain in it.

To acknowledge the query of the man, a soft feminine laugh disrupted the stillness of the void, making the mysterious purple ring patterns around ripple with each one.

"She absolutely was and will always be my favorite, dear brother. Although I adore her to no end, her demise was particularly necessary for the future. Her small family is a very fascinating group of people, brother" Red eyes gleamed in the darkness. "The story of their origin is unlike any other. That old sage even outshined the death this time because of them. This child of theirs possesses the energy of that sage and the blessings of Shinto. I think he's the salvation that this impure world presently needs" the unknown female intoned, sounding pleased with the way things have transpired.

At the very edge of a high mountain, the silhouette of a person could be seen sitting quietly, enjoying the scenery those cliffs provided for his eyes. Streaks of blonde hair were flailing wildly in the wind, giving an impression as if they were dancing with the melody of the air purporting the vast territory of the Great Phenex House. The beautiful pair of sapphire eyes that were observing the vast landscape carried an incredible amount of fascination and warmth within them.

"Amazing as always" the person continued to observe the mesmerizing scenery for a while before he gradually stood up and brought a hand up to his mouth in order to stifle a yawn. "Time to go" He chuckled and was about to take his leave but didn't when he abruptly felt a presence of energy behind him. Lazily, he turned his head around and looked over his shoulder to acknowledge the intruder.

The intruder was a busty girl with long and wavy purple hair that fell all the way down her back while covering her matching purple eyes and mouth-watering breasts in the process. The attire of the girl consisted of a navy blue tunic top with gold accents and a pale blue skirt with open sides. She completed her looks with black shoes and matching thigh-high stockings along with garter belts.

Noticing the uneasy look on her face, the boy immediately assumed the purpose of her appearance here, and that it must have something to do with his mother or his little sister. "So Yubelluna, Who's the cause of the problem this time? My dear Mother or my dear Ravel?" in a tone teemed with annoyance, the boy asked the girl. His mother and little sister could be a real mess sometimes, but that's one of the main reasons why he loved them so dearly. They were perfect for him.

The girl now known as Yubelluna who was standing a few feet away from the boy couldn't help but sweatdrop at his inquiry. "Master Naruto, Lord Phenex requests for your immediate presence in his office" she responded in a straight tone, trying her best to stop herself from laughing due to the face her young master was putting together.

A tired groan fled Naruto's mouth, accompanied by some not so appropriate words. "Ohh... Then what are you waiting for, dear Luna? Lead me to the old man's office" he mumbled, already looking tired and defeated as he knew the worst was yet to come.

A tinge of red dusted Yubelluna's smooth cheeks. 'Dear…' her mind repeated. No matter how many times she hears that word from his mouth, but it always manages to reach her heart and flicker it in an ineffable way. "Y..Ye...Yesss, master Naruto" Her tongue swiveled in her mouth and she ended up sputtering like a fangirl. 'No!' Quickly, she looked away from her master in order to hide her embarrassment and the rising blush that seems to want to burn her cheeks for some reason.

Noting the uneasiness in Yubelluna's voice, Naruto instantly turned his attention to her. His eyes grew wide in surprise when he noticed the apparent redness of her face. 'Is she having a fever?' Bringing his face close to her, he stared at her with a troubled look on his face "Do you have a fever Yubelluna?" He began, trying to sound as normal as he could. "Your face is looking a little red," he added shortly, concern evident in his voice. But unfortunately, this only made the situation worse for Yubelluna, as the blush on her face intensified a thousandfold.

Noticing the abrupt increase of redness, Naruto quickly placed the back of his right hand on her forehead, probably in order to check her temperature, "Oh dear Luna, your body is so hot" each word he spoke was full of innocence and worry, at least according to him, but sadly his mind was completely unaware of the other notable meaning they carried with them.

The meaningful words of her master had an extreme impact on Yubelluna. Her breath clamped in her throat and her knees gave up against the lascivious dreams her mind was filtering.

"Warm" The hand that was resting on her forehead was emitting so much warmth that for a moment she thought about devouring Naruto in a passionate hug so that she could get more of this warm sensation.

"This is too much. I can't control myself" Knowing that she would not be able to control herself anymore, Yubelluna did what anyone else in her place would have done... She screamed: "Stop master Naruto!".

Startled by the commotion of his brother's queen, Naruto quickly pulled back his hand and blinked at the famous bomb queen of the Underworld. "Stop what?" he asked, eyes still blinking in innocence.

Collecting her bearings quickly, the Queen jumped a little away from the young Phenex. "Nothing master Naruto, it was just... Umm... Your hand was a little cold..." Yubelluna somehow finished off her answer and began cursing herself inwardly for the intelligent explanation her mind presented to her master.

