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Arielle Buckner was woken up by a baby cry.

Her instincts told her to get up and she realised she was in a bare room with a cot.

She walked up to it and saw a faceless baby crying in the most hideous baby clothes she had ever seen.

She was more concerned with what it was wearing than the frightening image before her.

She picked it up and said. "I would be crying too if I was dressed like this"

The thing stopped crying.

"Let me see if we got any yarn and a sewing kit," she said, she wouldn't spend money on clothes, it was cheaper to make them.

She walked out and found herself into a room that was a fashion-conscious person dreamland.

It had mannequins, tape measures, rolls of fabric, sewing machines, sewing kit and many more.

"Well, it looks like some god wants you to be a stylish baby," she said, before she sat the baby down and began to measure the thing and write it down, she sketched out a cute outfit and then she got to work making it work.

She moved faster then what was possible, but the thing didn't cry or show discomfort the whole time as she made the outfit.

She finished by blowing away any excess fabric away and then she held it up and changed the thing into it.

Gone was the hideous grey PJ, now it was wearing a cute super baby costume.

"Now, your a stylish baby," she said.

As if to respond, the thing's face changed and she saw features, it turned into a cute Japanese looking baby boy.

"Your so adorable!" She said, hugging him and he giggled, she felt the urge to snap a picture, she saw an old camera with the flash dancing from a chair.

She took it and snapped but when the photo out, she was stunned to see a professional white backdrop behind the baby and not the grain board behind him.

If she didn't know better, she would have thought she had taken a shop window photo.

She took more photos and all of them came out professional.


She picked the baby up and carried him back to the baby room, the empty room, had mysteriously become stylish while she was gone.

Okay...she must be dreaming.

She put the baby back into the cot and went searching, only to find herself in a hideous room and asleep inside a bed was giant faceless person who had terrible hair.

Again she was more appalled by looks then the creepy situation before her.

Now, she knew what she was doing for the next few hours.

She began fixing anything she deemed hideous, it was like she was possessed, she just couldn't be in a place where something was terrible looking.

She didn't stop until everything was glamorous, and then she crashed.

She was convinced she would be back in her terrible apartment with a hangover.


She woke up to the sound of an alarm and a kid singing. "First day of school! First day of school!"

She opened her eyes and saw a child who was no more than 5, there was a steel pot over his head and he was wearing nothing but briefs.

She stared.

"Yay, mommy is awake!" said the child, before the child grabbed her arm and said. "You promised to dress me for the first day. Daddy's still not here, yet"

She did?

Something about this child reminded her of somebody but she couldn't place who.

Wait, why wasn't she back in her apartment?

And in a voice, she didn't know she had, she said. "Alright. Let me, shower and then we'll pick out your outfit"

The boy smiled and ran out of the room.

Weird, was that the same baby?

Had she been reincarnated?

Had her failed fashion student ass being given another chance?

If she had, where had she been reincarnated too?


If she could follow her passion for fashion and become a success then she was not complaining about having a child to take care of.

She got up and walked to the personal bathroom and saw there were male products in their too.

It must be that large faceless figure.

She had a husband.

The bathroom was way nicer then one in her old apartment, she enjoyed the hot water on her face and blow-dry of her hair, she found face cream and seeing her face in the mirror, she was stunned to see that there was no sign of the years of alcohol and smoking on her face, instead, she had become a pretty Japanese woman.

It was clear by her appearance that her face was important to her.

She walked out, after curling her hair and found herself in the room she assumed was the baby room but year's later.

Gone was the baby cot, baby chest and decorations.

Now there was a racing car bed, carpet that went well with the bed, the walls were lined with toys and drawings of outfits.

The child had apparently tried to copy her by drawing his own, but what made it hilarious was that there pictures of the family wearing his ridiculous designs.

They looked stupid but it was all in good fun.

She saw the boys expectant eyes and headed to the wardrobe, she opened it and saw clothes that she knew she had designed lined up, they were all gorgeous.

She picked clothes and noticed, each item had the word 'Alexander Buckner' sewed into it, she then helped him dress.

The boy was probably the most stylish looking 5-year-old, she had ever seen.

The boy was impressed and twirled.

"Now, I'll get ready and we can go to school together," she said.

The boy nodded.

She found that she only needed a bit of makeup on, she entered the wonderful world of her new closest and fell in love with the white fake fur coat and wore it, she took a bag and met the child who had a luxurious looking bag strapped around his arms and they both walked out, she found herself at the top of some steps, she held his hand and they entered a black convertible together.

She somehow knew that her husband had brought a wreck of a car home and had transformed it, thanks to the scrap yard people wanting to get rid of stuff.

Now, you would think it was brand new.

It was so much cheaper than buying a market price one.

They drove away and she found herself parking before a public preschool.

The look on the parent's faces, staff and children faces was hilarious.

"Remember, Alexander," she said to the child. "Not everybody has fashion-conscious parents. It doesn't make them less then you if they don't dress as nice. There are many jobs out there and some don't pay good but the world needs those jobs. So try to make a friend."

