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Alexander had turned off his phone to admire and test his new car out, so for 9 glorious hours, he had no idea that the world was exploding about him.

He finally found out what was happening from the news, the next morning while he was having breakfast.

"We are standing outside the gate to Alexander Buckner neighbourhood," said the new woman as he chocked on bread. "Alexander is the kid who was gifted a flying car by his father. As you can see by the gate, it is heavily guarded and nobody but those on the list or invited can come through. We are not even allowed to air snap in his direction. So we hope that he will come through this gate so that we can talk to him."

His mother seemed to find it amusing that so many people wanted to know about him.

The thing was, ever since he was a baby his photo had been snapped.

Everybody in his family had their photos taken, the paparazzi wasn't new.

But this was the first time, so many people were so interested in him.

And he realised this.

But he had stalkers before and his family doesn't take bs.

So he continued eating, then he put shades on and headed to his car, he entered into it and flew it up and then he flew it to his favourite coffee place.

He joined the drive-through much to those behind him wide eyes, he got to the front of the line and ordered.

Everybody in the shop knew him, so he wasn't worried about them drugging his coffee.

But just in case.

He put the coffee, in the cup holder and it scanned it before given him the okay, then he paid for it in cash with a tip.

He drove off then, he flew out of there.

He headed straight for school, the wind in his hair and he was feeling awesome.

But he was still suing Big Hero 6 for damaging his old car.

Meanwhile, the students could only watch in shock as a flying car appeared and parked before their very eyes.

There really was no rule that a flying car couldn't park on school grounds.

Alexander parked and got out of his car, as more students came to look, today outfit was especially on fire.

He enjoyed everybody faces as he got out, he especially liked the interested ladies, he locked the car and walked to the building.

They can try and steal his car.

He walked through the halls and to his class, only for his teacher to tell him, he needed to go to the department head.

He blinked but left, he made his way to the Department heads office, he then knocked on the door and he was let in, however, when he did walk in, he was stunned to see the most uptight looking woman he had ever seen.

And she was in the department heads chair, while the department head was in a student chair.


Who is she?

Meanwhile, they were stunned, to see him, designer flashing everywhere.

"Alexander, please sit down," said the woman

"Err," he said, who are you, lady?

"She's the dean of the school," said his department head.

His eyes went round under his shades in shock.

He quickly sat down.

"First off," she said. "My name is Professor Granville. I am the dean of this school. I want to congratulate you on the auction for your dress. Here is your money"

She slid over the most important piece of paper in life.

A check.

When he saw the amount, he was shocked.

"You dress went for quiet the sum last night," she said. "So much in fact, that we want to use our cut for a new extension to the school. You made quite something with that dress"

"Actually my crowning achievement is my car," he said, "So many days of coding. Its exoskeleton is filled with the lightest metal. It's powered by Lithium irons with...oh"

He realised, he was speaking like a full-on nerd.

They caught it too.

"Mister Buckner. Why didn't you apply for the robotics department?" She said, "You clearly have the smarts for it. Don't you think going into fashion is a waste?"

Fashion a waste?

He suddenly snapped back. "Don't you ever call going into fashion a waste"

Both of their eyes went wide.

"I'm sorry" he apologised. "But Fashion is what I want to do. Opening my own clothing line has been my dream ever since I was a child. I'm not going to give it up, just because I have a big brain. If fashion and brains don't go together, then I will make it go together"

Both of them were stunned.

Indeed, robotics will never be his passion.

They both did not expect such a backbone from somebody wearing designer clothes.

"Well, I see that I can't change your mind," said Professor Granville, before she said. "So when are you selling the car"

He blinked owlishly and said. "What?"

"It's in the contract you signed," she said. "If you produce anything with the school's resources then its the property of the school"

"Excuse me, what?" He said. "I know what it says but you guys aren't touching my car. I used none of the school's resources to make that car. The coding I used is mine, it's saved on the computer that I got for my 18th birthday, not the schools. Every part of that car was built in my garage, my dad got the parts from his job. He had to call in a lot of favours and spends lots of money. I have video evidence, receipts and testimonies to prove this. If you touch my car, you'll be hearing not only from the police but from my family lawyers too. Go ahead and see if it's empty threats, my family is ready for war"


Dead silence.

Indeed a teenager was threatening them both.

But this teenager wasn't like the rest, being expelled wasn't going to ruin his life.

His family wasn't going to come begging to her to let him back in.

He had other venturers, a lot of people we're eying him right now after seeing his dress.

He didn't need this place to reach some higher qualification, or a high paying job, he was wealthy since birth.

He didn't get here through scholarship, his family had paid quite easily for the whole three years here.

He was already famous as the teen whose dad gifted him a flying car.

