"...I see that you've returned, Kazuma."

In front of me sat the wonderful Eris as she sighed exhaustedly. It looks like I'm back in Heaven again.

"...Yes, I'm back." Not by choice, though. I grimaced as I scratched the back of my head.

Lady Eris cutely coughed to the side as if to dispel the awkwardness that quickly built up. She clapped, and warm light bathed the endless void surrounding us. "Well, putting the obvious aside for the moment- to what do I owe the pleasure of this meeting?" Man, that smile of hers is too bright. Definitely cute. Not at all like a certain idiot.

"I guess I died again? I don't really remember how it happened." Well, not exactly. I do have an inkling of what might have happened. I gingerly massaged my throat.

"Oh! We can take a peek at a recording of your last moments- if you'd like to, that is?" The cutest goddess I have ever seen twiddled her fingers as she smiled beatifically at me, so bright it almost blinded me. Damn, she really is the main heroine. What did I ever do to get stuck with Aqua?

"You got any popcorn?" Well, as long as I was here, I might as well enjoy myself, right?

"That was quite a disappointing death, Kazuma." The goddess I called cute earlier was now letting out decidedly uncute snorting laughter.

"Please don't remind me." I tucked my head in between my knees. How embarrassing!

"It was quite surprising, though. To think that Darkness was able to crush a person's neck in her sleep…" Eris observed the recording with a horrified yet intrigued expression. I saw myself gurgling to death after Darkness crushed my windpipe with her arm when she rolled over in her cot. Had I been a lesser man I would probably be traumatized by now. Now, I was just surprised that that wasn't able to immediately kill me.

"Really, that girl is always full of surprises. I guess that's why I took a liking to her?" Hmm? That sounds like prime bullying material.

"I didn't know you swung that way, Lady Eris." I playfully poked her, smirking.

"Wha- No! I didn't mean in that way!" She swung her arms around flusteredly. "I just mean that her being so interesting is why I went down there and became her friend myself in the first place!"

"I'm just kidding with you. Her family being devout Erisians doesn't hurt either, right?"

"K-Kazuma! How mean!" Oh man, that pout is seriously cute.

"Sorry, sorry. It's just that you look cute when you're mad."

"Mou. Bullying a goddess like me ought to be a crime..." Seriously cute.

Well, I've had my fun. Now it's time to ask the most important question. "Anyway, can I be revived from this? I know there's a limit to how many times one person can be revived, but haven't we gone past that quite a bit already?"

"Ah. Well, as long as Miss Aqua sees you in the morning, she can revive you with no problems. You can hardly consider this a natural death, after all. And I'll personally handle the paperwork, as always..." Eris let out a tired sigh as she sat back down on her gilded throne. I'm sorry for the trouble Aqua keeps giving you...

"So, what now? Do I wait here for them to wake up?"

"Time passes by here differently. They'll wake up in a moment." So I guess Aqua wasn't lying when she said she was only eighteen. Being eighteen here must mean being centuries-old down there.


Oh? This portal looks different from the ones I used before. Why is it green?

"Hey, Lady Eris! I'm going on ahead! The portal just opened, so I'm going back now! See you!" Here I go!

"Portal? What portal? Wait, Kazuma! I haven't opened the portal yet! Wait!" W-What?

"Huh-" And thus, I was swallowed.

"...Me damn it."