"Aww, come on" Thin lips formed the most adorable pout she had ever seen. "You got embarrassed by that?!" Naruto exclaimed, shaking his head in disappointment. He didn't expect this from his favorite queen. "Then, how are you going to handle everything when we start living together?" His words almost killed the poor girl, while his twinkling eyes made her legs weak.


In a flash, the distance between them was eliminated. "Of course, Luna" Blue eyes stared at the beautiful face of his partner. "Did you not promise to stay with me?" Yubelluna trembled when she noticed the change in his voice. It was more lustful and alluring than ever. "Tell me, Luna" Cold fingers trailed down her smooth skin and gently squeezed the cheeks, earning a moan of surprise from her.

"Please stop," She mewled harder, shivering and cursing as she felt his fingers squeeze the most sensitive part of her face. Knowing that she had to do something in order to evade more shame, Yubelluna hastily spoke again "Master Naruto, We must hurry otherwise Lord Phenex will get mad at me," she whispered every word with fake urgency. It was the last alternative for her.

A smile tugged her lips when Naruto abruptly stopped. Soon, his hands were pulled away from her red face, leaving behind some marks because of the continuous pinching.

"What happened?" Naruto blinked at her, his lips trying their best to hide that smirk from appearing on his face.

Yubelluna remained silent for a while. "Nothing, I just phased out for a while" her words did nothing but amuse the boy even further.

"Really?" He smiled at her.



"Now, follow me, master."

"Of course. I will follow you anywhere, Yubelluna. After all, I'm bound to be with you forever!"


"What? I'm just trying to flirt with my future Queen."


"Aww… your red cheeks look so cute. Don't worry when we grow up, I'm going to make your other cheeks red too!"


{Phenex Mansion}

-Lord Phenex's Office-

Revan Phenex, head of the great Phenex House yawned lightly as his rather ~busty~ assistant Victoria, who also happened to be his second wife plopped another massive pile of paperwork on his desk. He was about to complain about the struggle but abstained from doing so when he noticed the withering gaze his wife was giving him. He recognized that particular gaze of his wife immediately, that was a gaze which guaranteed an unimaginable amount of pain for his body and most importantly, one week with no sex, a thing he knew he couldn't survive without.

"Revan dear, I hope you are liking it here!" Victoria chirped, swaying her plump hips and breast in order to keep him functional. There was still a lot of work to do and she didn't want him to avoid that.

Gulping loudly, Revan started shifting uncomfortably on his chair in a futile attempt to conceal his rising sword of manhood. "Absolutely, Victoria darling!" He blurted out with a nervous smile on his face.

Victoria frowned at her husband's uncomfortable expression and decided to inquire about it "Are you alright darling?" she asked, probably worried that he might be overdoing a lot these days.

"Yes, I'm doing fine!" The Phenex shouted, laughing boisterously to cement his claims.

The woman sighed and stared at him for a few more moments before turning around to the entrance door of the office. "Well If you have any problem, then don't hesitate to call me ok?" Were her last words before she eventually vacated the room.

"Ok," Revan muttered. 'She's too hot for her own good' His junior gave a nod of approval.

Snapping out of his perverted thoughts, he groaned as soon as his eyes landed on the unending piles of paperwork that were lying awry on his desk. Assuming it as a punishment from Layla, he was about to indulge in the paperwork but halted when he sensed his son's energy near the office. A bright smile engulfed his narrow face when he finally saw his son, his brother's son to be precise, enter his office. "Naruto, my boy!" A jovial shout left his mouth to welcome the boy, while his eyes appreciated the art that was Yubelluna's hourglass figure.

Naruto's eyes twitched as he noted his father's predatory gaze. "Stop looking at her like that, old man!" He shouted and was thoroughly pleased when the man immediately turned his attention to him. "I don't have the whole day, so tell me where is she?" He grumbled, not caring about the man's feelings.

Revan collapsed in his chair, looking utterly sad and depressed for some reason. This was absolutely not how things were supposed to transpire. Where was his cute Naruto who used to respect him so much? His weary eyes glanced at the duo in front of him and muttered something incoherent. "Layla is waiting for you at the mansion. She has something important to inform you." he murmured, trying as hard as he could to avoid his son's piercing gaze.

Naruto's suspicious gaze remained on his father for a few more seconds before an uneasy smile crept out of nowhere on his face. "She isn't going to scold me, right?" he asked in genuine fear. If there was anyone he feared truly in this world, then that person was his mother. The Phoenix of Phenex house. He might be stronger than her physically but her eyes were enough to shatter his most powerful attack when needed. She was his mother, after all. She would always be above him.

Yubelluna who was listening to the whole conversation from the sidelines sank at his question. Even after being so different from each other, there was one thing that both, the father and the son seemed to share, and that thing was.. the fear of Lady Layla.

"Don't know, but if you keep on making her wait like this, then I'm a hundred percent sure that she will destroy you!" Revan mumbled in such an easy-going manner that even Naruto couldn't help but sweatdrop.

