"Did we have to climb the entire hill?! I could've asked Mother to take us to the top on her griffin!"

"Silence, apprentice mine! cough The journey is as important as the destination when adventuring, y'know? wheeze A little jog like that shouldn't leave you breathless! gasp Fufufu..."

"Shut it! You're just as out of breath as I am! Why'd you have to pick the tallest hill on our property, anyway?"

"I need a clear line of sight when casting my magic. I want to avoid accidentally hitting someone. It's happened before and it wasn't pretty. This weird headless guy harassed us for a week."

"I-I see. Well, what are you going to cast, then? You told me you were a Crimson Devil, yes? Your people used incredibly powerful magic?"

"Tis' the truth, apprentice mine! We, the Crimson Demon Clan, are known far and wide for our mastery of magic! Observe, as I turn this vast grassland into a desert!"


"Burst forth, Explosion!"