"Okay, Mommy," said the boy.

They got out and she walked him to the door, her boots clanking against the concrete, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and then she let him go.

She watched him disappear and know he would be okay.

She turned around and got back in, before driving off.

She found herself back at the spot she just left but it was clearly later on in the day, she got out and walked to the building and Alexander ran up to her with a huge smile.

"How was your day?" She said.

"Boring but I made friends with everybody!" said Alexander.

"That's good," she said before they got in the car and drove away.

She found herself at a birthday party in a large backyard, Alexander was smiling with a birthday boy hat as a giant cake with the number 6 on it, rolled in, the parents looked more interested in the house and what Alexander parents did for a living though.

She snapped pictures and so did the husband.

Alexander blew out the candles and they all clapped and cheered, as the cake was sliced and everybody got a piece of the behemoth and of course, Alexander had the biggest.

She was amused to see that the boy looked to be debating on whether to eating cake or play in the bounce house.

All the kids went home with goody bags filled with chocolate, toys, a 20 dollar necklace or watch, 20 bucks in cash and clothes designed.

Suddenly the measurements made sense.

Everybody out of the people thought Alexander parents were loaded when really they brought things cheap and then fixed it up, even the house in this nice neighbourhood had a lot of work done to it.

However, the play dates and birthday party's invites were secured.

She suddenly found herself going through a bunch of girlfriends that Alexander dated as the boy aged before her eyes, of course, she was brutally honest with him about each one of them.

She had developed a bitch and gold digger radar and many of those girls were screaming this.

She begged him not to have sex until he could support himself and it wouldn't affect his education.

It was a good thing too, some of his Exs came back to say they were pregnant but refused to prove that it was his baby.

She found herself looking at child support demand papers, only for her to call her lawyers and it would magically disappear.

It was also pretty obvious, Alexander wasn't the father when the baby was born.

By the time he looked 16, her Lawyers know it was crazy girl time if she gave them an unscheduled call.

They had the police go out to the girl's families in case as well.

She sent her son out in great clothes so that he wouldn't be picked on, not attract gold diggers.

And it took a toll on Alexander as well, she couldn't stop it from affecting him but now he knew what signs to look for when a girl was crazy and wasn't that kind or naive anymore.

In fact, sometimes he was a bit too smart, in the parent-teacher conferences, a reoccurring theme was that he seemed bored in class and that he should move up a grade.

She wanted to do it but Alexander begged her not to, but she did have him take an IQ test which they never spoke about again.

The results came back as a genius, a pretty high level one at that but the boy begged her not to inform the government.

He wanted to be a normal guy and not be outcasted.

So she kept it hidden but she felt like there was something about Alexander that she was so close to figuring out.

The scene changed again and she was at Alexander high school graduation.

Just hearing his classmates and peers cheer was amazing, he had all honours, tried every sport, was the first to volunteer.

He was extremely popular with the students and staff, she even saw some teachers shed tears as they saw him for the last time, he had scholarships to all the big colleges, he would no doubt do something great with them.

Pictures were taken.

The scene changed again and something was placed before her.

It was a brochure for San Fransokyo College.

"I want to enrol in the fashion department," he said.

It finally clicked at that moment.

She looked up and her eyes almost popped out of her head.

She didn't see Alexander.

She saw Tadashi Hamada.

She was in Big Hero 6.

"Mom?" Said the guy.

She stared before she shook her head and said. "Sorry, I just remember something, I forgot to do" before she said. "But if you want to go to this school, I and your father will support you any way we can."

"Great." He said. "The enrollment is a few months. Can I use your fashion models from New York?"

She had fashion models from New York?

"Well, I don't see why not? I'll give them a call" she said.

Had she turned Tadashi Hamada into a fashionista unknowingly?

However, enrolling in the fashion department, she highly doubted the dean would show up unless it was for robotics.

What year was this anyway?

Perhaps, this was the far future or the distant past?

The scene changed again and she saw sun pouring out of the windows but she was staring at a calendar.

On it said the first day of college, but she almost bent over in shock, when she saw the year.

It was just over a year since Tadashi Hamada died.

Alexander was going to turn 18 in a few days.

She looked at the window to find Alexander stylishly walking out of the house and into his car that he and his dad fixed up.

He saw her and said. "Bye, Mom" he smiled that charming Tadashi Hamada smile.

He got into the car and drove away.

The time bubble surrounding her burst and was stitched into the main timeline.

However, it wasn't like she thought.

Professor Granville hadn't been there for the Fashion department enrollment.

Nobody from the cast had seen him.

With a car, he could just drive up to the Fashion building without having to walk through the school.

Robotics and Fashion had a completely different schedule.

It would be a miracle if somebody from the main cast saw him.

But it wasn't impossible.

Time had become normal so she finally had time to process the fact that she just went through almost 18 years with the reincarnation of Tadashi Hamada in a mere year.

"Freaky," she said.

She needed coffee.