"I should take my leave then. See ya, Luna!" With that said, Naruto smiled at Yubelluna and disappeared in a yellow flicker, leaving small golden flames behind.

Upon seeing the perfectly arranged dishes on the small dining table, the newly dusted kitchen appliances, the sparkling floor, and the smell of something cooking, Naruto Phenex shivered. Today was a day off for the maids, then who the hell did all of this. Remembering the smell of cooking, Naruto rushed to the kitchen and saw his ever beautiful mother, Layla Phenex dressed in a black and golden apron standing behind the counter. Layla's smooth blonde bangs were tied in a high ponytail with short bangs and chin-length strands framing her face on the sides.

Upon noticing her Naruto's presence, Layla turned off the stove and began to walk over to him with a noticeable bounce in her pace. "So you are finally here, my little darling." She whispered, glaring mildly at him with her electric blue eyes. "I'm preparing lunch today!. So sit down and wait for me there young man. Ok?!" she asked and bonked him on the head with the blunt side of the kitchen knife.

"Aye! mother!" Naruto exclaimed in acknowledgment, returning his mother a quick nod of approval with a mock salute. "So the old man told me that you wanted to talk about something very important," Naruto murmured, still not sure whether he would like the news or not. Noticing that it was his mother who was going to tell him the news, he was confident it would be a shocking one at least.

Layla groaned and didn't even try to hide her dissatisfaction. "Nothing significant. Revan can be an idiot sometimes, you know." She carefully articulated her words, but Naruto was apt enough to deduce the irritation beneath the statement of his mother. "After all you are no better than him." She added and just like that she battered his intelligence.

He choked instantly as he realized what his mother was trying to do. 'Is she mocking me?' Feeling a little insulted, he was about to retort but halted his efforts when the sweet aroma of the dish his mother was preparing for him entered his nostrils. 'Ramen'. The mouth-watering smell of the food caused his mouth to flood with drool. Rubbing his stomach sheepishly, Naruto quickly sat on the seat beside the table.

Layla was true to her words. In just mere minutes, plates of delicious food were set right in front of Naruto. Staring at the different plates of food, his stomach roared even louder but he didn't pay any attention to it as he was too busy examining the food. Delicious Soba Ramen served in an equally delicious broth, Miso soup… they were all his favorite foods.

"Start eating, Naruto. I have made all of this only for you!" Layla chirped, motioning him to take his first bite. She was looking oddly excited about it.

Slowly, he picked up the chopsticks and took his first bite. The moment he slurped the broth covered soba noodles inside, a warm feeling flooded his whole body. Layla, who was sitting on the other side of the table, giggled ever so slightly at him and leaned forward, supporting her arms along with the glass table and looking at him expectantly.

The glint in her eyes prompted warning bells to creak in his mind. As he kept munching on more ramen, gears in his mind started working faster. Shit. Whenever his mother possessed a glint so dangerous in her eyes, it only signified one thing, and that was, she's up to something, something certainly terrible. She had cooked all his favorite dishes, that too at one sitting. It was strange, very strange because usually, maids were the ones who prepared the food for him because the Phenex household wasn't fond of Japanese food.

Snapping out from his thoughts, Naruto chuckled nervously at his mother, hoping dearly that everything was alright. "Thank you for the meal mother. The food is really awesome." He proclaimed.

" cute prince loves his mother's cooking" The matriarch cooed, but the dangerous glint still did not leave her eyes.

If he was not that sure earlier then he was perfectly sure now. Shit. She wanted him to do something for her, didn't she? Yep! His mother was definitely up to something really bad. Naruto gulped, while Layla just kept looking at him in wonder. "Why are you sweating, Naruto?" Her words froze his spine while the clockwork in his mind went haywire.

"'s nothing mom. It's just that the soup was a little bit spicy," Naruto stammered, his inner self already smacking him for his lame excuse. Plucking up the chopsticks, he resumed eating while looking at his mother surreptitiously at the same time. His mind was working in perfect clockwork while his eyes were focused on searching for more or less any sort of clue so he could at least know about what exactly his mother was up to this time.

"Is something bothering my Naruto?" Layla asked a little more gently this time, showing the motherly side of her nature.

After taking a few slow and deliberate breaths, Naruto Phenex, the badass of the underworld, prepared himself to be truthful, and subsequently, to get the surprise of his lifetime. "Umm...Mother... It's just… to be perfectly honest…" he began slowly, fearing he might annoy the woman with his words "I can feel that you want something from me" he somehow managed to speak without taking any pause.

Blue eyes blinked up at him, indicating the shock was about to be revealed.

Shaking, he deliberately waited for the lightning.

And then, simply, "You have to marry Rias Gremory."


And he was not disappointed, because he really did receive the surprise of his lifetime. Marrying that girl was not a task for the weak-willed.

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