Was she prepared to ruin her school for a car?

"We won't touch the car," she said. "However, I would like to see a copy of the evidence so that I can explain to potential buyers why it won't be on the market."

"No problem," he said. "Give me your email address and I'll send it to my dad. He'll send it to you by tomorrow. " before he said. "All the people and names will be blacked out for legal reason's."

"I understand," she said.

"Can I go to break now?" He said, surprising both of them. "I would like to put some food in me"

They both stared at him.

"You may go," she said.

He got up and left.

"What an interesting student," said the department head, one minute he was preparing to sue, the next he was a perfect gentleman.

To Professor Granville, that student defiantly wasn't Tadashi Hamada despite the voice and face.

Alexander ate in his studio and then went class, everybody stared at him.

Everybody pretty much knew he came from money, even the people not in his class.

But he took his work very seriously and didn't gloat about having a thousand dollar bag or something.

He then asked his friend group if they would like a ride in his car, 5 of his friends materialised immediately.

They left while a kid followed, but more due to habit.

They were all amazed when they got into his car, once he gave them guest status.

"Wow. It's so nice" said one guy. "It's better than your old one"

"Hey, I loved that car," he said. "Now let's take a picture for social media"

They agreed, they were all always ready for a photo at any time.

They cranked out the kit, put up the holders and took pictures with each of their phones, so each one was different.

They got out and took pictures of the car from the outside.

Then they blasted off and all of them looked down at the windows with amazement, they were really flying.

"So where do you want to go?" He said as he pressed a button.

"What did you just do?" Said a female.

"I released the cars air camera and put the shield on." He said. "Now we can make amazing photos."

He then opened the door and jumped out like a crazy person, they yelled after him.

But then he hit something, the shield, everybody stared as he stood just under the car.

"Totally safe," he said. "Now, I want to make amazing photos"

He began to climb the car and stood onto it and yelled. "I'm king of the world!"

Those who looked outside the window, though they were hallucinating until they realised it was indeed him standing on his car in midair and got out their phones.

His social media was crazier since the photos taken were far more professional.

He managed to get his friends out to eat lunch with him, on top of the car.

They just so happened to be stationed before Alaster Krei office.

The man looked at them with wide eyes as he saw them eating lunch.

"Activate, party mode," he said.

"Yes, Master," said the car.

And then the speakers came out, along with the party beams and light, then music came.

"We're teenagers, let's have some fun," he said.

They looked at each before they all began dancing to the music and having fun.

It was the first time, the man met Alexander who had grown up without 'role model' big shoes and was just a teenager who was enjoying his youth.

They soon realised what time it was and headed back so they weren't late for class.

When they arrived back, you could tell many students knew what they did, as they bottled to class.

Following him on social media was like watching somebody teleported.

One day he was chilling over water on his car, the next, he was at a party secretly in disguised clothes and given everybody a fake name despite his followers knowing it was him.

From looking at his social media, you knew he lived an amazing lifestyle given to him by his two amazing parents.

On the weekend, he went to New York to shadow his mon.

The weekend after that, he shadowed his dad.

You would think he was a rich entitled prick, but this lifestyle had just started happening so the people who met him said he was pretty down to Earth and likeable.

It was only a matter of time before he visited Lucky Cat Cafe, the most famous Cafes in the world.

After school, he strolled in, shades and everything covered him up, but certain people still knew it was him.

A woman came up to him and said. "Welcome to Lucky Cat Cafe. What would you like?"

Unknown to him, this woman had been watching him online for the past couple of weeks.

"Can I just have some tea?" He said, as the woman almost jumped at the sound of his voice.

She knew him but why would an oldie like her be watching him?

"Just Tea?" She said. "No cookies or cake?"

"No, just Tea," he said. "Anything else will have an effect on my skin and body shape" he slapped down a 20 dollar bill.

She was shocked before she took the money and left him to prepare the tea and give him change.

He started drawing fashion.

The woman came back with the tea and he noticed she wasn't leaving, she eventually left when she realised he had noticed.

He took a sip of his drink.


Pretty good, he could see why this place was popular.

It was then that Hiro did something rash, he knew right then that if he didn't do something, he would just be another face in the crowd and he could never have his question answered.

Alexander suddenly had something placed before him.

It was a framed picture.

A framed picture of a younger, less well grown him with the woman who just served him and some shaggy-haired small kid.

All of them were smiling.

He looked to see the kid who had followed him some time back.

However, instead of asking the context of this, he said.

"Good photoshop skills," he said, shocking the kid. "But if I see you again, kid. I will restrain you until the police arrive. I mean it"

He then got up and left a tip, then he walked out.

Hiro, his friends and Aunt Cass were stunned.

His voice was so cold.

Was Alexander really his brother?