The Councilor is furiously typing away at her terminal while the child is preoccupied by a data pad on a nearby couch. The child looks at the Asari hesitantly, slowly standing up and approaching her desk quietly. The child looks at his feet and nervously puts his hands in his pockets. "M-Madam Councilor?"

The Asari stops and looks at the child who is nervously looking at his feet, "Yes? Is everything ok Rhys?"

"I just wanted to ask a question about my mom."

The Asari blinked a few times and nodded, "Of course. You can ask me anything but call me Messana. With you, Rhys, I am not the Asari Councilor."

"Well, I just want to respect who you are, like my mom, that's all. So umm, is my mom happy?"

The question takes the Asari back, "Well I think that is a question you need to ask her, I would like to think so but she truly knows the answer to that one. Why do you ask?"

The boy looks at the Asari with a sad look, "Well she has been hurt a lot and she tries to save everyone but it means hurting herself to do it. I worry about mom a lot; I wish I can help her save the galaxy."

"I know she has told you do make her happy and she wants to keep you safe. She also mentioned a…a cat?"

"Yeah! Our cat, I brought him with me here. He is an Ocicat, his name Dash." The Asari looks on as the boy showed her pictures of an animal with pointy eyes and yellow narrow squinted eyes, a brown spotted fur and a long tail. "He is only 1 year old; my mom got him before she started on this top secret mission. She said while she keeps me safe, I can do my best and keep Dash safe for her."

The Asari looks at the animal curiously, Humans have weird native animals.

"Please keep my mom's heart safe." Rhys stated, looking at the Asari. "My dad didn't. He doesn't ask about my mom or barely calls me. I don't care, I don't need him. He put my mom in bad situations; he is a coward I never want to see him again. "Rhys shows the Asari a picture of a smiling Shepard with Rhys and a tiny brown fluff ball. "That's baby Dash."

"Can we take a picture? Show mom?" The boy asked the Councilor.

The Asari blinks back an overwhelming emotion. "S-sure" She gets up and moves closer to the boy and looks at his omni-tool and smiles. Hearing the click, she moves her head away and looks at the picture.

"Mom will love this, promise."

The Asari looks at the boy who is the near spitting image of Shepard and notices how intently he is making a message to his mother. As she got to know Rhys, she began to realize how much this boy yearns to protect his mother as she protects him. How a very young pregnancy became a turning point in Shepard's life. Here, this boy and his….cat are the anchor in Shepard's life, her reason to come back every single time. She too learned that she wants to be part of Shepard's reason to come back. They did just begin their relationship but looking this Young Shepard…..Messana just knew she is falling very quickly.



"Are you happy with my mom?"

The Asari's eyes grew wide and she felt a blush coming. This child is just as blunt as his mother.


The boy just smiles at her answer and goes back to his seat and grabs the data pad again.