Chapter 10: Luis, Christen, Justin, Danielle, David, Trevor, and Faith.

Later on, the Hogwarts Express is travelling through the countryside. Eva is in sitting alone in a train compartment, and Luis, Christen, and Trevor appears in the doorway.]

Christen: Excuse us, do you mind? Everywhere else is full.

Eva: No, not at all.

Luis: [sits across from Eva] I'm Luis, by the way. Luis Martinez.

Christen: [sits across next to Luis] I'm Christen, by the way. Christen Young.

Trevor: [sits across next to Christen] and I'm Trevor, by the way. Trevor Mangrum.

Eva: I'm Eva. Eva Guerrero.

[Luis, Christen, and Trevor goes agape.]

Christen: So-so it's true? I mean, do you really have the...the...

Eva: The what?

Luis: [whispers] Scar...?

Eva: Oh [lifts up her long hair bangs to reveal it]

Trevor: Wicked.

[A trolley comes by the compartment, full of sweets.]

Woman: Anything off the trolley, dears?

Luis: [Holds up his mushed sandwiches] No, thanks, I'm all set. [smacks lips.]

Christen: [Holds Up her bag of cookies] Me Too

Trevor: [Holds up his bag of chips) Me Three

Eva: We'll take the lot! [pulls out coins]

Luis: Whoa!

[A bit later, Eva, Christen, Trevor, and Luis are not sitting together eating bundles of sweets. Luis's rat, Scabbers, is perched on Luis's knee, a box over his head.]

Eva: Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans?

Christen: They mean every flavour! There's chocolate and peppermint, and there's also spinach, liver and tripe. Abby sweared she got a bogey-flavoured one once!

[Eva quickly takes the bean she was chewing out of her mouth.]

Eva: [picks up a blue and gold package] These aren't real chocolate frogs, are they?

Luis: It's just a spell. Besides, it's the cards you want. Each pack's got a famous witch or wizard. I got about 500 meself. [Eva opens the package, and a chocolate frog jumps onto the window and climbs up.] Watch it! [The frog reaches the open gap in the window, and jumps out.] Oh, that's rotten luck. They've only got one good jump in them to begin with.

Eva: [seeing Dumbledore's image in the card] I got Dumbledore!

Luis: I got about 6 of him.

Christen: I got McGonagall

Trevor: I got both of them

[Eva looks at the card again, but Dumbledore has vanished.]

Eva: Hey, he's gone!

Luis: Well, you can't expect him to hang around all day, can you? [Scabbers squeaks] This is Scabbers, by the way, pathetic, isn't he?

Eva: A little.

Christen: His cousin gave him a spell as to turn him yellow. Want to see?

Eva: Yeah!

Luis: [clears throat] Ahem. Sun-

[First girl called Danielle Snodgrass, with curly blonde hair, dressed in robes, and the second girl called Faith Bizzel, with straight brown hair, dressed in robes, the First boy called Justin Plunk, with short hair, dressed in robes, and the Asian boy called, David Wu, with short spiked hair, dressed in robes appears at the doorway.]

Danielle: Has anyone seen a toad? A boy named Neville's lost one.

Luia: No.

Danielle: Oh, are you doing magic? Let's see then.

Luis: [clears throat again] Sunshine, daises, butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow!

[He zaps Scabbers, but nothing happens. Luis shrugs.]

Danielle: Are you sure that's a real spell.

Faith: Well, it's not very good, is it?

David: Of course I've only tried a few simple spells myself,

Justin: and they've all worked for us. For example... [Justin goes over and sits across from Eva. She points his wand at her glasses and Eva tenses] Oculus Reparo. [The tape on the nose-band vanishes, repairing her glasses as if they were good as new. Eva takes them off, amazed.] That's better, isn't it? Holy Cricket, you're Eva Guerrero. I'm Justin Plunk

Faith: I'm Faith Bizzel

Danielle: I'm Danielle Snodgrass

David: I'm David Wu...and you three are...?

Luis: [with his mouth full] I'm...Luis Martinez. ..

Christen: I'm Christen Young

Trevor: and I'm Trevor Mangrum

Justin: Pleasure.

David: You four better change into your robes.

Faith: I expect we'll be arriving soon.

Danielle: [Gets up and leaves, then comes back and looks at Luis.] You've got dirt, on your nose, by the way, did you know? Just there. [Points to the dirt mark on Luis's nose. Luis scratches his nose, embarrassed.]